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There are endless choices for newborn baby girl names, one google search will give you pages and pages of name suggestions

Choosing the right name for your baby girl is a huge decision and Kidadl is here to help. Refining the search to just baby names that start with the letter R will hopefully help to guide you in the right direction to find the baby name that's perfect for your child.

This list is full of baby girl names that are old-fashioned, vintage R names like Roberta to more modern names beginning with R like Ramona and Rey and more! There are so many different girls names beginning with R names out there to choose from that could be the perfect baby name for your new girl.

Classical Names

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If you want to keep it simple and sweet, here are six gorgeous baby girl names that start with R.

1) Rachel (Hebrew), meaning "ewe".

2) Rebecca (Hebrew), meaning "join, tie, snare".

3) Regina (Latin), meaning "queen".

4) Riley (Irish), meaning "courageous, valiant".

5) Ruth (Hebrew), meaning "companion, friend, vision of beauty".

6) Ruby (Latin), meaning "precious gemstone".

Nature Names

If you're on the search for some earthy R names for your baby girl here are nine popular baby girls names beginning with R.

7) Rabiah (Egyptian), meaning "born in the Spring".

8) Rain (English), which denotes to "blessings from above".

9) Ramla (Swahili), meaning "sand".

10) Raven (English), the raven symbolises prophecy and insight.

11) River (Latin), originates from the Latin word "ripa", meaning riverbank.

12) Robin/Robyn (English), the robin redbreast symbolises good luck, renewalandwisdom.

13) Rochelle (French), translating to "little rock".

14) Rose (Latin), flower that symbolises beauty and love.

15) Rosetta (Italian), translates to "little rose".

16) Rosemary (Latin), translates to "dew of the sea". Symbolises happiness and loyalty.

17) Rowan (Celtic), meaning "little red-haired one". Also symbolises courage, wisdom and protection.

Vintage Names

If you want your baby girl to have an old fashioned yet sophisticated and timely name, here are some girls names beginning with R that have a vintage feel.

18) Raquel (Spanish), meaning "ewe", derived from Rachel.

19) Renata (Latin), meaning "born again".

20) Reina (Spanish), meaning "queen", derived from Regina.

21) Rhonda (Greek), meaning "powerful river".

22) Romie (Swedish), meaning "she who gathers".

23) Rosaline (German), meaning "beautiful rose".

24) Roberta (German), meaning "famed, bright, shining". Feminine form of Robert.

25) Rita (Spanish), meaning "pearl".

From Books and Films

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If you are looking for an iconic baby name that represents a strong female character in contemporary media, here are some baby girl names that start with R that famously appear on screen and in books.

26) Rapunzel (German), meaning "lamb's lettuce". From the classic fable.

27) Renesmee (English), meaning "reborn" and "loved". Appears in the Twilight series.

28) Rey (Spanish), meaning "king". Appears in the Star Wars series.

29) Rizzo (Italian), meaning "curly-haired". Appears in the musical Grease.

30) Rosalind (English), meaning "rose". Appears in Romeo and Juliet.

31) Roscoe (Cornish), meaning "deer forest". Appears in the Disney film Oliver and Company.

32) Rosita (Spanish), meaning "rose". Appears in the Disney film Coco

33) Rowena (English), meaning "fame" and "joy". Appears in the Harry Potter series.

34) Rue (English), meaning "herb", also derived from the name Ruth. Appears in the Hunger Games series.

Celebrity Names

These R names are associated with strong female celebrities as well as being beautiful and sweet girl names in their own right. Here is a list of seven baby girl names that start with R.

35) Rashida (Arabic), meaning "righteous" and "wise". This name has been made popular by actress Rashida Jones.

36) Reese (Welsh), meaning "fiery, ardent". Derived from the Welsh spelling Rhys, actress Reese Witherspoon has popularised this name since her rise to fame.

37) Renee (French), meaning "born again". Actress Renee Zellweger and opera singer Renee Fleming are two famous women who share this beautiful name.

38) Rhianna (Welsh), meaning "great queen". Singer, songwriter, actress and successful entrepreneur Rhianna adopted this iconic R name, (her given name being Robyn, another brilliant baby name beginning with R!)

39) Rhea (Greek), meaning "flowing". In mythology Rhea was the mother of Zeus, in Hollywood Rhea Seahorn is a successful actress who rocks this special R name.

40) Rosario (Spanish), meaning "rosary". Rosario Dawson is a very talented actress who shares this name.

41) Rosamund (Latin), meaning "rose of the world". Rosamund Pike is responsible for turning this lovely R name into a recognisable moniker.

Meaningful Names

For R names that have some extra substance behind them, have a look at this list of meaningful baby girl names that start with R.

42) Rachaita (Indian), meaning "composer".

43) Radha (Indian), meaning "prosperity, success".

44) Radhika (Indian), meaning "prosperity, success". Derived from the name Radha.

45) Rafiya (Swahili), meaning "dignified".

46) Radhi (Swahili), meaning "content, satisfied".

47) Rahma (Swahili), meaning "compassion".

48) Rahila (Muslim), meaning "departure, traveller".

49) Ramona (Spanish), meaning "council of protection".

50) Ramonda (Spanish), meaning "wise protector".

51) Raphaela (Latin), meaning "God has healed". Feminine version of Raphael.

52) Razia/Razya (Arabic), meaning "content, satisfied".

53) Reiki (Japanese), spiritual healing practise. "Rei" meaning universal life and "ki" meaning energy.

54) Rikona (Japanese), meaning "intelligent".

55) Rosea (Swedish), meaning "she who discovers the soul of others".

56) Roux (French), translating to "auburn".

57) Roxanne (Greek), meaning "bright star, sunlight".

58) Royal (English), meaning "of the King".

59) Rumi (Japanese), meaning "beauty and flow".

60) Ryo (Japanese), meaning "excel, exceed".

Place Names

These places in the world have stunning meaningful names that just roll right off the tongue. Here are some baby girl names that start with R based on beautiful places and cities around the world.

61) Raleigh (American), meaning "deer's meadow". Also a city in North Carolina, USA.

62) Reus (Spanish), meaning "small stream". Also a city in Spain.

63) Reynosa (Spanish), meaning "of the King". Also a city in Mexico.

64) Riga (Latvian), meaning "ruler". Capital city of Latvia.

65) Rio (Spanish), meaning "river". Also the city in Brazil, famous for the colourful festival.

66) Rivne (Slavic), A city in Ukraine.

67) Rivona (Indian), meaning "mystery, philosophy". A major city in India.

68) Rize (Greek), meaning "mountain slopes". Major city in Turkey.

69) Romana (Italian), meaning "from Rome".

70) Romina (Arabic), meaning "from the land of Christians".

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