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77 Lovely Library Names To Improve Your Knowledge

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Across the world, there are major libraries that are called centers of research by many, which are open to learning and helping others with their research.

Major libraries are present across many states, this is where you can learn from original editions of important books. Libraries are also important because they offer a private place for people looking for help to learn about many subjects.

Fantasy Library Names

The library is considered heaven by vicarious readers and book lovers. Here is a list of fantasy library names.

Belle's Library: meaning 'library of a beautiful girl,' is from the movie 'Beauty and the Beast' is a small library for Belle.

Greendale Community College Library: meaning 'library in a community college.'

Hogwarts: meaning 'library for learning magic,' from the famous 'Harry Potter' series.

Italian Monastery Library: meaning 'the divine library,' has 56 different rooms full of books from the fiction work 'The Name Of The Rose.’

Jedi Temple Library: meaning 'library of mystical knights,' is a library of the 'Star Wars' series.

Library of Middleton: meaning 'library in the middle of a town,' from 'Rex Libris,' captures Rex Libris' adventures in the library.

Morpheus' Library: meaning 'library for the dreamers,' is from the comic, 'The Sandman.'

Night Vale Public Library: meaning 'public library for the people of Vale,' from 'Welcome to Night Vale,' talks about the unimportance of humanity.

Rivendell Library: meaning 'library of the deep valley,' is a library for the elves from 'Lord of the Rings.'

River City Library: meaning 'library in the city,' is a jolly library from 'The Music Man,' allowing music and dance.

The Library at the Ministry of Truth: meaning 'library under the governance of truth,' is from the novel 'Ministry of Truth.'

The Library of Babel: meaning 'confusion of languages,' is a short story written by author Jorge Luis Borges.

The Mansion Library: which means 'library of a large house' from the movie 'Clue,' is an impressive library with thrill and suspense.

Library Team Names For Kids And Teens

Library team names are famous among children of all age groups. Here is a list of some cool library names for kids and teens.

Book is Life: meaning 'books give the energy to live,' is a perfect name for those who consider books their primary source of life and energy.

Book Researchers: meaning 'discovering books,' implies to all those who prefer an absolute indulgence.

Change The Cover: meaning 'changing the book,' is a term for all curious readers who are never satisfied with a few books.

Curious Little Ones: meaning 'eager children,' tells the group of kids who are curious about books and libraries.

Fiction Seekers: meaning 'group of fiction lovers,' is related to those who like reading books on imagination, magic, or mystery. It could be one of the other names for library institutions that are eager to offer help to learn.

Heaven of Books: meaning 'religious abode for books,' is a classical name for those who like to deal with books daily.

Its Reading Time: meaning 'time to read,' is a perfect name for occasional readers who find time for books from their busy schedules.

Literary Legends: meaning 'heroes of art and literacy,' in a non-fictional sense, means those who have keen interests in art and literature.

Little Librarians: meaning 'children as bookkeepers,' signifies little kids and children who like reading.

Mysterious Mavericks: meaning 'open-minded with secrets,' is an appealing name for the group who live for reading.

Page Turners: meaning 'flipping the pages of books,' in a literal sense, is great for voracious readers.

Room for Wandering Minds: meaning 'place to rest your mind,' signifies the importance of libraries.

The Novel Peeps: meaning 'novel lovers,' is an enthusiastic library team name for lovers of novels and other writings.

The Readers Tomb: meaning 'abode for readers,' signifies the bookworms who consider libraries their heaven.

Funny Library Team Names

Here is the list of funny library names ideas for your team.

Book Cravings: meaning 'desire for books,' is a lovely name used for the sudden desire for reading books.

Bookish Tingle: meaning 'ringing sensation for books,' is supposed to be the best name for describing the character of a typical book lover.

Destined with books: meaning 'ending up with books,' is instead a funny name for those who have love reading.

Knowledge is Mightier: meaning 'knowledge is the strongest,' meaning knowledge should be considered the most powerful.

Land Of Adventures: meaning 'an exciting experience,' denotes the library and its books as the home of thrill, suspense, romance, horror, magic, and mystery.

Library Romance: (with books), meaning 'feelings of love towards the library,' is a lovely name for those who have a lot of books in their lives.

No Time Because Library: meaning 'library is the only priority,' symbolizes the importance of libraries to a person whose priority is books.

Private Books Seekers: meaning 'singular or plural of the book,' describes and differentiates readers based on the number of books they read.

Raid of Shelves: meaning 'to explore the shelves,' significantly means a surprise attack on shelves of the libraries.

Single but Book Lovers: meaning 'lovers of only books,' signifies the love of a man towards books which has been depicted funnily.

The Book Worshipper: meaning 'devotion towards books,' can be considered a perfect name for book admirers who think of books as the greatest.

The Bookworm Class: meaning 'group of voracious book readers,' is a classical name for people always carrying books to learn something new.

The Geeky Nerds: meaning 'unfashionable' would instead be considered a contradictory name.

The Shelf is Peace: meaning 'peace lies in the library,' tells the tranquility and the level of peace that books provide.

Library with multiple shelves and books

Catchy Library Names

You have come to the right place if you're looking for some catchy library club names to attract people and fetch their curiosity.

Colorful Covers: meaning 'books of various categories,' can be bluntly described as the appearance of bright books. 

Constant Companions: mean 'friends for eternity,' which symbolizes the everlasting and pure friendship you can have with books.

Curiosity Driven: meaning 'controlled by curiosity,' is the best name for all who are always interested in taking in knowledge.

Devour The Knowledge: means 'take all the knowledge you get' literally means a forceful desire to grab knowledge whenever you get the chance.

Holy Names Library: means 'religious book center', is a name that could be given to a library dedicated to religious texts.

Knowledge Divers: meaning 'plunging into knowledge,' is a catchy name for a library.

Land of Lively Books: meaning 'personification of books,' speaks about the wild imagining of readers.

Readers' Blessings: meaning 'benediction for readers,' symbolizes the library to be a blessing for every book lover.

Road to Eternal Books: meaning 'everlasting knowledge,' talks about the various knowledge and facts of different categories libraries contain, be it factual or philosophical.

Savor the Knowledge: meaning 'preserve the essence of knowledge,' signifies the historical and age-old books preserved by libraries.

The Epitome of Knowledge: meaning 'essence of knowledge,' signifies the library to be the particular embodiment of the storehouse of erudition.

The Expanding Universe: meaning 'the enlarging effect,' perfectly throws light on the increasing number of people's love for literary work and art.

The Successor of Books: means 'beneficiary of books,' a term which can be used both for libraries and readers.

Famous Library Names

Given below is the list of renowned library names.

Bodleian Library: meaning 'principal library,' is located in Oxford, UK.

Herzog August Library: meaning 'noble library,' holds almost a million books and is located in Wolfenbüttel, Germany.

Library of Congress: meaning 'political library,' is located in Washington DC, USA.

Phillips Exeter Academy Library: meaning 'library of the academy of Phillips Exeter,' holds the title of being a fascinating library.

Rijksmuseum Library: means 'museum library.' located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is home to the most extensive arts globally, with over 300K books on its shelves.

State Library of Victoria: meaning 'the library of Victoria,' is located in Melbourne, Australia.

Strahov Monastery Library: meaning 'religious library of Strahov,' is located in the Czech Republic. It was initially a monastery later transformed into a library in the 20th century.

The Danish Royal Library: meaning 'lavish library of Denmark,' was founded in the 17th century.

The Morgan Library and Museum: 'library with the museum' located in New York holds many different books and manuscripts related to history.

The National Library of Sweden: meaning 'library of Sweden,' has preserved all Swedish books since the 16th century.

The National Library: meaning 'library for the nation,' is located in Minsk, Belarus. 

Wiblingen Monastery Library: meaning 'the religious library of Wiblingen,' was founded in the 11th century.

Other Names For Libraries

Here are some of the other names of the library located around the world:

Château de Chantilly Library: meaning 'French castle,' is located in France and holds a fantastic art gallery. 

Library of Parliament: meaning 'the political library,' is located in Ottawa, Canada, and has over 600K items. 

Melk Monastery Library: meaning 'religious library of Melk,' is located in Austria and possesses mind-blowing frescos painted on its high ceilings. 

Salt Lake City Public Library: meaning 'the library of the people of Salt Lake,' is located in Utah, USA.

Seattle Central Library: meaning 'library of Seattle,' located in the USA and is purely made up of steel and glass. 

Stockholm Public Library: meaning 'library of the people,' is located in Sweden.

The Austrian National Library: meaning 'library of Austria,' manages all books published in Austria.

The Library of Alexandria: meaning 'Alexandrian library,' is located in Egypt.

The Library of the Benedictine Monastery: meaning 'the religious library of Benedictine,' is located in Admont, Austria.

The National Library of Singapore: meaning 'library of Singapore,' located in Singapore, is a building that has 16 floors.

Trinity College Library: meaning 'library of the college,' is the most extensive library of Dublin located in Ireland. 

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