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Puppies are the epitome of love and you might want a wonderful name for your pup, inspired by the country of love.

If you are looking for names for your dog, you can consider beautiful French names with deep meanings. These are lovely names with light accents which just makes them sound soft and sweet.

French dog breeds are popular worldwide because of their excellent companionship. They have a sweet, lively, and energetic nature. Naming a dog based on its personality will perfectly portray its persona. French Bulldogs are very famous, but there are so many other dog breeds that are from France. French Dog breeds come in a wide variety of different sizes, colors, and looks. French dog breeds are mainly categorized into three categories in terms of their size; breeds like Toy Poodle and Lowchen are small french dogs, whereas breeds like Barbet and Brittany fall under the medium category, and Basset Hound and Briard are large dogs. We share with you a list of French Dog names for your four-legged companion.

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French Female Dog Names

Finding a name for your female dog? There are plenty of breeds and names that suit them differently. We share with you this list of best French Female Dog Names will help you get what you need. Refer to the French Girl Dog Names ideas below to get several French dog names ideas:              

1. Adela meaning "noble or serene". Adela of France, also known as Adela the Holy, was the daughter of Robert II.

2. Adrienne meaning "From the city Hadria". Adrienne Rich is a well-known poet.

3. Aeris meaning "love".

4. Agnès (Latin/French origin) meaning "holy". Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu or Mother Teresa.

5. Alair means "cheerful". Alair is a town in India.

6. Amie means "friend". This is a good French female dog name for your beloved dog. 'Amie' is a song by Prairie League.

7. Céline meaning "moon". This is inspired by the French actress, Celine Monsarrat.

8. Chérie meaning "dear beloved". Cherie Currie is an American musician. Chérie is one of the nice French dog names suitable for a puppy.

9. Chienne meaning "dog". It is the French for dog (female).

10. Cosette meaning "little thing".

11. D'or meaning "golden".

12. Delphine refers to"The lady from Delphi". It is the French form of Delphina.

13. Elle meaning "she". Elle Fennine is an American actress. This is a great choice for naming your dog.

12. Fleur Flower meaning "flower".

13. Geneva meaning "juniper tree". Geneva is a beautiful city in Switzerland. Geneva is a city in Switzerland

14. Gigi meaning "earth worker". Gigi Hadid is a renowned Hollywood model.

15. Hilaire meaning "cheerful". A great French dog name for your dog.

16. Jacqueline meaning "supplanter" or "May God protect".

20. Laure meaning "laurel". Laure Boulleau is one of the famous female footballers of her age.

21. Lily meaning "pure". Lily is a flower symbolizing innocence and purity and will be a good choice for your cute dog.

22. Lucy meaning "light". Lucy Hale is someone you must be knowing from her character Aria.

23. Lydie meaning "a maiden from Lydia". Lydie Denier is a French Model's name.

24. Lynette meaning "pretty one".

25. Magalie meaning "pearl".

26. Margot meaning "pearl". Margot Robbie is an Australian actress popular for the role of 'Harley Quinn'.

27. Marie meaning "of the sea". Marie Antoinette is the name of the queen of France.

28. Marine meaning "from the sea".

29. Martine meaning "servant of Mars".

30. Nicolette meaning "victory of the people". Nicolette Duazzo is a 13-year-old social media star.

31. Noelle meaning "Christmas". Noelle Sheldon is an actress who worked in the American sitcom 'Friends'.

32. Ophelie meaning "helper".

33. Vivien means "alive". Vivien Leigh starred in movies like 'Gone With the Wind' and 'That Hamilton Women'.

French Male Dog Names

Puppy howling and whining in the grass

Since you are here, we are going to assume you love French culture so much and want dog names that show your love for France. We share with you here some of the best French dog names (male) for you to look through.

34. Adnot meaning "earth".

35. Alain meaning "little rock, handsome".

36. Aluin meaning "noble friend".

37. Amaury meaning "work power". This name is associated with the French painter Amaury Duval.

38. Amoureux means "sweetheart".

39. André means "warrior". It is the French form of the name Andrews. Andre Gray is a professional footballer from the U.K.

40. Antoine meaning "priceless".

41. Bardot meaning "beautiful".

42. Belot meaning "clear water".

43. Charel meaning "strong".

44. Claude meaning "limping". Claude Monet is the name of a French Painter.

45. Damien means "untamed". This is a nice choice for your naughty dog who likes to be mischievous at times.

46. Delroy meaning "of the king". Delroy James is an American Footballer.

47. Demont meaning "hill".

48. Denis meaning "devotee of Dionysus". Denis Erwin is the name of an Irish Footballer.

49. Emile meaning "to strive or excel". This french dog name is inspired by the French writer Emile Zola.

50. Francois meaning "free".

51. Guillaume meaning "with gilded helmet". It is the French form of William.

52. Henry meaning "home-ruler". Inspired by 'Horrid Henry'.

53. Hugo Jacques is named after Victor Hugo.  Hugo Jacques can be one of the big French dog names.

54. Juan meaning "powerful".

55. Lamaar meaning "of the sea".

56. Larue meaning "red-haired one".

57. Marcel meaning "Belonging to Mars". Inspired by Marcel the monkey from 'Friends'.

58. Maurice means "someone from Mauritiana, i.e the moor". This dog name is inspired by Maurice Lalonde, a character from the TV program 'Highlander: The Series'.

59. Milou meaning "snowy". It is a short form of Marie-Louis, a dog from the French comics' Adventures of Tintin'.

60. Odie meaning "melody".

61. Oliver meaning "elf warrior". This French dog name inspired by the titular character of the classical novel 'Oliver Twist' is a good choice for your new dog.

62. Pierre meaning "rock" or "stone". It is the French form of Peter.

63. Rafale meaning "gust of wind".

64. Rémy means "oarsman". Character Rémy Legaludec from 'The Da Vinci Code'.

65. Stephane meaning "the crown of glory". This is a perfect choice for your magnificent Labrador.

66. Yves meaning "yew". Yves Fermion is a French science fiction writer.

Unisex French Dog Names

Three working line German shepherd puppies brings one stick.

Unisex names allow you to focus on your dog's personality instead of their gender. They are unusual and unique. We have collated this list of best French Dog names for your new dog. We share with you the best French dog names you could look for.

67. Adieu meaning "goodbye".

68. Adrianna meaning "dark".

69. Aqua (French/Latin origin) meaning "sea". For a French dog with blue eyes, this is a perfect name.

70. Aubrey meaning "bear like". It is associated with the English author, Aubrey Beardsley.

71. Avignon meaning "the one who comes from France".

72. Beau meaning "beautiful".

73. Bijou - "jewel". A cute and precious names for a French dog.

74. Blanche meaning "white". This is a perfect name for your white fluffy dog.

75. Bordeaux means "small farm". Bordeaux is a port city on the Garonne River.

76. Boulette means "meatballs". This is one of the best French dog names choices for your dog who loves meatballs.

77. Cadencia meaning "rhythmic". It is associated with a musical theory, a melody which portrays the end or pause of the music.

78. Désirée means "desired". This is a perfect choice to name your adorable French dog.

79. Éclair meaning "flash of lightning". This name for French dog is inspired by the French pastry Éclair.

80. Elodie means "wealthy" or "rich".

81. Esmé - "esteemed". What a lovely name to signify how much your puppy means to you.

82. Felicity means "happiness". Inspired by Felicity Smoak from the series 'Arrow".

83. Flocon meaning "snowflake".

84. Mainie meaning "mainland".

Unique French Dog Names

Having a unique and rare name can show your love for the dog. French dog names can be very unique and lovely. These dog names can be used according to the personality of your dog. Here we share with you a list of unique French dog names that can help you with your search.

85. Gamine (F) meaning "mischievous" or "naughty". This is a great choice for your naughty and mischievous French dog.

86. Joyce (F) meaning "lord".

87. Jules (M/F) (French/Latin origin) meaning "downy-bearded".

88. Martel (M) meaning "hammer".

89. Musette (F)meaning "a song".

90. Noir - "black" (M/F). A perfect name for black dogs regardless of their gender.

91. Normandy (M/F) meaning "land of Northern Folks".

92. Oreo (M) meaning "mountain". A pleasant name for a white dog with black spots.

93. Papillon Butterfly (M/F )(Latin origin) meaning "butterfly". It is a breed of dog as well.

94. Poupon (F) means "little baby". This one of the best French dog names for your brown dog.

95. René (M)meaning"born again". This dog name inspired by the famous French Mathematician and Philosopher Rene Descartes is a good choice for your pet.

96. Reynard (M) meaning "strong counselor". This french name for dogs is inspired by 'Reynard the Fox', the hero of several medieval European fables.

97. Rodin (M/F) meaning "strong-willed".

98. Seine (F) meaning "river". The Seine river flows through Paris.

99. Soleil (M/F) means "sun".

100. Valentine (F)meaning "strength".

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