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French names have a propensity to have a poetic, musical style and rhythm.

French names are classic, beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated. What can be better than a beautiful fancy French name for your fancy cat?

French people, also called 'Les Francais' in French, are from the Western European country France. The name "France" derived from the word Francia, the territory of the Franks, a Germanic tribe. French is considered as one of the Romantic languages of Indo European family that originated from Vulgar Latin and bears the flavor of classic, beautiful elegant &, to some extent, exotic.

The first thing which comes to our mind when we think of France is Paris-the city of love and romance, the Eiffel Tower, French macaroons, croissants, and Paris Fashion week. Especially when it comes to class and sophistication, nothing can be better than French names. The geographical location and historical events have shaped the culture of France; other factors like foreign and internal forces have also impacted its culture. France is a center of high culture; French culture has played an important role not just in cinema, fashion, and cuisine but also in terms of literature, technology, social science, and mathematics. If you are looking for classy pet names, have a look at some of these amazing and meaningful French cat names to find the perfect name for your cat.

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French Names For Male Cat

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French names tend to be stylish and elegant, which are completely apt with the creatures like cats being light on their feet and very smart in their movement. Here is a list of best male cat names for French cats.

1. Abeau meaning "beautiful, handsome". One of the great names for cats, if you have a male one.

2. Abelard meaning "brave Abel". Peter Abelard was a French poet famous for 'Sic et Non' 'Historia Calamitatum'.

3. Alphonse meaning "noble, ready". One of the few wonderful names for cats.

4. Amaury (German, French origin) meaning "work power".

5. Anatole (Greek, French origin) meaning "sunrise". One of the interesting French cat names.

6. Andre (French, Portuguese origin) meaning "man, warrior". André Lauren Benjamin known as André 3000, is an American rapper and singer. This is one of the popular French names and would be suitable for a French cat.

7. Antoine (French, Latin origin) meaning "highly, praiseworthy".

8. Armand meaning "army man". One of the sophisticated male cat names.

9. Arnaud (German origin) meaning "leader, power". French form of the German name Arnold.

10. Augustin meaning "great". Inspired by Saint Augustine, a theologian, philosopher, and bishop.

11. Beaumont meaning "beautiful mountain". Inspired by the city of Beaumont.

12. Beau meaning "beautiful, handsome". One of the perfectly sweet yet sophisticated French cat names.

13. Benoit meaning "the one who says the good". One of the suitable male cat names.

14. Blaise (French, English, Greek origin) meaning "stammering, bent, distorted". Inspired by Blaise Pascal.

15. Bonjour meaning "good morning". Of all the French cat names, this would be so cute, as if your cat is greeting you every time you call their name.

16. Claude (French, Latin origin) meaning "limping". The founder of French Impressionist painting Oscar-Claude Monet was a famous French painter.

17. Cheval meaning "horseman, knight". One of the common but popular male cat names.

18. Dominique (French, Latin origin) meaning "of the lord". Dominique Horwitz is a French actor, famous for movies like 'Dead Flowers', 'David'.

19. Fabrice meaning "craftsman". Fabrice Luchini is a French actor famous for 'In the House', 'Alice and the Mayor'.

20. Franc (French, German origin) meaning "free". Franc Luz is famous for movies like 'The Nest', 'When Harry Met Sally'. A fitting name for your cat.

21. Francois meaning "Frenchman". Marie Françoise Gilot is a famous French painter.

22. Gaspard meaning "treasure". Gaspard Ulliel is a French actor and model known for movies like 'Hannibal Rising', 'The Princess of Montpensier'.

23. Gaston meaning "from Gascony". Inspired by the character of Gaston from the popular Disney movie 'Beauty and the Beast'. As a Disney fan, this can be a great name for your male cats.

24. Geoffrey (French, English origin) meaning "God, peace". Famous Poet and author Geoffrey Chaucer is famous for 'The Canterbury Tales', 'The Knight's Tale'.

25. Gervais meaning "spearman".

26. Henry (English origin) meaning "home, ruler". Derived from French Henri, Heimiric. Inspired by cartoon series 'Horrid Henry'.

27. Jacques meaning "supplanter". Writer Jean-Jacques Rousseau is famous for 'Discourse on Inequality', 'Emile, or Treaties on Education'.

28. Jean meaning "Lord is gracious". 'Confessions', 'The Social Contract' was written by Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

29. Laurent (Latin, French origin) meaning "bright one". Very cute for a French cat.

30. Lyon a city in France. Lyon is one large World Heritage Site

31. Monsieur meaning "mister". This sounds like one of the French cat names out of a Disney movie!

32. Noël meaning "Christmas". Noël Coward famous playwright known for plays like 'fallen angel', 'The Vortex'.

33. Oliver (French, English, German origin) meaning "elf warrior/army". Inspired by Oliver Cromwell.

34. Papillion meaning "butterfly". A super cute cat name.

35. Quentin meaning "the fifth".

36. Thaibault (German, French origin) meaning "people, bold".

37. Toulouse a city in France. One of the more patriotic French cat names.

38. Versailles a city a France. Famous for The Palace of Versailles.

39. Yves (French, German origin) meaning "yew".

French Names For Female Cats

Looking for cute fancy cat names? Nothing can get more subtle and elegant than the French names. Here is a list of best French cat names for female cats which are also common French girls' names.

40. Adaline meaning "noble, nobility". Inspired by 'The Age of Adaline' movie, released in 2015.

41. Aimee meaning "beloved friend". Actress Aimee Gracia is known for series like 'Dexter', 'Lucifer'.

42. Amandine meaning "much loved". Certainly one of the more beautiful French cat names you'll get out there.

43. Amelie (French, German origin) meaning "work". Inspired by 'Amelie' movie released in 2001.

44. Béatrice meaning "she who makes happy". Inspired by 'Beatrice' novel by the British writer H. Rider Haggard, which was published in 1890.

45. Bernadette meaning "brave bear". Inspired by the character of Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz from popular sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory'.

46. Bernadine (German, French origin) meaning "brave, strong".

47. Blanche meaning "white". One of the great cat names for white cats.

48. Camille meaning "perfect". Inspired by 'Camille' movie from 1936.

49. Chanel meaning "canal". Inspired by Coco Chanel, a French fashion designer. Très chic non?

50. Chantal meaning "stone". Chantal Thuy is famous for movies like 'Dog Bowl', 'Half Magic'.

51. Claudine meaning "lame".

52. Colette (Greek, French origin) meaning "victory, people". Short form of Nicolette. Taken from 'Colette' movie released in 2018.

53. Coralie meaning "coral".

54. Corinne (English, French origin) meaning "coral". Inspired by actress Corinne Fox famous for '47 meters down uncaged', 'Beat Shazam'.

55. Delphine (Latin, French) meaning "woman from Delphi". Inspired by princess Delphine of Belgium.

56. Eloise meaning "famous warrior".

57. Florine (French, Latin origin) meaning "flowering, in bloom".

58. Gigi meaning "Earth worker, God is gracious". Inspired by Gigi Hadid.

59. Gisele meaning "bright pledge".

60. Jolie meaning "pretty". Inspired by Angelina Jolie.

61. Juliette meaning "son of Jove". Juliette Noureddine is a French singer famous for albums like 'Nour' and 'No Parano'.

62. Lucy (English, Latin, French origin) meaning "born at dawn". Taken from 'Lucy' movie.

63. Madame meaning "miss". Inspired by Madame Tussauds wax museum.

64. Margaret (Greek, French origin) meaning "pearl.

65. Marseille A city in France. It is a port city in southern France.

66. Minou meaning "kitten". This is the word in French for cat which is a baby.

67. Merci meaning "thank you". One of the sweet cat names.

68. Noelle meaning "Christmas". Feminine form of Noel. One of the festive cat names.

69. Paulette (French, German origin) meaning "small or humble". 'Paulette' is a film released in 2012.

70. Pauline meaning "the little". 'The Pauline epistles', or Epistles of Paul or Letters of Paul, are the thirteen books of the New Testament.

71. Remi meaning "remedy". Actor Rami Said Malek is popular for 'Breaking Dawn 2', 'Papillon'.

Gender-Neutral French Names For Cats

Large Maine Coon cat running

Finding perfect pet names can be tricky sometimes, Whether you own a male cat or a female one, we have got you covered, here is a list of best, cute, unisex kitten names for your cute french cat.

72. Bijou meaning "jewel". One of the precious cat names.

73. Bleu Meaning "blue". Inspired by 'Trois Couleurs: Bleu' film triology.

74. Céleste Meaning "heavenly".

75. Dax meaning "leader".

76. Hyacinthe meaning "flower name". Water hyacinth, is an aquatic plant, it's natural habitat is the Amazon basin.

77. Jardin (French, English origin) meaning "enclosure, garden".

78. Minette meaning "of the sea, bitter".

79. Percy meaning "the person who pierces the valley". Inspired by poet Percy Bysshe Shelly famous for 'Ozymandias', 'Ode to the West Wind'.

Fancy French Names For Cats

If you are looking for great, fancy french names for pets, Here is a list of best kitten names for your female and male cat.

80. Bibi (F) meaning "toy, delight, the lady of the house, life".

81. Mon Petit Chou (M)meaning "my little cabbage".

82. Le Chat Noir (M/F) meaning "the black cat". After the iconic cabaret poster.

83. Frère Jacques (M) meaning "brother John". French Poem

84. Pepé Le Pew a character from the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes.

85. Madame Chat (F)meaning "Miss kitty cat."

86. Monsieur Chat (M)meaning "Mr cat."

87. Merci Beau (M/F)meaning "thank you very much".

88. Champs Élysées (M) meaning "the Elysian Fields" and referring to a major boulevard in Paris.

Unique French Cat Names

The French people value style and sophistication, characterized by uniqueness and beauty. These examples of French cat names will definitely live up to this. Here are some cat names inspired by literal French terms.

89.Amour (M/F)meaning "love". Inspired by 'Amour' film released in 2012.

90. Arbre (F)meaning "tree".

91. Belle (F) meaning "beautiful". Inspired by 'Belle and Sebastian' released in 2013.

92. Bourgeon (M)meaning "bud".

93. Ciel (M/F)meaning "sky".

94. Coeur (M)meaning "heart".

95. Etoile (M)meaning "star".

96. Esperer (M)meaning "hope".

97. Fleur (F)meaning "flower". Fleur Isabelle Weasley from 'Harry Potter'.

98. Foi (F)meaning "faith".

99. Lumiere (M)meaning "light".

100. Lune (M)meaning "moon".

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