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The Most Popular 101 Louisiana Baby Names

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The Louisiana state in the US Deep South is said to have a great French influence.

However, nowadays, Louisiana is called the melting pot of cultures. It hosts all kinds of cultures from French to Canadian to even modern American - everyone trying to define Louisiana as a whole.

A naming ceremony is the first celebration of a baby and one thing babies expect from their parents is a great name. Parents know that they have this responsibility to give a perfect name for their special child. Baby naming trends can differ depending on their culture, history of immigration, and indigenous peoples. But a child keeps their name close to their heart. Many parents wish to gift their child a multicultural name and for that, they often look into Louisiana baby names.  So, here are the lists of the 100 most popular baby names in Louisiana.

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Unique Louisiana Girls' Names

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Louisiana girls have one of the most unique names and for this reason, they bound to get popular after a while. Here, we present a small list of popular girl baby names in Louisiana:

1.Amelia (German Origin) meaning ‘work’. This name is associated more with actress Amelia Bullmore.

2.Angel (Greek origin) meaning ‘divine messenger, the messenger of God’.

3.Annie (English origin) meaning ‘gracious, full of grace’.

4.Ava (Latin origin) meaning ‘life; bird’. Popular because of the writer and director Ava DuVernay, who produced the famous Queen Sugar TV series.

5.Avery (German origin) meaning ‘king, power’. Actress Avery Phillips takes after this name.

6.Brandie (American origin) meaning ‘brandy’.

7.Bridget (English origin) meaning ‘strength, virtue’. Considered one of the common Louisiana names.

8.Bobbie (Greek origin) meaning ‘bright frame’.

9.Christy (English origin) meaning ‘follower of Christ’.

10.Dianne (American origin) meaning ‘divine’.

11.Elizabeth (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘God is my Oath’. This is one of the classic first names of all time with a royal touch.

12.Emma (German origin) meaning ‘universal’. Famously known actress Emma Watson of the classic Harry Potter franchise.

13.Eunice (Greek origin) meaning ‘good victory.'

14.Eula (Greek origin) meaning 'well-spoken'.

15.Glenda (Welsh origin) meaning 'holy and good'.

16.Gloria (Latin origin) meaning ‘glory’.

17.Harper (English origin) meaning “harp player’. The author of To Kill A Mockingbird Harper Lee is named after this word.

18.Hilda (German origin) meaning 'battle'.

19.Isabella (French origin) meaning 'God is my abundance'.

20.Irma (German origin) meaning 'world'.

21.Lillie (Hebrew origin) meaning 'purity'. Considered to be one of the trending baby names in Louisiana.

22.Lula (English origin meaning 'famous warrior'.

23.Mable (English origin) meaning 'lovable'.

24.Margie (English origin) meaning 'pearl'.

25.Olivia (Latin origin) meaning 'olive tree'. This name is associated with actress Olivia Holt.

26.Rhonda (English origin) meaning 'noisy'.

27.Rosie (Latin origin) meaning 'rose'.

28.Sophia (Greek origin) meaning 'wisdom'. Sophia Loren is a famous Italian actress.

Common Louisiana Boys' Names

Boy names should be cool and happening. Some of the most used baby boy names in Louisiana are mentioned below:

29.Alton (English origin) meaning ‘old town’.

30. Alvin (American origin) meaning ‘noble friend’. This name is associated with Alvin and the Chipmunks series.

31. Ashton (English origin) meaning ‘ash tree town’.  

32. Byron (English origin) meaning ‘from the barns’. Lord Byron was a famous English poet.

33. Carter (English origin) meaning ‘driver of a cart’. Popular actor Carter Jenkins has this name.

34.Clifton (English origin) meaning ‘settlement on a cliff’.

35. Dwayne (English origin) meaning ‘little one’. One of the popular boy names in Louisiana and is associated with the actor, Dwayne Johnson.

36. Derik (English origin) meaning ‘gifted ruler’.

37. Earnest (English origin) meaning ‘truthful’.

38. Elijah (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘famous bearer’. The much-acclaimed movie Lord of the Rings actor Elijah Wood has this name.

39. Freddie (German origin) meaning ‘peace’. Freddie Mercury was the vocalist of Queen, the defining rock band.

40. Grayson (English origin) meaning ‘son of the steward’. Golfer Grayson Murray eyes a shot here.

41. Herman (German origin) meaning ‘army man’.

42. James (English origin) meaning ‘one who follows’. Pictured as Houston Rockets guard James Harden.

43. Jessie (English origin) meaning ‘gift of God’.

44. John (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘God is gracious’. Famous singer/songwriter John Legend.

45. Liam (German origin) meaning ‘guardian’. This name is associated with actor Liam Hemsworth.

46. Lionel (English origin) meaning ‘lion’.

47. Luke (Latin origin) meaning ‘the bright one’. Star Wars character Luke Skywalker has this name and is known for defending the universe from Darth Vader.

48. Mason (English origin) meaning ‘stone worker’.

49. Milton (English origin) meaning ‘from the mill town’.

50. Morris (Latin origin) meaning ‘dark’.

51. Noah (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘rest’. Actor Noah Wyle carries this name.

52. Percy (French origin) meaning ‘pierce valley’.

53. Ricky (American origin) meaning ‘brave ruler’.

54. Roosevelt (Dutch origin) meaning ‘rose field’.

55. Sidney (French origin) meaning ‘Saint-Denis’. This name is derived from the city, Sydney, in Australia.

56. Tyrone (Irish origin) meaning ‘from the land of Eoghan’.

57. William (German origin) meaning ‘protection’. Definitely, one of the most popular names of all time and has been used by English authors like William Shakespeare or William Blake.

58. Wilson (English origin) meaning ‘desire’.

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Some Unique Louisiana Cajun Names For Girls

Cajuns are  French descendant Americans who mostly live in the coastal part of Louisiana. There are a lot of these names that are still being used today, especially in the southern part of Louisiana.  Have a look at the list of some common baby girl names used:

59. Abella  (French origin)  meaning 'breath'.

60. Aurelie (French origin) meaning 'golden'. This is one of the popular girl names in France and now in Louisiana as well.

61. Edmee (English origin) meaning  'prosperous protection'.

62. Noelie  (French origin)  meaning 'born at Christmas.'  It can be used to name a baby born at any time of the year.

63. Roseline (Spanish origin) meaning 'little rose'.

64. Sidonie (French origin) meaning 'from the city of Sidon'.  Sidon is considered to be one of the beautiful girl names in America.

65. Sylvie (Latin origin) meaning 'spirit of the wood'.  

66. Violette (Latin origin) meaning 'purple'. This pretty name is perfect for those who love the violet color.

67. Coraline (American origin) meaning 'free woman'. It’s a classic and elegant name and gives a unique feel.

Some New Orleans Names For Baby

The French descendant New Orleans gets its name from the Duke of Orleans. It is one of the important colonial cities which is famous for its history and culture. Here's a list of some such baby names in Louisiana.

68.Abigail (Hebrew origin) meaning 'joy of the father'.

69.Benjamin  (Hebrew origin) meaning 'son of my right hand'.

70.Chloe  (Greek origin) meaning 'blooming'.  

71.Connor  (Irish origin) meaning 'descendant of the hound'.  Connor baby names turn out to be nerdy and also athletic.

72.Daniel (Hebrew origin) meaning God is my judge'.

73.David (Hebrew origin) meaning 'beloved'. Can be associated with a popular personality and a legendary footballer, David Beckham.

74.Faith (English origin)  meaning 'trust; belief'.  

75.Gracie (English origin) meaning 'thanks'.

76.Jude (Latin origin) meaning 'praised'. Considered one of the saint names in new Orlean.

77.Kate (English origin) meaning 'pure'. Considered one of the short, sweet baby names.

78.Katherine (Greek origin) meaning  'pure'. It is a very popular name considering its spread right from actresses, singers, and queens.

79.Lillian (English origin) meaning 'innocence; beaut'. This name is derived from the flower, lily.

80.Nola (Latin origin) meaning 'kind one'. Nola is a very popular name in New Orleans.

81.Orlean (French origin) meaning 'golden' and is considered to be a gender-neutral name.

82.Savannah (American origin) meaning 'treeless plain'. They are one of the kindest souls you will ever find.

83.Serenity (French origin) meaning 'peaceful'.

84.Skyler (English origin) meaning 'scholar'. A great option for unisex baby names.

85.Taylor (English origin) meaning 'tailor'. One of the popular boy names in new Orlean.

Common Southern Names

Southerners are smart, hard-working people. They have strong family bonds and that is evident in such well-established names. So, if you want some Southern names for your child, here are some cool names that stand out in the crowd. So have a look at the list:

86. Annamae (English origin) meaning 'gift of God’.

87. Barbara (American origin)  meaning 'strange or foreign'. It is counted as one of the classic names in southern parts.

88. Beau (French origin) meaning 'beautiful; handsome'.

89. Betty (English origin)meaning 'God is my oath'.

90. Callie (Greek origin) meaning 'beauty.' It can be used as both- a boy and a girl's name.

91. Charles (German origin) meaning 'freeman; warrior'. It is considered to be quite a popular name since the evolution of mankind as you know the great Charles Darwin.

92. Hank (American origin) meaning 'ruler of the home'.

93. Hunter (English origin) meaning 'one who hunts'. It depicts its southern quality as well. Quite a strong name for a baby.

94. Jolene (American origin) meaning 'pretty'.

95. Loretta (Latin origin)meaning 'victory'.

96. Maribelle (Latin origin) meaning 'Beautiful Marie'.

97. Preston (English origin) meaning ‘From the Priest’s town'.

98. Travis (French origin) meaning 'crossroads; toll gate'. This name is used both as a surname and a first name

99. Waylon (English origin) meaning 'land by the road'.

100.Willow (English origin) meaning 'graceful'.

101.Wyatt (English origin) meaning 'brave'.

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Louisiana Names then why not take a look at French Boys Names, or for something different take a look at Elegant Girls Names.

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