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The Complete List Of Nautolan Names

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Remember Nautolans, the humanoid species from 'Star Wars'?

If you are fond of the 'Star Wars' sci-fi movie franchise, you must have come across the Nautolan amphibian humanoid species. Nautolans have hugely interesting and wide ranging names.

As per Nautolan naming traditions, the males and females equally tend to have first names which are one/two syllable long. Last names are common, but optional.

The Nautolans had a clear knack for adapting to, and surviving harsh environments, making these great names to adopt for your own characters. Why not give your character a Nautolan name to show their inner strength? Natuloans were also characterized by their peacefulness as a species. While Nautolans have not been users of the Force typically, Nautolan-force users have also been noted as existing throughout the media franchise.

o find out more about Nautolan names and their possible meanings, we suggest you continue to read on below. You won’t be disappointed at our well-rounded list of Nautolan names. Also, check out our lists of the best Ewok names and 'Star Wars' Bounty Hunter names.

Main Nautolan 'Star Wars' Names

Star Wars fans will love this list of Nautolans' names.

Find here a list of popular Nautolan names from both sexes –

1. Alys – name of a female Nautolan who was employed with the Galactic Republics’ Strategic Information Service at the time of the Cold War meaning “nobility/sweet”, abbreviated form of the word “Adalheidis”.

2. Brom – this one is the name of a male Nautolan who served for the Galactic Republic.

3. Bluuto – another male Nautolan who was residing on Rishi when the Galactic War broke out.

4. Besprun – name of a male logistics officer who was stationed at a Galactic Republic penal colony at Belsavis.

5. Bengel Morr – name of Jedi Master Orgus Din’s Padawan.

6. Chela Nayss – name of a female Nautolan who lived during the conquest of the Eternal Empire.

7. Chopper – name of a notorious male Nautolan criminal; meaning “a short axe with a long blade”.

8. Clariah – female Nautolan character and acquaintance of Lando Calrissian.

9. Camren – Nautolan major who served in the Galactic Republic army during the Galactic War; meaning “crooked nose”.

10. Cynner – Lord Lestra Oxic’s Nautolan employee.

11. Dossa – name of a female smuggler in the Nautolan community.

12. Dah’lis Stark – former Nautolan dancer.

13. Doowan – Nautolan male character who lived during the time of the Galactic Civil War.

14. Dagus Parral – Nautolan citizen of the Galactic Republic.

15. Denard Philo – name of a Nautolan male who lived on Coruscant at the time of the Cold War.

Male Star Wars Nautolan Names

Find the best male Nautolan name here.

We list below names of iconic Nautolan characters from the 'Star Wars' universe.

16. Eaden Vrill – name of a Nautolan co-pilot who served on Dash Rendar’s Outrider; meaning “delight”.

17. Ekayn Liistot – name of a Nautolan who lived duirng the Cold War.

18. Eyma – name of a Nautolan who served on the Civilian Protection Guild, meaning “strong”.

19. Fong Do – Nautolan character and inhabitant of the Coruscant underworld.

20. Garthrus – name of a Nautolan member belonging to the Twin Suns Pirates.

21. Grezor – name of a male colonel who served the re-organized Sith Empire at the time of the Cold War.

22. Hattak – name of a male corporal officer of the Galactic Republic who lived around the time of the Civil War.

23. Helik – name of a Nautolan character and diplomat from Aquella; meaning “Sun”.

24. Kit Fisto – name of a canon Jedi master.

25. Knox – name of an iconic Jedi Padawan, alive during the Clone Wars period.

26. Kazac – name of a Nautolan mercenary character who also belonged to InterStellar Regulators; meaning “to wander”.

27. Khoveri – name of a Jedi Consular and Jedi Master.

28. Kneely – name of a Nautolan captain who belonged to the Galactic Republic.

29. Lorro – ruler of the planet Aquella.

30. Lefry Kaonai – name of a Nautolan character who was part of the excavation team for the Deep Cradle on planet Voss.

Female Nautolan Names

You can find the first and last names of female Nautolan characters here.

31. Emlita – name of a Nautolan medium armor merchant.

32. Eawen Vrill – name of a Nautolan character and member of Salai Kasi.

33. Gallia – name of a Nautolan foreman, based on the name of a place in Western Europe.

34. Halsta Labiqon – name of a Jedi.

35. Karu – name of a Jedi who lived in Taris.

36. Kilindi Matako – name of a Nautolan student and attendee of the Orsis Academy.

37. Leeha Narezz – name of a Jedi Knight who served in the Jedi order.

38. Nat Lariats – name of a Jedi in the Old Jedi Order.

39. Notka – name of another Nautolan Jedi.

40. Parren – name of a Nautolan scientist and doctor.

41. Ria Deleru – name of a Nautolan citizen who lived around the time of the Great Galactic War.

42. Rayche Emperva – name of a Nautolan resident of Raider’s Cove.

43. Sabaya Liistot – name of yet another Nautolan resident who lived in the Civil War era.

44. Selia Antares – name of a Nautolan who served in the Galactic Republic army.

45. Sal Sor’Chan – name of a Nautolan who worked to advise and recruit for the Rebel Alliance.

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