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100+ Mouse Names That Are Perfect For Your Pet

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Owning a mouse as a pet is a sweet experience.

They are small, cute and do not require much fuss or attention as pets. They take up only a small space in your household and can keep busy on their own if you give them enough affection and lots of cheese, their favorite food!

In this article, we will show you 100 mouse names, including funny mouse names, cute mouse names and more. You will also get to know the meanings behind some of these mouse names along with the reasons why you should consider these mouse names for your pet rat or mouse. Read on to find out the names of the most famous Disney mice (including the Mickey Mouse characters' names) and many more from fictional shows like ‘Looney Tunes’, ‘Pinky And The Brain’ and ‘Tom And Jerry’. For more interesting pet names articles on Kidadl, check out these rabbit names that will make you jump for joy and these perfectly punny panda names.

Funny Mouse Names

Let’s kick things off by taking a look at some pet mouse name ideas that are really funny. Pick from one of these funny pet mouse names if your little pet has a funny personality and is one of the most entertaining types of mice.

1. Basil, a cute and lovely name for your pet mouse. This name reminds us of everyone's favorite fox character, Basil Brush!

2. Basil Of Baker Street, an uncommon and larger than life name for pet mice.

3. Billy, because Billy the Mouse has a nice ring to it.

4. Danger Mouse, a great name for your cute little fur buddy.

5. Gus-Gus, a creative and fun name, Gus-Gus is one of the pet names that goes perfectly for pet mice.

6. Harrison, move over Harrison Ford, now we have Harrison Mouse in the house.

7. Julius Cheeser, a punny name derived from Julius Caesar. This is one of the funniest mice names on this list.

8. Kermit, from Kermit the frog, make way for Kermit the mouse!

9. Lance, remember Lance Armstrong? So why not Lance the mouse pet?

10. Megavolt, a tough name for your mouse pet.

Famous Mice From Fiction And Real Life

Did you know that mice originated in Southeast Asia and India? Mice eat anything they can find; grains, seeds, fruits, and cheese are their favorites. If you’re on the lookout for some really famous mouse names, this is the section you should look at. These famous mouse names are inspired by names of characters from fictional universes as well as from religious scriptures. Not all names here are names of fictional mice; some of them are names from wider fictional universes that would be amazing for naming your mouse.

11. Barney, inspired by the ‘Barney & Friends’ episode titled ‘A Very Special Mouse’.

12. Bernard, one of the most iconic cartoon mice from ‘The Rescuers’ movie.

13. Blossom, another popular female mouse pet name. The name is popular in the 'Powerpuff Girls' series.

14. Buttercup, another 'Powerpuff Girls' character name. Popular as a female mouse name.

15. Coco, a Walt Disney character name that is popular as a male mouse name.

16. Frodo, a name for all the 'Lord Of The Rings' fans.

17. Heidi, another popular animated character, Heidi is an ideal name for a female mouse pet.

18. Gadget, an ideal choice for fans of ‘Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers’.

19. Geronimo Stilton, a popular choice for a pet mouse. The author is famous for her animated books.

20. Jaq, a unique and creative name for those out of the box "nibblers"(pun intended). This name if one of the two 'Cinderella' mouse names from everyone's favorite fairytale.

21. Jerry, the infamous cartoon mouse from 'Tom And Jerry', this is another popular choice for a pet mouse.

22. Matilda, a famous name after a book character by the same name.

23. Mickey Mouse, one of the most iconic mouse names inspired by Disney. Other Disney mouse names simply don’t compare with this one.

24. Mighty Mouse, a cute and powerful name for a mouse. It is based upon the famous American cartoon character.

25. Minnie Mouse, another popular Walt Disney character. An apt name for female mice. Whilst Mickey and Minnie Mouse did not have any babies, they did have some baby nieces, called Millie Mouse and Melody Mouse. We think these would also make great mouse names!

26. Miss Bianca, an ideal choice for the pampered female mouse pets, inspired by ‘The Rescuers’ movie.

27. Nicodemus, a character from the Bible. He is a popular figure.

28. Phoebe, a name that got famous after the character by the same name in the popular television series called 'Friends'.

29. Pikachu, a popular Pokemon name and a cute name for a mouse.

30. Pinky, an ideal name for a female mouse, inspired by ‘Pinky And The Brain’, a ‘90s American TV show.

31. Pluto, another one of Walt Disney's popular character. This is the name of Mickey Mouse's pet dog. Goofy, Horace Horsecollar, Clarabelle Cow are Mickey Mouse's other friends' names.

32. Remy, inspired by the chef mouse from the iconic animated Disney movie ‘Ratatouille’.

33. Speedy, inspired by Speedy Gonzales, the exceptionally quick rat from the world of 'Looney Tunes'.

34. Steamboat Willie, another name from Walt Disney. Steamboat Willie is the name of the boat of Mickey Mouse.

35. Stuart Little, another movie character, Stuart Little is a popular name for mouse pets, especially any white mouse.

36. Sylvester, the name of the cat from the cartoon series 'Tweety Bird' from the 'Looney Tunes' universe.

37. The Brain, inspired by the ‘Pinky And The Brain’ animated TV show.

38. Timothy Q Mouse, for fans of the cartoon film from the '40s, ‘Dumbo’.

39. Woody, the character of the cowboy from 'Toy Story'. A popular choice among kids.

People usually prefer mouse names from movies and cartoons.

Cute Female Mouse Names

Now it’s time to shift our attention towards cute mouse names. Since mice are either male or female, there are cute mouse names for both genders to pick from depending on the gender of your little pet. In this section, we’ll take you through some of the best cute female names for mice (or doe, which is the word for female mice)!

40. Amelia, a popular female mouse name.

41. Bebe, another female mouse name for your cute little pet.

42. Crystal, another popular name for the female mice.

43. Daffodil, derived from the flower by the same name. It is an apt name for a female mouse.

44. Holly, a popular name for a female mouse pet.

45. Laurel, a female name for a pet.

46. Nectar, means “sweetness”. You can choose to name your sweet little pet Nectar.

47. Olivia Flaversham, a creative, classy and noteworthy name.

48. Perla, a beautiful name for your beautiful pet.

49. Penny, a common pet name among many owners.

50. Poppy, an ideal name for a fun loving and energetic pet.

51. Saffron, a color, which is also used as a name commonly.

52. Summer, a popular pet name for a mouse who’s as bright and warm as a summer’s day.

53. Suzy, a common female mouse pet name.

54. Tabby, a unique name for a pet mouse.

55. Uma, another common pet name.

Cute Male Mouse Names

If your pet rat or baby field mouse is male and you’re looking for a cute name, read on, because in this section, we’ll turn our eyes towards the cutest names for male mice (also called bucks) and male pinkies (which is the term for baby rats and mice).

56. Archie, remember 'Archie', the popular comic series? A popular choice.

57. Artie, a common pet name among male pets.

58. Ben, a common name for male pets.

59. Bert, a common male mouse pet name.

60. Donner, a unique name for a mouse pet.

61. Dot, a classy name for a mouse pet. The name is short and sweet.

62. Elmo, a unique and distinct name for those seeking out of the box names.

63. Eugene, another common pet name among many owners.

64. Fievel, a unique pet name. It is definitely going to be a name people will notice and remember.

65. Fritz, a cool name for your male mouse pet.

66. Gunner, football fans would relate to this name.

67. Hamish, a very masculine name for your male pet.

68. Hank, a cute name, an ideal choice for male pets.

69. Harison, a cool name for mice owners.

70. Hugh, a popular pet name among many owners.

71. Hughie, an ideal choice for a Hughie fan.

72. Jack, a common male pet name.

73. Lemmy, another creative and unique name for a pet.

74. Leo, a popular male pet name, based on the zodiac sign. Leo represents the lion.

75. Lion, who says a mouse cannot be the King of the jungle?

76. Lotto, a unique and creative name for male mouse pets.

77. Mac, a creative name derived from Mac and Cheese.

78. Melvin, a common pet name among many pet owners.

79. Mert, another common male pet name.

80. Monterey Jack, a name of a type of cheese that oozes class and character.

81. Mortimer, a unique name for a male mouse pet.

82. Nibbles, a cute little name for a pet mouse. When a mouse eats, it's called nibbling and the name is derived from the word.

83. Oscar, a name that any Oscar Wilde fan would love.

84. Otto, an uncommon name, Otto is definitely a name people would remember.

85. Peter, another popular name for a mouse pet.

86. Pony, a cute and sweet name for your mouse pets.

87. Rasputin, a funny name for your pet. Music lovers can relate.

88. Robert, another common choice for a pet name.

89. Roquefort, creative and unique, Roquefort just sticks with you.

90. Samson, another ideal pet name for a male mouse pet.

91. Sebastian, a popular pet name among many owners.

92. Stewie, a popular name for a cat, why not confuse your folks by naming your mouse pet Stevie?

93. Squeaker or Squeaks, because a mouse often squeaks, which is cute to hear. This can be a great choice of name for a pet mouse.

94. Tanner, perfect for a cute mouse pet.

95. Terry, a cute name for a mouse.

96. Theo, the short form for Theodore.

97. Vinnie, another popular choice among many pet owners.

98. Walter, a popular male pet name.

99. Woody, for pets who love to play around wood chips.

100. Z, an innovative mouse name for families.

101. Ziggy, another funny name for your mouse pet.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for mice names, then why not take a look at something different like these funny and cute orange cat names or these delightful duck names for your pet?

The Kidadl Team is made up of people from different walks of life, from different families and backgrounds, each with unique experiences and nuggets of wisdom to share with you. From lino cutting to surfing to children’s mental health, their hobbies and interests range far and wide. They are passionate about turning your everyday moments into memories and bringing you inspiring ideas to have fun with your family.

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