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Getting a suitable name for your little baby needs a lot of work.

Most parents look for a cute name for their baby. But then, parents wonder what if the name becomes too cutesy and does not match the personality of the baby.

Babies are sweet souls but they have a lot of personality in them as well. You might want to give your sweet soul a name meaning sweet as well as signifying confidence.

We have created a list of baby names that mean sweet or cute. These baby names have been selected from different languages and texts. We have also included sweet unisex baby names which one can give to their child if they do not want to go for gendered names.

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Cute Boy Names Meaning Sweet

If you are looking for a cute name for your sweet little baby boy, here is a list of boy names that mean sweet:

1.Abhivachan (Indian Origin) meaning “Sweet words”.

2.Abiq (Arabic Origin) meaning “sweet fragrance”.

3.Ace (Latin Origin) meaning “Unity.” Ace can also be used as a nickname for Aleksandar and is used to signify a person who excels in a certain sport.

4.Amolnam meaning “Pleasant”.

5.Anas (Lebanese Origin) meaning “Sweet Companion”.

6.Benedict (Latin Origin) meaning “blessed.” Benedict Cumberbatch is a famous British actor, popular for playing characters like Sherlock Holmes and Dr Strange.

7.Benjamin (English Origin) meaning “Favorite son”. Benjamin Franklin is known all over the world as one of the Founding Fathers of America.

8.Blazh (Norman Origin) meaning “A boy who is sweet”.

9.Dawsey (English Origin) meaning “sweet, soft”.

10.Desta (Ethiopian Origin) meaning “Happiness”. Aida Desta was an Ethiopian princess.

11.Deucalion (Greek Origin) meaning “sweet sailor”.

12.Drury (French Origin) meaning “sweetheart”.

13.Felix (Latin Origin) meaning “Happy and fortunate”.

14.Hannan (Arabic Origin) meaning “warm, sweet, tender”. Daniel Hannan is a famous British writer and journalist.

15.Ivan (Russain Origin) meaning “God’s sweet gift”.  The name of the protagonist in Disney movie, The One and Only Ivan. This name is also associated with Ivan the Terrible, the first Tsar of Russia.

16.Jarah (Hebrew Origin) meaning “honeycomb”. This Hebrew name is similar to the name Zarah, which means "radiance" and is a character in Dungeons & Dragons.

17.Lennan (Irish Origin) meaning “sweetheart”. The name sounds similar to John Lennon, the vocalist of the band, Beatles.

18.Madhuram (Indian Origin) meaning “Sweet person”.

19.Manju (Indian Origin) meaning “pleasant, sweet”.

20.Marleigh (English Origin) meaning “Pleasant wood”.

21.Miles (Latin Origin)meaning “grace”. This name is associated with alternate Spider-man after Peter Parker, going by the name Miles Morales.

22.Naaman (Hebrew Origin) meaning “sweet herbs”.

23.Namon (Hebrew Origin) meaning “the pleasantness of a person”.

24.Nectarios (Greek Origin) meaning “nectar”.

25.Neshvee (English Origin) meaning “sweet and pleasant human being”.

26.Quanah (Native American Origin) meaning “sweet smelling”.

27.Sliden (English Origin) meaning “Pleasant natured”.

28.Todor (Bulgarian Origin) meaning “pleasant gift from god”. Todor Kabakov is a Bulgarian-Canadian composer, producer, arranger and pianist based in Toronto, Ontario.

Cute Girl Names Meaning Sweet

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Your cute little girl needs a name that shows how cute she actually is. Here we present you with girl names that mean sweet.

29.Aline (Dutch Origin) meaning “lovely”.

30.Anika (Nordic Origin) meaning “sweetness of face”. This name is associated with a British and German singer-songwriter, musician, and poet.

31.Anwen (Welsh Origin) meaning “Sweet and most beautiful”.

32.Asel (Turkish Origin) meaning “Honey”.

33.Candy (English Origin) meaning “Sugary sweet”. Candy Devine is an American actress.

34.Darva (Slavic Origin) meaning “honeybee”.

35.Deborah (Hebrew Origin) meaning “sweet, diligent”. Deborah Kerr, the famous Scottish actress, carried this name.

36.Douce (French Origin) meaning “gentle, sweet”.

37.Dulcia (Latin Origin) meaning “sweet”.

38.Dulcie (Latin Origin) meaning “sweet”.

39.Dulcinea (Latin Origin) meaning “sweet”. The name is related to one of the characters from the famous book, Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes.

40.Eulalia (Greek Origin) meaning “sweet speaking”.

41.Habiba (African Origin) meaning “beloved, sweetheart.” Umm Habiba Ramla bint Abi Sufyan was a wife of Muhammad and, therefore, a mother of believers.

42.Honey (British Origin) means “sweet.” Honey Singh is the name of a famous Indian hip-hop singer.

43.Hulda (Hebrew Origin) meaning “sweet, lovable”.

44.Laia (Spanish Origin) meaning “Sweet-speaking”. This name is similar to Princess Leia, a protagonist from the Star Wars series.

45.Melina (Greek Origin) meaning “Little honey”.

46.Melissa (Greek Origin) meaning “honeybee.” This name is linked with Melissa, who is a Lebanese singer.

47.Mignon (French Origin) meaning “darling or cute”. This French name can be a very unique one for your daughter.

48.Myra (Greek Origin) meaning “sweet-smelling oil.”

49.Naamah (Hebrew Origin) meaning “Sweetness, grace, beauty.” This Hebrew name is quite unique and will make your daughter stand out.

50.Nazanin (Iranian Origin) meaning “sweetheart.” This name is associated with Nazanin Boniadi, a British actress and human rights activist.

51.Nemy (African Origin) meaning “sweet”.

52.Nidia (Greek Origin) meaning “possess sweetness”.

53.Pamela (English Origin) meaning “All honey”. It can be shortened to Pam. Pam is one of the sweetest nicknames to give your baby girl and is associated with Pam Beasley from The Office.

54.Pamnia (Italian Origin) meaning “little honey”.

55.Permilia (American Origin) “honey”.

56.Roanna (Latin Origin) meaning “sweet”. Roanna Wilson is a character from the famous TV show, In the Club.

57.Sadbh (Irish Origin) meaning “sweet, godly”.

58.Salome (Hebrew Origin) meaning “sweet”. Salome or Saloméis the name of a character in the New Testament. The Hebrew name may mean sweet but has a lot of power in it.

59.Vevina (Scottish Origin) “Sweet lady”.

60.Zusa (Yiddish Origin) “Sweet”.

Cute Unisex Names Meaning Sweet

You might be searching for baby names that does not lock in a specific gender for your child. These are a few baby names that are lovely and meaningful too:

61.Amla (Arabic Origin) meaning “Sweet by nature”. Hashim Mohammed Amlais a retired South African international cricket player.

62.Avery (English Origin) meaning “Ruler of elves”.

63.Baker (English Origin) meaning “Sweet smell”.

64.Billie (English Origin) meaning “Protector”. This name is linked with Billie Eilish, a popular American Singer and songwriter.

65.Chan (Cambodian Origin) meaning “Sweet smelling tree”. The name is associated with the famous actor, Jackie Chan.

66.Clemmy (Latin Origin) meaning “Gentle, sweet”.

67.Creasy (English and French Origin) meaning “Pleasant, kind”.

68.Jules (French Origin) meaning "Youthful". The name can be linked with Jules Verne, the classic sci-fi author.

69.Kai (welsh Origin) meaning “Calm ocean”. Kai Hiwatari is a popular character in the Beyblade series.  

70.Leslie (Scotland Origin) meaning “garden of holly”. Leslie Nielsen was a famous comedy actor.

71.Shirin (Armenia Origin) meaning “Charming, sweet”. Shirin David is a German rapper and former YouTuber.

72.Soma (Sanskrit Origin) meaning “Lunar nectar”.

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Names That Mean Sweet then why not take a look at Names That Mean Happy, or for something different take a look at German Girls Names.

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