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The Best 200+ Baby Nicknames That Are Cute, Funny, And Silly

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Baby nicknames are important as family and friends may continue to use the pet names for kids even when they get older.

Babies deserve cute, funny, and silly nicknames and if you are getting ready to have a baby, there are some baby nicknames you should keep in mind. You need to choose the cutest baby nicknames to show your child just how adorable they are.

Although coming up with baby nicknames may seem like an easy task, it certainly isn't a walk in the park. You need to consider how you want your either your baby boy or baby girl to be called.

We are here to guide you through over 200 baby names which are cute, silly, and funny nicknames for your baby that will make you blush every time you call them. You can take a look at our Top 50 Cute Names That Mean Sweet and 110+ Great And Cute Nicknames For Friends.

Cute Nicknames For Baby Whilst You Are Pregnant

Don't wait until you give birth, you can start naming your baby with cute nicknames before you give birth.

1. Apple Dumpling, (U) a cute baby name suitable for moms that craved apple dumplings during pregnancy.

2. Babylon, (U) a cute child.

3. Baby Bugaboo, (F) a way to let your child know that you've got her back.

4. Baby Buggie, (U) is mostly used In Montana.

5. Baby Hobbit, (M) if you love fictional characters, this is a sweet name for your baby.

6. Baby Melon, (U) a cute uncommon name.

7. Beautiful one, (U) one of the best ways to show how beautiful your baby is.

8. Brownies, (U) brownies are one of the cute nicknames for grandchildren.

9. Bubula, (U) Yiddish means "sweetheart".

10. Butterbutt, (U) babies are so cute and soft that they almost feel like butter.

11. Buttkiss, (U)

12. Companion, (U) It makes a lot of sense if you name your baby girl or boy companion.

13. Cuddle, (U) babies are so adorable that you just want to cuddle them.

14. Cutie patootie, (U) the nickname for kids means adorable.

15. Dollface, (F) children have a pretty and smooth face, which is why they are called dollface.

15. Firecracker, (U)

16. Fish stick, (U) a funny nickname given to babies.

17. Future Rockstar, (U) babies act like rock stars.

18. Future President, (U) this one is pretty obvious. Every parent would love their child to become a president.

19. Fievel, (M) a cute character from the animation 'An American Tale'.

20. Flutters, (U)

21. Handsome man, (M) " my handsome man" is a popular name in different countries. It is a charming way to call your baby boy.

22. Hooligan, (M) cute funny name for your child.

23. Honeysuckle, (F)

24. Itty bitty bug, (U) gotten from season 6, episode 2 of Barney & Friends.

25. John Wayne, (M) starred in several western films.

26. Lil' Kicker, (U)

27. Lil' Bird, (U), babies are free like a bird.

28. Lil' Bum, (U)

29. Lil' Chick, (F)

30. Lil' Chunk, (U)

31. Lil' Fatty, (U), cute and chubby babies can be called lil'fatty.

32. Lil' Ham, (U)

33. Little Bloop, (M)

34. Little Drummer, (U) babies enjoy mimicking playing the drum.

35. Little Goober, (U)

36. Little Lady Bug, (F), one of the most loveable and cute pet names for girls.

37. Little Meatball, (U) chubby babies look like loveable meatballs.

38. Little Tuna, (U)

39. Lone Ranger, (M) a 2013 action/ western movie.

40. Magic Bean, (U) derived from 'Jack The Giant Slayer', it simply means a child growing up fast.

41. Minibuns, (U)

42. Mini Toot, (U)

43. My Darling, (U) perhaps one of the most popular nicknames for your baby.

44. My Dumpling, (U) dumping is a type of dish, and calling your baby dumpling is cute and funny.

45. Nanouk, (F) a type of beautiful flower.

46. Neon, (U)

47. Noogie, (U)

48. Oh Joy, (U) an exclamation that you are happy about something.

49. Snookums, (U) a name used to show love to a child.

50. Smushface, (U)

Cute Nicknames For Baby Girls

Nicknames for baby girls can reflect how sweet they are.

Are you expecting a baby girl? A cute nickname is what you give your baby girl to show them how special they are. You can decide to give cute baby names to your baby based on her smile, looks, or beautiful eyes.

51. Adorable, cute nickname to show your baby girl how adorable she is.

52. Almond Joy

53. Angel, babies are seen as angels because of how beautiful and innocent they look.

54. Angel Cake

55. Angel Eyes, a perfect nickname for a baby girl with beautiful eyes.

56. Angel Face, a pet name you can give your child that has a cute and innocent face.

57. Ankle Biter

58. Apple, almost everyone loves apple. It's sweet to call your baby apple.

59. Apple Pie, is your baby sweet like a pie?

60. Baby Girl, your baby is your baby girl, hence, the nickname.

61. Baby Shark, derived from the popular song by Pinkfong.

62. Babykins

63. Bambina

64. Banana Bread, your baby is sweet and charming and deserves to be called something sweet like banana bread.

65. Banana Muffin, sweet like your favorite muffin.

66. Blackberry, berries are sweet like babies.

67. Blondie, if your baby has blonde hair, you can call her blondie.

68. Bloomer

69. Blossom

70. Blue Eyes, babies with blue eyes are so beautiful that you can't resist calling them this cute name.

71. Chipmunk, the pet name chipmunk has always been in existence but was made famous by the movie 'Alvin and the Chipmunks.'

72. Chocolate, a cute, funny name to call your baby.

73. Chocolate Chip, babies are sweet like chocolate chips.

74. Chrysanthemum

75. Chubbs

76. Chubby Checkers

77. Chubby Cheeks, a nickname for a baby with chubby cheeks.

78. Chuckles, the sound of a baby's laughter.

79. Chunky Monkey

80. Coco Puff, sweet name for a child.

81. Cookie, sweet like cookies.

82. CupCake, one of the most common nicknames given to girls.

83. Cuddle Bunny, shows how affectionate you are about your baby girl.

84. Daffodil, beautiful babies that glow deserve to be called daffodil.

85. Dahlia

86. Daisy, one of the cute nicknames for little girls.

87. Dandelion

88. Desire, we all desire our children.

89. Delicious

90. Delight, we are delighted seeing our kids

91. Dimples, if your baby has dimples, it's cute to call her dimples.

92. Honey

93. Honey Bear

94. Honeybunch

95. Hot Cocoa

96. Little Bird

97. Little Egg, newborn babies are fragile like an egg.

98. Moon Flower

99. Peaches

100. Peach

101. Rainbow, every baby is as beautiful as the rainbow.

102. Red Velvet

103. Strawberry, babies are sweet like the fruit.

104. Sugar pie, one of the sweetest nicknames for daughters.

Cute Nicknames For Baby Boys

Nicknames for sons should be as cute as they are.

If you like popular nicknames like Scooby doo, chunky monkey, or cutie patootie, we've got you covered.

105. Bambino, one of the adorable nicknames for boys.

106. Bam Bam, one of the sweet baby boy nicknames.

107. Baby Bear, a nickname boys deserve.

108. Bear Cub, a nickname for agile babies.

109. Boop-Boop, cute baby boy nickname.

110. Bunny Boo, a lovely name for your boo (son).

111. Cabbage patch kid, this is a name given to a cute child.

112. Cheeks

113. Chickadee

114. Cupie-Doll

115. Clone, a cute name given to your baby boy who looks just like you.

116. Delicious, a sweet name for your yummy little boy.

117. Dot

118. Doodle

119. Duckling

120. Ginger

121. Fishie

122. Half-pint, for a cutie small baby boy.

123. Hazel Eyes, your baby boy with hazel eyes deserves this pet name.

124. Hobbit

125. Honey bunch

126. Huggy Buggy

127. Jelly Bean

128. Joey

129. Marshmallow, one of the cute nicknames for kids.

130. Nemo, from the animation 'Finding Nemo'.

131. Oopsie

132. Owlet

133. Panda, pandas are beautiful.

134. Pebbles, an adorable nickname for your baby.

135. Pony, kids love pony.

136. Puddin, shows how sweet your baby is.

137. Pumpkin, lovely nickname.

138. Rollie-Pollie, silly but cute.

139. Scooby-Doo, gotten from the animation "Scooby-doo".

140. Scrappy Doo, derived from Scooby-Doo, is also one of the cute baby nicknames to give your boy.

141. Scrappy

142. Shortcake, edible name.

143. Short Stack, beautiful name for your son.

144. Sleepy, for babies that sleep a lot.

145. Smiley, babies smile a lot.

146. Smoochey, lovely nickname.

147. Smooches, shows how much you want to smooch your baby's face.

148. Sweet boy, sweet nickname.

149. Snicker doodle, pretty name for a boy.

150. Snug-a-bug, lovely nickname.

151. Squishy, one of the sweetest nicknames for baby boys.

152. Sunny Delight, a nickname for babies with bright faces.

153. Sweetie, sweet name for your boy.

154. Sweet Pea, suitable for your sweet child.

155. Tater, among the sweet nicknames for baby boys.

156. Tater Tot, one of the funniest nicknames for baby boys.

157. Toehead, funny nickname for a baby boy.

158. Tadpole, small babies are called tadpoles.

159. Wiggle Bum, one of the most hilarious but adorable nicknames for baby boys.

160. Wiggle Worm, one of the adorable nicknames for boys.

161. Winnie The Poo, derived from the animation series.

Cute Gender-Neutral Nicknames

Do you need a gender-neutral nickname for your baby but don't know any? We've got interesting ones.

162. Addison, son of Adam.

163. Alex, man's warrior.

164. Ashley, meadow.

165. Avery, power.

166. Billy, resolute protector.

167. Casey, watchful.

168. Charlie, free man.

169. Dana, God is my judge.

170. Drew, strong and manly.

171. Eden, delight.

172. Erin, peace.

173. Fabian, bean grower.

174. Finley, fair laoch warrior.

175. Francis, Frenchman.

176. Frankie, Frenchman.

178. Glen, a narrow valley.

179. Gray, gray-haired.

180. Harley, hare's meadow.

181. Harper, harp player.

182. Hunter, one who hunts.

183. Jade, Jehovah has heard.

184. Jesse, the Lord exists.

185. Jordan, to flow down.

186. Keegan, a descendant of Aodhagán.

187. Kelly, bright-headed.

188. Kennedy, helmeted chief.

189. Kerry, dark-haired person.

190. Lane, a small path.

191. Logan, a descendant of the warrior.

192. London, fortress capital city.

193. Madison, mighty in battle.

194. Marley, pleasant seaside meadow.

195. Montana, mountain.

195. Nico, victorious people.

196. Oakley, meadow of oak trees.

197. Payton, fighting man's estate.

198. Riley, valiant.

199. Robin, bright, famous, and shining.

200. Scout, to listen.

201. Taylor, to cut.

202. Val, strong.

Kidadl has lots of great baby name articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for baby nicknames then why not take a look at 200+ Cutest Nicknames For Kids or something different like Italian Nicknames.

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