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Leah is a sweet name for kids
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The meaning of the name Leah is delicate or weary.

The origin of nickname Leah comes from the Bible, which is of Hebrew origin. The original name is La'ah, which means weary.

According to the Bible, Leah's older sister is Rachel, and her father's name is Laban. Her husband was the Biblical patriarch Jacob. Unfortunately, the husband was not interested in Leah and instead was in love with her sister, Rachel. Leah is also a famous American actress.

Cute Nicknames For Leah

The name Leah first appeared in the list released by the Social Security Administration in 1900 and has become increasingly more famous over the years.

1. Lea- cute nickname for Leah

2. Léa - On famous French actress

3. Leia - Has a Greek origin

4. Lėja- has a Lithuanian origin

5. Lija- comes from the Latin language

6. Lulu- cute baby name

7. Lee bee- Cute girl nickname

8. Layla- cool name for Leah

Funny Nicknames For Leah

Check out some funny nicknames for your friend Leah here:

9. Leanne- A name that is sweet yet unique

10. Lila- the name is slightly different from the usual name Lily, so feels more unique.

11. Lily- a very popular name which has come from the name of the Lily flower. The person with this name is believed to be as vibrant as a lily flower.

12. Lina- This name has an Arabic origin. It is a unique name to be used in the English Language. Yet this name has recently gained much popularity.

13. Lola- Unique name that can even be given to a boy. Even though Leah is usually a girl's name, the name Lola can be used for both genders.

14. Lydia- This nickname also has a biblical origin. It is a sweet nickname

15. Léa- This nickname is very unusual in the English language.

16. Leia- This is also a unique name. It is slowly gaining popularity in the English Language.

17. Lėja- This is also a unisexual name. It is very uncommon.

18. Lilia- This is a little deviation from the name Lily. This can be given to your child if you want something unique but not an out-of-the-box name.

19. Lía- This is a very cute yet short name. It will be easier to pronounce; thus, you will have no difficulty drawing their attention to you.

20. Liadh- This name can be given to both a boy and a girl. It is a unique name that has not yet been able to gain much popularity in the English language.

21. Liah- This is much like the previous nickname, except with an 'h' at the end.

22. Lya- This is a very short name.

23. Liia- This nickname is much like the previous one. However, the spelling, as well as the pronunciation, is slightly different.

24. Liya- Easy to spell, short and easy name.

25. Leja- This name is comparatively longer than the other names. However, this one is a classic.

26. Ley-ley- This is a very sweet name for a baby. It has no particular meaning as such. It is a very adorable name.

Creative Nicknames For Leah

Nicknames for your friend Leah

27. Lia- This is a very small name. Nicknames are usually small and easy to pronounce, so this one perfectly serves that purpose.

28. Loulou- This is also a very adorable name. It doesn't have a particular meaning or origin, but calling your child by this name is fun.

29. Laya- This name is a very popular name.

30. Leddee- This is a unique yet sweet name.

31. Mia- You can give your friend this nickname which sounds like Leah, to annoy them.

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