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Names are important.

If you are having a child who will be your little cuddly bear, then you need a name meaning bear to honor them. The name Bear itself is even trending nowadays.

On this list, you will find baby names meaning bear or ones related to bear. You can use these names for bears as toys or pet animals as well. It also contains names that you may identify with popular culture, for example, Christopher, as in Christopher Robin, companion of the famous cartoon character Winnie the Pooh.

In case you're searching for baby names meaning bear and other bear names for your baby, then leave everything to us, because we have compiled a list of 60 best names that mean bear and will suit the very nature of your child.  

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Baby Boy Name That Means Bear

Why not give your child a name that is as strong and unique as a bear. We hope that you can find a perfect name meaning bear for your son:

1. Abjörn (Danish origin) means "Ancestor bear".

2. Adalbern (Ancient Germanic origin) means"respectable" and bern "bear".

3. Alfbern (Germanic origin) means"mythical person" and bern "bear".

4. Arkadios (Ancient Greek origin) meaning "a bear of Arcadia".

5. Ardghal (Irish origin) means "high or bear-like fearlessness".

6. Armel (Breton and French origin) means  "bear" and mel "ruler, clan leader".

7. Arthur (English, French, and Celtic origin) means"bear".

8. Ásbjǫrn (Ancient Scandinavian origin) means "god" and bjǫrn "bear".

9. Barney (English origin) means "strong as a bear".

10. Ben (Dutch and Germanic origin) meaning "bear".

11. Benno (German origin) name meaning "bear".

12. Ber (Yiddish origin) name meaning "bear".

13. Berchan (Irish origin) means"sharp-toothed like a bear".

14. Berard (Ancient Germanic origin) meaning " bear". This was also the name of a thirteenth-century saint who was martyred in Morocco.

15. Berengar (Ancient Germanic origin) means "bear" and ger "skewer". This was also the name of two archaic lords of Italy and a Holy Roman sovereign.

16. Bernard  (English, French, and Germanic origin) meaning "a bear who is bold and tough". Famous name bearer Irish writer George Bernard Shaw and the British World War II field marshal Bernard Montgomery.

17. Bernhardt (German origin) means "striking and strong as a bear".

18. Bjarni (Ancient Scandinavian and Icelandic origin) means "bear-like strength".

19. Bjǫrn (Icelandic origin) meaning "bear". It is also the name of Viking king Ragnar Lothbrok's son Björn Ironside.

20. Bjǫnar (Norwegian origin) means "bear" and herr "armed force" or arr "fighter".

21. Burney (Irish origin) means "child of Biorna," subsequently "bear."

22. Byme (Irish origin) means "brown colored bear cub".

23. Christopher (English and Greek origin) Means "bearing Christ. Famous name bearer Saint Christopher.

24. Dov (Hebrew origin) meaning "bear".

25. Esben (Scandinavian and Old Norse origin) Means "divine-bear".

26. Fyrsil (Welsh origin) means "bear-man or boss".

27. Garcia (Basque origin) means "bear".

28. Garsea (Medieval Spanish and Basque origin) means "bear".

29. Gerben (Dutch origin) means "Ger" signifying "lance" and bern "bear".

30. Hallbjorn (Ancient Scandinavian origin) means "rock" and bjǫrn "bear".

31. Humbert (French and Ancient Germanic origin) means "brilliant hero", got from the Germanic components hun "champion, bear fledgling" and beraht "splendid".

32. Humphrey (English origin) means "tranquil hero." It is from Germanic components hun "champion, bear cub" and frid "harmony". Famous name bearer American entertainer Humphrey Bogart.

33. Kuruk (Native American origin) means "bear".

34. Liwanu (Native American origin) means "a snarl of a bear".

35. Math (Welsh origin) Means "bear". It is from Celtic Mythology, in the book The Mabinogion, Math ap Mathonwy was a ruler of Gwynedd.

36. Mathghamhain (Ancient Irish origin) means "bear". This was the name of a sibling of the Irish ruler Brian Boru.

37. Armela Breton (French Breton and Brythonic origin) means "bear" and mael "ruler, clan leader".

38. Nanuq (Old American origin) means "the polar bear".

39. Oddbjorn (Norwegian origin) means "oddr "purpose of a blade" and bjǫrn "bear".

40. Orson (English origin) means"bear". It is also the name of American entertainer Orson Welles.

41. Osborn (English origin) means "god" and beorn "bear".

42. Otso (Finnish origin) means "bear".

43. Ott (Estonian origin) means "fighting like a bear".

44. Preben (Danish origin)means "strong-like bear".

45. Pridbjørn (Danish origin) made from Old Norse components prýðr "superb, dignified" and bjørn "bear," consequently "great bear."

46. Swithin (Old English origin) means "solid" and maybe hun "bear fledgling".

47. Torbjǫrn (Swedish origin) means "Thor's bear". It is also the name of the Norse god Thor who was joined with Bjǫrn means "bear".

48. Urs (Latin origin) means "bear as a name". It is also the name of a saint from the third-century, Ursus from the Theban Legion who was martyred with Saint-Victor.

49. Uther (Arthurian origin) means "bear cub or mythical beast". It is also the name of King Constantine and the father of King Arthur, Uther Pendragon.

50. Vetle (Norwegian origin) means "winter voyager", and by expansion "bears in mythology means whelp".

Baby Girl Names That Mean Bear

Names meaning bear can mean so much for a parent. From your child being your cub to a warrior. These baby names can help define your child. And who said only boys need a name that means bear? We have listed some beautiful baby names that mean bear for girls:

51. Bernardetta (Italian origin) means "striking as a bear".

52. Calissa (Greek origin) means "most lovely or fierce". It is also the name of the she-bear in Arcadian Mythological.

53. Calysta (Greek origin) means "most lovely". Calista means bear in Latin or she-bear.

54. Mischka (Russian origin) means "little bear". It can also be written as Mishka.

55. Nita (Native American origin) means "bear". It is also a famous name in Indian culture.

56. Orsolya (Hungarian and Latin origin) means "strong she-bear:".

57. Uschii (German origin) means "little she-bear".

58. Yrse (Swedish origin) means "she-bear."

Gender Neutral Baby Names That Means Bear

Some parents these days prefer names that are gender neutral because why not!

59. Minoru (Japanese origin) means "to bear fruit". This name also means bear in Japanese.

60. Nikephoros (Ancient Greek origin) means "bearish triumph or strength". It was a title borne by the Greek goddess Athena.

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