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100 Martha Nicknames

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The name Martha is of Aramaic origin, and means 'head of the house' or 'lady'.

Martha became a popular Greek name, meaning ‘a mistress (feminine of master)’ or ‘lady’. According to a recent survey, one out of every 5000 girls is named Martha.

Nicknames are short and uncommon names given to people to show love and appreciation. These pseudonyms are special since they are used only by you or shared among a close few. You should choose a nickname based on how you want to approach a person. It can be out of love, to tease, or just for amusement. As such, nicknames become a means of communicating our feelings to others. Here are some nicknames that you can choose for any girl or woman in your life, named Martha.

Funny Nicknames For Martha

A funny nickname might be the right choice if both you and Martha have a similar sense of humor. This list offers the best collection if you are looking for funny Martha nicknames. 

Lil Mama - A nickname for a little girl or woman who acts affectionately.

Mad Max - refers to the film series by the same name. A suitable nickname for a fan of action movies.

Mama Bear - An affectionate and protective person, usually like a mother to a child.

Marshmallows -A person who is not strong but relatively soft as a marshmallow.

Martina - A Latin word meaning warlike.

Martha Moo Moo - Nickname for the one who usually wears a loose-hanging dress like Hawaiian women.

Mars - a person who seems to be out of touch or far from reality.

Marvel - For friends who have wonderful personalities.

Martius - Roman for March, used as a nickname for Martha, born in March.

Martha Boo - nickname to use when you wish to call Martha romantically.

Mad Kid - For confused people.

Mario - Nicknamed after the video game Super Mario, used to denote a short/pudgy person.

Mare - A female horse.

Math - if she is difficult to deal with, like a complicated math problem.

Merlin's Beard - One of the words in the Harry Potter novel for dumb/Potterhead friends.

Midge - A tiny biting insect used as a nickname for short people.

Minnie Mouse - Lively Martha, who enjoys singing and dancing, may resemble a Disney character.

Minion - An unimportant person who does whatever another person asks him to do.

Mini - A mini version of someone.

Mistress - Used playfully for a person who always tries to control or lead.

Mocha - a strong coffee. A good nickname for someone focused and energetic.

Mother Mary - Nickname for the one who tends to act motherly.

Momo - For someone with chubby cheeks, like a dumpling. 

Monk - if Martha rarely gets angry. 

Mookie Pookie Bear - For a person you love passionately.

Mother Board - A computer geek/techno-savvy person.

Morse Code - Hard to decipher/confusing personality.

Moaning Martha - For someone who constantly complains.

Mud Pie - Having a sweet tooth.

Murmur - Used as a nickname for someone who speaks in whispers.

Munchkins - A cute, simple, and adorable person.

Mud Finger - for someone named Martha who takes care of farm animals

My Majesty - Who acts bossy or pompous.

Nerdy Martha - Studious one.

Morty - refers to the character of the funny grandson from the cartoon ‘Rick & Morty'.

Minnie - A suitable nickname if Martha is the shortest person you know.

Cool Nicknames For Martha

Sometimes, choosing a nickname can be challenging since you look for a specific meaning related to the person you want to name. Here are some cool Martha nicknames you can use for a loved one.

Maddie - a trendy nickname for someone named Martha in her teenage years. 

Marvelous - Another cool way of calling awesome.

Marigold - Simple nickname for a beautiful/good girl.

Matilda - German name meaning strong.

Margarita - The Italian word for a good friend/lover.

Martha's Army - if she has quite a devoted fan following on social media.

Mar-Mar - A nickname used for an intelligent person.

Marty - A warrior from Mars, the daredevil type.

Marteen - A sweet/caring person.

Mattie - someone who loves to make people happy.

Marcie - For an intelligent and amazing friend.

Martian - For the one having a vivid imagination.

Mauve - Crushing on someone.

May - if Martha is born in the month of May. 

Misty Eyes - Highly emotional people.

Moonlight - A pleasant person.

My One and Only - A simple way to show you truly love someone.

Mysterious Martha - Secretive type.

Unique Nicknames For Martha

Everyone loves to get a nickname that is unique and hard to find. Here are a few Martha nicknames that stand out. 

Macy - A loud or daring girl.

Marly - A modest one.

Mad Libs - Having artistic brilliance.

Margaret Thatcher - For the one politician in the group.

Martella - Traditional Italian name for women.

Mckenzie - Extremely hilarious and fun-loving.

Melanie - A graceful soul in Latin.

Mink - if she is short, cute, and elusive like a mink. 

Miss Molly - Call that gorgeous Martha this name. She will love it.

Moira - The Greek word for destiny/fate.

Monkey Buns - A little naughty Martha.

Morra - seems like the name of a powerful anime heroine. 

Mushy - if Martha is the cutest person you know. 

Music - Call her Music if she has a sweet voice.

Mustard Sauce - Confident/talented Martha.

Creative Nicknames For Martha

Here are some short and peculiar Martha nicknames. You can use this if the imaginary meaning of these nicknames is associated with the personality of any Martha you know. 

Gunpowder Mary - For that one friend that flares up on almost everything.

Magic Princess - Call her your magic princess who transforms everything she does.

Mara - Compassionate and kind person.

Marie Curie - That one scientist friend, just like Marie Curie.

Marshy - Soft-hearted.

Maggie - A Greek word meaning ‘pearl’. A suitable nickname for the beautiful Martha.

Mabel - A French name for friendly/outgoing.

Mawi - With whom you want to be together always.

Marthicle Pickle - when Martha is in trouble and needs your help. 

Maisie - Scottish name for a caring person.

Maori - if Martha is a citizen of New Zealand. 

Marbles - Loving way of calling your little one.

Margo - is a French name that means ‘pearl’. A sweet nickname for someone you adore. 

Marieta - Compassionate/sympathetic.

Martial - Strict/disciplinarian type.

Martha May - The one happy-go-lucky person.

Mallory - when Martha is going through a spell of misfortune, you might tease her with this nickname. 

Meme Queen - if Martha always sends you the best memes.

Meoww - Said playfully to your girl, petting her.

Mermaid - if Martha is an amazing swimmer.

Messiah - Used for that savior friend.

Missy Me - Affectionate way of addressing a little girl.

Miss Muscles - Call that one gym-friendly friend by this cool name.

Mirinda - Isn't it a perfect nickname for that one friend that pops up like a soda?

Miss Bossy Pants - someone who loves to boss around.

Mithi - A Filipino word for a cherished one.

Mookie - If Martha is known to have mood swings. 

Moana - Hawaiian name depicting the Disney princess.

Munchie - Constantly munching or hungry.

Mulan - if Martha looks like a Disney princess.

Smartie Martie - Smartest in the group.

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