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While naming your adorable little puppy is super exciting, it can also be a little challenging.

It is important for the name to not just be cute, but it should also highlight your dog's personality. And since your little buddy is brown, why not give it a name that suits not just his personality but also his color?

Bruno, meaning "Brown" in Old German, has been one of the brown dogs' most classic names. While it definitely fits, it also isn't the only cool brown dog name out there. There is a heap of adorable and unique names for your furry companion that will fit its personality perfectly. We have brought you a loving list of the best names for brown dogs.

For more dog names, regardless of whether or not you have a brown dog, take a look at French dog names, Japanese Dog Names and German Dog Names that we think you'll like!

Brown Dog Boy names

Male dog names that have a special meaning behind it are not pretty easy to find. Your new friend is going to be a part of your family, and he deserves to be called after a meaningful name. The list below will give you unique name ideas for your brown furry friend.

1.Agnus (Latin Origin) meaning “Christ.”

2.Beau ( French Origin) meaning “Handsome”.

3.Benji ( Hebrew Origin) meaning “Son of my right hand”. Benji can also be used as a nickname for the name Benjamin.

4.Bruin ( Dutch Origin), meaning “Brown”.

5.Caesar ( Latin Origin) meaning “Emperor.”

6.Chip ( English Origin) meaning “Man.”

7.Gunner ( Scandinavian Origin) meaning “Warrior.”

8.Harvey ( Welsh Origin) meaning “Blazing”.

9.Hawk ( English Origin) meaning “Violent”. A notable namesake in the Marvel Franchise would be the famous superhero, Hawk-Eye.

10.Jupiter ( Greek Origin), meaning “Blazing Star.”

11.Mars ( Latin Origin) meaning “God of War”. This name can also be linked with the famous American singer, Bruno Mars.

12.Nacho ( Spanish Origin) meaning “Dish name”.

13.Nola ( Irish Origin) meaning “Fair Shoulder.”

14.Oak ( German Origin) meaning “A tree”

15.Oso ( Spanish Origin) meaning “Bear”.

16.Quinn ( Irish Origin) meaning “Wisdom”. In the American series Glee, Quinn is also the protagonist's name.

17.Reef ( Dutch Origin) meaning “Rock Ridge.”

18.Reno ( Spanish Origin) meaning “Derived from Moreno.”

19.Rudy ( Polish Origin) meaning “Red hair.”

20.Rusty ( English Origin) meaning “Shabby.”

21.Scooby ( English Origin) meaning “Slang for a Dog”. The all-time favorite fictional dog, Scooby-Doo, is the reason why the name Scooby became so popular.

22.Skylar (American Origin ), meaning “Scholar”.

23.Sol ( Spanish Origin) meaning ”Sun.”

24.Sydney ( French Origin) meaning “Contraction”.

25.Tanner (English Origin) meaning “Worker”. If your dog is tan-colored then it's one of the punny brown dog names.

26.Woody ( American Origin), meaning “Wood Row”. Woody is a beloved character from the famous animated movie series, Toy Story.

Brown Dog Girl Names

A cute little Tibetan Mastiff puppy sitting on a little kid's lap

Female dogs can really help you reduce stress and anxiety. Before you look for a brown dog name, you might want to look at the breed. The right names given in the list of brown dogs names are going to match with their breed and personality:

27.Alaska (English Origin) meaning “Main Land”. Alaska is the protagonist's name in John Green's bestselling book, "Looking for Alaska". This name could be a great one fora brown and white dog.

28.Bella ( French Origin) meaning “Beautiful”. The lead female protagonist in the Twilight is named Bella Swan.

29.Blondie ( English Origin) meaning “Blond Person.”

30.BonBon (French Origin ) meaning “Good”. BonBon is also a chocolate-based confectionery that would make such an adorable name for your Chocolate Lab?

31.Butters (English Origin) meaning “Slippery.”

32.Carmel (Hebrew Origin) meaning “Vineyard of God”.

33.Casey (British Origin ) meaning “Vigilant”. Casey is a short form of the name Cassandra.

34.Chia (Italian Origin) meaning “Light.”

35.Coco (American Origin) meaning “Chocolate Bean”. This name is also associated with Coco Chanel, a famous French fashion designer who founded the brand, Chanel.

36.Delilah (Hebrew Origin) meaning “Delicate.”

37.Dolly (English Origin) meaning “Gift of God”. Dolly Parton is Grammy Award Winning American Singer and Song Writer.

38.Dove (American Origin) meaning “Bird of Peace”.

39.Dulce (Spanish Origin) meaning “Sweet.”

40.Fern (English Origin)meaning “Flowerless”.

41.Franny (English Origin)meaning “Frances.”

42.Goldie (English Origin) meaning “Made of gold”. Perfect names for brown dogs who are also golden.

43.Hazel (English Origin)meaning “Light brown”. Hazel Grace is the lead female protagonist in the famous book The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

44.June (Roman Origin), meaning “Younger one.”

45.Kiki (French Origin ), meaning “New beginning”. Kiki is the name of the main character from Studio Ghibli's famous animated movie, Kiki's Delivery service.

46.Latte (Italian Origin)meaning “Coffee and milk”. One of the cuter brown dog name ideas.

47.Melody (English Origin) meaning “Song Tune”.

48.Pumpkin (Greek Origin) meaning “Large melon”.

49.Scarlet (European Origin) meaning “Luxury”.

50.Sorrel (German Origin) meaning “Reddish brown”.

51.Wendy (English Origin) meaning “Friend”. A famous namesake would be Wendy Williams, a popular American TV host, and media personality.

52.Zoe (Greek Origin) meaning “Life”.

Gender Neutral Names For Dogs

Your four-legged little bundle of joy does not always require a gender-specific name. There are many names for brown dogs that can be a perfect name without specifying the gender.  Here is an exciting list of names for dogs that are brown and unisex:

53.Addison (English Origin) meaning “Son of Adam”.

54.Aiden (Irish Origin) meaning “Fiery”.

55.Andy (English Origin)meaning “Brave”. This name can be linked with Andy Samberg, the lead actor in the beloved American sit-com series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

56.Ari (Hebrew Origin) meaning “Lion”. A unique name for when your brown dog is a little lion.

57.Ariel (Hebrew Origin) meaning “Lion of God”.

58.Ash (English Origin) meaning “Glow”. Ash Ketchum is the main protagonist from the popular anime, Pokemon.

59.Avery (French Origin)meaning “King”.

60.Billie (English Origin) meaning “Resolute Protection”. Billie Eilish is a world-famous 17-year-old Grammy Winner singer.

61.Bobbie ( Greek Origin)meaning “Strange”.

62.Brogan (Irish Origin ) meaning “Badger”.

63.BrownBear (English Origin) meaning “Brown Colored Bear”.

64.Cameron (Scottish Origin) meaning “Crooked nose”. This name has multiple famous namesakes such as Cameron Diaz, Cameron Boyce, Cameron Dallas, and Dove Cameron.

65.Cassidy ( Irish Origin) meaning “Clever”.

66.Cory (Greek Origin) meaning “In a Hollow”.

67.Dallas (English Origin) meaning “Meadow”.

68.Frankie (English Origin) meaning “French”.

69.Hayden (English Origin) meaning “Heathen".

70.Jerry ( English Origin) meaning “Ruling Spear”. Jerry is named after a popular cartoon series, Tom & Jerry.

71.Jordan (Hebrew Origin) meaning “The One Who Descends”. This name can be associated with Micheal Jordan, a legendary American basketball player.

72.Paris (Greek Origin ) meaning “Paris City”.

73.Raz (Hebrew Origin) meaning “Secret”.

74.Ryan ( English Origin) meaning “Little kid”. Ryan Reynolds is a worldwide famous Canadian actor.

75.Shane(Yiddish Origin) meaning “Beautiful”.

76.Toby (Hebrew Origin) meaning “Good is Good”.

77.Tori (English Origin) meaning “Winner”. Tori can also be used as a nickname for Victoria.

78.Yoshi (Japanese Origin) meaning “Respectful”.

Food Related Dog Names

If you are a foodie who would want to name your adorable brown dog something funny yet memorable, you can look at the list below to find brown dog name ideas that are yummy food-related.

79.BrownSugar ( English Origin)meaning “A type of Sugar”.

80.Cheesecake (Greek Origin) meaning “A tart made of cream and soft cheese”.

81.ChocolateChip(English Origin) meaning “Chips of Chocolate”.

82.Cookie (Dutch Origin) meaning “Small Little Cake”. Cookie is also the name of an adorable dog from the popular video game series, Animal Crossing.

83.Éclair (French Origin) meaning “Flash of lightning”.

84.Mocha (Yemen origin) meaning “Fine Coffee”. This is a cocoa coffee drink.

85.Mochi (Japanese Origin ) meaning “Rice Treat”.

86.Noodle ( English origin) meaning “Turd”.

87.Nutella ( English origin) meaning “Nut”.

88.Oreo (French Origin) meaning "Wonderfilled". It's a wonderful name for a brown and white dog.

89.Souffle ( French Origin) meaning “To Puff”.

90.Sushi (Japanese Origin)meaning “Sour Rice”.

91.Truffle (French Origin ) meaning “Swelling”.

92.Waffle (German Origin) meaning “HoneyComb”.

Light Brown Dog Names

Two adorable brown dogs running in the field

Light brown dogs seem like they bring sunshine to our lives. In general, they are said to bring prosperity and sheer comfort. What would you like to name your furry little ball of sunshine? You might prefer a one of the light brown dog names from the list below.

93.Almond(French origin) meaning “Nut”.

94.Amber (Arabic Origin)meaning Jewelry, Amber Colour”. This name may also be linked with Amber Rose, a famous American TV personality, actress, and model.

95.Bacon (German Origin) meaning “To Fight”.

96.Bay (French origin) meaning “Gulf”.

97.Bayla (British Origin) meaning “Bailiff”.

98.Bear (English Origin) meaning “The Brown One”.

99.Beige (French Origin) meaning “Woolen fabric”. Also, the name of a color that denotes a faint, light shade of brown.

100.Brick ( English Origin) meaning “Ceramic”.

101.Buck ( English origin) meaning “Dollar”.

102.(Greek origin) meaning “To Cover” This name originates from the Greek goddess-nymph of the mythical island of Ogygia, Calypso.

103.Chestnut (Greek Origin) meaning “Nut”.

104.Clay (English Origin)meaning “Mud”. Clay is the name of the protagonist in the Netflix Series called "13 Reasons Why."

105.Copper (Latin Origin) meaning “Cyprus Metal”.

106.Daffodil ( English Origin) meaning “Flower”.

107.Fleur (French origin) meaning “Flower”. Fleur de Elis is the most famous tune in the music industry.

108.Franny (English origin) meaning “Short for Frances”.

109.Ginger (French origin) meaning “Pungent aromatic fragrance”.

110.Heidi (German Origin) meaning “nobility”. This name is associated with the famous German actress, Heidi Klum.

111.Honeybear ( English Origin) meaning “Sweet Bear”.

112.Ivory (English origin ) meaning “Elephant Tooth”.

113.Khaki ( Urdu Origin) meaning “Dust”. The color, Khaki, indicates a very light shade of brown with a tinge of yellow.

114.Summer (English origin) meaning “Summer Season”.

115.Tawny (English Origin) meaning “Golden Brown”. Tawny Jordan is a famous Australian model.

116.Tern (Norse origin) meaning “Sea sallow”.

117.Tuscan (Italian Origin) meaning “Belonging to Tuski”. This name comes from the word Tuscany, a region in Central Italy.

118.Winter (English origin) meaning “Winter Season, Renewal”. It is a great name for light brown dogs with white spots.

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