105 Food Trivia Questions (And Answers) For Budding Foodies

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A plate of baklava garnished with pistachios offers a sweet glimpse into food trivia.

Are you ready to whet your appetite on a banquet of food trivia that's sure to tantalize your brain cells? From street-food staples like hot dogs and french fries to the exotic origins of German chocolate cake, food not only sustains; it fascinates. Some consider themselves experts in culinary delights, while others simply love food for its comforting embrace.

Whether you're curious about the calorie count of your snack, or the curious history behind your favorite food brands, this article is a variety of fun food questions ready to challenge your food knowledge. So belly up to the bar of learning, and dig into the best food trivia questions and answers for a delicious brain workout.

Fun Food Trivia Questions

A juicy burger with beetroot topping and a side of fries presents a flavorful moment in food trivia.

Whether you're a kitchen novice or a culinary genius, prepare to sharpen your wits and your knives as you slice and dice your way through a medley of fun food trivia questions. From the origins of iconic dishes to the food industry's secrets, this culinary challenge will put your food knowledge to the ultimate taste test.

1. Question: What vegetable is also called a courgette?

Answer: Zucchini.

2. Question: What term is used for slow-cooking meats like duck or pork to slow-cook any fat out of them?

Answer: Confit.

3. Question: Which country does brie cheese originate from?

Answer: France.

4. Question: Which is the main ingredient that makes bread rise?

Answer: Yeast.

5. Question: What year did the first Taco Bell open?

Answer: 1962.

6. Question: The 'Iron Chef America' TV shows were based on the 'Iron Chef' show that originated in which country?

Answer: Japan.

7. Question: What is meant by the term 'al dente', in Italian cooking?

Answer: To be cooked and firm to the bite.

8. Question: What fast food restaurant sells the Big Mac?

Answer: McDonald's.

9. Question: An enchilada is from which cuisine?

Answer: Mexican.

10. Question: Which tea is very popular because of its health benefits?

Answer: Green tea.

11. Question: What are Garbanzo beans also known as?

Answer: Chickpeas.

12. Question: What are the two words that make up the word 'spam'?

Answer: Spiced ham.

13. Question: What kind of fish would you find in an Omelet Arnold Bennett?

Answer: Haddock.

14. Question: What is mageirocophobia?

Answer: It is the fear of cooking.

15. Question: What does the term ‘canola’ stand for?

Answer: Canadian oil.

16. Question: What does ‘Dorito’ actually mean?

Answer: ‘Little golden things’.

17. Question: From what does gelatin come?

Answer: The skin and bones of animals.

18. Question: What type of food is a peanut?

Answer: A legume.

19. Question: What food item has been stolen more than any other in the history of the world?

Answer: Cheese.

20. Question: What is the only food that does not spoil?

Answer: Honey.

21. Question: What is the most commonly consumed fruit juice in the world?

Answer: Orange juice.

22. Question: Which country is famous for its delicious chocolate and is known as the chocolate capital of the world?

Answer: Belgium

23. Question: Which vegetable is known for its association with rabbits and their love for it?

Answer: Carrots.

24. Question: Which vegetable is known for making you cry when you cut it?

Answer: Onion.

25. Question: Which popular candy bar is known for its slogan "Hungry? Grab a ___!"

Answer: Snickers.

26. Question: What is the popular snack made from deep-fried dough and topped with powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar?

Answer: A beignet.

27. Question: Which fruit is often associated with tropical paradises and is known for its refreshing juice?

Answer: Pineapple.

28. Question: What is the name of the traditional British dish made from sausages wrapped in bacon?

Answer: Pigs in a blanket.

29. Question: Which vegetable is known as the 'king of vegetables'?

Answer: Eggplant.

30. Question: What is the name of the Italian dessert that translates to 'pick me up'?

Answer: Tiramisu.

31. Question: Which nut is used to make marzipan?

Answer: Almonds.

32. Question: Which fruit is most commonly used to make pickles in the US?

Answer: Cucumber.

33. Question: What is the sweet pyramid-shaped candy often associated with Halloween and vampire lore?

Answer: Candy corn.

34. Question: What is the name of the Italian pasta dish that translates to 'little worms'?

Answer: Vermicelli.

35. Question: What is the name of the crispy Italian bread often served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar?

Answer: Bruschetta.

36. Question: What is the iconic dessert made from layers of sponge cake, strawberries, and whipped cream?

Answer: Strawberry shortcake

37. Question: What is the name of the traditional Indian yogurt-based drink flavored with spices or fruit and served chilled?

Answer: Lassi.

38. Question: Which vegetable is known for its association with vampires and is often used to ward them off in folklore?

Answer: Garlic.

39. Question: Which leafy vegetable is known as a natural breath freshener?

Answer: Parsley.

40. Question: What is the popular Mexican street food made from grilled corn on the cob, topped with mayonnaise, cheese, and spices?

Answer: Elote.

41. Question: What is the popular Mexican dish made from tortilla chips, melted cheese, and various toppings?

Answer: Nachos.

42. Question: What is the sweet, sticky syrup made from boiled sugarcane juice called?

Answer: Molasses.

43. Question: What is the name of the Italian dessert made from gelato shaped into a dome and covered in chocolate?

Answer: Tartufo.

Lively Food And Drinks Trivia Questions

A diverse feast from a top-down view showcases an array of dishes that adds flavor to food trivia.

Get ready to swirl, sniff, and savor the complexities of culinary knowledge with these trivia questions. Raise your glasses and prep your plates for an interactive round of food and drink trivia where every sip and bite is a question awaiting your answer. Cheers to quizzing your taste buds and your intellect.

44. Question: Where was Caesar's salad invented?

Answer: Mexico.

45. Question: A pimento is what type of vegetable?

Answer: Pepper.

46. Question: The first fast food restaurant concept came from which country and when?

Answer: USA, White Castle in 1921.

47. Question: When did the first Starbucks open?

Answer: 1971.

48. Question: What is the national dish of Scotland?

Answer: Haggis.

49. Question: What is the most widely eaten food in the world?

Answer: Rice.

50. Question: What is the most widely eaten meat in the world?

Answer: Pork.

51. Question: Which fictional character is credited with increasing spinach consumption in the US by a third?

Answer: Popeye.

52. Question: Which fast food chain is known for its signature burger called the Famous Star?

Answer: Carl's Jr.

53. Question: Which restaurant chain is known for its golden arches logo?

Answer: McDonald's.

54. Question: Which herb is often used in Italian cuisine and is a key ingredient in pesto sauce?

Answer: Basil.

55. Question: What is the traditional Greek appetizer made from yogurt, cucumber, garlic, and herbs called?

Answer: Tzatziki.

56. Question: What is the name of the Mexican hot sauce made from chili peppers, vinegar, and spices?

Answer: Valentina sauce.

57. Question: What is the sweetener derived from sugarcane or sugar beets?

Answer: Sucrose.

58. Question: Which vegetable is known for its high vitamin C content and is often used in salads and coleslaw?

Answer: Cabbage

59. Question: What is the popular French dessert made from puff pastry, filled with cream or custard, and topped with icing?

Answer: Mille-feuille

60. Question: What is the name of the traditional Chinese dumpling made with a thin dough wrapper and various fillings?

Answer: Jiaozi.

61. Question: What is the name of the process in which yeast converts sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide?

Answer: Fermentation.

62. Question: What is the process of preserving food by removing its moisture called?

Answer: Dehydration.

63. Question: What is the name of the traditional French dish made from snails?

Answer: Escargot

64. Question: What is the process of preserving food by using salt, sugar, or vinegar called?

Answer: Pickling.

65. Question: What is the name of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony?

Answer: Chanoyu or Sadō.

66. Question: What is the process of soaking food in a seasoned liquid to enhance its flavor called?

Answer: Marination.

67. Question: What are the primary ingredients in the classic French sauce known as béarnaise?

Answer: Butter and egg yolks.

68. Question: What is the popular Italian coffee beverage made with espresso and steamed milk called?

Answer: Cappuccino.

69. Question: What is the name of the classic French dish consisting of beef cooked in red wine?

Answer: Beef bourguignon.

70. Question: What is the cooking technique of browning meat in a hot pan to seal in the juices called?

Answer: Searing.

71. Question: What is the cooking technique of starting it in the oven, and finishing it by searing it at a high temperature is called?

Answer: Reverse sear method

Thanksgiving Food Trivia Questions

 A Thanksgiving spread with roasted turkey and various sides offers a festive addition to food trivia.Why Do We Eat Turkey On Thanksgiving? The Real ReasonShutterstock

Gather around as you carve into the hearty tradition of Thanksgiving with a serving of Thanksgiving Food Trivia Questions. From historic feasts to modern dishes, celebrate the stories and secrets behind the holiday's favorite fare. Will your knowledge be as bountiful as the Thanksgiving spread? Find out.

72. Question: Who made Thanksgiving an official holiday?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln.

73. Question: Which piece of cutlery didn't come out until years after the first Thanksgiving?

Answer: The fork.

74. Question: What year was the first Thanksgiving celebrated?

Answer: 1621.

75. Question: How heavy was the Thanksgiving turkey that broke the Guinness World Record?

Answer: 86 lb (39 kg).

76. Question: Where will you find the oldest Thanksgiving parade?

Answer: Philadelphia.

77. Question: What year was green bean casserole first introduced into Thanksgiving dinner?

Answer: 1955.

78. Question: Every Thanksgiving, how many turkeys are cooked in America?

Answer: 46 million.

79. Question: How many pumpkin pies are eaten every Thanksgiving?

Answer: 50 million.

80. Question: Which state produces the most cranberries in the United States?

Answer: Wisconsin.

81. Question: What is the traditional dessert often served during Thanksgiving dinner?

Answer: Pumpkin pie.

82. Question: What is the main ingredient in a traditional pecan pie?

Answer: Pecans.

83. Question: Which spice is commonly used in Thanksgiving desserts, such as pumpkin pie?

Answers: Cinnamon.

84. Question: What is the traditional beverage often served during Thanksgiving meals?

Answer: Apple cider.

85. Question: What is the traditional stuffing/dressing made of during Thanksgiving?

Answer: Bread or cornbread.

86. Question: What is the name of the sweet potato dish topped with marshmallows commonly served during Thanksgiving?

Answer: Sweet potato casserole.

87. Question: What is the name of the bread-based side dish often made with herbs and vegetables for Thanksgiving?

Answer: Stuffing or dressing.

88. Question: Which fruit is commonly used in a classic Thanksgiving dish called Waldorf salad?

Answer: Apples.

89. Question: What is the name of the starchy vegetable often served as a side dish during Thanksgiving?

Answer: Potatoes.

Random Food Trivia Challenge

 A slice of pizza with melty cheese being lifted, highlighting the delicious details in food trivia.

Ready your appetites for an unpredictable journey through the kitchen and beyond with this Random Food Trivia Challenge list. From curious cuisines to surprising food facts, feast on a buffet of questions that are as assorted and diverse as the world's palates. See if you can outsmart this culinary puzzle.

90. Question: Jambalaya is a dish influenced by multiple cuisines, including Caribbean and Spanish. It first became popular in the US in which city?

Answer: New Orleans.

91. Question: Biryani is a popular dish from which Asian countries?

Answer: Pakistan and India.

92. Question: Bobotie is the national dish of which country?

Answer: South Africa.

93. Question: Which flower does the spice saffron come from?

Answer: Crocus sativus.

94. Question: Eccles cakes originated from which county in England?

Answer: Lancashire.

95. Question: Bouillabaisse is a fish stew from which French city?

Answer: Marseille.

96. Question: Which Mexican food has a name meaning 'little donkey'?

Answer: Burrito.

97. Question: What is the main food product used to make the traditional Italian pasta dish called spaghetti Bolognese?

Answer: Ground meat.

98. Question: Which popular Asian dish is made from long, thin strips of rice flour dough?

Answer: Rice noodles.

99. Question: What food item is commonly used as a food holder to wrap fillings in dishes like burritos and tacos?

Answer: Tortillas.

100. Question: In which region is rice traditionally eaten as a staple food?

Answer: Asia

101. Question: What popular dish is made by coating fish in batter or breadcrumbs and then frying it until crispy?

Answer: Fried fish.

102. Question: Which food item is classified botanically as a fruit but often mistaken as a vegetable?

Answer: Tomato.

103. Question: What is the most consumed fruit in the world?

Answer: Banana.

104. Question: What is the main ingredient in the popular Mexican dish called salsa?

Answer: Tomatoes.

105. Question: In the context of nutrition, what is the term for the process of breaking down food in the body to release energy?

Answer: Digestion.


What is the origin of French fries and how many calories can you find in a standard serving?

Although commonly associated with France, the origin of french fries is often credited to Belgium. A standard serving of french fries, about 3 oz (85 g), typically contains around 365 calories.

Can you name the only fruit that starts with the letter 'Q' and its health benefits?

The quince is the only fruit that starts with the letter 'Q'. It is a rich source of dietary fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins, particularly vitamin C, which boosts the immune system.

Which food brand introduced the drive-thru concept and what is its most famous product?

McDonald's is the food brand credited with introducing the concept of 'drive-thru' service, and its most famous product is the Big Mac.

Is German chocolate cake from Germany and what is its main ingredient?

Despite its name, German chocolate cake is not from Germany; it was named after an American baker, Samuel German. Its main ingredient is sweet baking chocolate.

What healthy food is known for its high omega-3 fatty acid content, and what are its benefits?

Salmon is well-known for its high omega-3 fatty acid content, which is beneficial for heart health, reducing inflammation, and supporting brain function.

That's a wrap on your gastronomic journey through this delicious assortment of the best food trivia questions and answers.

Whether you aced the hot dog history, were savvy about staple food, or had your moment with food brands, it's clear you love food and have the food knowledge to show for it.

Even if some questions left you hungry for answers, remember that every meal is a new opportunity to feed your curiosity and savor the rich palette of flavors that life offers.

Keep exploring and enjoying the fun trivia questions, who knows what you'll discover on your next bite into the world of food.

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