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100 Swiss Last Names With Meanings And History

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Last names are the legacy of a person.

Swiss last names or surnames, are family names that are passed down generations and which originate from Germany, France and other neighboring countries. Swiss last names are mostly inspired by professions.

Many Swiss surnames are toponymic which indicates that they have a geographical origin, whilst others denote the social status of the person. In addition, there are many Swiss surnames that are the shortened abbreviations of their first names. One of the most interesting facts is that they need to be approved by the Swiss authorities, something that is documented in 'Switzerland, Swiss Watching', a book is written by Diccon Bewes which highlights some of the rules of naming children in Switzerland. Any such names which are laughable, insulting to a third party, or not in the favor of the wellbeing of the child are unacceptable.  For example, last names inspired by brands or places are strictly prohibited in Switzerland.

Why not let us narrow your search for the perfect Swiss last name with our many suggestions below? Or for more last name ideas, take a look at Austrian Last Names and Breton Last Names.

Popular Swiss Last Names

Whilst naming selecting last names after biblical characters like Cain and Judas is completely forbidden for last names, there are plenty of other options of popular Swiss Last Names listed below.

1. Abano, This is one of the traditional Swiss names and is derived from the town of Abano which means "water".

2. Abate, This surname was used as an occupational surname for someone in the priest's house.

3. Achterberg, (German origin) This is one of the old Swiss surnames and means hill or mountain. This surname denotes "a person living near the mountain or hill".

4. Acqua, (Italian origin) It means "water" and denotes someone who lives by or transported water.

5. Acquefredda, (Italian origin) means "cold water".

6. Adesso,  (Italian origin) This means "at this very moment".

7. Adler, (Swiss origin) This is a common Swiss name which means "eagle".

8. Agnelli, (Italian origin) It means "lamb" which denotes a timid person.

9. Albero, (Italian origin) It means tree and denotes a person living near the wood or forest.

10. Allegri, (Italian origin) This is one of the Italian names which means a "lively person".

11. Altamura, (Italian origin) means high walls and thus denotes a person living near high walls.

12. Althaus, (German origin) This means old house in German and denotes a person living in an old house.

13. Ammann, (Swiss origin) This is an occupational Swiss surname. It is one of the old Swiss names. It means "a retailer".

14. Arbeit, (German origin) means "work".

15. Azzara, (Greek origin) means fisherman.

16. Bachmeie, (Italian origin) means "a farmer who stays beside the stream".

17. Bagni, (Italian origin) It means a "bathhouse attendant".

18. Bahr, This is a middle high German word which means "bear" and it denotes a brave person.

19. Bandoni, (Italian origin) means "a sheet of iron".

20. Bassani, (Swiss origin) This is one of the traditional Swiss surnames which means multiple villages in Italy.

21. Battaglia, (Italian origin) It denotes a farmer.

22. Bauer, This is a German word which means "a farmer".

23. Baum, This is one of the unique Swiss names which means a "tree".

24. Baumann, This is one of the medieval Swiss names which means "farmer".

25. Baumngartner, This is a middle high German surname and denotes someone who owns or works in his orchard.

26. Baumhauer, (German origin) means "woodcutter".

27. Beauchene, (French origin) denotes "beautiful oak".

28. Becker, (German origin), means "a baker".

29. Bellamy, This is one of the medieval last names which means "a beautiful friend".

30. Bellandi, This is one of the common Swiss surnames which means "to be fought".

31. Bellincioni, This is one of the last names which stands for "beautiful".

32. Bieri, (French origin) This last name is the French form of Peter which means "stone".

33. Brunner, This is one of the Swiss surnames which means "fountain or stream". It indicates the geographical origin and is used for someone who lives near the stream.

34. Buhler, (German origin) one of the surnames meaning "hill".

35. Muller, One of the most common Swiss names which denotes a "person involved in mining".

Unique Swiss Last Names

Breathtaking panaromic landscape view of turquoise lake, mountains and the Swiss train in Switzerland

Many Swiss citizens have patronymic names with a unique meaning. This means using the father's name and combined with a form of "Sohn" which means "son" in German. See below for some of the most unique Swiss last names.

36. Bachmann, This is one of the unique names which refers to someone who lives near the stream.

37. Baumgartner, This refers to a person who takes care of a nursery.

38. Berger, It has it's origin from the occupation "shepherd".

39. Bucher, This is one of the unique names which stands for someone who copies books.

40. Favre, This given name was given to a "carpenter" family.

41. Fischer, This last name is given to a "fisher".

42. Fluckiger, (Swiss origin)This Swiss last name means "to patch" and would have been given to someone working with textiles and mending fabrics or shoes.

43. Fuchs, This name is given to fox which stands for cunning people.

44. Frey, This name is given to someone who is a devotee of Lord Frey.

45. Gasser, This name is given to someone who has lived in an alley.

46. Gerber, This is one of the unique surnames which means the "tanner".

47. Girtman, This name was for someone who deals with belts and straps.

48. Graf, It stands for the "earl".

49. Hofer, This given name was for someone who has worked on a farm.

50. Huber, This French family name was for someone who owns the land.

51. Hug, This name is for someone who is a lively person.

52. Kaufmann, (Swiss origin) It means a "trader" in Switzerland.

53. Keller, It is a geographical surname that means "a furnace".

54. Koch, This given name is for "a cook".

55. Kunz, This given name was for "a bold person".

56. Langel, It denotes "someone tall".

57. Marti, It means "someone who has originated from Mars".

58. Maurer, This is one of the unique names which is given to someone who builds a stone.

59. Meier, (German origin) means "town leader".

60. Meyer, (Swiss origin) means a farmer.

61. Moser, This is derived from the geographical location Mosser.

62. Pfister, It means "someone who bakes bread".

63. Roth, This is one of the unique surnames which means "red".

64. Schmid, It means "a worker working in the Metal industry".

65. Schneider, This occupational surname means "a tailor or cutter".

66. Stalder, This name means "a steep path".

67. Steiner, This family name was given to "someone who lives by the stone".

68. Suter, This is an occupational surname which means "shoemaker".

69. Weber, This is also one of the occupational surnames which stands for "a weaver". It is a well-known Swiss name.

70. Zimmermann, (German origin) means a carpenter.

Ancient Swiss Last Names

Swiss flag waving on mountain covered in white snow

Many Swiss names are steeped in tradition. Some of their ancient names are still very popular and common. Let's have a look at some of the ancient names here.

71. Berg, (Swiss origin) This is one of the common Swiss last names which has the meaning "mountains".

72. Beutel, This last name means "someone who buys or sells bags".

73. Bieber, This name is for someone who is "a hard worker".

74. Blaser, This name means a "blower".

75. Blau, This refers to "someone who wears blue clothes".

76. Boerio, This has the meaning "cowherd".

77. Boivin, This means "a wine drinker".

78. Bonfils, (French origin) meaning a "good son".

79. Bonhomme, (French origin) This last name means "a good man".

80. Borde, (French origin) This refers to a person who lives in a house made with board and planks.

81. Borghi, This is one of the common ancient last names in Switzerland which means "a village".

82. Bosco, (Italian origin) means "a forest".

83. Brucker, This means "a bridge".

84. Buffone, (Italian origin) It means "a joker".

85. Caito, (Italian origin) It means "an official leader".

86. Campana, (Italian origin) It refers to "a place where bells are produced".

87. Chauvin, (French origin) means "bald".

88. Cloutier, (French origin) It refers to "someone who sold or made nails".

89. Comtois, It stands for "a free country".

90. Confortola, (Italian origin) means "comfort".

91. Conti, (Italian origin) This refers to someone who has lived by counting.

92. Egger, This means "a farmer".

93. Hess, This denotes someone who has originated from Hesse in Germany.

94. Noser, This name means "cattle" in Switzerland.

95. Oberle, This is one of the names which has a topographic origin and it is for someone who is living in the upper area.

96. Seiler, This is an occupational last name which is for "a rope maker".

97. Senn, This is one of the occupation last names in Switzerland which means "a farmer".

98. Sommer, This is one of the common last names which means "summer".

99. Vogel, This is one of the ancient last names which means "a bird catcher".

100. Vogt, This refers to "a lawyer".

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