45 Delightful Duck Names For Your Pet

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Originally Published on Oct 15, 2020
Cute Mallard baby duckling swimming in the water

Naming a pet can be a difficult decision.

Picking a name for a pet duck is not an easy task. You will want to find a name that suits the duck and is agreeable to your entire family.

Choose names that everyone in your household can say, and won't be embarrassed to yell across the barnyard. The below list contains some serious and some funny duck names. Hopefully, one of these duck names will fit your new pet.

If you are looking to name babies rather than ducks or are simply wanting more naming inspiration, take a look at this list of the best earthy boy names and these nature inspired names.

Cute Duck Names For Girl Ducklings

All baby ducks (called "ducklings") are cute, but remember, your baby female duck will grow up to be an adult female duck (called a "hen"). Her fuzziness will disappear and the best name for your hen is a name that will grow with her.  Here are a few ideas.

1. Ariel  - (biblical Hebrew) meaning "lion of God," a Disney mermaid princess.

2. Dandelion - (English origin), derived from French 'dent de lion', meaning lion's tooth, use this name for a fuzzy yellow duckling.  

3. Duchess - (Middle English origin) the name of a woman who holds the title to a duchy in her own right.

4. Hazel - (English origin) became a given name during the 1800s.

5. Maisie - (Scottish origin) meaning "pearl."

6. Marigold - (English Origin) the name of a flower, derived from Mary and Gold.

7. Queenie - (English origin) diminutive of Queen.

8. Tallulah (Native American origins) meaning "leaping waters."

Gender Neutral Duck Names

It is difficult to determine a duckling's gender, so here are some gender-neutral names.

9. Aqua - a bluish-green color, similar to water, before the last name Duck, sounds like "aqueduct."

10. Dog - short, silly, and easy to spell.

11. Ducky Duck - your toddler will love this name.

12. Indigo - (Greek origin) means "from India", in English Indigo refers to a shade of dark purplish-blue, an excellent name for a blue duck.

13. Lucky Ducky - If you plan on spoiling your duck.

14. Puddles (English origin) small pool of water, usually rain.

15. Quackers - if you adopt two, you could name them Cheese and Quackers.

16. Snowflake - a  splendidname for a white duck.

17. Waddles - this may describe the way your pet moves on land.

Funny Names For Your Male Duck

Male ducks are also known as "drakes." You can form a whole host of names by replacing "Jack" with "Quack."

18. Drake (origins Latin, Greek) means "dragon" coincides with the English word for a male duck.

19. Duck Norris - Chuck Norris fans will appreciate this one.

20. The Duckster - (the suffix -ster originates from Middle English) meaning "one who is" or "one who is associated with".

21. James Pond "Pond, James Pond" also known as 007.

22. Moby Duck - if you are a Herman Melville fan, you might pick this name.

23. Quack Sparrow - a common name for ducks owned by Pirates of the Caribbean fans.

24. Quackin' Tarantino - this name is for a quirky, unpredictable pet.

25. Quackie Chan - a tall master of the martial arts.

26. Sir Quacks a lot - if your duck is noisy, consider this name,  derived from Sir Mix-a-Lot.

27. Webster - (the suffix -ster originates from Middle English) a nod to your duck's webbed feet.

Adorable yellow and brown duckling eating grass

Funny Names For Ducks Who Are Female

There are so many different names, lighten up the pond with some funny names.

28. Goose - a suitable name for a goose, but an even funnier name for a duck.

29. Mallorie Mallard - an alliterative name for a mallard.

30. Mother Ducker - rhyming names are always fun.

31. Tinkerbill - Not Tinkerbell, TinkerBILL.

Disney Ducks

There are many famous ducks in Donald Duck's family. This list is some of the commonly known Disney Ducks.

32. Daisy Fauntleroy Duck - The girlfriend of Donald, and aunt to April, May, and June.

33. Daphne - Donald's lucky aunt.

34. Della - AKA Thelma, Dumbella, Donald's sister and mother of Huey, Dewey, and Louie, she becomes lost in space.

35. Dewey - Dewey is one of Donald Duck's three nephews, the identical triplet sons of his sister Della.  Also, a splendid name for a duck owned by a librarian.

36. Donald Fauntleroy Duck - AKA Donald Duck.

37. Hortense McDuck -Mother of Donald and Della, Hortense was born in Scotland.

38. Huey - AKA Hubert Duck, one of Della's identical triplet sons.

39. Louie - AKA Louis Duck and Llewellyn Duck, the third of Della's triplet sons.

40. Quackmore - father of Donald, brother of Daphne.

41. Scrooge McDuck - Donald's maternal uncle.

Other Famous Duck Names

You may decide to name your duck after a famous duck. Choose wisely.

42. Daffy Duck - A Warner Brothers cartoon character who first appeared on April 17, 1937.

43. Duck Dodgers - Daffy as a star of a science fiction show.

44. Howard the Duck - a character in Marvel comic books.

45. Rubber Duckie - Muppet Ernie's toy rubber duck on Sesame Street.

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