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 funny names for a baby boy or daughter
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Weird names like Ben Burger, Oliver Loser, Chris Bacon, Justin Dover, Mike Rose, Peter Batman, Pearl Fish, Royal Tokyo, Harry Summer, and Rose Friday will certainly make you go LOL.

Every family strives to look for a post on fun names that a newly born baby could be called, which is related to the birth sign or some family traditions. This is the reason that baby names which sounds like fun are preferred by parents.

Read on for some really funny names for a baby boy or daughter.

Funny Male First Names

Boys are the ones who get caught up in all this easily. Here is the list of names that will make you laugh:

Aaron (Indian origin), meaning ‘monstrous’, is a funny name if you try to speak it loud.

Adolf Lu Hitler Rangsa Marak (Indian origin) is the name of a person from Meghalaya and is funny because no one would like to have his name after Hitler.

Bhalu (Indian origin), meaning ‘bear’, is used to describe a person with hair on his body in India.

Billion (Unknown origin), meaning ‘a number’, is definitely one of the funny names because who would like to have a number as their name.

Bodhi (Indian origin) means ‘someone who came back from his lost world’. One of the funny names.

Chotu (Indian origin), meaning ‘small’, is a very commonly used name but a very funny name.

Circuit (Indian origin), meaning ‘a friend with solution’, is a funny name but a really important one if you have seen the movie MBBS.

Dhakkan (Indian origin), meaning ‘lid’, is used to describe a person who is foolish in India.

Dumbo (Indian origin), meaning ‘dumb’, is a name commonly used by siblings for one another.

Golu (Indian origin), meaning ‘round’, in Hindi is another funny name and sometimes offensive for some people.

Ladoo (Indian origin), meaning ‘someone who is round in physical appearance’, is the funniest name one can get as a nickname for a funny baby.

M.G. Cholera (Indian origin) is the name of a doctor in a small town in India whose parents chose either the wrong name or the wrong profession for him.

Macha (Indian origin), meaning ‘brother’, is a Tamil word used like a bro in English but some parents give this name to their funny baby.

Modi Sarkar (Indian origin) was used by someone who is a great fan of the Indian PM.

Munna (Indian origin), meaning ‘sweet and cute’, is often used for kids but it’s really embarrassing sometimes.

Napoleon Einstein (Indian origin) is such a contradictory name because both are famous for what they did.

Pappu (Indian origin), meaning ‘very dumb’, in Hindi catches the attention of everyone very quickly.

Tapori (Indian origin), meaning ‘wanderer’, is used to describe someone who has no place to live.

Tinku (Indian origin), meaning ‘sweet’, is one of the most embarrassing names if said in front of friends.

Tubelight (Indian origin), meaning ‘source of light’, is used for a person who takes his own time to understand things.

Funny Jewish First Names

After seeing a person with the name, Hitler, let's see what Jewish people have got. They might not seem so funny but you might want to have those names. Here you go:

Carmi, meaning ‘vineyard’, is a funny name as to why someone would like to have a name with such a meaning.

Dov, meaning ‘bear’, is for someone who has a lot of hair or someone who is chubby.

Eban, meaning ‘stone’, is another funny name given by a parent.

Edom, meaning ‘red-haired’, is another name which you can get even if it's not true.

Itzak, meaning ‘someone who laughs’, is obviously an unusual name for a young baby.

Kehat, meaning ‘weak or faint’, is something that shouldn’t be used to tease.

Korach, meaning ‘blad’, is a perfect name if you have no hair on your head.

Nir, meaning ‘field that is plowed’, can be taken in a wrong way if not explained.

Obed, meaning ‘servant’, is another funny name even though it shouldn't be.

Saul, meaning ‘borrowed’, is another name that you can choose.

Sivan means ‘the ninth month’, is an interesting name.

Tzvi, meaning ‘deer’, is a name that no one would like to associate with an animal.

Yaakov, meaning ‘supplanter’, is a funny name.

Zalmon, meaning ‘shady’, is a name from which you will definitely want to run away.

Ben Dover and Young Batman are interesting names that you are free to call your son.

Funny Girl First Names

Naming girls is the best thing because one can easily play around with a lot of names and make it quite funny. Now, you will find a list of funny names for girls which you should avoid calling them.

Abha (Hindi origin), meaning ‘rays of light or pretty’, is a good name but funny because of how it is said.

Aileen (Scottish origin), meaning ‘light’, is a good name but weird in the way it is pronounced.

Bambi in particular does not have any origin and meaning but seems funny for calling.

Bon Qui Qui (French origin), meaning ‘something that dictates child abuse’, has been banned by the government as a name.

Bulbul (Indian origin), meaning, ‘a bird’ in India, is used for those who blabber a lot.

Chipmunk (Ottawa origin), meaning ‘a squirrel’, is a sweet and comical name.

Coo Coo has no literal meaning but is similar to the bird cuckoo.

Coriander (Phoenician origin), meaning ‘a plant with flavor’, is not such a famous first name. Names like this can be an interesting choice to call a daughter for her entire life.

Daisy (Old English origin), meaning ‘white spring flower’, is another baby girl name which is not at all famous as the first name.

Giggles, meaning ‘laugh’, is itself funny, what else does one need?

Gudiya (Indian origin), meaning ‘a doll’, is a sweet and funny name for a girl.

Melodie (Greek origin), meaning ‘music’, is another funny name as you can resonate with it.

Muzzie has no literal meaning as such, but is funny to call a friend by this name.

Nadetta (German origin), meaning ‘bravery of a bear’, is a beautiful name and funny at the same time.

Pigtail (American origin), meaning ‘two pony hairstyle’, is a humorous name, given its description.

Seeley (Old French origin), meaning ‘very happy person’, is a funny name, just try to say it.

Shabooboo (African origin), meaning ‘nice pair of butt-cheeks’, needs no explanation why it is funny.

Sissie (Welsh origin), meaning ‘who is blind’, is not funny when you look at its meaning.

Whoopie (English origin), meaning ‘pleasure’, is the funniest name in all senses.

Funny Italian First Names

Italians are some of the funniest people in the world. Help yourself with some funny Italian names below.

Carogna (Italian origin), meaning ‘cheating boy’, is a perfect name for someone who ditched a girl.

Cicognone (Italian origin), meaning ‘tall guy’, is another most common name across the world in different languages but it never seizes to make you laugh.

Galletta (Italian origin), meaning ‘flirtatious girl’, is needed for our Galletto or else it will be a one-sided love story and there will be several heartbreaks.

Galletto (Italian origin), meaning ‘one who flirts a lot’, is the playboy or the player of the group as we say among friends and someone who has a lot of girlfriends.

Gallinella (Italian origin), meaning ‘silly girl’, is a commonly used word for a girl who acts stupid in Italy.

Mastrolindo (Italian origin), meaning ‘bald’, is a famous name for one with no hair on the head and is quite famous across the world.

Mommo (Italian origin), meaning ‘dumb’, is a very funny name and shouldn’t be confused with what we eat.

Pinocchio (Italian origin), meaning ‘liar’, is another famous cartoon character and I believe that everyone has watched it at least once in life.

Pippa (Italian origin), meaning ‘someone who is good for nothing’, is just a slang used often by a lot of people randomly on multiple occasions.

Scemo (Italian origin), meaning ‘dumb’, is similar to Mommo if you don't like that name.

Schiappa (Italian origin), meaning ‘bum’, is the most hilarious name that one can come across.

Scimmione (Italian origin), meaning ‘big dumb guy’, is pronounced as ‘shimmione’.

Sorcia (Italian origin), meaning ‘dirty boy’, can actually mean a lot of things, just needs a good context.

Tappo (Italian origin), meaning ‘short height, is another hilarious name.

Tarzan (Italian origin), meaning ‘someone with long hair’, is a very famous cartoon character if you want some ideas.

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