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There are different nicknames for brother that we can use to make your bond even stronger.
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Brother is a true friend, strength, weakness, guide, mentor, and many more.

Brothers are the real gifts of god that a sibling could ever get. Our name for our brother represents our true, sweet feeling for them.

Brothers are always the real sweet heroes and a prince who stands behind us like a rock in every situation. Scroll down to find a few cool, funny, and unique nicknames for your brother.

Cool Nicknames For Brother

Brother is a sign of affection for a sibling. Here are the coolest names of the brothers one can use.

1. Adorbs- Sweetest elder brother.

2. Angel- Protective.

3. Ape- Savage.

4. Baby Boo- A perfect name for Baby Brother.

5. Baby Face- Younger-looking face.

6. Baby love- Lovable Brother.

7. Bambam- For an adorable brother.

8. Bambi- Cute baby Deer.

9. Big Bear- Sweet elder brother.

10. Bobo- Twist of the word, Brother.

11. Boo- Cute nickname for brother.

12. Booger- Onewho frightens you.

13. Bratty- Who is spoiled by their parents.

14. Bro- Short version of a brother.

15. Broda- Unique twist of Bro.

16. Brozat- Musical name.

17. Bubba- Little bundle of joy.

18. Bucky- Sporty Brother.

19. Bud- Short and sweet.

20. Buddy- Brother who is like a friend.

21. Bumble Bee- Who does not stop talking.

22. Bunny- Cute and runs around.

23. Buttercup- Growing light of life.

24. Captain- Who leads the group.

25. Champ- Pro at everything.

26. Chatterbox- Who talks a lot.

27. Cheif- Leader of Siblings.

28. Cherub- Brother belongs in biblical times.

29. Chico- Cheeky Brother.

30. Chipmunk- Chubby cheeks.

31. Chubs- Chubby Boy.

32. Chucky- Sweet but psycho.

33. Cookie Monster- Who loves cookies?

34. Copycat- Who copies everything?

35. Cosmo- Who loves space a lot?

36. Cowboy- Adventurous soul.

37. Cup Cake- Sweet and Cute Brother.

38. Cutie Pie- Cute guy who fills sweetness.

39. Dobby- Personal house elf.

40. Donut- Filled with sweetness.

41. Doodle- Draws a lot.

42. Duclikng- Sweetest and cutest.

43. Dumpling- Filled with sweetness.

44. Elmo- Furry person.

45. Gandalf- Who fills life with magic.

46. Giggle bug- Laughs a lot.

47. Half Pint- Short.

48. Halfling- Jab at the height.

49. Hobbit- Short but wise.

50. Homie- Who likes to stay at home.

51. Itsy-Bitsy- Little Brother.

52. Junior- Younger Brother.

53. Kiddo- Kid Brother.

54. Kiddu- Younger brother.

55. Knuckles- Who fights a lot like a sidekick.

56. Lil Bro- Short little brother.

57. Little Lamb- Cute little brother.

58. Little Man- Little Brother who acts like Big brother.

59. Little Munchkin- Cute little brother.

60. Little Soldier- Who protects you.

61. Mario- Video gamers like super Mario.

62. Marshmallow- Short and Helps you calm down.

63. Milky- Pale and Pasty skin.

64. Mini-Me- Who acts like you.

65. Minion- Little Trouble Maker.

66. Mufasa- Who is a tough guy.

67. Muffin- Sweetest Brother.

68. Nacho- Who makes noise.

69. Nerdy- Who is bookish.

70. Ninja- Who sneaks around.

71. Old Man- Jab at his head.

72. Panda- Lazy yet Cute.

73. Peaches- Bruises easily.

74. Peanut- Lovable little Brother.

75. Plum Cake- Sweaty and Chubby.

76. Pooh Bear- He reminds you of a honey-eating, Younger-looking pooh.

77. Poppet- Cute Nickname.

78. Pumpkin- Playful and Sweet.

79. Pupper- When he acts like a puppy.

80. Rebel- Refuses to follow any rule.

81. Robin- Who plays a sidekick to inner batman.

82. Ross- Who is likeRoss from the 'Friends' series.

83. Sasquatch- Hairy Brother.

84. Scooby-Doo- Scared puppy.

85. Shortie- Jab at his height.

86. Shrimp- Super skinny.

87. Smiley- Who smiles all the time.

88. Snoopy- Who snoops around.

89. Sporty- Who plays sports.

90. Squirrel- Super energetic.

91. Sunshine- Lights up your world.

92. Tater Tot- Baby Boy.

93. Teddy Bear- Chubby and adorable.

94. Tiny- Short brother.

95. Trouble Maker- Who irritates.

96. Waldo- I can never find him.

97. Wee Lad- Little person in Irish.

98. Wiggly Bear- Who likes wiggling around.

99. Yoda- Wise Brother.

100. Zippy- Super energetic.

Best Nicknames For Brother

We have a list of the best nicknames for the brothers that will reflect their personalities. Check out!

101. Amigo- A Friend

102. Babby- Baby, speak.

103. Baboo- An affectionate name.

104. Babykins- Sweetest.

105. Bam Bam- Flintstone.

106. Bamboo- A Grass.

107. Bart- Son of the Earth.

108. Bean- Tiny.

109. Beardy- Who has a Beard.

110. Beau- Beautiful.

111. Beef Cake- Usually called with love.

112. Biggie- Large Man.

113. Black sheep- Disfavored.

114. Blueberry- Gift of God.

115. Blush- Become Pink.

116. Bobo- Fool.

117. Boychick- Jewish, bro.

118. Bredrin- Rastafarian Slang.

119. Brethren- Biblical word.

120. Brobama- Humorous.

121. Bromando- Great Friend.

122. Brosef- Great brother.

123. Broski- Slavic twist.

124. Bruddah- Another slang for brother.

125. Bruddha- Awakened.

126. Bruddyan- Friend.

127. Bruth- Violent.

128. Bruv- British nickname.

129. Buck- like an animal.

130. Buster- Backs out.

131. Butterfingers- A clumsy person.

132. Buzzy- Pledged to god.

133. Cherup- A nickname.

134. Chief- In control.

135. Chunkamunk- Inappropriate.

136. Coco- Chocolate Bean.

137. Combo- Multi-tasker.

138. Comrade- Brother in arms.

139. Cotton Candy- Attractive.

140. Darling Bro- Best.

141. Dean- Valley.

142. Didim's- Love of the life.

143. Doughboy- Productive brother.

144. Dove- Gentle person.

145. Dwarf- Crack at height.

146. Emperor- Ruler.

147. Fam- Cool name.

148. Flame- Faith.

149. Forrest- Outside.

150. Frodo- Wise by Experience.

151. Fuzzy- Free-spirited person.

152. General- Leader.

153. Gramps- Grandpa like.

154. Gringo- Speaker.

155. Hambone- Lazy.

156. Heffer- Occupational surname.

157. Hefty Wefty Ziggy- Huge/ healthy.

158. Hero- Brave one.

159. Hild- Battle.

160. Honey Punch- Darling.

161. Honey- Sweetest person ever.

162. Howard- Brave Heart.

163. Hun- Savage.

164. Jock- Involved in sports.

165. Lovely- Lovable.

166. Mac- Means 'Son of'.

167. Mano- Hand.

168. Micho- Devine.

169. Mister- Respect the elder one.

170. Moofy- Proud.

171. Muddles- Muddy.

172. Munk- Person with Monkish habits.

173. Noodles- Person with wavy hair.

174. Oldie Goldie- Gold.

175. Pants- Negative.

176. Penny- Weaver.

177. Phil- Lover of Horses.

178. Pimp- Gets a lot of girls.

179. Poobear- Like 'Winnie'.

180. Poor Bear- Popularity.

181. Randy- Amours.

182. Scout- Outsider.

183. Smurf- Tiny.

184. Sperry- Thin person

185. Squints- Extremely Intelligent.

186. Squirt- Annoying person.

187. Stewie- Evil.

188. Stingy- Extremely close.

189. Ted pole- Wealth.

190. Ted- Fortune.

191. Tomato- Loves apples.

192. Tripp- Third.

193. Vin- Conquering.

194. Wiggles- Wavering motion.

195. Willow- Freedom.

196. Wyatt- Brave at War.

197. Youngin- Strict.

198. Zack- Laughter.

199. Ziggles- Strong and Powerful.

200. Ziggty- Victory.

Unique Nicknames For Brother

Giving a nickname for your brother can be done by making a chart of their personality, character, and traits that will help you to pick a suitable name for him. Giving unique names to brothers is always fun. Read more about unique nicknames.

201. Albus- Name in Harry potter.

202. Alpha- Beginner.

203. Ammu- Happiness.

204. Amore Big Bro- Lovable big brother.

205. Apple- Cute.

206. Ashu- Active and happy kid.

207. Babushka- Simple and sweet.

208. Baby Brother- Younger one.

209. Baby Bunny- Little buddy.

210. Balloon- Bulgy.

211. Bee- Talks continuously.

212. Best Pal- Best friend.

213. Big Bro- Elder one.

214. Big bull- Huge personality.

215. Birdie- Sings like a bird.

216. Biscuit- Who is crunchy at his voice.

217. Bobby- Adorable.

218. Bond- Tendency.

219. Boomer- A very famous personality.

220. Brah- Heart's desire.

221. Brainiac Kid- Intelligent.

222. Brett- Sun Rise.

223. Bruh- Super cool, brother.

224. Bug- Who Irritates.

225. Bulky- Large person.

226. Buzz- Sounds like a bee.

227. Calin- Wrinkle.

228. Chaos- Pioneering spirit.

229. Chirpy- Makes birdy sounds.

230. Chubster- Little fat person.

231. Clay- Adventurous.

232. Colin- A happy Garden.

233. Cuddles- Hugs.

234. Cupid- Match Maker.

235. Curly- Who has Curly hair.

236. Dagger- Taking risks.

237. Darcy- Pride.

238. Dare Devil- Adventurous.

239. Dodge- A cute pet.

240. Don- Head.

241. Doofus- A foolish person.

242. Dorian- Character of a movie.

243. Dork- Studious boy.

244. Elf- Reliable little brother.

245. Enigma- Mysterious personality.

246. Ethel- Innovative.

247. Evil Twin Bro- Annoying twin brother.

248. Floofs- Fluffy animal

249. Fox- Cunning.

250. Ghoul- Demon in Arabic.

251. Giganotosaurus- Who is tall and irritates.

252. Goofy- Cracks jokes.

253. Handsome bro- Good-looking person.

254. Landon- A walk.

255. Lemon- Sour-like taste.

256. Little Big Guy- Younger one who acts like a boss.

257. little Half-pint- Little brother who is short.

258. Logan- Little fellow.

259. Lolly pop- Sweetheart.

260. Magnus- Chase.

261. Menace- Who disturbs everyone.

262.MickeyMouse- dear one.

263.Morpheus- Wise elder brother

264. Muscle Man- Who likes working out.

265. Nare- Pure.

266. Neo- Neo means new or a gift.

267. Nug- Good vibes.

268. Oddball- Different in the family.

269. Ozzie- one of the casual Nicknames for brother.

270. Peachy- Fair and clear skin.

271. Prince Charming- Handsome.

272. Punky- Creative and Spontaneous.

273. Rambo- Who fights a lot.

274. Rancho- Means Naughty.

275. Rocco- Rest.

276. Rockstar- Singer.

277. Rocky- Stony or strong.

278. Runt- Irritated.

279. Sajju- Who always brings Joy.

280. Savage- Aggressive.

281. Side kick- A very close person.

282. Slim Jim- Athlete.

283. Snicker- Sweet Cookie.

284. Stasi- Spying.

285. Stuart- Little mouse.

286. Sugar Kiddo- Sweet little brother.

287. Superfly- Famous.

288. Swagger- Confident.

289. Sweet Bud- Cute little brother

290. Sweet Junior- Youngest.

291. Taco- Half.

292. Tannu- Destiny.

293. Tarzan- Who behaves like a tree man.

294. Tiger- Furious.

295. Tink- Someone very special.

296. Titan- Defender.

297. Tito- Means giant in Italy.

298. Tom- who fights always.

299. Tommy- A twin brother.

300. Tum tum- Stomach.

Funny Nicknames For Brother

We can always address them with cute and funny nicknames to our younger and older brothers. It's ok to annoy them, which strengthens the relationship.

301. A younger- Short and strong.

302. Adopted- Who accepts everything.

303. Avenger- Taking Revenge.

304. Baby puppy- Cute younger brother.

305. Baby Shark Bro- Big Bully.

306. Bambino- Young Child.

307. Barska- Slavic name.

308. Bhai- Brother in Hindi.

309. Bill ding- Clowns.

310. Billy- Who cooks well.

311. Blossom- Who smells good.

312. Boo Boo- Partner.

313. Bourbon- Sweet.

314. Broer- Brother in Dutch.

315. Bruder- Brother in German.

316. Burger boy- Chubby.

317. Butters- Convinces everyone.

318. Button- Small and sweet.

319. Caveman- Low maintenance.

320. Cheese- Stinks a lot.

321. Chicken Boy- Eats chicken a lot.

322. Comic Buff- Funny person.

323. Couch Potato- Cutest.

324. Cowboy- Adventurous.

325. Cry baby- Who always cries.

326. Cute Big Boy- Elder Brother.

327. Cutie Kid- Looks cute.

328. Cyclops- Race of savages.

329. Darth Vader- Empire.

330. Dennis The Menace- Trouble maker.

331. Derp- Who does stupid things.

332. Diablo- Spanish name.

333. Dimples- Cute looking.

334. Dodo- Ineffective person.

335. Dongen- Brother in Korea.

336. Dorky- Socially awkward.

337. Dracula Bro- Awakes all night.

338. Egg Head- Smart one.

339. Eye Candy- Caring.

340. Fire Crackers- Noisy.

341. Flash- Smart.

342. Fozzie- Talkative.

343. Frater- Confused.

344. French Fries- Crisp by voice.

345. Frere- Brothers.

346. Funny honey- Sweet Comedian.

347. Gamer Bro- Who plays games.

348. Gangster- Hits you a lot.

349. Geek- Nerdy brother.

350. Ghosty- Who scares.

351. Goober- Foolish.

352. Granite- No emotions.

353. Gummy Bear- Chubby

354. Heavy Man- Fat person.

355. Hermano- Brother in Spanish.

356. Hermit- Who stays alone?

357. Hitman- Fighting lover.

358. Hulk- Impatient.

359. Hyung- Korean name.

360. Indiana Jones- Raider.

361. Jelly Bean- Escapes easily.

362. Joker Bro- Who makes a weird face.

363. Kermit- Annoys you.

364. Kit Kat- Sweet.

365. Kitty Kat- Domestic cat.

366. Lazy Head- Very Lazy.

367. Lazy lad- Vey lazy.

368. Little Baby Boy- Younger one.

369. Little Boss- Who rules?

370. Little Buddy- Lovable friend.

371. Little Devil- Who scares.

372. Little Prince- Lovable.

373. Little rat- Who runs fast.

374. Little Snitch- Snitches to parents.

375. Loki- Who plays mischievous tricks.

376. Lucky Charmer- Lucky.

377. Maggie- Pearl.

378. Matrix- Socialistic.

379. Meatball- Fatty.

380. Mighty- Strong and tall.

381. Mowgli- Jumps around.

382. Mr. Bean- Comedian.

383. Mr. Scrooge- Introvert.

384. Muggle- Unknown of magic.

385. Mushy- Squishy cheeks.

386. Nemo- Sharp eyes.

387. Nii- Brother in Japanese.

388. Nuggie- A light blow.

389. Nutella- Sweetest.

390. Odd One- Different-natured

391. Ollie- Who jumps around.

392. Oreo- Crunchy.

393. Paparazzi- Who gossips.

394. Pebbles- Noisemaker.

395. Piggy- Foodie.

396. Ping Pong- Makes noise.

397. Pollie- Short.

398. Pookie- Lame

399. Popeye- Tough.

400. Prez- President.

401. Punky Pie- Pinkish eye.

402. Pup- Cute, like a puppy.

403. Rainbow- Who fills colours.

404. Ratso Bro- Who is similar to a rat.

405. Road Runner- Active.

406. Rollie- Romeos around.

407. Romeo- Heartbreaker.

408. Shaqiq- Brother in Arabic

409. Shark Boy- Who has sharp teeth.

410. Sherlock Holmes- Mystery one.

411. Silly pickle- Conquers.

412. Sir Farts a lot- Farts a lot.

413. Small Fries- Short and sweet.

414. Spooky- Shitty.

415. Steel- Strongest.

416. Stinker- Smells bad.

417. Sumo Bro- Overweight.

418. Sumo- fatty.

419. Sweet Potato- One of the Sweetest Nicknames for brothers.

420. Terminator- Stronger.

421. Terry Bull- Fatty boy.

422. The Chosen One- Expected to do well.

423. The Favored One- Favorite kid.

424. Thug- Fighter, brother.

425. Trashman Bro- Stinks.

426. Twinkle- Sparkles life.

427. Wormy- Irritates.

428. Yoyo- Mind Changer.

429. Zombie- Lethargic.

430. Zelasko- Flat iron.

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