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Iran is the ancient land of the Aryans, and their names carry a rich history with them.

Ancient Iran was quite influenced by the Zoroastrian religion and the Persian culture. The language of Iran is a mixture of ancient Armenian Arabic and Farsi.

Names play a vital role in Iran's culture. The naming ceremony in Iran is in accordance with the religious and cultural tradition of the community.

Iran is situated in the middle of the Fertile Crescent, very aptly called, in the heart of the Middle East. The mixture of Islamic, Zoroastrian, Christian, Kurdish, and Armenian cultures creates a subtle Iranian tradition harmony.

All Iranians generally have two names a given name and a formal name. The maternal uncle generally gives the names.

The formal name is generally given by the elders and is blessed by the spiritual leaders. The blessings of the spiritual leaders and clergies are a must in all naming ceremonies.

A girl name should be blessed so that the name glorifies a person in Iran. The name of a girl is chosen with extreme care. A girl's name has to sound beautiful, and the name should be soothing to the ears.

The name should describe the future characteristics that the family wants to see in the girl. Here are some of the best names of Iranian origin to name a girl.

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Popular Iranian Names For Girls

As Iran was previously known as Persia, the Persian language influences many names in Iranian culture. This is a list of Persian baby girl names that includes some common ancient Persian names.

1. Aazam, meaning "Great queen." The name of a great Iranian queen.

2. Abanbanu, meaning "beautiful girl." It is the name of the most beautiful women in Shahnameh, an epic Persian poem.

4. Abbaseh (Arabic origin), meaning " fearsome female lion."

5. Abrisham, meaning "Muslin cloth."

6. Afagh (Arabic origin), meaning "line of Horizon."

7. Afari (Arabic origin), meaning "compliment."

8. Afareen (Arabic origin), meaning "Name of note in Persian music." Afreen is a Sufi word it is extensively used in Sufi songs.

9. Afrand (Arabic origin), meaning "illumination."

10.Afrouz, meaning "dazzle."

11.Afsaneh, meaning "Fable of the ancient." The name belongs to the Persian queen of Mughal king Shah Jahan.

12. Afshak (Arabic origin), meaning "Dewdrop." It is also the name of An Egyptian God.

13. Ahoo, meaning "Deer."

14. Alya, meaning "Pink colored flower." It is another name for a rose.

15. Amirbanou, meaning "A female ruler."

16. Amutiy, meaning "beauty."

17. Ana (Turkish origin), meaning "Mother." Name of an ancient Persian goddess.

18. Anahita (Indian origin), referring to the "Name of the goddess that was worshipped by ancient people of Iranian."

19. Bahar, meaning "Spring." This is also so the name of a season in India.

20. Bahareh, meaning "Someone who brings the spring." The name also means the Garden of flowers in Hindi.

21. Banafsheh, meaning "A flower."

22. Barsin, referring to "daughter of King Darius III, married to Alexander the Great, who is also called Estatira."

23. Barsina, meaning "Name of a plant." The name belongs to a holy plant that was worshiped by ancient Zoroastrians.

24. Behara, meaning "Best ornamental decoration."

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Unique Iranian Girl Names

Many popular baby names originate from Iran. Due to the influence of the Zoroastrian culture, Persian baby names sound quite mythical and unique. The most common Persian girl's name is Ahura. Here is a list of some unique Persian girl names.

25. Behazar, meaning "Best fire." It is the fire that is Lit in the fire temples of the Zoroastrians.

26. Camelia, meaning "A flower. "

27. Cassandan, meaning "Name of one Kurosh the Great's wife."

28. Dona, meaning "Wise lady." This is quite a common Persian name used in India.

29. Daryanaz, meaning "Glory of the sea." Name of the famous Brave pirate mentioned in Shahnama.

30. Delafrouz, meaning "Heart and soul illuminator."

31. Delara, meaning "Beloved sweetheart."

32. Delasa, meaning "words of sympathy."

33. Delkash, meaning "Fascinating and attractive woman".

34. Delnaz, meaning "Sweetheart". This is one of the most famous Persian girl names.

35. Delroba, meaning "A beloved lady". The name belongs to one of the famous Iranian actresses of the black and white movie era.

36. Delshad, meaning "Happiness".

37. Delyar, meaning "Sweetheart". The name belongs to the first dancer of Iran.

38. Erika, meaning "A plant".

39. Esmat, meaning "Pure".

40. Estatira, meaning "Name of a King 41. Darius III's daughter who married Alexander the Great".

42. Ester, meaning "Star". Name of the famous goddess of ancient Greek.

43. Farah, meaning "cheerful girl".

44. Farahnaz, meaning "Joy".

45. Fariba, meaning "Charming, enticing." It is the name of the girl that saved the Persian king in the battle of Persia.

46. Farida, meaning "precious."

47. Fardokht, meaning "Beautiful girl". It also means one of the Ancient Persian Queens of Iran.

48. Farima, meaning "Our beautiful and lovable one".

49. Farnaz, meaning "Splendid beauty". It is the central character of a text written by Firoz.

50. Farrin, meaning "Glorified."

51. Sara, meaning"pure or excellent musk". It is also the name of Prophet Ibrahim's wife.

52. Sarang, referring to a"Name of a bird and also a musical instrument".

53. Sareh, referring to a "Name of one of Prophet Abraham's wives."

54. Sarvenaz, referring to "A tall cypress-tree or a woman with a beautiful figure and a sweetheart".

55. Tabassum, meaning "A smile". She was one of the Pioneer women who established a Legacy of Art and dance in Iran.

Beautiful Persian Names For Girls Inspired By Ancient Iran

Many baby names of the Iranian babies are derived from Neo Aramaic, and many Iranian princess names have Greek influence. Mostly, Persian baby names for a baby girl are beautifully compiled from ancient text like the Shahnameh. Here are some of the Persian baby girl's name from the ancient texts of Iran.

56. Anisa (Arabic origin), meaning "beautiful friend." One of the popular Persian girl names, which also means one that eradicates the night in Sanskrit.

57. Anosha, meaning "Happy".

58. Arezoo, meaning "desire". It also means the Desire to achieve God.

59. Arman, meaning "hopefully".

60. Armita, meaning "Righteous girl". It is one of the widely Persian names that are popular in India.

61. Aryana, meaning "of the Aryans". The name is originally derived from Sanskrit, and prove that Iran was once the origin of the Aryans.

62. Arzin, meaning "Valuable".

63. Asieh, refers to "The name of Pharoah's wife who taught Moses".

64. Asman, meaning "Sky". It is the name of the sky goddess that used to be worshipped in ancient Persia.

65. Atanaz, meaning "Father's sweet girl".

66. Atifeh (Arabic origin), meaning "Gentlewoman".

67. Atisheh, meaning "Fire".

68. Atiyeh (Arabic origin), meaning "Gift".

69. Ava, meaning "Voice of a girl". It is one of the characters of an ancient Persian text call Shanama.

70. Avisa, meaning "Clearwater".

71. Avisheh, meaning "Wild species". It is basically the name of the mother goddess who has given birth to the Persian people.

72. AydaI, meaning "girl of the moon".

73. Aynaz, meaning "The sweetheart of the moon". This is also the name of one of the most popular film star in Iran.

74. Azargoon, meaning "The color of fire flower".

75. Azarin, meaning "Chamomile flower".

76. Azarmehr, referring to the "Name of a fire temple". It is one of the first Zoroastrian temples of Iran Sharif.

77. Azarmina, meaning "The fiery liquid used in making ornaments".

78. Azarshin, meaning "A salamander".

79. Azin, meaning "Decorative ornament". It also means the most precious gift from a lover.

Iranian Girls Names Of Islamic Origin

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(Certain names in Iranian girls are related to Islamic origin.)

The conquest of Islam in Iran influenced the Iranian culture and the language. The name of a girl in Iran is generally given post 15 days after her birth. The trend has changed now. Persian baby names are quite soothing and poetic. Here is a list of such beautiful names.

80. Azinbanoo, meaning "Lovely lady".

81. Aziz, meaning "Precious like ". It is the name that is used to address the youngest kid in the family.

82. Behbaha, meaning "Best price".

83. Beheshteh, meaning "Paradise". It is the name of Heaven mentioned in Zend Avesta.

84. Behnaz, meaning "Elegant".

85. Behtam, referring to "Name of the angel that controls the winds".

86. Bibinaz, meaning " Elegant Lady".

87. Bidokht, referring to "The planet Venus". The word is still used to indicate the transition of the planet Venus, the planet of love.

88. Bita, meaning "Uniquely beautiful".

89. Bouseh, meaning "Kiss of love".

90. Chalipa, meaning "A flower". It is the Persian name of nightly.

91. Chitra (Indian origin), meaning "Flower". The name is quite famous in Iran and is common among Persian girl names.

92. Donyanaz, meaning "Glory of the world".

93. Dori, meaning "A sparkling star glittering like a gem".

94. Dorna, meaning "A bird."

95. Dornaz, meaning "Precious One". The name of the main character, who helped in assassinating the Persian king during the Alexander war.

96. Dorreh, meaning "Big Pearl."

97. Dorsa, meaning "Pearl-like".

98. Effat (Arabic origin), meaning "A modest woman".

99. Eftekhar, meaning "Glory". The name is mentioned quite a number of times in the Quran.

100. Ehteram (Arabic origin), meaning "Respect". It is the name of the Arabic way of greeting.

101. Elaheh, meaning "Goddess". The name belongs originally to the Greek goddess.

102. Elham, meaning "Inspiration".

103. Elika, meaning "Mother Earth". The name originates from Iran's tribal aboriginal people that used to worship the earth in ancient times.

104. Elmira (Turkish origin), meaning "Devoted to the community".

105. Elnaz (Turkish origin), meaning. " A girl whose beauty is the most perfect of all".

106. Samanah, referring to the"Name of a bird".

107. Samanbar, meaning"Fragrant lady one who carries Jasmin".

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