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150+ Pastry Names From Around The World To Inspire You To Get Baking

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Have you ever wanted to know more about the world of sweet and savory pastries?

We have compiled a list of some of the most popular and extravagant sweet and savory pastries from around the world. The main different types of pastries are shortcrust pastry, filo pastry, choux pastry, flaky pastry, rough puff pastry, suet crust pastry and puff pastry, but these can be made to make an endless amount of different delicious pastry snacks!

From French pastry names, Italian pastry names and Greek pastry names to fancy pastry names, Mexican pastry names and choux pastry names, there is a type of pastry on this list for everyone to enjoy.

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Sweet Pastries

Apple turnovers are a classic French puff pastry that is filled with apple sauce.

Did you know that pastries in French are called des pâtisseries and that the most common examples of pastries are pies, tarts, quiches, croissants and pasties? If you are looking for sweet breakfast pastries that are popular in France, Germany, India or beyond, then look no further.  We have compiled a list of the sweetest pastry types to help you select the best pastry name for your next menu.

1. Açma, a Turkish pastry made from egg whites, powdered sugar, and cream filling.

2. Amaretto Ricotta Cheesecake, the best combination of amaretto and ricotta in a unique dessert.

3. Anpan, this Japanese pastry filled with sweetened red bean paste is a traditional sweet dish.  

4. Apricot Danish, Apricot Cream Cheese Danish Pastries are an easy recipe for pastries for breakfast, brunch, or snacks.

5. Baklava, this Middle Eastern delicacy is a layered pastry loaded with nuts and drizzle with honey.  

6. Baklava Cheesecake, you can never go wrong with baklava and cheesecake.

7. Banoffee Pies, are made from bananas, caramel, cream, almond paste and crunchy Anzac biscuits.

8. Bedfordshire Clanger, is a sweet and savory pastry with meat filling and sweet fruit filling on either end.

9. Black Forest Chocolate Torte, if you love black forest then you will love this chocolate cake and cream filling.

10. Blueberry Lattice Bars, a perfect blueberry dish for your loved ones.

11. Blueberry Lemon Trifle, a refreshing lemon filled blueberry trifle.

12. Brigadeiros, are similar to truffles.

13. Belgian Waffle, this is made with flour, egg, and sugar.

14. Brown Sugar Pound Cake, a cake can also be described as a type of pastry, this is true in the case of this Pound Cake.

15. Bougatsa, a Greek choux pastry filled with minced meat, cheese or semolina custard.

16. Brioche, this French baking dessert can pass as both cake and pastry was invented by Norman Vikings.

17. Canelé, the cake is mixed with a rich custard filling and is a specialty of Bordeaux in France.

18. Cannoli, this Italian pastry became famous after a dialogue "Leave the gun. Take the cannoli" appeared in the movie 'The Godfather'.

19. Casadielles, is a type of cream puff made using filled hazelnuts or walnuts.

20. Cherry Strudel, an Austrian tart dish made from apple strudel with morello cherries.

21. Chiacchiere, a famous Italian dish made from a soft dough that is kneaded.

22. Chinese Custard Tarts, a custard tart dish made with love.

23. Chocolate Tarts, a perfect combination of chocolate and pastry.

24. Chouquette, these Viennese baked goods are perfect for breakfast or as an afternoon snack.  

25. Churros, Churros are elongated and deep-fried yeast dough sticks coated with cinnamon sugar.

26. Coca, a French patisserie product and a French dessert made with candied fruit, marzipan and cream.

27. Croquembouche, these are French choux pastry puffs, which were was designed and popularized by chef Antonin Carême.

28. Croissant, an Austrian kipferl pastry filled with chocolate, jam, raisins, or even cream cheese.

29. Danish Pastry, a crispy sweet Danish pastry with a filling of apple or raspberry.

30. Dragon Beard Candy, a Chinese dessert made from sugar and maltose syrup.

31. Éclair, these elongated pastries are filled with cream and chocolate filling.

32. Florentine Tarts, this dish is a cross between an almond tart and a Florentine biscuit.

33. Fritule, a traditional Croatian pastry made from eggs, flour, milk, butter and sugar.

34. Gata, an Armenian pastry bread made from flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and served with Armenian yogurt.

35. Güllaç, a famous Turkish cornstarch pastry with filling.

36. Hurmašica, is a Bosnian pastry made with lemon flavored sugar syrup mixed with eggs, powdered sugar and flour.

37. Honey tarts, tarts with honey cheesecake topped with a cream swirl and berry jam.

38. Kanelbulle, also known as a cinnamon roll, this is a Swedish pastry is one of the most famous pastry recipes.

39. Khaja, a traditional Indian dessert that is rich in texture and taste.  

40. Kouign-Amann, is a French cake known for its crusty and flaky exterior.

41. Kringle, is a delicious flaky pastry filled with cream cheese.

42. Kürtőskalács, also known as chimney cake, is a Hungarian dish.

43. Lamingtons, this Australian dessert is made from vanilla cakes cut in squares and dipped in chocolate, and then coated in coconut flakes.

44. Lemon Meringue Tarts, a family favorite, need we say more?

45. Lokma, this Greek dessert is made with flour, sugar, yeast and salt.

46. Mille-Feuille, a Mille-Feuille is a thinly layered pastry made with orange curd mixed into whipped cream.

47. Mince Pies, a traditional Christmas dish made from brandied minced fruits.

48. Mooncake, an ancient Chinese shortcrust delicacy that is a staple during the Moon Festival.

49. Mochi, a Japanese dish is made from glutinous rice which is molded into a circular shape.

50. Nanaimo Bar, a Canadian dessert made from a wafer, custard-flavored butter icing and melted chocolate.

51. Om Ali, an Egyptian bread pudding or puff pastry filled with a variety of nuts and whipped cream or pastry cream.

52. Pain aux Raisins, made from a buttery dough, raisins and a crème filling.

53. Pineapple Bun, made from pineapple filling and whipped cream.

54. Picarones, Peruvian doughnuts made with sweet potato, squash and flour.

55. Prinsesstårta, a layer cake from Sweden that is covered in a hard topping of marzipan.

56. Pogácsa, a Hungarian small, bite sized pastry that can be filled with pastry cream.

57. Profiteroles, these French cream puffs are stuffed with pastry cream and glazed sugar.  

58. Rhubarb Tartlets, in this dish the fresh rhubarbs are the star of the show.

59. Rocky Road Cups, these chocolate chip cookie dough cups are filled with chocolate and peanut butter.

60. Rosquillas, a type of fluffy donut made with eggs, sugar, milk, oil and lemon zest.

61. Rugelach, a traditional Jewish pastry filled with either chocolate filling or cream filling.

62. Sachertorte, a dense chocolate cake invented in 1832 by Austrian Franz Sacher.

63. Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, a  German Black Forest cherry torte made with cream, chocolate, cherries and kirsch.

64. Skyr, an Icelandic dessert made with chilled milk, sugar and fruit.

65. Spanish Pear Tarts, a tart dish made from pears and topped with melted chocolate.

66. Syrniki, a pancake made using cheese.

67. Sweet Shortcrust Pastry, is a common, basic sugar and egg pastry.  

68. Tarta de Santiago, the Spanish cake of Saint James made with almond paste, flour and sugar.

69. Toffee Apple Pies, this is a popular autumn treat.

70. Vatrushka, this Russian breakfast pastry is filled with sweet cottage cheese and topped with raisins or fruit.

Savory Pastries

Apple strudel with cinnamon, nuts and and raisins

A pastry chef can also be called a dessert chef or, in France, a patissier. There are different types of pastries found all around the world, some are sweet and some savory. This list of pastries includes the most popular savory pastries from around the globe.

71. Achma, a Georgian dish layered with dough and lots of cheese, it is a dream come true.  

72. Arabian Empanadas, an Argentine pastry filled with beef or lamb and chopped red and green peppers.

73. Babos Pogácsa, hailing from Sopron, Babos Pogácsa is a Hungarian savory pastry filled with mashed beans.

74. Beef Bun, a common savory pastry filled with ground beef chopped onions or curry.

75. Brik, this Tunisian dish is known for its flaky dough and savory filling. The filling consists of tuna, cilantro, cheese and so much more.

76. Boşnak Böreği, a typical Turkish börek is filled with spinach and cheese.  

77. Bučnica, a comforting Croatian savory pastry filled with pumpkin, salt and fresh cheese.

78. Bungeoppang, a red beans filled fish-shaped pastry famous in South Korea.

79. Buredžici, a phyllo pastry dough roll filled with minced meat.

80. Burek, a multi-layered phyllo dough stuffed with savory meat and cheese fillings.

81. Burgenländischer Krautstrudel, this is a thin strudel dough rolled pastry with cabbage filling.

82. Boyoz, a Turkish pastry of Sephardic Jewish origin.

83. Cornish Pasty, a crescent moon pastry filled with beef, various root vegetables and seasonings.

84. Çiğ börek, is a variety of puff pastry hailing from Turkey.

85. Crispelle, an Italian fried dough pastry that is deep fried and served with various sides.

86. Curry Beef Triangle, a triangle shaped pastry famous in Hong Kong filled with meat.

87. Empanadas, these crescent moon shaped flaky pastry dough pies are a fan favorite in Latin America.

88. Forfar Bridie, this flaky Scottish pastry is filled with beef and chopped onions.

89. Gibanica, this phyllo dough pastry is filled with a cream cheese filling.

90. Gougère, these hollow pastry puffs are made from choux dough and cheese.

91. Grammelpogatscherl, this small, bite sized pastry is filled with finely chopped pork fat.

92. Haitian Patty, a puff pastry filled with various types of meat such as beef, chicken, pork, or even fish.

93. Hortopita, this traditional Greek savory pastry is filled with greens that can be wild or cultivated.

94. Høns I asparges, these mini tarts have creamy filling of chicken and asparagus.

95. Hoenderpastei, a South African shortcrust pastry shell.

96. Jambon en Route, a traditional Luxembourgish dish is made with whole or sliced smoked, pre-cooked ham.

97. Kalitsounia, this traditional Greek dish is filled with fresh cow's milk cheese.

98. Karipap, a curry puff pastry shell filled with chicken and potato curry.

99. Kol böreği, a Turkish dish made with flaky dough pastry filled with meat.

100. Kibinai, traditional Lithuanian pastries filled with minced mutton and various herbs.

101. Maznik, a traditional North Macedonian paper-thin layered pastry.

102. Pastechi, a traditional Aruban pastry filled with chicken, beef or tuna fillings.

103. Pastel de Chaves, a clam shaped Portuguese puff pastry filled with minced veal, onions and herbs.

104. Pastizz, a national snack from Malta filled with peas, ricotta, anchovies and corned beef.

105. Paçanga Böreği, a Turkish 'börek' variety filled with cheese, pastirma, tomato, parsley and pepper.

106. Panades, a Belizean empanada filled with either white fish or beans.

107. Paszteciki, this popular Polish pastry is made with fillings of mushrooms, cabbage, or minced meat and is a part of the Polish traditional menu.

108. Pâté Lorrain, a French savory pastry made with marinated meat.

109. Pazarske Mantije, a Serbian dish filled with ground beef, salt, pepper and onions .

110. Perepichka, a Ukrainian street food filled with seasoned sausage and deep-fried.

111. Pierekaczewnik, this iconic Polish pastry is like a meat pie but the ingredients are rolled into the dough to form layers.

112. Pīrādziņi, these pastries are made using chopped bacon cubes and onion.  

113. Pirozhki, a popular Russian dish that can be made from meat, eggs, vegetables, fish and even rice.

114. Pirukas, a typical Estonian snack where the pastry shell is filled with a variety of ingredients.

115. Pitarakia, a specialty of Milos Island, these half-moon shaped pastries are filled with cheese.

116. Pigs In Blankets, these pastry treats are traditionally made of sausages wrapped in bacon but a new pastry version is gaining popularity.

117. Plăcintă Cu Cartofi, a traditional Romanian pastry dish stuffed with mashed potatoes, grated cheese, onions and spices for extra flavor.

118. Plăcintă, a Romanian fried pastry filled with soft cheese.

119. Pogácsa, a popular Hungarian bite sized pastry that can be enjoyed either sweet or savory.

120. Priganice, a popular snack from Montenegro that has both savory or sweet versions.

121. Rasstegai, a traditional Russian pastry stuffed with liver with eggs or rice with mushrooms or minced salmon.

122. Rissole, a French Rissole is made from minced meat or fish.

123. Sebada, an aromatic dumpling dish that is filled with soured pecorino cheese and lemon peel in olive oil or lard.

124. Sigara Böreği, the cylindrical sigara böreği is a famous Turkish deep fried pastry.

125. Sirnica, a Bosnian pie filled with fresh cow cheese, sour cream and eggs.

126. Skopelitiki Tiropita, a traditional Greek goat cheese filled pastry.

127. Zillertaler Krapfen, an Austrian dish filled with rye flour, curd cheese and much more.

Super Extravagant Pastries And Puddings

One inevitable question that everyone wants an answer to is "how much dessert is enough?" Whilst some might say "no such thing!", these expensive and extravagant desserts might prove the opposite. Enjoy these fancy pastries and other desserts!

128. 24 Carat Mithai Magic, a gold leaf covered sweet made in Surat, Gujarat that is worth every penny.

129. 24-Carat Popsicle, the Marquis Los Cabos resort in Mexico offers a 24 carat popsicle at $1,000.

130. Beyond Gourmet Jelly Bean, this $500 Jellybean is designed by David Klein.

131. Couture Cake, this $75 million Couture Cake is loaded with diamonds and is designed by Debbie Wingham.

132. Decadence D’Or Cupcake, this $750 cupcake is created by Olivier Dubreuil and served at The Palazzo in Las Vegas.

133. Diamond Fruitcake, the $1.72 million special cake was designed for Takashimaya Department Store in Tokyo.

134. Exotica, a shop in Lucknow, India creates this expensive dessert made from pine nuts worth 3000 rupees per kilo.

135. Faberge Chocolate Pudding, this $34,440 regal dessert was designed by Marc Guibert.

136. Frrrozen Haute Chocolate, this chocolate ice cream is made from some of the world's most expensive cocoa.

137. Golden Opulence Sundae, this $1,000 ice cream sundae is from Restaurant Serendipity 3 in New York City.

138. Krispy Kreme’s Luxe Doughnut, this 24 carat gold leaf doughnut comes made with white chocolate lotus, edible diamonds and Dom Perignon champagne jelly.

139. La Madeline Au Truffle, a $250 truffle is the most expensive chocolate in the world.

140. Macaron Haute Couture, this $7,500 macaron cake was designed by pastry chef Pierre Herme.

141. Platinum Wedding Cake, this $130,000 cake was designed by chef Nobue Ikara.

142. Raffaele Ronca Cheesecake, a $5,000 cheesecake made from cheese from water buffalo and the best Albanian white truffles.

143. Scoopi’s Black Diamond Dessert, this $817 single scoop ice cream scoop is made from saffron from Iran.

144. Strawberry Arnaud, this $9,85 million strawberry dessert was designed for Valentine’s day in a restaurant in New Orleans.

145. Sultan’s Golden Cake, a $1,000 royal golden cake made from dry fruits soaked for two years in Jamaican rum.

146. Swarnamishtha, a dessert designed by Gur-Chini, a super luxury sweet maker, made from Italian pistachio.

147. Sweet & Salty Truffle Pie, a classic dessert made from the most expensive European white truffles.

148. To’ak Chocolate, these $500 chocolates are made from the Nacional cocoa bean from South America.

149. Tim And Jules Smith's Wedding Cake, a $53 million wedding cake was made for Tim and Jules Smith.

150. The Absurdity Sundae, this $60,000 ice cream sundae is also designed by Gotlieb.

151. The Lindeth Hotel Chocolate Pudding, this $34,000 pudding was designed by Chef Marc Guibert.

152. The Golden Phoenix Cupcake, these $1,000 cupcakes were served at a bakery in Dubai Shopping Mall that is surrounded by gold ornaments.

153. The Three Twins Ice Cream Sundae, this $3,333 banana split ice cream sundae was designed by Gotlieb.

154. The Bear Extraordinaire, these are the priciest ice creams made from vanilla beans from Madagascar.

155. The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence, this Sri Lankan cake is made with Irish cream, pomegranate and Dom Perignon champagne.

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