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60 Playground Equipment Names Everyone Should Know

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Some of the basic equipment for developing a themed park include seats for toddlers to sit safely, a basketball ring, a running course, a skating rink, and multiple gadgets for games.

Apart from the basics of the design of the theme park, it is also important to consider the resources required to service the equipment on time to ensure its proper functioning. This could certainly make the life of the management team easier over the course of time by reducing the maintenance cost.

Some popular playground equipment names are Merry Go Round, Playground Climbers, Slides, Spring Riders, See Saws, and Monkey Bars. This equipment could also improve upper body strength. Read on for names of playground equipment that you can invest in.

Old Playground Equipment Names

Some popular playground equipment names are Merry Go Round, Playground Climbers, Slides, Spring Riders, and See Saws. Read on for some other options.

  • Basketball Hoops are becoming increasingly scarce on the ground these days.
  • Climbers are made of steel and may last for a long period. Several of them even have nets to protect people if they fall. Toddlers must be carefully watched when they use this outdoor classic.
  • Dome Climbers are still common, but they need to be modified to meet current safety regulations.
  • Gigantic Stride is made out of a pole attached to the ground.
  • Jungle Gym is a play area equipment consisting of different gym equipment for kids.
  • Maypole is sometimes referred to as a playground octopus. This is almost non-existent in today's playgrounds.
  • Merry-go-Rounds, often known simply as roundabouts or carousels, are still a popular playground staple that daredevils love.
  • Monkey Bars are also a common element of jungle gyms, allowing children to climb and swing in various directions. A must in all playgrounds as they are available in various shapes.
  • See-Saw, also known as the teeter-totter and teeterboard, is another playground equipment.
  • Still Rings similar to those used in gymnastics and strung from long chains on playgrounds are still in use.
  • Teeter-totter is a long wooden board with a pivot in the center. Due to this, the kid may move back and forth on the pivot.
  • Tetherball is increasingly difficult to locate on playgrounds or schoolyards.
  • Tubes are an excellent modern addition to any playground. Playing tubes are available in many forms and colors with distinct designs and materials, but the service cost can vary for these structures. Kids can safely play on these tubes.

Spinning Playground Equipment Names

Playground spinners enable children to spend a whole day spinning. Spinners are a fun technique for children to improve their depth perception, balance, and cause-and-effect skills. Let's look at the spinning playground equipment names in the section below.

  • Cyclo Cone Plus Climber creates excitement for climbing and spinning among Cyclo climbers.
  • Rollercoaster is still seen in some basic amusement parks, though the graviton has overtaken traveling variations.
  • Roundabout is a flat disc with bars that serve as both handholds and something to rest on when riding. A basic classic ride to be enjoyed by a group.
  • Rotor is a 1948 amusement ride invented and patented by German engineer Ernst Hoffmeister.
  • Supersonic Spinner promotes peer-to-peer collaboration and teamwork as kids compete to whirl the spinner.
  • The Saddle Spinner teaches children about cause and effect by allowing them to spin using their body weight.
Children's wooden sandbox with various toys for the game

Park Playground Equipment Names

Many parks contain fields for sports like baseball and football and concrete areas for activities like basketball. In addition, trails for walking, biking, and other activities may be found in many parks. Let's look at the park playground equipment names below.

  • Bucket Swing seat is the most dependable option for youngsters. It is available in many different shapes.
  • Climbing Rope is a swing set that may include a rope swing or a tree-climbing rope attached to a wood frame.
  • Coil Climbers are spiral-shaped and bring a unique twist to a standard ladder.
  • Crawl Tubes may vary based on the playground but is an enjoyable addition to theatrical play or a concealing game.
  • Disc Rope Swing Seat is a compact swing that does not require much room. It is perfect for small backyards and plays spaces.
  • Flat Swings are not as common as bucket or sling swings.
  • Funnel Ball is a widely known playground game where participants toss a ball up through the funnel's top.
  • Gigantic Stride is made out of a pole attached to the ground. Ropes with ladder-like bars hang down for children to hold.
  • Glider Seat controls swinging, preventing youngsters from swinging too high or too rapidly.
  • Play Houses is a game. Any play structure with a playhouse is an excellent method to include creative games in your playground.
  • Porch Swings are bench-like chairs made of typically painted wood meant mostly for adults. They are available in many different shapes.
  • Snake Climbers are horizontal or vertical ladders with a serpentine feature that provide children with a novel and more demanding method to approach or depart from the real play structure.
  • Spiral Slide is a play area wrapped around the primary pole to produce a descending spiral forming a simple helter-skelter.
  • Straight Slide is a flat slope that descends at a small incline.
  • Swinging Trapeze is an activity conducted on a trapeze swinging forward and backward. Amusement-park slides are simply bigger versions of playground slides with significantly taller heights and multiple slideways.
  • Swings are a sort of playground equipment that is often available on playgrounds. Swings give a delightful adrenaline rush to children, but they also play an important part in developing a child's motor skills.
  • Tilt-A-Whirl is a classic flat ride created for commercial usage at amusement parks, fairs, and carnivals. One of the popular pieces of equipment available in a park.
  • Tire Swing enables many youngsters to engage at once, making it even more exciting. Unlike a regular swing, it is simply a tire linked by thick chains hanging from a metal frame and allowing for a large range of motion.
  • Trampoline is a gadget made of a taut, robust fabric stretched between a steel frame and several coiled springs. It is a piece of popular play equipment in modern times.
  • Trapeze Bar Swing is designed for outdoor usage and is made of a strong swing bar, long-lasting rings, and chains.
  • Tube Slide is just a slide shaped like a tube. It can also be curved or bumpy, depending on the safety requirements of the playground design.
  • Water Slides are types of slides in which water flows down to develop a slippery slope. They are typically found near water, such as in water parks or pools.

Kids Playground Equipment Names

A play zone is a facility that creates a conducive atmosphere for children to play, usually outdoors. While most playgrounds are built for kids, some are designed for adults or people with impairments. A playground may bar children under a specific age. Let's look at the playground equipment names for kids in the area below.

  • Baby Swings are swings with a bucket with openings for the kid's legs. They have a half-bucket shape and a safety belt designed to reduce the risk of a young child falling out.
  • Block Maze is where the player must arrange blocks to complete or clear the maze circuit. Blocks may be moved into place.
  • Bouncy Castle is a large inflatable object typically designed like a castle.
  • Bumper Vehicles may appear to be an innovation, but we've been driving (or wrecking) them for a century.
  • Canopy Swings are identical porch swings, except they can be moved easily and hung on a separate frame as required by the rider. The term comes from a canopy that was constructed as a sunshade.
  • Carousels featuring sturdy horses were used to teach equestrian riding to Turkish and Arabian cavalry personnel.
  • Chin-up Bars are a type of playground equipment common on children's playgrounds. They are still vital at the parcourse, the adult equivalent of a playground.
  • Hurricane Swing has a basic design and may be used by youngsters and adults over the age of eight. It may rotate gently or quickly.
  • Loop-O-Plane ride is made up of two plane compartments on the opposite side of a tower that function as connecting rods as they swing around one other.
  • Mazes normally have permanent pathways and barriers. Puzzles in which the walls and trails can alter during the game are also classified as mazes or tour puzzles.
  • Natural Swings may well be made by liana creeper plants in a sub-tropical wild forest, such as the Aokigahara forest near Mount Fuji.
  • Nest Swings are shaped like bird nests and can hold numerous people. These structures are now prepared with modern materials to ensure a smooth surface for the comfort of the rider.
  • Playschool Slides are one of the most popular items. It's a must-have piece of playground equipment in every playschool. Such slides are strong and completely safe.
  • Rope Swings seem to be made by tying one end of a rope to a tree limb, bridge, or other high structure. On the opposite end, a knot or loop is tied to avoid fraying and assist the swinger in staying in place.
  • Sandpit, often known as a sandbox, is a shallow hole or low container filled with soft sand in which kids can play.
  • Saucer Swings are interesting swings that may be hung from a tree or a preexisting swing set.
  • Tandem Swings are meant to be used by two people at a time, facing one another or back-to-back, and are nearly always part of a swing set owing to the structure necessary to support the riders' weights.
  • Wavy Slide features waves in its form, which causes the person sliding to move up and down somewhat while falling.
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