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40 Shuppet Nicknames

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For those who have forgotten, Shuppet is a ghost-type Pokémon introduced in 'Generation III'.

Shuppet is a particular type of Pokémon that feeds on negative feelings and emotions, and by absorbing these negative energies, Shuppet makes its moves such as 'Grudge' and 'Spite'. Shuppet has an odd appearance; it has a napiform head with horns, a flowing sheet-like body that is blue and is found wherever there is negative energy.

Shuppet feeds on sorrow, malice, vengeance, disappointment, and other hateful emotions.

It is these negative energies that enable Shuppet to pull off its moves. Shuppet gets easily attracted to jealousy, malice, and envy and cannot tolerate light. This is why you would find them under shade during the day. At night, Shuppet wanders freely, plays pranks, and collects negative energies.

Are you a Shuppet fan looking for some coolest and most unique nickname ideas? Then, this article is just the right one for you because, here, you can discover the 40 most creative nicknames for Shuppet and choose your favorites among them.

Best Shuppet Nicknames

Finding the best and most meaningful nicknames for Shuppet is not a big deal any more. In this list, you will find some of the best and most creative nickname ideas:

  • Puppet- An appropriate nickname for Shuppet, for it resembles a blue puppet. The body of the Shuppet is much like a flowing sheet, resembling a cartoon ghost; hence, it looks much like a doll. Its name 'Shuppet' is derived from the words 'Shine' and 'Puppet'.
  • Scrappy- A nickname for Shuppet that means 'quarrelsome' or 'having an aggressive spirit'.
  • Muppet- It is a type of puppet created by a puppeteer. The word Muppet was derived from blending the words 'Marionette' and 'Puppet'.
  • Ragdoll- It refers to a soft toy often made with rags, such as pieces of cloth. This name is appropriate for Shuppet, as it has a ragdoll-like appearance.
  • Dolly- A sweet nickname for Shuppet because it has a doll-like figure.
  • Doll Face- No matter how dangerous Shuppet is, it has a cute, doll-like face.
  • Ghost- Due to its body that resembles a sheet flowing in the air, Shuppet resembles a ghost that we often see in cartoons.
  • Voodoo Doll- Shuppet has an appearance that exactly resembles a voodoo doll. Hence, this is one of the best nickname ideas.
  • Puppet Master- A creative and unique nickname for Shuppet.
  • Night Spirit- An appropriate nickname for Shuppet because it loves to roam around the city freely during the night and collect negative energies. It also cannot tolerate daylight. Hence, this nickname is appropriate.
  • The Shadow- During the time of the day, Shuppets usually hide in shadowy places or places where the light does not reach. Shuppets cannot tolerate the daylight and remain hidden in shadows. Hence, this nickname is very appropriate for them.
  • Boo- A cute name for a ghost, Shuppet looks like a funny ghost.
  • Shade- Another creative nickname for Shuppet derived from their love for shadows.
  • Shu- a short form of Shuppet. 
  • Mega Banette- A kind of Pokémon that resembles a Shuppet. It also resembles a voodoo doll, except it looks more devilish than a Shuppet. It has a black colored body and resembles a bat. It has extraordinary energy and cursing power.
  • Banette- The smaller evolution, Banette is a ghost-type Pokémon that is dark grey and is possessed with pure hatred. Banette has three spikes on its head, and its abilities include 'insomnia' and 'frisk'. Banette is often brought to life with negative energies, and it can also control its life force by zipping its mouth.
  • Zipperhead- A creative and funny nickname for Shuppet, for its mouth resembles a Zipper.
  • Boogeyman- A funny nickname for a creature that looks evil. In mythology, the Boogeyman is spelled as 'Bogeyman' and refers to an imaginary spirit who appears at night to scare the children.

Unique Shuppet Nicknames

If you are looking for some rare nicknames for Shuppet, then you will surely love these:

  • Dolly Dark- A unique and creative nickname for Shuppet.
  • Malevolent- It refers to the quality of desiring to do something evil. As Shuppet is associated with different elements of evil, this nickname is appropriate.
  • Anabelle- A doll in a movie of the same name possessed by an evil spirit.
  • Jigsaw- An uncommon nickname for Shuppet because its teeth resemble a jigsaw.
  • Pin Cushion- A funny and uncommon nickname derived from the appearance of a Shuppet that looks much like a stuffed cushion or toy.
  • Pup- a short form of ‘puppet’, is a cute nickname for Shuppet.
  • Trickster- Refers to someone who can perform tricks. Shuppet is popular among Pokémon fans for playing pranks and tricks.
  • Lilith- A female ghost or demon derived from the Jewish culture.
  • Dark Doily- An uncommon nickname for Shuppet.
  • Kagebouzu- The Japanese name for Shuppet.
  • Monster- A nickname for Shuppet based on its evil qualities.
  • Nightmare- A nickname for Shuppet since it roams around the city at night.

Cool Shuppet Nicknames

If you are looking for some coolest nickname ideas, then take a look at this list below:

  • Phantom- A cool nickname meaning 'a ghost'.
  • Berserker- A cool and uncommon nickname for Shuppet derived from the Old Norse language that means ' a warrior who is uncontrollable and wild'.
  • Chucky- A cute male nickname.
  • Spectre- An uncommon and cool nickname for Shuppet.
  • Apparition- It means a ghost or a spirit.
  • Sinister- if you want your opponents to know that your Shuppet is a dangerous Pokémon to face in battle.
  • Pinocchio- A fictional character much common among children for telling lies and his long wooden nose.
  • Shinikson- An uncommon nickname.
  • Juju- Something that holds magical powers.
  • Blue- since Shuppet is blue in color.

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