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100+ Perfect Sassy Girl Names For Fierce Warrior Princesses

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The word sassy means “bold”, “lively”, and “full of spirit”.

Sassy girl names will perfectly capture the crazy personality of your little girl. In this article, we have listed more than 100 sassy girl names for strong princesses.

As well as sassy names, we’ll also mention some tough girl names, powerful girl names, and strong girl names, because after all, our girls are strong and sassy and they need names to match! So let’s get right into it and kick off our list of sassy girl names! Feel free to use these names for your sassy baby girl. If you love this sassy name list, you may also want to check out these strong female names and these names that mean brave.

Best Sassy Baby Girl Names

Portrait of a cute baby girl with a toy crown at white background

Sassy girls have tough personalities. If you’re looking for a baby girl name to complement your sassy baby girl’s personality, pick one of the strong female names from this list.

1. Adele (German origin)- The baby girl name Adele means “noble”.

2. Adira (Hebrew origin)- The baby girl name Adira is a unique one, it means “strong”.

3. Aeon (Greek origin)- The original Greek word means “vital force”.

4. Aila (Scottish origin)- This name has two meanings; “bringer of light” and “from a place of strength”.

5. Aimilos (Greek origin)- This name means “strength” and would be perfect for a strong little princess.

6. Alexa (Greek origin)- Alexa is Alexander’s feminine form and means “man’s defender”.

7. Amelia (Latin origin)- Amelia means “defender”, “industrious”, and “striving”.

8. Andrea (French origin)- Andrea means “brave”.

9. Arya (Hebrew origin)- Arya means “noble goddess” and “lioness”.

10. Athena (Greek origin)- In Greek mythology, Athena is the goddess of war, and it’s the perfect name for a sassy baby girl.

11. Audelia (Old English origin)- Audelia means “noble strength”.

12. Aza (Arabic origin)- One of the simplest baby names, Aza means “powerful”.

13. Bali (Sanskrit origin)- Bali means “strength” and is one of the unique baby names for your baby girl.

14. Barbara (Greek origin)- The name Barbara means “a person traveling from distant places.”

15. Bernadette (German origin)- The name sounds elegant but means “brave as a bear”.

16. Braelynn (Welsh origin)- Braelynn means “honorable”, “strong”, and “victorious”.

17. Bridget (Irish origin)- Bridget means “strength”. One of the cutest baby girl names.

18. Cassandra (Greek origin)- Cassandra means “unheeded prophetess” and is a slightly unique name to consider for your little girl.

19. Diana (Indo-European origin)- Diana means “heavenly”. One of the more well known baby girl names.

20. Edrei (Hebrew origin)- Edrei is a unique name that means “very strong woman”.

21. Esther (Persian origin)- Esther means “star”, perfect for your baby girl.

22. Etana (Hebrew origin)- Etana means “dedication” and “strength”.

23. Kaimana (Hawaiian origin)- Among the unique names for girls, Kaimana means “the ocean’s power”.

24. Lenna (German origin)- Lenna means “lion hearted” and “strong as a lion”. One of the best strong names for girls.

25. Leona (French origin)- Leona means “lion” in French and is one of the best baby name choices for your sassy baby girl.

26. Louisa (Latin origin)- Louisa means “renowned fighter”, and it’s one of the best baby girl names for strong girls.

27. Matilda (German origin)- Matilda sounds cute, but it means “powerful in battle”.

28. Minerva (Etruscan origin)- Minerva is the Goddess of wisdom and war.

29. Minka (Polish origin)- Minka means “strong will” and is a unique name that is sure to make your baby girl stand out.

30. Nike (Greek origin)- Nike is one of the more unique names for girls, it is a baby name derived from the name of the Goddess of victory in Greek mythology, Nike.

31. Phoenix (Greek origin)- Phoenix means “immortality” and “rebirth”. Among the unique baby girl names.

32. Solveig (Norse origin)- Common in Scandinavia but unique anywhere else, the name Solveig means “strong house”.

33. Tetsu (Japanese origin)- Tetsu means “strong as iron”. The perfect name for your baby girl.

34. Trudy (German origin)- Trudy is one of the best baby names to consider for your baby girl as it means “universal strength”.

35. Tyra (Norse origin)- If you want to pick from the fiercest baby names for girls, go for Tyra, as it means “Goddess of battle”.

36. Valentina (Latin origin)- The baby name Valentina means “healthy” and “strong”.

37. Valerie (French origin)- The baby name Valerie means “strength” and “health”.

38. Zora (Slavic origin)- The baby name Zora means “dawn” and symbolizes the gradual blossoming of your little girl.

Spunky Names For Sassy Girls

Sassy girls don’t just boast strong personalities; they’re fun-loving as well, which makes them really spunky. Enjoy these spunky names for girls!

39. Beatrix (Latin origin)- Beatrix is the ideal sassy name for your girl and it means “bringer of happiness”.

40. Brynn (Welsh origin)- Brynn means “breezy” and “fresh”. One of the cutest short baby names.

41. Chloe (Greek origin)- The name means “blooming”. Among the cute baby girl names.

42. Darcy (Irish origin)- Darcy is a girl name that means “dark”.

43. Macy (French origin)- This girl name means “weapon”.

44. Naomi (Hebrew origin)- Naomi means “delightful”. One of the most loved names for girls.

45. Phoebe (Greek origin)- Phoebe means “the shining one”. This is another of the most loved baby girl names.

46. Roxy (American origin)- When it comes to sassy names for girls, it doesn’t get any sassier than Roxy, which means “like the dawn she glows”.

47. Veronica (Latin origin)- This girl name means “true image”.

48. Vivi (Latin origin)- Vivi means “life”. One of the strongest baby girl names.

49. Willow (English origin)- Willow means “graceful”. One of the more unique baby names for your little princess.

50. Xena (Greek origin)- Even though Xena means “welcoming”, it’s quite a sassy name for little girls.

Names Of Strong Girls From History For Sassy Girls

Newborn baby girl with crown sleeping on green blue blanket.

If you’re looking for strong girl baby names, why not look to our history to draw inspiration from women who’ve made unforgettable contributions to humankind?

51. Ada (Hebrew origin)- Ada Lovelace was the world’s first ever computer programmer.

52. Alice (Old French origin)- Alice Milliat was a French athlete who organized the first multi-sport international event for women in 1921.

53. Amelia (German origin)- Amelia Earhart set numerous aviation records in the early twentieth century.

54. Amrita (Sanskrit origin)- Amrita Pritam was a famous Indian poet and writer.

55. Anna (Hebrew origin)- Anna Jacobson Schwartz was an iconic American economist.

56. Annette (French origin)- Annette Kellerman was a professional swimmer who pioneered modern synchronized swimming.

57. Bessie (English origin)- Bessie Coleman was the first American woman pilot to earn an international license in 1921.

58. Beulah (Hebrew origin)- Beulah Louise Henry was a prolific inventor.

59. Boudicca (Celtic origin)- Boudicca was the Queen of the Celtic Iceni tribe.

60. Buchi (African origin)- Buchi Emecheta was a novelist whose literary works earned her an OBE in 2005.

61. Clara (Latin origin)- Clara Barton was a nurse who became the founder of the American Red Cross in 1881.

62. Cleopatra (Greek origin)- Cleopatra was the last ruler of the Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt.

63. Coco (Latin origin)- Coco Chanel was a French fashion designer.

64. Diana (Latin origin)- Princess Diana became world famous during the ‘80s and ‘90s for her charity work.

65. Emilie (Latin origin)- Emilie du Chatelet was a French natural philosopher and mathematician.

66. Emily (Latin origin)- Emily Hobhouse was a British welfare campaigner.

67. Emmeline (German origin)- Emmeline Pankhurst was a famous British social reformer.

68. Elinor (Latin origin)- Elinor Ostrom was a political economist who received the 2009 Nobel Prize.

69. Ethel (Old English origin)- Ethel Smyth was a composer who was actively involved in movements for women’s rights.

70. Fanny (French origin)- Fanny Blankers-Koen was a Dutch athlete who won numerous gold medals in the European Championships.

71. Florence (French origin)- Florence Nightingale was a nurse who provided medical services during the Crimean War.

72. Frida(German origin)- Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist and social activist.

73. Gabriela (Hebrew origin)- a Chilean poet who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1945.

74. Gertrude (German origin)- the first female to cross the English Channel in 1926.

75. Grace (Latin origin)- a computer scientist who developed the commercial programming language called COBOL.

76. Helen (Greek origin)- an English military commander.

77. Indira (Sanskrit origin)- India’s first woman prime minister.

78. Isabella (Hebrew origin)- an explorer and writer who traveled the world in the nineteenth century.

79. Jane (French origin)- Jane Austen was one of the most famous British authors.

80. Joan (Hebrew origin)- a military leader who led the French in the fifteenth century.

81. Junko (Japanese origin)- a Japanese mountaineer who reached Mount Everest’s summit in 1975.

82. Katharine (Greek origin)- the first woman to publish a major newspaper in America: The Washington Post.

83. Katia (Slavic origin)- a French volcanologist who dedicated her life to studying volcanoes.

84. Laura (Latin origin)- a renowned academic and physicist who became the first female professor in Europe.

85. Lily (Greek origin)- a professional footballer who contributed towards the development of women’s football.

86. Lottie (French origin)- Lottie Dod was an English sportswoman who excelled in numerous sports.

87. Margaret (French origin)- Britain’s first woman prime minister.

88. Marie (Latin origin)- invented the world’s first CCTV back in 1966.

89. Martina (Latin origin)- a renowned educationist.

90. Maryam (Arabic origin)- a renowned Iranian mathematician.

91. Nellie (Latin origin)- one of the first journalists who focused on social issues such as poverty in the late nineteenth century.

92. Rosa (Latin origin)- Rosa Parks was an African American who protested against racial segregation.

93. Rosalind (German origin)- a renowned crystallographer.

94. Ruth (Hebrew origin)- an inventor and entrepreneur who founded Mattel in 1945.

95. Sarah (Arabic origin)- the first female American millionaire.

96. Sarojini (Sanskrit origin)- an Indian poet and political activist.

97. Sonja (Russian origin)- a Norwegian film star and figure skater.

98. Sophie (Greek origin)- a professional aeronaut.

99. Susan (Hebrew origin)- a filmmaker and writer whose works encompassed various fields such as philosophy and art.

100. Suzanne (Hebrew origin)- a French tennis player who won two Olympic gold medals and 21 Grand Slams.

101. Wilma (German origin)- an American who won three golds in the 1960 Olympics.

Kidadl has lots of great name articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for sassy girl names, then why not take a look at girl names that mean warrior, or these edgy girl names.

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