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Marvel Comic action figure called Green Goblin

Goblins, despite their short and weak stature, have gained notoriety widely, especially in pop culture and media.

They are mostly depicted as dwarf-like humanoid creatures in folklore. They can be found in games like 'World of Warcraft' or 'Dungeons and Dragons.'

In D&D, goblins are a  fairly weak and common race of neutrally evil humanoid monsters that lower level player characters often have to face in combat. They are similarly depicted in 'WOW' as small, and green or yellowish-green creatures with sharp and pointed features and high intelligence, although they often tend to lack common sense.

Read on for goblin names, and for more fantasy character names, take a look at Dragonborn Names and Gnome Names.

Female Goblin Names

Here's a list of the best goblins' names for female goblins.

1. Bhaftaaz

2. Criotnalmee - One of the unique goblin names.

3. Duzz - A cute goblin name.

4. Gliokkolsia

5. Gryh - One of the good goblin names.

6. Hokoiszea

7. Khinkea

8. Sharx - A vicious goblin name.

9. Tamif

Male Goblin Names

Goblin cashier in Gringotts Bank : Harry Potter movie

Here's a list of the best goblin names for male goblins.

10. Big Ears; a titular character in the webcomic 'Goblins.'

11. Caatterd

12. Drarm

13. Grutaat - One of the best goblin names.

14. Huntero - A good goblin name for a hunter.

15. Oiq

16. Pariah - A nice goblin name.

17. Riobs

18. Srebnalk

19. Vic - One of the cute goblin names.

20. Xiagluld

Goblin Names From 'Dungeons And Dragons'

Looking for some famous goblin names from 'D&D'? Here's a list.

21. Crimson Hat - a goblin who wears a red hat and heavy iron boots.

22. Fugh - a slow but very strong goblin.

23. Grishnar - a gullible goblin who thinks he's invincible.

24. Gully - patriarch of the Blackwater clan.

25. Huro-Huro - a jungle-dwelling goblin.

26. Iz Iz - a fraud sorcerer goblin in denial.

27. Kalo -  a goblin whose only mode of fighting is snarling and biting.

28. Moka - a goblin cook.

29. Pakpak - a goblin named after the only word he can say.

30. Shake Spear - a female goblin who loves writing plays.

31. Tik - a goblin who made a necklace out of his own teeth.

32. Trizick - an ex-bandit goblin who became a circus owner/worker.

33. Uur'lok - a goblin thief who loves stealing things.

34. Yameeka -a female goblin who thinks she's a cursed gnome.

35. Zarl -an accidentally resurrected goblin who believes he is a god.

'World Of Warcraft' Goblin Names

Here's a list of goblins from 'WOW.'

36. Donais (French origin) meaning "to give";a goblin associate of the Bilgewater Cartel.

37.  Druz - Chief enforcer to Gallywix, involved in the Faction Assaults on Tiragarde Sound and Vol'dun

38. Gazlowe - a trade Prince of the Bilgewater Cartel and the leader of Ratchet.

39.  Grizzle (French origin) meaning "gray"; foreman of various Horde projects in Pandaria.

40. Helix (Latin origin) meaning "spiral"; head of the Blackfuse Company.

41. Jastor - a former Trade Prince.

42. Kryll (German origin) meaning "curly";a servant.

43. Marin (German origin) meaning "of the sea"; a Baron who  manages the Crucible of the Uncrowned

44. Mida (African origin) meaning "boundaries";former leader of the slums in Orgrimmar.

45. Mogul (Mongolian origin) meaning "dynasty"; leader of the Venture Company

46. Neesa (Greek origin) meaning "butterfly"; an engineer and mercenary.

47. Pauli - chief foreman of the Grimrail Depot.

48. Pozzik - a builder.

49. Revilgaz - leader of the Blackwater Raiders.

50. Rixxa - a chemist and pyromaniac goblin.

Goblins From Korean Mythology

In Korea, Dokkaebi is referred to as Korean Goblins. These are rare names. Some of these famous goblins are listed here.

51. Cham dokkaebi - A dokkaebi that causes mischief.

52. Gae dokkaebi - An evil dokkaebi.

53. Gaksi dokkaebi - This dokkaebi is know to attract human beings.

54. Gim Seobang dokkaebi - A farmer-looking dumb dokkaebi.

55. Go dokkaebi - This dokkaebi is great at fighting.

56. Nat dokkaebi - Dokkaebis that appear during the day.

57. Oedari dokkaebi - A dokkaebi with one leg.

58. Oenun dokkaebi - A dokkaebi with one eye and loves to eat.

Goblins From Pop Culture

Golden statue of Gringotts Goblin on coins : Harry potter movie

Here are some goblins from fiction.

59. Barius from 'The Goblin Quest'.

60. Golda Goblin from 'Ogre, Ogre'.

61. Gwenny Goblin from 'Isle of View'.

62. Jig from 'The Goblin Quest'.

63. Maia from 'The Goblin Emperor'.

64. Mordak from 'The Good, the Bad, and the Smug'.

65. Morthûl from 'The Goblin Corps'.

66. Rumpelstiltskin from 'The Brothers Grimm's Fairy Tales'.

67. Scevet from 'The Goblin Emperor'.

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