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40+ Silver Dragon Names With Meanings

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Silver Dragons are good natured mythical creature who tends to enjoy the company of humans and elves alike.

Silver dragons are a calm and noble breed of predators, who don’t actively search for evil. They are known to exhale ice and paralyzing gas to hunt their prey. They can polymorph into a human at will and live over 4000.

By nature, these dragons are very protective and eager to help, only if you approach them. Since they can transform into human form, they tend to use strong yet normal human names, however, some of their true dragon names are Xaerrior, Nugaeth, Azhaq, and Argentum.

But if you are looking for some cool, yet draconic names then keep on reading or you can also check out black dragon names or ice dragon names.

Dragons Names That Mean Silver From Around The World

The name for dragon should mean something that your character stands for in the D&D game. Some stand for power, other knowledge, while some dragons only want to help others, so before you decide on any old name, try out these meaningful and strong dragon names for the character.

1. Adalon (F) silver dragon living in the "Underdark".

2. Agephy (M/F) a unisex name for a "gifted" dragon.

3. Argyros (M) (Latini origin) means "silver".

4. Arianwyn: (F) (Welsh origin) means "silver-white".

5. Airgead (M/F) (Irish origin) means "silver".

6. Fedha (F) (Arabic origin) means "silver".

7. Hopea (M) (Latin origin) means "silver".

8. Picabo (F) (American origin) means "silver water".

9. Spinzar (M) (Arabic origin) means "silver".

10. Srpahla (M) (German origin) means "silver".

11. Yin (F) (Japanese origin) means "silver".

Silver Dragons Names Inspired By Silver

If you have played 'Dungeons And Dragons' then you know how important character names are.

Good dragon names help you stand apart from the D&D crowd and make your dragons a symbol of power, goodness, and honesty. A dragon name could be inspired by silver, natural elements like moon or water names, or even something that is white.

12. Aban (F) (Persian origin) means "waters".

13. Adrie (F) (Dutch origin) means"the Adriatic".

14. Argint (M) (Romanian origin) means "silver water".

15. Ara (F) (Arabic origin) means "brings rain".

16. Bạc (M/F) (Vietnamese origin) means "silver".

17. Coburn (M) (Welsh origin) means "rocky".

18. Destan (M) (French origin) means "the still waters".

19. Diona (F) (English origin) means"the sacred spring".

20. Gümüş: (M/F) (Turkish origin) means "silver".

21. Gursel (M) (Turkish origin) means "flowing water".

22. Kālā kālā (F) (Hawaiian origin) means "silver-haired maiden".

23. Lacag (M/F) (Somali origin) means "silver".

24. Möngö (M/F) (Mongolian origin) means "silver".

25. Ngein (M/F) (Thai origin) means "silver".

26. Plata (M/F) (Spanish origin) means "silver".

27. Zilarra (M/F) (Basque origin) means "silver".

Silver Dragons Names From Mythology And Fiction

These dragons' names are derived from mythology and fiction and stand for dragons who are lawful, good, and honest. So, we hope one of these coolest dragon names is just what you are looking for.

28. Azhaq (M) was a silver dragon paladin of Xymor Bahamut.

29. Cikeissa (F) means "lady of the yellow". Such a strong dragons' name is ideal for both silver and gold dragons.

30. Clarion (M) A top-ranking member of the elite strike team of dwarven warriors.

31. Cokyrth (M) is the "Lord of the skies".

32. Colzrer (M) means "champion of the yellow".

33. Dargentum (M) or "the dark steel drake"

34. Edes (F) is the "champion of the white".

35. Edhi (F) A perfect name for a female dragon who is "quite" yet dangerous.

36. Frendressur (F) is the perfect name for a dragon who is the "destroyer of evil".

37. Frindrot (F) is also known as the "protector of the forest".

38. Geleon (F) is also known as the "protector of creatures".

39. Gunnud (F) also known as "champion of justice",

40. Gyndraly (F) is also known as the "redeemer of men".

41. Miirym (F) also known as "the sentinel wyrm".

42. Mikkaalgensis (F) also known as "the harper dragon".

43. Otaaryliakkarnos (F) also known as "Elia" in her human form.

44. Qyvissir (F) is also known as "champion of the white".

45. Ramyrurth (F) is the "champion of the people".

46. Redhairirth (F) is the Goddess of the Eternal.

47. Silverywing (F) a perfect name for a silver dragon.

48. Teskulladar (F) is the Goddess of Eternity.

49. Zidrays (F) means "clean and shiny".

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