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89 Persian Female Names That You'll Love

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Persian female names are extremely popular in Iran and nearby regions.

There is a wide range of options available for naming Persian babies with names pertaining to different aspects of the culture. As a result, parents are always looking for the best Persian names for their daughters.

Read on for some of the best Persian female names.

Ancient Persian Female Names

Here are some beautiful and ancient female names; pretty and perfect for your little baby.

  1. Anahita (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘Persian Goddess of fertility and water’, is a very beautiful Goddess name for your little baby girl.
  2. Ariana (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘one who has a place with respectable individuals’, can also be given to a baby girl born in a noble family.
  3. Ava (Persian Origin), means, ‘voice, sound in Farsi’, this name perfectly fits young girls.
  4. Azadeh (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘free’, is the perfect name for free-spirited girls.
  5. Daria (Hindi Origin), means, ‘sea’, you can certainly choose this beautiful name for her.
  6. Farah (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘happy’, is a happy name for a happy and cheerful child.
  7. Fatemeh (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘a lady who declines’, is a very strong and bold name given to children.
  8. Leila (Persian Origin), means, ‘daughter of the evening’, a great name for a young girl.
  9. Mahnaz (Persian Origin), means, ‘glory or magnificence of the moon’.
  10. Maryam (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘a sort of flower’, can be given to a baby girl as pretty and beautiful as a flower.
  11. Mona (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘name of a God’, is a simple and sweet name for your baby girl.
  12. Nahid (Persian Origin), means, ‘Planet Venus’, a great deep-meaning name.
  13. Nasrin (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘wild rose’, is very special as it represents the delicacy of a rose flower but also the strong and preventive measures the rose takes to protect itself from others by having thorns.
  14. Nazanin (Persian Origin), means, ‘sweetheart, beautiful, great’. The name itself shows its meaning.
  15. Niloufar (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘water lily in Farsi’, is a name representing a child as beautiful as a water lily flower.
  16. Roxana (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘light’, is for a girl who is definitely going to spread light among people.
  17. Sara (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘pure and real’, is a pure name that can be given to a pure little baby.
  18. Shirin (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘sweet, the name of a Persian sovereign’, is a very sweet and amazing name to use.
  19. Soraya (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘princess’, comes from a very royal and noble family. This name is very noble royal-like and should be given to her.
  20. Tara (Sanskrit Origin), meaning, ‘star’, is quite beautiful as the name meaning star is all about precious glory.
  21. Yasmin (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘from the Jasmine plant, implies a gift from God’, can be given to a mischievous plant person who can spend all day misbehaving but is also a gift.

Common Persian Female Names

Here are some common and most used Persian Female names which are as beautiful as your daughter. Here are some of the best Persian girl names for your little baby girl and hope that you like them.

  1. Alya (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘moonlight’, is a very beautiful Persian baby name that can be given to a girl as bright and beautiful as moonlight. It also symbolizes the hope of light in the darkness.
  2. Asal (Persian Origin), means, ‘honey’.' Just like the meaning is so sweet, it's one of the names related to flowers.
  3. Bahar (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘spring’, is a beautiful seasonal spring baby girl name.
  4. Baran (Persian Origin), means ‘rain in Farsi’.  if your little baby is born during the monsoon or rainy season then there is no better-beloved name than this to suit her.
  5. Dana (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘wise’, refers to a wise and intelligent child.
  6. Donya (Persian Origin), means, ‘world; since she is your reality.' Of course, your baby is now your whole world, and this is perfectly symbolized by this name.
  7. Esther (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘Jewish spouse of the King of Persia’, is a very common beautiful name given to girls in Persia.
  8. Farces (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘sun’, can be given to a child as bright as a sun.
  9. Firuzeh (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘woman of win’, can be given to a strong and bold girl who wishes to win.
  10. Iman (Persian Origin), means, ‘faith’. Just like you have faith in God, this name symbolizes true faith for a person, which makes this name special.
  11. Iran (Persian Origin), means, 'place for Raam and music'.  Not a beloved name in essence, yet sweet for your girl-to-be.
  12. Mahsa (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘like the moon’, is adored by many, similarly, your little baby will also be adored by many.
  13. Mehr (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘Persian type of Mithra’, is a very unique name and is also sometimes used in India.
  14. Mina (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘azure, polish in Farsi’, is a very good Persian name and is also an ancient name in India.
  15. Minoo (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘heaven in Farsi’, is a very unique name for your little baby girl if you wish to give her an unheard unique name.
  16. Neda (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘call, broadcast’, is a simple and ancient name that is also easy to remember.
  17. Nima (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘just’, is a short and simple name very common in Persia.
  18. Noor (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘light’, is a very popular and beautiful name.
  19. Parisa (Persian Origin), means, ‘fairy-like’. Just like a cute beautiful fairy, you can assign this ancient name to your little baby girl.
  20. Roya (Persian Origin), means, ‘sweet dreams and fantasy.' Children are always in dreams or fantasy, so this Persian name suits them the best.
  21. Shadi (Persian Origin), means, ‘happiness.' If you think that your baby girl has brought happiness to your life then you should surely give this Persian name to her.
  22. Shahnaz (Persian Origin), means, ‘delight of the ruler’, Don't know about Persia but this Persian name has become famous in India.
  23. Yasaman (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘variant of Yasmin’, is another form of the shining name Yasmin.
  24. Zahra (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘sparklingly, splendid, lovely’, is a beautiful and ancient Persian name for your sparkling baby.
  25. Ziba (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘beautiful’, is as pretty as your little baby.
persian female names that are extremely popular

Traditional Persian Names Female

Here is a set of beautiful and amazing Persian girl names which will be loved by you and your baby.

  1. Arezou (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘desire', can be given to a girl who is extremely passionate and desired about something.
  2. Elaheh (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘Goddess’, can be a blessing to you by the Goddess, and hence, this shining name can be given to her.
  3. Fariba (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘charming’, is a cool and pretty Persian name for a charming baby.
  4. Farzaneh (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘wise and savvy’, can be given to an intelligent and wise elegant girl.
  5. Fereshteh  (Persian Origin), means, ‘angel in Farsi’. If your girl is an angel in disguise in your life then this name suits you the best for your little angel.
  6. Gol (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘flower', is a simple and sweet Persian name for your pretty girl who is like a flower.
  7. Golnar (Persian Origin), means, ‘pomegranate’. If your little girl is as red as a pomegranate then you should name her this.
  8. Jaleh  (Persian Origin), means, ‘dewy'. Just like the dew and mist are a part of peace and cool morning, similarly, your young lady can be your peace.
  9. Katayoun (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘the spouse of Goshtasb in the Shahnameh’, is a pretty name for a pretty lady.
  10. Mahtab (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘moonlight', is a very beautiful Persian name that can be given to a girl as bright and beautiful as moonlight. It also symbolizes the hope of and wish for light in the darkness.
  11. Masoumeh (Persian Origin), means, ‘sinless and guiltless’. Though the Iranian name may sound a little sad, it is a very pretty name for baby girls.
  12. Mehr-Afarin  (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘creator of sun and thoughtfulness’, is the most beautiful name.
  13. Parvin  (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘the Pleiades’, is a unique elegant name for your baby girl.
  14. Rana (Persian Origin), means, ‘elegant'. Giving this Iranian name to your baby may give an elegant effect to your girl.
  15. Roshan (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘bright’, is a very popular name for girls, especially after the Indian sitcom called, ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma’.
  16. Samira  (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘feminine type of Samir', also signifies friends in evening talk in Arabic.
  17. Sepideh (Persian Origin), means, ‘break of first light’. No doubt why this beautiful name shouldn't be given to girls.
  18. Shahrazad  (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘free city’, is the Iranian name of the imaginary narrator character of the 1001 evenings, which were stories told to the Persian king.
  19. Shiraz (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘the city of artist and rose’, is one of the pretty and thoughtful names related to flowers for your beloved.
  20. Shiva (Hindi Origin), meaning, ‘charming and articulate’, is usually an Indian name of the Hindu religion.
  21. Shokoufeh (Persian Origin), means, ‘blossom'. With this name, your sweetheart will bloom beautifully just like a beautiful flower.
  22. Zarin (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘made of gold', is a very popular precious name for your precious star.

Here is a list of some popular and famous Persian baby names used by many Persian families in Persia or across the world.

  1. Aafreen (Persian Origin), meaning, 'to praise', is a very popular Persian name on which you can easily compose a song.
  2. Abreshmina (Persian Origin), meaning, 'made of silk', is an exotic female Persian name for a silk-like little girl.
  3. Abru (Persian Origin), meaning, 'honor, dignity', is a unique and rare name for your little girl.
  4. Afsaney (Persian Origin), meaning, 'a story about fairies', is one of the Persian baby names.
  5. Azar (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘fire', can be used by both males and females which got popular after the movie Azar played by Imran Hashmi which was the fire.
  6. Delara (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘adorning the heart', is a perfect name for an adorable child.
  7. Golnaz (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘delight and comfort', is derived from flowers.
  8. Laleh (Persian Origin), means, ‘tulip'. Just like the beautiful tulip, this name can be given to a beautiful baby.
  9. Mahin (Persian Origin), means, ‘related to the moon'. Who does not love the moon? This is already a beautiful name for your little sweetheart.
  10. Manijeh (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘delicate', is one of the Persian baby names that can be given to your delicate and sweet daughter.
  11. Marjan (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘coral', is one of the beautiful Persian baby names for your baby.
  12. Mehr-Naz (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘friendship and sun', is the name of a character from ancient times in the Shahnameh.
  13. Mojgan (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘eyelashes in Persian', is one of the popular Persian girl names.
  14. Negar (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘beloved', is a perfect name for your lovely Iranian princess from ancient times.
  15. Negin (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘gemstone', is the name of a stone and a very beautiful name for a Persian baby.
  16. Parvaneh  (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘butterfly in Farsi', is one of the colorful and beautiful names for your baby.
  17. Setareh (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘star', is one of the Persian baby names for your little star.
  18. Shohreh (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘famous in Farsi', means popularity and can be given to your little girl.
  19. Sima (Persian Origin), meaning, ‘face', is one of the simple and sweet Persian names.
  20. Vida (Persian Origin), means ‘visible in Persian'. No doubt, it is also the name of an Iranian princess.
  21. Zohreh  (Persian Origin), means, ‘Venus'. This is one of the popular Iranian girl names.



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