150+ Last Names That Are Amazing First Names For Your Girl Child

Cora Lydon
Dec 12, 2023 By Cora Lydon
Originally Published on Aug 19, 2020
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Looking for new, original, and unique names for girls?

Why not take inspiration from some interesting last names? Since names for girls have become quite common, opting for last names as first names is becoming a trend.

If you're looking for an adorable name, there is typically a vast choice of last names to select as your daughter's first name. When you dabble in using the last name, you are also honoring your family's legacy.

It is a beautiful way of staying connected to your roots while opting for a unique name that stands out from the crowd. Here are some lovely girls' names for your newborn.

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Few Exceptional Last Names as First Names for Girls

A few of the last names you heard can also exceptionally be used as first names for your girls. These surnames come from different origins and have beautiful meanings that would suit the personality of your girl. Here are some of the best last names you can use as perfect first names for your baby girls.

  • Adler (Origin, German ) means "Eagle".
  • Ainsley (Origin, Scottish) means "Solitary clearing".
  • Allison (Origin, French) means "Noble".
  • Bailey (Origin, English) means "Bailiff" or "sheriff" or "marshall".
  • Blair (Origin, Celtic) means "From the plain lands".
  • Brooke (Origin, English) means "a small stream".
  • Cassidy (Origin, Irish) means "Clever or Curly Haired".
  • Casey (Origin, Irish) means "Alert" and "watchful person"
  • Collins (Origin, Irish) means "Holly".
  • Davis (Origin, English) means "Son of David" or "beloved".
  • Dempsey (Origin, Irish) means "proud".
  • Delaney (Origin, English) means "An angel from heaven".
  • Eden (Origin, Hebrew) means "a place of pleasure" or "delight".
  • Ellington (Origin, English) means "Ellis’s town".
  • Emerson (Origin, English) means "Brave, powerful" or "Child of Emery".
  • Fallon (Origin, Irish) means "the one in charge" or "powerful".
  • Farren (Origin, Irish) means "person who loves adventures".
  • Finley (Origin, Scottish) means "A truthful warrior".
  • Halston (Origin, English) means "the holy stone".
  • Hamilton (Origin, Scottish) means "belongs to the noble clan".
  • Hartley (Origin, English) means "deer meadow".
  • Jamison (Origin, Scottish) means "Son of James".
  • Joyce (Origin, English, Norman) means "Joyous" or "Lord".
  • Kennedy (Origin, Gaelic) means "Guarded chief or leader".
  • Landry (Origin, German) means "Fatherland" or "rich person" or "powerful being".
  • Lennon (Origin, Irish) means "Dear one" or "Sweetheart".
  • Maddock (Origin, Welsh) means "Good".
  • Malone (Origin, Irish) means "A disciple of Saint John".
  • Murphy (Origin, Irish) means "A sea warrior".
  • Palmer (Origin, English) means ‘One who returned from a pilgrimage.
  • Payson (Origin, English) means "Son of peace".
  • Presley (Origin, English) means "Priest".
  • Raddix (Origin, American) means "New Beginnings".
  • Ramsey (Origin, English) means "Wild garlic" or "strip of an island in a fen"
  • Reagan (Origin, Irish) means "The Little King" or "A Royal Being".
  • Reeve (Origin, English) means "Officer’ or ‘Steward".
  • Shanley (Origin, English) means "From the hollowed field".
  • Sullivan (Origin, Irish) means "Someone who is hawk-eyed" or "a dark-eyed person".
  • Swayze (Origin, German) means "Swiss".
  • Tinsley (Origin, English) means "Tinny’s meadow".
  • Torrance (Origin, Irish, Gaelic) means "Little Hills".
  • Vaughn (Origin, English) means "Little".
  • Walker (Origin, English) means "Cloth walker".
  • West (Origin, English, German) means "Someone from the West".
  • Whitney (Origin, English) means "White island".

Gender Neutral Last Names that make Best First Names

With all these names in place, nowadays, parents use even androgynous last names as their baby girl's first name. They are classier, impactful, and obviously stylish. The surname makes no difference between boy or girl and is neutral showcasing equality through last names for girls.

  • Adair (Origin, Scottish, English) means "Rich" "prosperous" or "from British royal family".
  • Adley (Origin, German) means "Eagle".
  • Afton (Origin, Scottish) means "River".
  • Arden (Origin, English) means "Valley of the eagle".
  • Auden (Origin, English) means "An Old friend".
  • Baker (Origin, English, Scottish) means "Sweet smell from the oven".
  • Banks (Origin, English) means "One who lives near the river".
  • Bellamy (Origin, French) means "Beautiful friend".
  • Bowie (Origin, Scottish, Irish) means "Blond, music lover".
  • Brogan (Origin, Irish) means "Irish name of a saint, king".
  • Channing (Origin, English, Old French) means "Young wolf".
  • Chesney (Origin, French) means "Oak grove".
  • Clarke (Origin, Irish) means "Clerk".
  • Ellington (Origin, English) means "Ellis's town".
  • Flannery (Origin, Irish) means 'Descendant of the Red Warrior' - the dark warrior.
  • Golden (Origin, Anglo-Saxon) means "One with bright golden hair".
  • Huntley (Origin, English) means "Meadow of the hunter".
  • Isley, Eisele (Origin, English, German) means "Blacksmith".
  • Jackson (Origin, English) means "Jack's son".
  • Jordan (Origin, Hebrew) means "to flow downward".
  • Kinsley (Origin, English) means "king's clearing".
  • Layton (Origin, English) means "From the meadow town".
  • Lewis (Origin, English) means "famous fighter" or "war warrior".
  • Madigan (Origin, Irish) means "Little dog".
  • Mason (Origin, French) means "Stone maker".
  • Miller (Origin, English, German, Irish) means "one who works in grain mills".
  • Mitchell (Origin, English) means "Like the Lord" .
  • Monroe (Origin, Scottish, Irish surname) means "Mouth of the river Roe".
  • Oliver (Origin, French, Spanish) means "the olive tree" or "peaceful".
  • Payson (Origin, English) means "son of peace".
  • Perry (Origin, English) means "One who dwells by a pear tree".
  • Quimby (Origin, Norse, Irish) means "from the woman's estate".
  • Ryan (Origin, Irish) means "the little king" .
  • Ripley (Origin, English) means "Strip of land".
  • Rooney (Origin, Irish) means "successor of the champion".
  • Sinclair (Origin, French) means "Pure, Eminent".
  • Sterling (Origin, English) means "Of best quality".
  • Tate (Origin, Scottish) means "delight" or "pleasure".
  • Taylor (Origin, Anglo-French) means "Cloth cutter" in medieval times.
  • Wilder (Origin, German) means "wild".
  • Windsor (Origin, English) means "River with a winch".
  • Yancy (Origin, American) means "One who lives in the US".

Last Names for Girls that are Excellent First Names

Some of the last names can be used beautifully as first names for your baby girls to give a unique and fancy edge. The meanings of these names range from nature-based 'meadows' to strong personality-based meanings like "Noble" too.

  • Arley (Origin, English) means "Hare meadow".
  • Ashley (Origin, English) The surname means "an ash tree meadow".
  • Brady (Origin, Irish) means "Highly spirited, enthusiastic".
  • Briley (Origin, British) means "Strong" or "Noble".
  • Chanel (Origin, French) means "Channel" or "Canal".
  • Conley (Origin, Irish) means "Chaste" or "Untouched".
  • Connelly (Origin, Irish) means "A fierce little girl with valor like a hound".
  • Courtney (Origin, French) means "Courteous".
  • Ellis (Origin, English) means "The lord is my god".
  • Emery (Origin, German) "Strength of the house".
  • Griffin (Origin, Irish) means "Fierce warrior".
  • Hazel (Origin, English) means 'The hazel tree".
  • Jennings (Origin, English, Hebrew) means "God is merciful".
  • Kendall (Origin, English) means "The valley around the Kent river".
  • Lincoln (Origin, Old English) means "A town or city around a pool or lake".
  • Marley (Origin, English) means "Attractive wood".
  • Mavis (Origin, French) means "A bird with wonderful singing ability".
  • Oakley (Origin, English) means "Someone from the oak tree farm".
  • Preston (Origin, English) means "One who belongs to the priest's land".
  • Quinn (Origin, Latin) means "A girl who is twice more beautiful than rest".
  • Reagan (Origin, Irish) means "The little king"
  • Ridley (Origin, English) means "Those who live near nature like trees, hills, streams".
  • Shanley (Origin, Irish) means "An old hero".
  • Shea (Origin, Gaelic) means "One who is genuinely admirable".
  • Shelley (Origin, English) means "The sloping meadow".
  • Waverly (Origin, English) means " A meadow filled with trees".

With these surname names, girls are sure to make their presence felt by having unique names.

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List of Surnames that Fit Perfectly as First Names for girls

With so many last names that work wonderfully for girls, let us check out a few baby names that fall in the androgynous category of names and are ideal first names for girls. These are definitely unusual names that stand out in the crowd.

  • Addison (Origin, English) means "The Son of Adam, the first man created".
  • Archie (Origin, German) means "Truly brave".
  • Avery (Origin, English) means "Ruler of the clan of elves."
  • Baara (Origin, Hebrew) means "The flame that cleans out".
  • Babette (Origin, French) means "My God is abundant".
  • Bailey (Origin, English) means "The one who keeps order in the space":.
  • Cadance (Origin, Latin) means "The one with rhythm".
  • Caelyn (Origin, Irish) means "Pure soul".
  • Casey (Origin, Irish) means "One who is attentive and alert".
  • Dacey (Origin, English) means "Belonging to the nobles".
  • Darcy (Origin, French) means "From the fortress".
  • Dillon (Origin, Irish) means "Trustworthy".
  • Earl (Origin, English, Arabic) means "One with a warrior-like spirit" or "A true friend".
  • Ebba (Origin, Scandinavian) means "Very strong".
  • Fabian (Origin, Roman, Italian) means "Belongs to bean grower family".
  • Fabrice (Origin, French) means "Belonging to the craftsman'.
  • Fadey (Origin, Slavic) means "A brave soul".
  • Flynn (Origin, Irish) means "One with reddish complexion".
  • Hayden (Origin, English) means "Fire".
  • Harley (Origin, English) means "From the fields of the hare".
  • Harper (Origin, English) means "One who sang heroic poetries".
  • Keagan (Origin, Irish) means "One who is a philosopher, a thinker".
  • Kelsey (Origin, Irish) means "A warrior".
  • Kerry (Origin, Irish) means "One who is dusky" or "One with dark hair".
  • Lacey (Origin, English) means "One who is from the lands of Lassy".
  • Lachlan (Origin, Scottish) means "One who comes from the region of lakes".
  • Ladee (Origin, English) means "Belongs to the bread kneader family".
  • Lee (Origin, English) means "A beautiful meadow".
  • Mabon (Origin, Welsh) means "The son of the Divine".
  • Macaulay (Origin, Scottish) means "The son of Amhalghadh".
  • Mace (Origin, French, English) means "A weapon".
  • Mackenzie (Origin, Scottish) means "Daughter of the wise or knowledgable person".
  • Morgan (Origin, Welsh) means "One who is sea-born".
  • Penn (Origin, English) means "A hill".
  • Quinn (Origin, Celtic) means "Sage like" or "wise being".
  • Remi (Origin, French) means "One who rows boat".
  • Shelby (Origin, English) means "From the land of the ledge".
  • Sheridan (Origin, Celtic) means "Someone who cannot be tamed" or "A Free-spirited soul".
  • Twinkle (Origin, American) means 'Someone who lights up like stars'.
  • Wallace (Origin, German) means "One who rules keeping peace at heart".
  • Willow (Origin, Old English) means "Willow tree" or "Freedom" or "Elegance" or "graceful".
  • Winter (Origin, German) means "The time of water".
  • Vara (Origin, Greek) means "Butterfly".
  • Vesper (Origin, Latin) means "an evening star" or "bright like a star".
  • Zara (Origin, English) means "A princess - a variation of Czar".
  • Zeta (Origin, Hebrew) means "Olive".
  • Zofi (Origin, Greek) means "Absolute wisdom".

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