Top 111 Mesmerizing Arabic Girl Names For Your Baby

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Originally Published on Oct 13, 2020
Arabic baby girl names have poetry, depth, and beauty.

Arabic culture is filled with mysticism and beauty, and using these great themes in selecting a good name for your baby girl only adds to her charm.

Arabic baby girl names convey a range of elements, each of which defines her in a unique way. Find the perfect Arabic baby name from this list, and let your baby girl set trends, evoke a sense of elegance, and proudly show what being Arabic is all about!

Arabic baby girl names have poetry, depth, and beauty in them. They are strongly representative of Arabian culture, beliefs, and lifestyle.

There is a sense of fluidity in thought, religion, and even calligraphic writing, and the same experience can be noticed in Arabic names as well.

The confluence of ideologies from the various countries that form the Arab world contributes to creating a cosmos that is rooted in nature, spirituality, and nobility.

Regardless of whether you choose popular Arabic girl names or unique ones, or whether you find names of African, Hebrew, or Persian influence, the same sense of music, magnetism, and magic can be felt in all Arabic baby girl names. If you are looking for a wonderful name, Arabic names can prove a great source of inspiration.

We have compiled a list of Arabic baby girl names. Whether you are looking for inspiration in nature, history, religion, or sheer woman-power, you are sure to find several great Arabic names here! We also have a list of amazing Arabic Boys Names, or for more girls' names inspiration, take a look at these beautiful Egyptian Girls' Names.

Popular Arabic Girl Names

Arabic names are extremely sought after, and not just among the Arabic population. People from all over the world have a fascination for Arabic girl names because of their beauty and meaning. There are several baby names that are extremely popular and common for Arabic girls. Some popular Arabic girl names include:

1.Aaliyah: the exalted or sublime one

2.Aisha: Arabic name meaning the one that is alive

3.Akilah: Arabic for the bright or clever one

4.Amira: a princess (also Hebrew name that means a saying)

5.Elham: meaning inspiring or compelling to believe

6.Iesha: means she who is alive (similar to Aisha)

7.Ishtar: (Mesopotamian origin - goddess of fertility, known as 'Queen of Heaven) meaning Goddess of love

8.Karyme: means a benevolent friend

9.Lail: similar to Layla, of the night

10.Layla: a lady of the night

11.Malika: Arabic name for an Empress or ruler (this is one powerful name!)

12.Maryam or Mariam: (Hebrew origin) names meaning Pious, God-fearing, also the mother of Isa

13.Nadira: means unique or rare

14.Nasira: means a trusted supporter

15.Niesha: means filled with life

16.Oma: means that which is thriving

17.Qadira: meaning one filled with power

18.Sada: Arabic word meaning propitious, or bringing good-luck

19.Salma: meaning serene, safe or protected

20.Takisha: means lively and healthy

21.Zahra: meaning resplendent or radiant

22.Zaida: to promote or boost

Arabic Names For Girls Inspired By Nature

Nature is an inspiration for almost everything around us, and baby names are no different. Several Arabic names for a girl are derived from important aspects of nature. If you have a love for nature in you, you will certainly be inspired to pick one among these baby names for your girl.

23.Afnan: means branch or twig of a tree, symbolizes growth

24.Gulnar: origins from its meaning of a flower

25.Lina: means a tiny palm tree

26.Maha: one of the popular Arabic names for a girl referring to the big, innocent eyes of a cow

27.Mahra: an uncommon girl’s name drawing inspiration from a filly

28.Nawra: meaning a bloom

29.Shaden: an Arabic name for an independent baby gazelle. This is also a musical and attractive Arab name for a girl

30.Shaheen: means the royal white falcon, a highly exalted symbol of strength and dexterity in the Arab culture

31.Suraya or Soraya: named after the constellation ‘Pleiades’ or ‘the Seven Sisters’

32.Wurood:, meaning roses (has Quranic origins)

33.Yamama: comes from a wild dove, a unique name signifying one who is blessed with foresight

34.Yasmin or Yasmine: a popular Arabic girl name that means Jasmine

35.Zainab or Zeinab: comes from a desert flower

36.Zaara: depicts a beautiful flower

Historic Arabic Girl Names

Arabian women have played a prominent role in shaping the destiny of the land, people, and their faith. Highly accomplished, faithful, and ladies of extraordinary talent, these women will be remembered forever.

Choosing from among these unique Arabic girl names can help you find a strong, meaningful name for your baby. Which of these names is perfect for your little girl?

37.Khadija: the name of an elite lady from Mecca, and the wife of Prophet Mohammed

38.Khawla: depicts a skilled warrior and Prophet Mohammad’s contemporary

39.Nusayba: means a brave warrior from Medina who was the companion of Prophet Mohammad

40.Rabia: the name of a famous Sufi mystic

Prolific Arabic Girl Names

Arabic girl names are unique and have a poetic and musical quality

Arabian women have made great strides in business, administration, and human rights. They occupy prominent positions and command great authority.

If you would like to see your angel grow to be an influencer and changer, draw inspiration from some of these beautiful Arabic girl names that pack a great punch. Maybe your baby girl can become the next big name in the world!

41.Amal: after Amal Al Qubaisi, the first female leader of the UAE National Assembly

42.Buthaina: after Buthaina Al Ansari, Qatari businesswoman who is ranked among the top 500 most powerful Arab women

43.Henadi: after Henadi Al-Saleh, nominated the most powerful businesswoman in the Middle East by Forbes

44.Manal: after Manal Al-Sharif, a Saudi women’s activist

45.Mona: after Mona Al Marri, Director-General, Media Office of the Government of Dubai

46.Muna: after Muna AbuSulayman, a popular Saudi activist and businesswoman

47.Nayla: after Nayla Al Khaja, the first director and producer of films in the UAE

48.Qasoomah: a famous Urdu poetess

49.Reem: after Reem Al Hashimi, UAE Minister of State, International Cooperation

50.Salma: after Salma Hareb, Ex-CEO, Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone, and Emirati business executive

Arabian Gender Neutral Names

While there are scores of exquisite Arabic girl names, there are also many powerful names that are used for boys and girls equally. When considering baby names for your newborn, think about one that is filled with meaning. Here are some great Arabic baby names that you can consider for your baby girl.

51.Bad: meaning a resplendent full moon

52.Baha: means to value or splendour

53.Bayan: has its synonym with eloquent, meaningful

54.Burhan: means proof or evidence

55.Ehsan: means excellence or perfect

56.Fairuz, Fairouz or Firuz (Persian and Kurdish origin): syncs with Turquoise, triumphant

57.Farah: has its meaning as ever joyous or an expression of happiness

58.Hekmat or Hikmat: equals sagacity, wisdom

59.Ihsan: means a kind act or generous

60.Iqbal (Persian, Indian origin): meaning fortunate, successful, also powerful or strong

61.Joud: means kindness to others

62.Kausar: meaning abundance, or a river or lake in paradise

63.Murjan: means Coral

64.Nibras: is an Arabic name meaninglight or lamp

65.Nihad: means a strong and mighty, also means a ruler

66.Nur or Nura: means bright, radiant light

67.Rayyan (Persian, Arabic, Indian and Irish origin): meaning door to paradise

68.Sabaah: had its meaning as dawn or morning

69.Shams: means the Sun

70.Yaqoot: is a garnet or ruby

Unique Arabic Girl Names

Every parent wants their baby girl to have a beautiful name, one that means something profound. Several unique Arabic girls' names sound musical and are filled with meaning. You may find the perfect name among these unique Arabic baby names for your girl.

71.Aatifa: means sympathy or affection

72.Afaf: meaning purity or chastity

73.Aleema: means intellectual, learned or wise

74.Bahija: means happy

75.Barakah or Baraka: has its meaning as blessing

76.Daneen: evokes a princess

77.Darakhshan (Persian origin): meaning luminescent, shining

78.Durriya: means shimmering or sparkling

79.Eimaan: means God-fearing or one filled with faith

80.Eliza: meaning unique

81.Erum, Eyrom, Errum, or Irum: means Heaven

82.Haadiyah: means a leader or guide

83.Jawhara: a Quranic girl name meaning essence, or a gem

84.Kalifa (African, Arabic origin): means chaste or holy

85.Kalima or Kaleemah: an Arabic name meaning speaker or witness

86.Kubra: means exalted, great or supreme

87.Lamah: meaning brilliance

88.Lamis: means tender and soft

89.Qailah: means the one that speaks

90.Radwah: meaning contentment

91Ramla (African and Egyptian origin): means a Prophetess

92.Shurooq: meaning sunrise or dawn

93.Taghrid: means birdsong

94.Varisha: means lightning

95.Warda: meaning protector or guardian

96.Yusra: means prosperity, success or fortune

Arabic Names That Mean Beautiful

Beauty is an integral part of Arabic life and culture. There is beauty in life, beauty in belief, and beauty in all that is adopted. It is not surprising that there are countless Arabic words that are used to describe beauty in its various forms.

Several Arabic baby girl names mean beautiful. We share with you some of the most popular Arabic baby names that are perfect descriptions of beauty. Which of these baby names seems perfect for your little girl?

97.Ammura: or Ammuri means radiant and beautiful

98.Asbah: means radiant and beautiful, or as pure as water

99.Ayna: meaning one with beautiful eyes

100.Djamila: equals an exquisite woman

101.Gamila: similar to Djamila means the gorgeous one

102.Ghadah: means beautiful

103.Jamal: means beauty or grace

104.Mahasin: meaning beauty, or virtuousness

105.Mazna: means beautiful

106.Misam: has its meaning as smiling, beautiful

107.Sumbul: meaning petite or delicate

108.Umaiza: means virtuous, beautiful, kind-hearted

109.Zaina: meaning attractive or beautiful

110.Zayn or Zein means grace, elegance, and beauty

111.Zeenah: means beautiful

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Arabic Girl Names then why not take a look at Thai Girls Names, or for something different take a look at Unusual Middle Names.

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