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100+ Lovecraftian Names To Inspire You

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Lovecraft is a fantastical horror subgenre that includes strange and extraordinary cosmic characters.

This theme was first introduced by author H. P. Lovecraft. Since then, multiple writers have created characters that were added to the Lovecraftian universe.

An Eldritch God is a creature that appears in the Lovecraftian world of horror by H. P. Lovecraft. The Lovecraftian theme has inspired countless work of fiction including novella and movies. Early on, we shared ideas for the best famous wizard names  and the best celestial names related to starts, space and astronomy. We now have some amazing Lovecraftian names for you.

Read on for Lovecraft monsters' names, Eldritch monsters' names, Eldritch Gods' names and Cthulhu monster names.

The Elder Lovecraft Gods

Below is a list of the Lovecraft Elder Gods' names.

1. Adaedu - This Elder Deity is not as popular as the others. It was introduced in the novel ‘Nightmare’s Disciple’.

2. Alithlai Tyy - Another deity that first appeared in the fiction ‘Nightmare’s Disciple’. One of the Lovecraft creatures who is eccentric.

3. Amaterasu - Amaterasu is one of the few female characters from the Lovecraft universe. She is a sun Goddess who is worshipped by the people of Mu.

4. Bast - Bast is the Egyptian Goddess of cats that is portrayed as a female humanoid. One of the names of old Gods.  

5. Dveahtehs - A mysterious Lovecraft Elder God that is relatively unknown. Dveahtehs made an appearance in Joseph S. Pulver Sr.’s fiction work.

6. Eppirfon - Another one of the Elder God names that was created by Joseph S. Pulver Sr. for the book ‘Nightmare’s Disciple’.

7. Eyroix - A character name that was also introduced by author Joseph S. Pulver Sr.

8. Hypno - The God of sleep, Hypno was created by H. P. Lovecraft. He is portrayed as a young man with dazzling eyes.

9. Kthanid - Kthanid is Cthulhu's brother who hates the Outer Gods. He is a humanoid with golden eyes. One of the best Lovecraft characters.

10. Nodens - The master of the Nightgaunt species in Lovecraft. The older man is usually seen riding in a chariot.

11. Orryx - This name of the old God who appeared in the short story ‘The lair Of The Star-Spawn’ as well as in a Cthulhu role play game.

12. Othkkartho - Othkkartho is Elder Diety Noden’s son. He was introduced in the ‘Nightmare’s Disciple’.

13. Oztalun - The deity that appeared in ‘The Bane Of The Bygoona’, it is portrayed as a seven point star.

14. Paighon - Created by the sci-fi author Waltor C. Debill, Paighon is the nemesis of Ngyr-Korath who is also known as The Dream-Death.

15. Shavalyoth - Another deity that made an appearance in ‘The Bane Of The Bygoona’.

16. Sk'tai - Sk'tai was also created by horror-fiction author Joseph S. Pulver Sr.

17. Ulthar - Ulthar is a fictional village where the Elder Ones had their temple.

18. Urthuvn - Urthuvn is an Elder God that was a part of the Lovecraft novel, ‘Nightmare’s Disciple’.

19. Vorvadoss - Elder God Noden’s other son, Vorvadoss is portrayed in a cloak surrounded by flames.

20. Xislanyx - An Elder God that appeared in the 2006 horror novel ‘Nightmare’s Disciple’.

21. Xuthyos-Sihb'Bz - This deity was introduced by author Joseph S. Pulver Sr. though it’s appearance has not been described in detail.

22. Yad-Thaddag - This Lovecraftian God closely resembles Yog-Sothoth, an Outer God. However, he has strong morals unlike the Outer God.

23. Yaggdytha - The twin brother of Vorvadoss, it was created by the Lovecraft author James Ambuehl.

24. Zehirete - Another one of the deities that appeared in the ‘Nightmare’s Disciple’ by Joseph S. Pulver Sr.

The Great Old Ones

If you are looking for Lovecraftian human names, Lovecraftian horror names or even Lovecraftian monsters' names, we have some great ideas in this list of Great Old Ones.

25. B'gnu-Thun - A Great Old One that appears in the Cthulhu Mythos. B'gnu-Thun is depicted as a humanoid that brings a blizzard wherever he goes.

26. Bokrug - The God of the Thuum’ha species, he destroyed the Sarnath city in retaliation to their actions.

27. Cthulhu - The most popular character of the Lovecraft fiction, Cthulhu is from the powerful Great Old One race. It is subjective whether The Great Cthulhu is good or evil. Though he creates a lot of destruction, his people consider him as a great leader. The Cthulhu name has inspired a lot of fictional works.

28. Cthylla - The daughter and protégé of Cthulhu, she resembles an octopus with wings and six eyes. She also has the ability to modify her body like her father. She was created to birth her father, if he dies. The aqua species of Deep Ones were assigned to safeguard her.

29. Ghatanothoa - Also known as the Devil God, Ghatanothoa is a gruesome looking being. It is said that anyone who looks at Ghatanothoa becomes paralyzed with shock. He is worshipped by humans after being brought to Earth.

30. Gla'aki - This Lovecraft Old One looks like a giant slug and resides in a lake. Gla'aki is said to have great knowledge due to having lived a long life. One of the best Lovecraft Old Ones names.

31. Gloon - Gloon is a Great Old One that was imprisoned by a sorcery and appears in different avatars. There is a rumor that Gloon guards a temple that is a gateway for another dimension.

32. Gobogeg - This Eldritch monster is portrayed as a huge flesh with one eye. It comes with a wake of earthquake and is able to destroy land with just its appearance.

33. Hastur - This famous Great Old One is Cthulhu’s half brother. He is immortal and is known for spiritual corruption. This Cthulhu entity has been mentioned in a Stephen King story as well.

34. Ithaqua - This gigantic humanoid is found in the Arctic and aims to destroy the Elder Gods. He has a small yet powerful cult. In the past, he destroyed the Swedish army on his own.

35. Kassogtha - Cthulhu’s sister and second bride, Kassogtha is depicted as an enormous mass of tentacles that can easily catch her prey.

36. Mordiggian - Known as the Great Ghoul, Mordiggian is portrayed as a huge shadow in the shape of a worm. It has similar features as a Great Old One named Cynothoglys.

37. Rhan-Tegoth - Towering at approximately fifteen feet, this giant creature is not as powerful as the other Great Old Ones.

38. Shathak - Wife of the Old One Tsathoggua, Shathak is one of the mysterious monsters in the Lovecraft series.

39. Shterot - This Lovecraft creature is depicted as starfish-like. He is able to reproduce his body parts if they are damaged.

40. Tsathoggua - This Lovecraft's monster looks like a huge toad and is known to be extremely lazy. He also has sloth and bat-like features in appearance. It is said that he resides in a place called Yoth on planet earth.

41. Y'golonac - This entity is depicted as a distorted obese human without a head. He is a great manipulator. He looks for corrupted people to join his own cult.

42. Yig - Yig is portrayed as a snake with human arms and is considered as a God of serpents. He is devoted to protecting his children. He is the brother of another Great Old One named Rokon.

43. Zvilpogghua - This Great Old One is Tsathoggua’s son. He also made an appearance in the Marvel Universe.

The Outer Gods

Big pumpkin with carved funny glowing face on a Halloween decor.

Below is a list of some of the Lovecraftian Gods and deities.

44. Abhoth - This Outer God is depicted as a dark mass. He gives birth to monsters and then eats his own children. He is also able to manipulate people using telepathy.

45. Azathoth - Known as the Blind Dreamer, Azathoth is always changing his physical appearance. H. P. Lovecraft has an entire short story dedicated to Azathoth. He is considered as the creator of the entire existence, but he is unaware of his creations.

46. C'thalpa - This gigantic magma lives in the mantle of planet earth. She is the mother of Shterot, a Great Old One. She has five other monster children that are unknown.

47. D'endrrah - A creature with the ability to shape shift, D'endrrah was later destroyed by Cthulhu. This greedy Lovecraftian name appears as a giant smoke.

48. Daoloth - This strange looking Lovecraft God has the ability to see the past and the future. It is said that he shares a bit of his power with his worshipers. In the past, his cult was well known in the Atlantis.

49. Darkness - This Outer God is the ancestor of another entity, Shub-Niggurath. Darkness is also the child of Azathoth and Nyarlathotep's brother.

50. Ghroth - Ghroth is a reddish orange deity with a huge eye. Ghroth is popular for travelling through the cosmos signing a song. Also known as the Death Star, it appeared in the 1976 fiction 'The Tugging'.

51. Hydra - The ruler of a race called the Deep Ones, Mother Hydra is portrayed in the shape of a giant fish face and humanoid body. Hydra was never classified as a Great Old One.

52. Iod - Comprised of mineral, plant and animal features, Iod is a unique Lovecraftian creature. Iod paralyses its victims to drain their life force. 'The Book Of Iod' contains more information about this Lovecraftian creature.

53. Kaalut - The horrific insectoid is an immortal being with powers like telepathy and manipulation. It is said that he can be as powerful as Nyarlathotep.

54. Lu-kthu - This Outer God is an epic globe with various tunnels. There is a myth suggesting the Great Old Ones were birthed by Lu-kthu. It only appeared in writer James Ambuehl's fiction work.

55. Nyarlathotep - The villain of Cthulhu Mythos, Nyarlathotep brings chaos whenever he visits planet earth. He is able to shape shift and is highly intelligent. He was first introduced in a poem by H. P. Lovecraft.

56. Olkoth - Olkoth is an Outer God that was created for a game and does not have an origin story.

57. Shub-Niggurath - One of the few Outer Goddesses, Shub-Niggurathhas spawned a lot of Great Old Ones.

58. Taranushi - Taranushi has been depicted as a smoke. He can shape himself as a human or a jinn.

59. Yibb-Tsll - The blood of this God is a weapon and Yibb-Tsll is able to affect people from its touch. The origins of this deity have never been described in detail. However, it is an important part of the Lovecraft universe.

60. Yog-Sothoth - Yog-Sothoth appears as glowing orbs and is known to have multiple avatars. He has the ability of omniscience and is extremely powerful. Some argue that he can even surpass his grandfather Azathoth.

61. Yomagn’tho - Yomagn’tho is a hostile Outer God who aims to destroy mankind. He is depicted as a ball of fire with three petals in its interior.

The Great Ones

Below are some Lovecraft's monsters' names based on the Great Ones

62. Hagarg Ryonis - Hagarg Ryonis resides in the Dreamlands, a world that people visit in their dream state. One of the best Lovecraftian monster names.

63. Karakal - Karakal is a fire God that the wizards worship. His is portrayed as a humanoid with elfin features.

64. Lobon - Lobon is known as the God of peace and was worshipped in the ill-fated city of Sarnath.

65. Lilith - Lilith is an evil character that captivates people with her beauty and then destroys her prey.

66. Nath-Horthath - Nath-Horthath is depicted as a man with silver eyes. He is worshipped by people of Celephaïs.

67. Oukranos - Oukranos is a Great One that lives in the ancient city of Kadath.

68. Tamash - The residents of Samath worshiped this Lovecraft entity. He is known as a God of mystics, illusion and wisdom.

69. Zo-Kalar - Zo-Kalar is the God of the life cycle, birth and death. People who practice black magic worship this Great One.

The Original Creatures

Below are some species that appeared in Cthulhu Mythos.

70. Dagon - This Lovecraftian horror name is worshipped by a cult created by Captain Obed. Dagon rules over the species of Deep Ones.

71. Deep One - This humanoid race has fish-like features and are devotees of Father Dagon.

72. Dimensional Shambler - This Lovecraft's monster can move between different existence planes. They are depicted as humanoids with long arms and leather-like skin.

73. Dunwich Horror - This rare creature is the offspring of the Outer God Yog-Sothoth and a human female named Laviana. Wilbur is the Dunwich Horror's twin and was killed by Dr. Armitage.

74. Formless Spawn - This Lovecraftian monster does not have a defined shape and has the ability to shape shift.

75. Ghasts - These Cthulhu monsters are humanoids that don’t travel alone and were created by H. P. Lovecraft. The species named Gugs are always hunting after the Ghasts.

76. Gnoph-Keh - Gnoph-Keh are not usually the smartest creatures. These Lovecraftian horrors are depicted as polar bears with six legs and huge claws.

77. Hounds of Tindalos - These Lovecraft Mythos predators can appear anywhere to eat their victims. Most people are not able to survive after they are attacked by these creatures.

78. Hunting Horrors - They serve the Eldritch God Nyarlathotep and are repulsed by sunlight.

79. Mi-Gos - These alien entities are made up of mostly fungi and never appear in pictures.

80. Night-Gaunts - Night-Gaunts are devoted to the Lovecraft Elder God Nodens. They don’t speak ad dislike flying over water bodies.

81. Shantaks - These birds are bigger than elephants in size and usually fear the Night-Gaunts.

82. Shoggoths - They were created by the Elder Thing species and are shapeless creatures resembling mammoth sized amoebas.

83. Spider of Leng - These big spiders are highly intelligent and contain bites full of venom.

84. Thunn'ha - These humanoids with frog features are an extinct race that appeared in Cthulhu Mythos.

85. Wilbur Whateley - This apathetic Lovecraftian horror name was dark magic expert and possessed hypnotic skills. Wilbur grew incredibly fast as a child and also looked after his twin.

Lovecraftian Names In Movies And TV Shows

Creepy river midnight view.

Here are some movie characters names inspired by Lovecraftian works.

86. Ash - A great Lovecraftian human name from the ‘Evil Dead’ series.

87. Gan - A fictional deity inspired by the Lovecraftian Gods.

88. Lavinia - A character from the film adaptation of the Lovecraft story ‘The Dunwich Horror’.

89. Lena - The name of the protagonist of the sci-fi horror film ‘Annihilation’ that had Lovecraftian themes.

90. Mandy - A psychedelic movie name with heavy Lovecraftian elements.

91. Marcia - A character name from ‘The Mist’ created by Stephen King.

92. Maturin - Heavily inspired by Lovecraftian works, this creature appears in ‘It’.

93. Patience - A female character from ‘The Cabin In The Woods’ which has Lovecraft elements.

94. Pennywise - An amazing Lovecraft character inspired by H. P. Lovecraft’s works.

95. Ripley - Inspired by the character Ellen Ripley who appeared in the classic movie ‘Alien’.

96. Sabrina - A wonderful Lovecraft pet name derived from ‘The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’.

97. Sutter - A Lovecraft cat name based on the Lovecraftian tribute movie ‘In The Mouth Of Madness’.

98. Uzumaki - The Lovecraftian themes inspired this eccentric Japanese horror.

Lovecraftian Names In Literature

Below are book character names inspired by Lovecraftian works.

99. Immanuelle - A unique Lovecraft names from ‘The Year Of The Witching’.

100. Kaaro - Based on the Lovecraft themed dystopian ‘Rosewater’.

101. Kara - Derived from a Lovecraft retelling, ‘The Hollow Places’.

102. Noemí - Inspired by the Lovecraftian horror ‘Mexican Gothic’.

103. Tommy - A Lovecraft name based on the horror novella ‘The Ballad Of Black Tom’.

104. Vellitt - The main character from Lovecraft inspired ‘The Dream-Quest Of Vellitt Boe’.

Kidadl has various great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Lovecraftian names then you can look at these gothic last names with meanings and history. Alternatively, you can also check out these gorgeously gothic boy names.

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