100+ Entertaining Food Jokes For Your Next Dinner Party

Moumita Dutta
Jun 15, 2023 By Moumita Dutta
Originally Published on Apr 25, 2023
Fact-checked by Spandana Kantam
Variety of tasty food.

Food comes in various forms and types, such as organic, inorganic, solid, liquid, digestive, sumptuous, and so on.

Jokes on food also come in various forms and situations; some are hilarious, some keep you guessing, and some act as food for thought. Who knows, these jokes may act as the appetizer you really need before your meal!

Food is a basic survival need for humans and animals alike. Along with nourishment, food is also used to cheer people up when down.

Food jokes have always been the favorites of kids as well as adults. Why not tell your kids these amazing food jokes and make them fall in love with the different varieties of food! Read on and prepare to roll over laughing!

Hilarious Food Jokes

Are you lacking something in your diet? It must be these hilarious food jokes that need to be incorporated into your diet right away for you to have a healthier life!

  • Why isn't chocolate served to the prisoners? Because it makes them break out!
  • What would you call a peanut who went to space? An astro-nut!
  • How can you comfort a sick lemon? By giving it a lemonade!
  • Why was the pizza restaurant desperate to strike a deal with the investors? Because they kneaded the dough!
  • Which sweet always turns up late? Choco-late!
  • Which fruit always craved chocolates? Coco-nut.
  • What did the two identical twins have for breakfast? Pears!
  • What did the pretzel perform at the dance competition? The twist!
  • What do you call when two bananas have a fight? A banana split!
  • Why shouldn't one spill their secrets in a vegetable market? Because the corns have ears and the potatoes have eyes!
  • How can you make the walnut laugh? By cracking it up!
  • Which non-living object has a horn and gives milk? The dairy truck!
  • Why did the banana book a doctor's appointment? Because it was not peeling well!
  • What did the waiter answer when the kids asked whether the pizza would be long? He said, "No, it is going to be round!"
  • What is green and is good at singing? Elvis Parsley!
  • Where did the baby corn go for the weekend? To the pop corncert!
  • Which nut is prone to catching the flu? Cashews!
  • What did the hot dog order at the restaurant? A pupperoni pizza!
  • What do you call that restaurant joint that only serves crabs and pizza? Crust station!
  • What do you call a pizza that always lies? A pepperphony pizza!
  • Why did the French love eating snails? Because they do not like fast food!
  • Have you heard the pun about peanut butter? But I am afraid you might spread it!
  • In which school did the ice cream go? The sundae school.
  • What kind of bread do the elves like? Shortbreads!
  • What did the hot dog say when the pizza was trying to impress it? Stop being so cheesy!
  • What did the banana make for a living? Sleepers!
  • How can you make a milkshake? By scaring it to death!
  • What type of keys can you carry but are also delicious to taste? It's the cookies!
  • What did the lamb order for dessert? Chocolate baa!
  • Which song was being played in Pizza Hut? Slice, slice, baby!
  • What did the cat order for dessert? A hot chocolate mousse.
  • Why did the hot dog with sauce get stale? Because sauce-ages!
  • What did the monkey eat in the chocolate parlor? Chocolate chimps!
  • What kind of chocolate did the sun love? The Milky Way.
  • What do you call a potato who mimics others? An imi-tater!
  • What do you get if you put a cat in a chocolate shake? A kit kat shake!
  • How did the hot dog impress his date? It mustard up the courage to ask her out!
  • Where did the pair of chocolates spend their honeymoon? On a chocolate sweet!
  • A man went to the fast-food store and ordered five burgers, nine pizzas, and four shakes for himself. What did he have? No self-control!
  • Why do physicists like to eat the Christmas tree as their special food during the winter season? Because it is the Christ-mass tree!
  • What do you call a car made up of chocolates and hazelnuts? Ferrari rocher!
  • Why did the hot dog lose the race? Because it could not ketch-up!
  • Why was the carrot good at solving puzzles? Because it went to the root of it!
  • What did the waitress say when there was no broccoli left to serve? We are out of stock!
  • How did the tomato impress the potato? It said, "I love you from the head to-ma-toes!"
  • What type of chocolate was served on the airplane? Plane chocolate!
  • What music did the mom play while cooking vegetables for the kids? Brock-oli-n-roll!
  • What did the banana say after picking up the call? Yellow!

Epic Food Jokes

Yummy non veg food

Are you craving some mouth-watering jokes to finish off your meal? Here is a list of some epic jokes on food for you to have a good laugh over the dinner table!

  • What do you call a noodle which is fake? An impasta!
  • To which bar does the broccoli go on the weekend? The salad bar!
  • Why was the chocolate crying? Because its mom was wafer long!
  • Why did the banana apply sunscreen? Otherwise, it would peel!
  • What do you call a pea who is always angry? Grum-pea!
  • Which position was bestowed upon the corn in the military army? The position of corn-el!
  • Which movie did the carrot love watching? The carrotie kid!
  • Why do monkeys love eating bananas? Because they are a-peeling!
  • How did the meatball greet everyone at the dinner table? It was nice to meat you!
  • Why did the watermelon have a social wedding? Because they cantaloupe!
  • Why did the banana never cross the road? Because it was yellow!
  • What is similar between a buffet and a college? They both serve multiple courses!
  • How did one corn impress the other? By saying you are simply a-maze-ing!
  • Who is always sleeping at the dinner table? The nap-kin!
  • Why was the banana upset? Because someone had hurt his peelings!
  • When is the only time you stop at green and go on red? While eating a watermelon!
  • How do leafy vegetables ask each other out for dinner? Lettuce go for a date!
  • How do you burn a vegetable? By roasting it!
  • Why was the herb garden never planted? Because the gardener did not find the thyme!
  • Why were the bread pieces never found on the table? They e-loafed!
  • What do you call it when a potato is chopped into pieces? Decap-potatoed!
  • Which horror movie did the sweet potato go to watch on the weekend? The silence of the yams!
  • What type of food should you have before you start working on your laptop? You should definitely eat some mac-aroni.
  • Why did the banana go to the salon? Because of banana split ends!
  • What do you call a cheese that is not yours? Nacho cheese!
  • What did the water do with the stale vegetable salad? He tossed it!
  • How did one tomato apologize to the other? Is it too-mate to say sorry!?
  • Where did the noodle go on the weekend? To the spa-ghetti!
  • Why do you start rapping when you eat a particular type of chocolate? Because you are eating a bar of M&M's chocolate.

Food Jokes To Eat Everyday

What could be better than feeding on some appetizing jokes on food before you start your diet. Take a look at these funny one-liners that are bound to soothe your taste buds!

  • Why did the students eat their homework? This was because the teacher told them the homework was a cakewalk!
  • What would a corn cob say to her friend cob whose face broke out? We should not pop corn pimples.
  • What did the nurse do when she came to visit the blushing tomato? She gave it a salad dressing.
  • Why did the neighbors not come despite being invited for the pasta dinner? Because they couldn't find the thyme.
  • What happened after I consumed too much alphabet soup in my linguistics class? As a consequence, I had a lot of vowel movement!
  • In what condition did you find the carton of left-over candy canes? I found them in mint condition.
  • Why should you never put a lid on a box of chocolates? Because you should always keep your options open.
  • Why did the strawberry not reach the Fruit Association meeting on time? Strawberry got delayed because it was stuck in a jam.
  • Why was the tomato feeling embarrassed? Because it was stuck in a soup.
  • Why did his grandfather take an apple into his pineyard? So that he could combine them and make a pineapple.
  • What happens after old chefs and cooks die? They turn into cookies.
  • What were the potatoes doing when the other vegetables were fighting with each other? The potatoes were merely spec-taters in that fight.
  • What is the first thing you should get a person to drink while applying first aid? Lemonade.
  • How do candy canes alert each other in a storm? Hurry-cane!
  • What is a thing that will always remind you of the past when you eat it? Past-ry!
  • Why did the man survive after being hit by a crate of coke on the head? He survived because coke is a soft drink.
  • Why did no actor want to be the brand ambassador of the fast-food chain? Because their rolls were very dull and boring.
  • Why is the Italian chef not running the restaurant anymore? Unfortunately, he pasta-way last year!
  • Potatoes are terrified and scared of which day of the week? They are petrified about Fry-Day!

Funny Food Jokes

Jokes on food are often like good desserts; they will keep you craving for more! Food is a delicious treat to the body. Here are some great jokes to get you through the day.

  • Which vegetable is the most psychic? Carrots, because they could read the carrot cards!
  • What did one carrot say to the other on a date? I carrot for you!
  • Where did the noodle go to a party? It went to a meat ball!
  • What did the Italian professor say before taking the pop quiz? I'll give you a penne for thoughts!
  • Why did the nacho cheese crack so many jokes? Because it was on a roll!
  • What did the lettuce say before spilling a secret? You will not be-leaf this!
  • Why was the pasta sitting in one corner? It was feeling cannelloni!
  • How do you weigh Chinese food? In wonton.
  • How did the farmer become a DJ? He was great at dropping the beets!
  • What do you call a strawberry that is sad? A blueberry.
  • What do you call a potato who does commentary in a game? A comment-tater!
  • What is that culinary item that you should never eat in a restaurant and always get it packed? Bag-el!

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