76 Dragonborn Names With Meanings

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Why dragonborn names?

Dragons are mythical creatures with divine abilities and pure hearts. Dragons play crucial roles in ancient and contemporary myths, stories, movies, and video games.

They are probably the only non-humans believed to have souls in the ancient world. Dragonborns are magical humanoid creatures from the hands of the dragon gods.

They were created with the attributes and personalities of dragons. Naming your game or story characters after Dragonborns confers your passion for the myth and the characters. Children wishing to traverse through the 'Dungeons and Dragons' universe, may choose to build their hero as a powerful Dragon-born character to utilize its unique abilities in the adventure.

But, what do you name your Dragonborn hero? Find the perfect Draconic name for your hero or use these suggestions to create your own Dragonborn name, and build a background story for your character.

Of course, you can also call your baby the male, female, unisex Dragonborn names. Dragonborn clan names are also suitable for sports team and band names, events, vehicles, or artworks.

Dragonborn Names For Girls

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1. Anastasia (Greek origin) - means 'resurrection'.

2. Uraka (Japanese origin) - means 'hunter'.

3. Miirym (unknown origin) - means 'guardian'. Miirym is a silver dragon from the Dungeons and Dragons campaign - 'Forgotten Realms'.

4. Bellatrix (Latin origin) - means 'warrior'.

5. Boruta (Slavic origin) - means 'the demon ruler of a forest'.

6. Darrina (Slavic origin) - means 'gift'.

7. Elishat (Phoenician origin) - means 'wanderer'.

8. Alessia (Greek origin) - means 'defender of men'. 'Alessia' or 'Al-Esh', is a character from 'The Elder Scrolls'.

9. Fariedah (Arabic origin) - means 'unique' and 'trusted'.

10. Elden (English origin) - means 'noble' or 'hermit'.

11. Myshon (Hebrew origin) - means 'related to god'.

12. Nyssas (Greek origin) - meaning 'goal'.

13. Shapash (Phoenician origin) - means 'sun goddess'.

14. Vyara (Bulgarian/Latin origin) - means 'faith'.

15. Zafira (Arabic origin) - means 'success'.

Dragonborn Names For Boys

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16. Adrammelek (Hebrew origin) - means 'the magnificent king'.

17. Arush (Sanskrit origin) - means 'sunlight'.

18. Baalmelgart (Phoenician origin) - means 'God (baal) of storms (melgart)'. Most befitting for a Dragonborn with a bronze or blue dragon type.

19. Cadmus (Greek origin) - means 'dragon's teeth'.

20. Diedrich (Germanic origin) - means 'a powerful ruler'.

21. Hrothgar (Germanic origin) - means 'glory'. A character in the Old English epic, 'Beowulf'.

22. Miraak (unknown origin) - means 'the chosen one' or 'mask'. Miraak is a character from 'The Elder Scrolls'.

23. Jehoshaphat (Hebrew origin) - means 'God has judged'.

24. Keixilani (Slavic origin) - means 'child of heaven'.

25. Mannix (Galic origin) - means 'monk'.

26. Marrkuh (Finnish origin) - means 'warlike'.

27. Nazgul (Islamic origin) - means 'pretty flower'.

28. Tiber (Latin origin) - means 'of the Tiber'. The name references Tiber Septim from 'The Elder Scrolls'.

29. Resheph (Phoenician origin) - means 'lord of plagues'.

30. Shammael (Hebrew origin) - means 'venom of God'.

31. Yuvaraj (Indian origin) - means 'a young king'.

Unisex Dragonborn Names

32. Danbala (Haitian Creole origin) - means 'sky god'.

33. Eckanem (African origin) - means 'source of greatness'.

34. Fucanglong (Mandarin origin) - means 'treasure dragon'.

35. Hezekiah (Hebrew origin) - means 'fortitude from God'.

36. Iseul (Korean origin) - means 'dew-born'.

37. Jezreel (Hebrew origin) - means 'sown by God'.

38. Zygax (unknown origin) - means 'victor of war'.

39. Lothtor (unknown origin) - means 'creator'.

40. Umut (Turkish origin) - means 'hopeful'.

Dragonborn Names Inspired by Myths and Legends

41. Falak (Islamic origin) - means 'orbit' or 'cosmos'. It is the name of a dragon from popular legends in the Middle East.

43. Lotan (Hebrew origin) - means 'coiled'. Lotan is a dragon of demonic origin in Levantine mythology.

44. Kur (Sumerian origin) - means 'world of the dead'. In Sumerian mythology, Kur is the first dragon to appear in the ancient land of Sumer.

45. Fernyiges (Hungarian origin) - means 'lord of dragons' It is a black dragon from Hungarian legends.

46. Naga (Indian origin) - means 'serpent'. Naga is a dragon resembling a serpent from Hindu mythology.

47. Ikuchi (Japanese origin) - means 'a supernatural being of the sea'. It is a water dragon from Japanese mythology.

Dragonborn Names Inspired By Popular Media

48. Alexstarsza (unknown origin) - means 'defender of all life'. Leader of all red dragons in the 'World Of Warcraft' universe.

49. Ancalagon (Sindarin origin) - means 'rushing jaws'. The mightiest dragon of Middle-Earth, from J.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Silmarillion'.

50. Glaedr (English origin) - means 'amber' or 'golden'. A dragon from the series of 'Inheritance Cycle' novels by Christopher Paolini.

51. Grigori (Russian origin) - means 'watcher angel'. Grigori is a famous red dragon from the video game 'Dragon's Dogma', released in 2012.

52. Balerion (English origin) - means 'hope behind the flames'. Balerion is a dragon appearing in both series' Game of Thrones' and 'The House of Dragons'.

53. Paarthurnax (Dovahzul origin) - means 'ambition', 'cruelty' or 'overlord'. A legendary dragon from 'The Elder Scrolls'.

54. Shenron (Japanese origin) - means 'dragon God'. Shenron is the wish-granting eternal dragon in the 'Dragon Ball' series.

55. Smaug (Germanic origin) - means 'to squeeze through a hole'. Smaug is a lead character in 'The Hobbit'.

56. Vhagar (unknown origin) - refers to the 'queen of all Dragons', appearing in 'The House of Dragons' series.

Dragonborn Clan Names

57. Clethtinthiallor - refers to the clan of framers living in Northeast Tymanther, who trained horses for war.

58. Daardendrian -a clan of expert warriors who could enter battles without weapons.

59. Delmirev - a new clan situated on the borders of Draconia, with members having metallic-colored bodies.

60. Belnak - clan of influential natives of Tymanther, with many members working in frontier villages.

61. Fenkenkabradon - steel piercings were a mark of being a member of the clan.

62. Kepeshkmolik - an ancient clan of Tymanther, whose members attained great prosperity.

63. Kerrhylon - a clan of monks dedicated to learning the 'Way Of The Open Hand'.

64. Ibeig - small clan with a newly married couple who were lance defenders, becoming its first members.

65. Linxakasendalor - clan of tacticians who are guardians of Tymanther against ash giants.

66. Myastan - a family-based clan whose members were killed and taken captive by Parthinia Quell.

67. Urlingscar - ruling clan of the land of Relmaur, with some members representing the Crown Council.

68. Tlassian - a small clan who provided military aid to Tarhun, the Vanquisher.

69. Ophinshtalajiir - an old clan of Tymanther, marked by piercings of two jade rings on the neck.

70. Prexijandilin - defended Tymanther against ash giants marked by cheek piercings of enamel primroses.

71. Shestandeliath - clan of farmers and horse breeders, marked by silvers chain stretching from their left nose to ear.

72. Garandorn - a notorious clan in charge of governance, who were natives of Relmaur.

73. Verthisathurgiesh - guardians of the 'Eye Of The Blazing Rorn' and a main clan of Tymanther.

74. Yrjixtilex - another framing clan identified by their axe-like ornaments of red jasper.

75. Belarrak - were natives of the land of Relmaur, with several members being representatives of the Crown Council.

76. Travek - clan of artists and jewelers whose operators mined metals in Ruinspoke.

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