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50 Red Panda Names Perfect For New Teddies

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Red pandas are special animals that look very different to the more common pandas we know and love.

These animals are mammals, native to the Southwestern parts of China and the Himalayas and are listed as an endangered species. They are herbivores, eating primarily bamboo, and are skilful acrobats due to spending most of their time in their natural habitat, in the trees.

Before we get into the names, let's learn a few quick facts about red pandas! A red panda looks almost like a red raccoon, but is not a raccoon or a bear. They actually belong to the Ailuridae family and are the only living members of this taxonomy. As we know, the red panda is native to the southwestern parts of China and the eastern part of the Himalayas, however, because they are endangered, a lot of them live in wildlife conservation centers and zoos around the world. Red panda conservation experts aims to recreate their natural habitats in these centers and zoos. The diet of a red panda is made up of 95% bamboo. In the conservation centers both adult red pandas and red panda cubs are fed a special diet.

Now that we have learnt some useful and interesting facts about the red panda, you will find plenty of good red panda names in this list! For more ideas, check out these perfectly punny panda names and these great teddy bear names that are more inventive than 'Ted'.

Names Of Real Red Pandas In Zoos

A panda eats a large bamboo stalk

A naming contest is carried out in almost every zoo to find great names if a red panda cub is born in the zoo. Baby red pandas are special and worth celebrating because red pandas are an endangered species, and so every new red panda is important! A baby red panda weighs a few pounds when born and are kept with the female red panda for nursing after birth. These red panda cubs are then given special diets and are treated with a lot of care. This list contains real names of red pandas found in real zoos across the world.

1. Ash (English origin) a topographical name gotten from the ash tree.

2. Chris (m) (Hebrew origin) the short form of Christian which means “follower of Christ”.

3. Erin (f) (Gaelic origin) means “peace” and it is also the poetic name for the country Ireland.

4. Dash (m) (English origin) a topographical name that refers to someone who lived near an ash tree.

5. Hazel (f) (English origin) means “hazel” from the tree.

6. Ila (f) (French origin) means “from the island”.

7. Jasper (m) (British origin) means “treasurer”.

8. Kate (f) (Latin origin) means “clear, pure”.

9. Keti (Greek origin) meaning “pure” or “clear”.

10. Kiki (f) (French origin) meaning “double happiness”.

11. Kits (m) (Greek origin) meaning “bearing Christ”.

12. Kitty (f) (English origin) means “pure”.

13. Koda (m) (Japanese origin) means “rice paddy of happiness”.

14. Maggie (f) (English origin) means “pearl”.

15. Masu (f) (Japanese origin) is a square wooden box used in Japan, sometimes to measure rice.

16. Nima (f) (Arabic origin) meaning “blessing”.

17. Pokhara (m) (Nepalese origin) means “pond”.

18. Randy (m) (English origin) a well known male name.

19. Shimla (m) (Indian origin) means “blue house” and is the short form of Shyamalaya.

20. Timur (m) (Mongolian origin) meaning “iron”.

21. Vixen (f) (English origin) meaning "ill-tempered".

22. Yukiko (m) (Japanese origin) meaning “beginning” or “happiness”.

23. Zeya (f) (Russian origin) is a Russian place name after the town or the river.

Cute Names For Red Panda Cubs

Red panda cubs are super adorable and cuddly. However, an endangered red panda is not meant to be a pet because they need specialised care and attention in a zoo or conservation area. If you do want to own a red panda (other than a cuddly toy!) you can adopt cute red panda cubs in most zoos. You will then receive a stuffed bear as well as regular updates and photos of your cub! Here are some cute red panda names for baby red panda cubs.

24. Ada (f) (Igbo origin) meaning “first daughter”, “happy”, “prosperous” and “adored”.

25. Adira (f) (Hebrew origin) meaning “strong” or “powerful”.

26. Apple (English origin) after the fruit.

27. Cini (Italian origin) the meaning of the name is not clear but it surely is a cute name for red panda cubs.

28. Jetson (American origin) meaning “son of Jets”.

29. Kenna (Irish origin) meaning “born from fire”.

30. Leila (Persian origin) meaning “night” or “dusk”.

31. Miko (Japanese origin) means “chief of peace”.

32. Nava (Spanish origin) a habitual name.

33. Panna (Hindi origin) meaning “grace”.

34. Poya (Afghanistan origin) means “searcher”.

35. Satya (Sanskrit origin) meaning “truth”.

36. Semper (English origin) a habitual name.

37. Sonika (Indian origin) means “golden light”.

38. Song (Chinese origin) is a Chinese family name.

39. Sonya (Russian origin) means “wisdom”.

40. Vira (Russian and Latin origins) meaning “belief" "faith” and “truth”.

Funny Names For Red Panda Cubs

Conservation and zoo staff often give these cute red pandas funny names after their birth that might be based on certain physical or personality features. If you are thinking of participating in a name contest for funny names for a red panda, then you should take a look at the list below. These names are funny and adorable and will suit any red panda, male or female.

41. Bean, for a small and loving red panda baby.

42. Bushy, because their tails are really bushy.

43. Chunky, for a robust looking panda.

44. Grizzly, given to a very furry panda.

45. Mr. Clumsy, for an adorable clumsy little thing.

46. Muffin, a sweet and funny name for a red panda.

47. Peanut, for a small baby red panda.

48. Puddy Panda, because it is so cute and cuddly.

49. Tiger, for a little feisty panda, whether male or female.

50. Turbo, given to a fast red panda.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for red panda names, then check out these names meaning lion, or these names that mean bear.

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