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115 Nerdy Wi-Fi Names For All Your Network Needs

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You have landed at the right place if you're just thinking of a hilarious or cool Wi-Fi name for your new Wi-Fi network.

Are you tired of searching for a good Wi-Fi name? Here is an entire list of funny, awesome, creative, nerdy, and 'Harry Potter' Wi-Fi names to save you from all that sulkiness.

Don't get all worked up; enjoy watching your favorite series because we have all the work done here already. Go through this list of nerdy and funny Wi-Fi names ideas and pick the one you like.

Funny And Nerdy Wi-Fi Names

Are you a fun-loving person and always welcome hilarious names? Then, feel free to express the child in you freely and name your Wi-Fi network by choosing any funny nerdy Wi-Fi names from the list.

Bill wi the science fi is a Wi-Fi name for any science nerd. Bill wi the science fi is a great name for a wifi network.

Wi science fi is indeed a funny name for your Wi-Fi network if you have an extra interest in science.

Believe wi can fi is surely a funny Wi-Fi name. Believe wi can fi is another cool name that is surely going to catch attention!

Wi fight the inevitable is a name inspired by movies and a series of wars and fights. Wi fight the inevitable is a great name option.

Friendly neighborhood spider lan meaning 'neighborly friendliness,' will surely help with compassion and understanding. Friendly neighborhood spider lan is one of the funniest wifi names on our list!

Wu-tang lan is a unique name for your Wi-Fi network.

Wi-fi fo fum can deliberately show your anger on sharing your Wi-Fi password.

Wi-Fry Momo is a name that can surely make you stand out and have a laugh as well.

Pings American Hackers is an eccentric name for your Wi-Fi network.

Hide yo wi-fi is a funny Wi-Fi name filled with irony.

Lots of Lag is a creative name to ward off Wi-Fi stealers.

Router? I hardly knew is a name that can make people laugh out loud.

Believe I can fi is a wordplay on the song 'I Believe I Can Fly'. It is a weirdly inspirational name.

Trapped in a router is the perfect way to express an internet lover.

I shall declare you man and wifi is about the vows taken during a marriage.

Titanic Syncing is a funny name based on a pun.

Gonna give you wifi shows the big heart you possess.

Cheating on my wifi is a hilarious name.

Don't call me is a name that pressurizes others not to disturb you.

Get your own Wi-Fi is a quirky and hilarious name that insists others on using their own Wi-Fi.

Lag in Attitude is a name that justifies the owner’s attitude.

Drop it like hotspot is a fun name inspired by the famous song.

Wi-Fi, you love me? is a lovely and adorable name dedicated to your Wi-Fi.

Taco Wi-Fi is a Wi-Fi name that can make others hungry.

Save the LAN, is a quirky Wi-Fi name.

Go Router Rangers Go, is a name that can make others remember childhood.

Lend me some money is a funny name for your Wi-Fi network.

Awesome Nerdy Wi-Fi Names

Awesome Wi-Fi networks do require awesome Wi-Fi names. So, impress your friends by naming your Wi-Fi network with these awesome and clever Wi-Fi names.

Martin Router King is a good Wi-Fi name based on a pun.

Get off my LAN is a cool name for your Wi-Fi to keep away all the thieves. Get off my LAN is a clever Wi-Fi network name.

Silence of the LAN is a name inspired by the movie 'Silence Of The Lambs'. It is surely awesome!

Fly for a Wi-Fi asks others to do the impossible if they want to connect to your Wi-Fi. Fly for a Wi-Fi is a great name choice for a wifi network.

Kids hide yo wifi meaning 'conceal,' is a name that shows that you want to keep your Wi-Fi a secret.

Simply log into Mordor is an awesome name that alerts others not to try logging in.

Do re mi fa so la wi fi is an awesome and significant Wi-Fi name.

IP connection refused is a pun for teasing others trying to enter your Wi-Fi.

Fever of Wi-Fi shows how crazy you are for the internet.

Life on the Lan is an awesome name for a Wi-Fi network.

Enter the dragon's network is an invitation for others saying to enter your network.

Enter the dragon's Wi-Fi is a warning sign for those trying to connect to your Wi-Fi.

Out of service is one of the funny wifi names that shows that your Wi-Fi password can't be revealed.

The wireless spot is one of the funny wifi names.

Connection failed is a deceiving name for those trying to connect to your Wi-Fi.

My name is LAN, is a simple yet significant name.

Lan for the wicked is one of the funny WiFi names.

Silence of the lans is one of the unique WiFi network names.

Ping of the north is an awesome Wi-Fi name.

I own a club is a funny name if it's a lie.

Ping me, no use is one of the funny WiFi names.

One Wi-Fi, One Rule is a name that shows your determinant attitude.

Long time ago it is a name inspired by tales and stories.

404 Network Unavailable, is a funny yet awesome name.

Service Error is a name that shows that the password won't be shared.

Connecting…. is a pun name for a Wi-Fi network.

Life's a test is an awesome and factual name.

Not this is a name that is a warning label to others.

Subconscious yells for Wi-Fi is a name for tagging those who must secretly be desiring your password.

Out of your range dude is a sassy name to show others your fun personality.

Creative And Nerdy Wi-Fi Names

Creative minds know no limits. To expand your creative boundaries, allow yourself to be inspired by the below-mentioned creative name, or just choose the names directly, whichever suits you.

New England clam router shows that your router is unique.

Wi fight symbolizes your defense guard for your Wi-Fi password.

Yo Kids Hide Yo WiFi is a cool name to let others know that your password is a secret. Yo Kids Hide Yo WiFi is one of the clever WiFi names.

Slo Poke is the ideal Wi-Fi name for a WiFi with a slow internet speed.

John Wilkes Bluetooth is one of the clever wi fi network names. John Wilkes Bluetooth is a WiFi name that will surely make you stand out!

Hall Engagement Ping is a lovely name for your Wi-Fi you want to keep forever.

Abraham Linksys is an inspired Wi-Fi name pointing toward the former president of America.

The Lanister never forgets is a warning for those connected to your Wi-Fi in the past.

Girls gone wireless is a funny yet creative name.

WonderLAN is one of the clever wifi names that is a pun on the word 'wonderland'.

La La LAN is a pun name inspired by the movie 'La La Land'.

Lan shot dang dang is a peculiar and creative name.

LAN of milk and honey is one of the cool WiFi names which simply means land of milk and honey.

Be my WIFI, is a pun name designating a proposal.

Help I'm trapped is an ironic name to justify your comfort at home trapped just with your Internet.

Kids hide yo Wi-Fi is a funny WiFi name.

Wild for Wi-Fi is a name that describes the wild tricks played for the Wi-Fi password.

LAN and Brain is a creative rhyming name.

Virus.exe is a tricky name for a Wi-Fi network.

Hate Wi-Fi thieves is one of the network names that describe the dislike towards people using others' internet without permission.

Drop it like WiFi is an eccentric WiFi name.

Wi-Fi prince long time ago is a name derived from prince stories of fairy tales.

Use your mobile data is a command to others to use their mobile data.

Open up Sesame is a well-known phrase to open any difficult door.

LAN of Watch is maybe one of the most hilarious WiFi names.

Very Slo is a name that has to be for slow internet connections.

True Friend, Wi-Fi Password? is a creative name for being asked for a Wi-Fi password by friends.

Prince of URL is maybe one of the funny nerdy WiFi names.

Wanda Vision is a nerdy name for people who love the scarlet witch.

Sweet tricky network, is one of the clever nerdy WiFi names that symbolize the sweet and sour aspects of using the Internet.

Scooby Dooby Doo is a name inspired by a famous cartoon loved by all.

RIP Emotions is one of the awesome nerdy WiFi names.

Illustration of people using wifi

Nerdy 'Harry Potter' Wi-Fi Names

Are you a crazy fan of 'Harry Potter' who wants everything named after the series? To fulfill your wish and satisfy your fandom to an extent, a list of such inspired names has also been revealed.

Dumbledorks is a name for those who are a fan of Dumbledore. It is one of the creative and nerdy wifi names.

Gryffindor's 10 Points (Old English Origin), meaning 'to prick,' is a phrase to praise commendable people around you.

Dead Sirius (Greek Origin), meaning 'glow,' is a Wi-Fi name inspired by the 'Harry Potter' character Sirius Black. One of the nerdy Harry Potter WiFi names.

Dumbledore's WiFi is a cool and nerdy Wi-Fi name for the fans of Dumbledore.

Dementor's WiFi is a cool name to stand off against all the Wi-Fi thieves.

Malfoy's Manners (Anglo-French Origin), meaning 'disciplined,' asks others to be disciplined and don't interfere.

Hogwarts Ghosts (Old English Origin), meaning 'spirit,' is for people to stay away from your Wi-Fi network.

WAND you up is a pun on the phrase 'cheer you up' and shows how using the Internet can cheer anyone up.

Hall of Hogwarts is a nostalgic name for fans.

Abra Kadabra (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'I create as I speak,' is a magical Wi-Fi name.

Alohomora, (West African Origin) meaning 'friendly to thieves,' is a funny name showing that you are ready to share your Wi-Fi network with others.

Le Strange Wi-Fi (Latin Origin), meaning 'external,' signifies no externals allowed.

Mighty Magic (Proto-Germanic Origin), meaning 'fearsome,' shows how strong your Wi-Fi network is.

Ministry of Magic (Old Persian Origin), meaning 'sorcery,' is a lovely magical name for 'Harry Potter' fans.

Expecto Patronum (Latin Origin), meaning 'I await a guardian,' can be used as a unique Wi-Fi name to tell others to wait forever to know the password.

Obliviate (Latin Origin), meaning 'forgetfulness,' is a unique WiFi name.

Slytherin (Proto-Germanic Origin), meaning 'to slide,' definitely talks about not slipping into the network.

Protego Diabolica (Latin Origin), meaning 'I protect,' is a protection spell to defend your network.

Unplottability meaning 'secret plan,' is a warning label to stop others from plotting to know your password.

Racing Broom in the Hallways is a 'Harry Potter' series-inspired name for its evergreen fans.

Patronus Charm (Latin Origin), meaning 'a protector,' is a defensive charm to protect your network.

The LANly Hallows (Old English Origin), meaning 'holy,' is a name for your holy network.

Wizards and Wands (Middle English Origin), meaning 'wise,' is typically a WiFi name for 'Harry Potter' fans.

Shield Charm (Germanic Origin), meaning 'divide,' is surely a magical spell to shield your network.

Connecto Patronum shows the aggressive defense you put for your password.

Hogwarts School of Wi-Fi is a fun Wi-Fi network name for educational institutions.

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