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40 Mythical Dog Names From Around The World

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Choosing the perfect name for your dog is a big task.

Having a mythical name is a great idea. These names are versatile and would fit your majestic dog perfectly.

Mythology has always fascinated people, stories of Gods and Goddesses, heroes and magnificent characters have remained popular through the centuries. So why not take inspiration from mythology when naming your new dog?

What could be a better option than naming your dog after a great mythical legend? We have listed more than 40 dog names from mythology here to help you choose!

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Girl Dog Names From Mythology

Mythological stories are full of many powerful, strong women. Choosing a mythical name for your female dog is the perfect way to celebrate her spirit. Here is the list of female dog names from mythology to inspire you.

1 . Aphrodite, is a famous dog name representing the Goddess of love and beauty.

2 . Artemis, whilst there was no official Greek God of dogs, Artemis was the Greek Goddess of animals, making this name a fitting choice for your dog.

3 . Clio, is a sweet name that means "muse of history."

4 . Daphne, was the daughter of the God of rivers.

5 . Gaia, was the Mother Goddess of the earth.

6 . Helen, is a popular name, she was the daughter of Zeus in Greek mythology.

7 . Nyx, represents the Goddess of the night.

8 . Pandora, is a famous name, she was the first human woman in Greek mythology.

9 . Rhea, was the Goddess of motherhood and fertility.

10 . Selena, was a mythological Goddess of the moon.

11 . Thalia, was the Goddess of festivity, and the name means "joyous."

Boy Dog Names From Mythology

names for your dog that are mythical

Male mythological characters are well known figures. Greek mythology in particular has many legends and heroes. You can embrace history by choosing Greek names for dogs. Here is a list of some of the best male dog names from mythology.

12 . Ajax, was the hero of the Trojan War in Greek mythology.

13 . Brontes, was a Cyclops, and his name means "thunderous".

14 . Damon, is a popular name derived from mythology, it means "loyalty" and "trust".

15 . Evander, is a Greek cultural hero and is a popular name for a pet.

16 . Helios, is a popular name, he was the God of the sun in Greek mythology.

17 . Hermes, was the God of trade and travel, and he was also the messenger of the gods.

18 . Jupiter, is a Roman origin name that represents the Roman King of the Gods.

19 . Linus, is a cute name for a dog, he was the leader of lyric songs.

20 . Mars, is a famous name for a dog, he is the God of war.

21 . Pan, is the God of the wild in ancient Greek mythology.

22 . Theseus, was the Athenian King, he was the founder of Athens in mythology.

23 . Vulcan, was the God of fire in Roman mythology.

Gender Neutral Dog Names

Every civilization had their myths and folktales with supernatural creatures. Here, we have listed down some popular gender neutral dog names inspired by mythology that could be perfect for any dog.

24 . Atlas, is a popular name for a dog, he was the leader of the Titans.

25 . Dionysus, is the popular greek God of wine, this is one of the best names for dogs.

26 . Fauna, was the Roman Goddess of animals and is a lovely gender neutral name.

27 . Hercules, is a popular gender neutral name for a dog, he is the God of strength and power.

28 . Juno, she was the Queen of heaven, it makes a cute gender neutral dog name.

29 . Loki, is a suitable name for a mischievous dog, the name represents the God of fate and chaos in mythology.

30 . Odin, is from Norse mythology where he is considered to be an important God.

31 . Phoebe, is a popular name, she was a Titan in Greek mythology.

32 . Pluto, in Greek mythology Pluto was the God of the underworld.

33 . Victoria, was the Roman Goddess of victory, this is a suitable name for your pet who always wins when playing tug of war!

Unique Mythical Names For Dogs

Are you searching for a unique name for your dog?  Here are some unique mythical names for dogs that will help your dog to stand out from the crowd.

34 . Athena, is the Greek Goddess of wisdom and is a rare but beautiful name for a dog.

35 . Calliope, is a Greek mythological name of the Goddess of the breeze.

36 . Eros, is a lovely name for your dog that means "love."

37 . Hecate, is the name of a Greek Goddess, it is not a common dog name, but we love it!

38 . Morpheus, is famously known as the God of dreams.

39 . Poseidon, was the God of the sea in mythology, this is a great, powerful name for a male dog.

40 . Penelope, the name of the  Queen of Ithaca in Greek mythology, this name means "fidelity and devotion".

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