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Top 130 Best Country Dog Names

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Dogs with country names have a certain homely feeling that is really special.

Dogs are the most common pets around the world, they are known for their unwavering loyalty and cuteness. With so many options it can be difficult to pick a fitting name for your dog.

Dogs were domesticated around 15,000 years ago and ever since then, we have adored and loved these wonderful creatures. Did you know in the United States alone there are close to 75 million pet dogs? Country dogs in particular are also sought after by directors and producers for movies; we all love the adorable Akita Inu breed dog in 'Hachi', right?

We have made the process of choosing a dog name easier for you by giving you the list of the 130 best country dog names. The list also has meanings for each name to make the decision making process much easier for you. Among the most popular country dog names are Molly, Max, Sam, Zach, and Maggie. Discover these names and more in this list of the best country names for dogs.

For more dog name ideas, take a look at these big dog names and these brown dog names.

Country Male Dog Names

Here is a list of cool country boy dog names for your country boy dogs. This list includes the meaning of each name and its origin to make your search for country dog names easier.

1. Abbott (English Origin), meaning "head of a monastery."

2. Albert (German Origin), meaning "happy and calm."

3. Alex (English Origin), meaning "defender of mankind."

4. Alfred (English Origin), meaning "old peace", this is a particularly lovely country dog name.

5. Aloha (Hawaiian Origin), this dog name means "love."

6. Andy (English Origin), meaning "God of wind."

7. Arnold (German Origin), meaning "power of an eagle."

8. Barnard (English Origin), a combination of “bear" and "hard.”

9. Baron (English Origin), used to describe a member of British nobility.

10. Bertrand (French Origin), meaning "intelligent."

11. Bradley (English Origin), meaning "broad meadow or clearing among trees."

12. Charlie (English Origin), meaning "free man."

13. Cody (Irish Origin), meaning "helpful."

14. Cooper (English Origin), meaning "a barrel maker."

15. Duke (English Origin), meaning "son of the King."

16. Drew (Native American Origin), meaning "the strongest male in the pack."

17. Dylan (English Origin), meaning "son of the sea."

18. Eddie (English Origin), meaning "guardian of prosperity."

19. Felix (Swedish Origin), meaning "happy man."

20. Floyd (Welsh Origin), meaning "raindrops."

21. George (English Origin), meaning "farmer/tiller of the soil."

22. Gus (Irish Origin), meaning "smart, logical, funny."

23. Hank (English Origin), meaning "leader of the house."

24. Jake (English Origin), meaning "capable and determined."

25. Jax (English Origin), meaning "God has been gracious."

26. Marley (English Origin), meaning "meadow by the lake."

27. Moose (English Origin), meaning "beautiful on the inside."

28. Ollie (English Origin), meaning "symbol of longevity, peace, and perseverance."

29. Oscar (Scandinavian Origin), meaning "spear of God."

30. Rocky (English Origin), meaning "life, food, and home."

31. Sam (Hebrew Origin), meaning "chosen by God."

32. Shadow (English Origin), meaning "silhouette."

33. Sawyer (English Origin), meaning "a challenging individual."

34. Scooby (English Origin), meaning "gift of joy, love, and laughter."

35. Smokey (Native American Origin), meaning "the soul of the fire."

36. Toby (Hebrew Origin), meaning "God is good."

37. Toto (Italian Origin), meaning "naughty kid."

38. Tucker (Old English Origin), meaning “to torment.”

39. Vincent (English Origin), meaning "conqueror or to conquer."

40. Wilson (English Origin), meaning "message from God."

Maltese dog sits on a blanket

Country Girl Dog Names

Here is a list of country dog names for your countryside-loving female dogs. Again, this list includes the meaning and origin of each name to make your search that little bit easier.

41. Ada (Turkish Origin), meaning "island."

42. Agatha (Greek Origin), meaning "good."

43. Beth (Hebrew Origin), meaning "oath to the house of God."

44. Beverly (English Origin), meaning "beautiful."

45. Carlotta (Italian Origin), meaning "flower."

46. Chloe (Greek Origin), meaning "the epithet of Demeter."

47. Claire (French Origin), meaning "clear and bright."

48. Daisy (English Origin), meaning "a lovely flower."

49. Darlene (English Origin), meaning "beloved by all."

50. Delilah (Hebrew Origin), meaning "delicate."

51. Dorothy (English Origin), derived from the name of the patron saint of gardens and flowers.

52. Elaine (Greek Origin), meaning "rays of the sun" or "shining light."

53. Emily (English Origin), meaning "hardworking and industrious."

54. Enid (Welsh Origin), meaning "beautiful camel."

55. Esther (Hebrew Origin), meaning "a star."

56. Florence (Italian Origin), meaning "blossoming."

57. Frances (English Origin), meaning "lover of flowers."

58. Gemma (Italian Origin), meaning "precious stone."

59. Ginger (Latin Origin), meaning "liveliness."

60. Gladys (Welsh Origin), meaning "country."

61. Hattie (English Origin), meaning "women in power and women of faith."

62. Helen (Greek Origin), meaning "shining light."

63. Ida (Polish Origin), meaning "a woman in search of the truth."

64. Irene (Greek Origin), meaning "Goddess of peace."

65. Joan (Hebrew Origin), meaning "Yahweh (God) is gracious."

66) Lady (English Origin), meaning "a woman of class and panache."

67. Louise (French Origin), meaning "silent princess."

68. Madeline (French Origin), meaning "the beloved one."

69. Margaret (Greek Origin), meaning "pearl."

70. Marilyn (English Origin), meaning "personality."

71. May (English Origin), derived from the month of May.

72. Olive (English Origin), meaning "possessing the peace and grace of a Goddess."

73. Pearl (English Origin), meaning "innocence and modesty."

74. Penelope (Greek Origin), meaning "weaver."

75. Phoebe (Greek Origin), meaning "moon or shining light."

76. Ruth (Hebrew Origin), meaning "companion or a compassionate friend."

77. Shirley (Swahili Origin), meaning "a bright girl."

78. Susie (English Origin), meaning "lily."

79. Wilma (English Origin), meaning "warrior."

80. Zelda (German Origin), meaning "grey fighting maid."

Pet dog Chihuahua walks on the street.

Traditional Southern Dog Names

Here is a list of some traditional southern dog names that you might find suitable for your country dog. Many dog names from the southern states have a wonderful country feel to them, making them the perfect choice for both male and female country dogs. Which of these southern dog names will you choose?

81. Bear (English Origin), named to represent the "strength of a bear." Surely one of the best Southern dog names.

82. Buddy (English Origin), meaning "a close friend."

83. Buster (American Origin), a slang term meaning “a man of great strength.”

84. Duke (English Origin), this Southern dog name means "son of the King."

85. Foxy (English Origin), meaning "wild." One of the best Southern female dog names.

86. Gracie (English Origin), meaning "a gift from heaven."

87. Gus (Belgium Origin), meaning "savage."

88. Jessie (English Origin), meaning "God is first and last."

89. Jojo (African Origin), one of the best Southern names and means "Monday born."

90. Lacy (English Origin), this name means “lace,” and “cheerful.”

91. Lulu (Arabic Origin), meaning "precious pearl."

92. Marianne (French Origin), a variant of Mary.

93. Rex (Latin Origin), meaning "King."

94. Roxy (Irish Origin), meaning "daughter of God."

95. Sassy (English Origin), meaning "stylish." Definitely one of the cooler Southern names for dogs.

Ranch Dog Names You Will Love

Everyone loves a good ranch dog name; it gives off the perfect country vibe. Here is a list of names that are bestowed to dogs growing up in ranches in the countryside. The country dog names in this list, ranging from farm dog names to country female dog names, can be used for naming your dogs.

96. Annie (English Origin), meaning "full of grace."

97. Cecilia (Latin Origin), meaning "blinded by her own beauty."

98. Dolly (Filipino Origin), meaning "cute girl."

99. Eleanor (Latin Origin), meaning "God is my light."

100. Elizabeth (Jewish Origin), meaning "God is abundance."

101. Eloise (French Origin), meaning "leader of the war."

102. Norman (Norwegian/English Origin), meaning “man from the North.”

103. Norris (French Origin), meaning "a migrant from the North."

104. Odin (Norwegian Origin), meaning "God of all Viking Gods."

105. Percy (Greek Origin), meaning "born of the sea."

106. Rebecca (Hebrew Origin), meaning "servant of God."

107. Regina (Latin Origin), meaning "Queen."

108. Virgil (Latin Origin), meaning "staff bearer."

109. Wade (English Origin), a verb, meaning “walking with effort through water.”

110. Wallace (Scottish Origin), meaning "Welshman."

111. Willy (Norman Origin), short form of William meaning "resolute protector."

112. Zach (Hebrew Origin), meaning "remembered by God."

Dog Names Inspired By Country Singers

A lot of country folks are keen to name their dogs after famous country singers. Country music and pets are two inherent parts of the country culture, meaning that lots of people name their pets after country music artists. Here is a list of dog names inspired by country singers.

113. Blake (English Origin), named after folk singer Blake Shelton.

114. Brad (English Origin), named after country singer Brad Paisley.

115. Cash (English Origin), named after the singer Johnny Cash.

116. Chuck (English Origin), named after the American songwriter and singer Chuck Berry.

117. Conway (English Origin), named after American singer Conway Twitty.

118. Elvis (English Origin), named after the singer-songwriter Elvis Presley.

119. Dolly (English Origin), named after the country music singer Dolly Parton.

120. Garth (English Origin), named after the American-singer songwriter Garth Brooks.

121. Gretchen (English Origin), named after the country singer Gretchen Wilson.

121. Patty (English Origin), named after the female country music singer Patty Griffin.

122. Randy (English Origin), named after the singer-songwriter Randy Travis.

123. Reba (English Origin), named after the American singer Reba Mcentire.

124. Taylor (English Origin), named after the country music and now pop singer Taylor Swift.

125. Willie (English Origin), named after the American musician Willie Nelson.

Dog Names Popular In The South

Here is a list of a few country dog names that are popular in the southern states of the USA. These are some super awesome country dog names, why not go through the list and see whether you come across a familiar one?

126. Cole (English Origin), meaning "a God."

127. Davis (Hebrew Origin), meaning "beloved of Jehovah."

128. Dixie (English Origin), meaning "a star or a gift from the heavens."

129. Linda (English Origin), meaning "beauty."

130. Rosy (English Origin), meaning "cheerful."

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