70 Star Trek Baby Names That Trekkies Will Love

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'Star Trek' is one of the most popular and highly-rated media franchises of America from the 1960s, which was created by Gene Roddenberry.

This celebrated franchise is widely loved throughout the world by all generations. It not only consists of a television series that was aired on NBC called 'The Original Series' but also has its very own film franchise.

The plot is about the various adventures of a powerful interstellar vessel named Starship USS Enterprise and its crew members. It gained popularity because it sends the message that it is cool to be smart. The show's futuristic view emanates optimism and focuses more on intelligence rather than looks. The first series may have been a long time ago, but since then, 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' came in and ruled the hearts of people in the '80s. 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' is still referred to as one of the best 'Star Trek' series.

Fans of the franchise are known as Trekkies. So, if you're a Trekkie and are looking for a cosmic 'Star Trek' inspired name for your little angel, here's a list of some of the best names curated specially for you from 'Star Trek: The Original Series' as well as 'Star Trek: The Next Generation', 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine', and all the movies.

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Male Baby Names From 'Star Trek'

Recreation of a scene from Star Trek Original Series with Captain James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock on the bridge of the USS Enterprise - Mego vintage action figures.

Here's a list of names for a baby boy from 'Star Trek'.

1. Alexander (Greek origin) meaning "defending men" is the son of the Klingon Worf and a member of the House of Mogh.

2. Azan (Hebrew origin) meaning "peace " is a civilian passenger in the USS Voyager.

3. Bareil (French origin) meaning "barrel" is the name of Bareil Antos who is a Bajoran Religious Leader.

4. Bones (Norman origin) meaning "cartilage of the sternum" Leonard McCoy.

5. Boothby (Old Danish origin) meaning "hut" is a civilian groundskeeper in Starfleet Academy.

6. Boimler (Fictional origin) meaning unknown is the name of Brad Boimler is an Ensign in USS Cerritos.

7. Brunt (English origin) meaning "burnt" is a Civilian resident in Ferengi.

8. Bryce (English origin) meaning "force" is the name of R.A. Bryce who is a Lieutenant in USS Discovery. It is one of the most common baby names used.

9. Chakotay (American origin) meaning "the man who walks the earth but who only sees the sky" was Captain Janeway's, right-hand man.

10. Christopher (English origin) meaning "Anointed" is the name of Christopher Pike who was the first captain of the Enterprise who was eventually promoted to fleet captain.

11. Colt (Middle English origin) meaning "young horse" is J. M. Colt USS who was a Yeoman in Enterprise.

12. Data (English origin) meaning  "transmissible and storable computer information" is a sentient A.I. who is the funniest supporting crew member ever in Franchise.

13. Doctor (Latin origin) meaning  "to teach" is the most popular character in the "Voyager" who was a sarcastic and overworking medical hologram.

14. Dolim (Middle English origin) meaning "grief" is a Xindi-Reptilian Commander of the Xindi Council.

15. Dukat (Old Italian origin) meaning "leader" is a Religious Cardassia Leader in Freighter.

16. Evek (Fictional origin) meaning unknown is a CardassianCommanding Officer of CMS Vetar.

17. Geordi (Greek origin) meaning "farmer" is an engineer in The Enterprise-D who had helped Data learn how to be more human.

18. Harry (Germanic origin) meaning  "home-ruler" is the name of Harry Kim who was an ensign and a friend of Paris on the Enterprise.

19. Hikaru (Japanese origin) meaning "to shine" is the name of Hikaru Sulu who was the captain of the Excelsior.

20. Jean-Luc (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is gracious" is the name of legendary 'Star Trek' character Jean-LucPicard who was a commanding officer, a diplomat, and a scholar. It is one of the most common nerdy boy names.

21. Jonathan (Hebrew origin) meaning  "to give" is the name of Jonathan Archer who was a captain in Starfleet.

22. Joseph (Latin origin) meaning "He will add" is a Lieutenant and an Engineering Officer of the USS Voyager.

23. Julian (Latin origin) meaning "Youthful" is the name of Julian Bashir; Chief Medical Officer of Deep Space Nine.

24. Kirk (Scottish origin) meaning "church" is James Kirk who was the original captain and first officer.

25. Leonard (Germanic origin) meaning "brave lion" is the name of Leonard McCoy who was the chief medical officer for the Enterprise.

26. Malcolm (Gaelic origin) meaning  "disciple of Saint Columba"; the name of Malcolm a valuable engineer of the Enterprise.

27. Michael (Hebrew origin) meaning "who is like God?" is a Commander and Science Officer in USS Discovery and  USS Shenzhou.

28. Miles (Norman origin) meaning "Who is like God?" an invaluable member of Starfleet. A great choice in geeky names.

29. Neelix (American origin) meaning "Voyager" is a chef in Starfleet. It is one of the best baby names.

30. Odo (French origin) meaning "possessor of wealth" a very important character in 'Star Trek'.

31. Pavel (Russian origin) meaning "small" is the name of Pavel Chekov one of the members of the original Enterprise crew.

32. Phillip (Greek origin) meaning "horse-loving" is the name of Phillip Boyce, a Chief Medical Officer in the USS Enterprise.

33. Phlox (American origin) meaning "kind of plant with showy flowers" a medical officer.

34. Quark (Slavonic origin) meaning "cottage cheese" was an amoral mafia who later becomes a valuable ally to Sisko.

35. Reginald (Latin origin) meaning "advice" is the name of Reginald Barclay an Engineering Officer in the Enterprise.

36. Riker (Danish origin) meaning "strong power" is the first officer of the Enterprise.

37. Scotty (Scottish origin) meaning "Scotsman" is the name of Montgomery,who was an engineer of the Enterprise.

38. Seven (English origin) meaning "a number that is one more than six" is the name of Seven of Nine.

39. Sisko (Greek origin) meaning "overweight" is the name of Benjamin Sisko who was the commander of Deep Space Nine.

40. Spock (Scandinavian origin) meaning "maker Of wheels" a Vulcan commanding officer of the Enterprise.

41. Tom (Greek origin) meaning "innocence" is the name of Tom Paris a crew member of the Enterprise.

42. Travis (French origin) meaning "traverser" is the name of Travis Mayweather another important crew member.

43. Trip (French origin) meaning "to tread" is the nickname of Charles Tucker IIIa right-hand man of Archer.

44. Tuvok (Fictional origin) meaning unknown; a loyal friend of Janeway and who was a Vulcan.

45. Vic (Latin origin) meaning "victory" is a Holographic Entertainer in Deep Space Nine.

46. Wesley (Anglo-Norman origin) meaning "a field to the West" is the name of Wesley Crusher a super-genius kid who had saved the Enterprise on countless occasions.

47. Worf (Fictional origin) meaning unknown, is a Klingon lieutenant who was a vital part of the Starfleet crew.

Female Baby Names From Star Trek

Here's a list of sci-fi names for a baby girl from 'Star Trek'.

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48. Agnes (Greek origin) meaning "pure" is a cyberneticist of the Daystrom Institute.

49. Airiam (Urdu origin) meaning "wished for child" is a Commander at the USS Discovery. One of the best space names for girls.

50. Amanda (Latin origin) meaning "deserving to be loved" is the name of Amanda Grayson a civilian Vulcan resident.

51. Ayala (Hebrew origin) meaning "female deer" is the name of Ayala Tarik Ergin, a Security Officer of the USS Voyager.

52. B'Elanna (Roman origin) meaning "goddess of war" is the name of B'Elanna Torres a human and Klingon hybrid lieutenant.

53. Beverly (English origin) meaning "beaver" is the name of Beverly Crusher who was a compassionate medic, a capable fighter, and a leader.

54. Christine (Greek origin) meaning "anointed" is the name of Christine Chapel a Medical Officer of Starfleet Command in the Enterprise.

55. Deanna (Latin origin) meaning "Fertile" is the name of Deanna Troi who served as a counselor on a ship.

56. Gabrielle (French origin) meaning "God is my strong man" is the name of Gabrielle an Intelligence Operative and Astrophysicist.

57. Hoshi (Japanese origin) meaning "star" is the name of Hoshi Sato who was a Com Officer in the ship. One of the most popular 'Star Trek' characters.

58. Jadzia (Polish origin) meaning "battle" is the name of Jadzia Dax, a crew member who is also a is a joined Trill.

59. Kathryn (Greek origin) meaning "pure" is the name of Kathryn Janeway who is the captain of the Star Trek Voyager.

60. Katrina (German origin) meaning "pure" who was an  Admiral of Starfleet Command.

61. Keiko (Japanese origin) meaning "happy child" is the wife of Miles O'Brien who was a civilian botanist on the Enterprise and a primary school teacher in the Deep Space Nine.

62. Kes (European origin) meaning "to cut" is a Medic in the USS Star Trek Voyager.

63. Kira (Irish origin) meaning "black" is one of the 'Star Trek' woman Federation members on DS9.

64. Kimara (Fictional origin) meaning  "twin of myself" is a Romulan Representative and  Senator in 'Deep Space Nine'.

65. Megan (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning  "strong" is the name of Chief Medical Officer Megan Cole in the Enterprise.

66. Molly (English origin) meaning "of the sea" is the name of Molly O'Brien who was born to Miles and Keiko O'Brien on the Enterprise, and was delivered by Worf.

67. Nyota (Swahili origin) meaning "Stars" is the name of Nyota Uhura who was put briefly in charge of the Enterprise on a rescue mission in the animated series.

68. Soji (Yoruba origin) meaning "renaissance" is the name of Soji Asha who is a Romulan Anthropologist in the Reclamation Site.

69. Tasha (Greek origin) meaning "resurrection" is the name of Natasha Yar Oh, who was the chief of security on the Starfleet starship on the Enterprise. She carries the rank of lieutenant.

70. T'Pol (Fictional origin) meaning "commander" is the first Vulcan Starfleet officer.

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