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Top 40 Border Collie Names That Are Funny And Cute

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Dogs have been considered man's best friend for generations.

Dogs come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and breeds. One of the best breeds of dog is a Border Collie, whose history traces back to the Anglo-Scottish times, their probable birthplace.

Dogs are one of the most popular pets and Border Collies one of the most popular dog breeds. Commonly used for herding animals like chicken or sheep on farms, Border Collies are one of the most intelligent dogs. Border Collie dogs boast two types of coat  - rough and smooth.

For more pet names, take a look at these British dog names and Cartoon Dog Names.

Popular Border Collies

Border Collies have features in popular media for generations. Why not give your Border Collie a suitably popular name from this list below?

1. Andrew (English origin) meaning "manly". This can be a good name for a Border Collie as it is widely popular.

2. Bandit (English origin) meaning "to proclaim". Bandit is a unique name that was the name of a dog in the movie 'Little House'.

3. George (Roman origin) meaning "farmer".

4. Murray (Scottish origin) meaning "seaboard settlement". Murray was a Border Collie dog in the movie 'Mad About You'.

5. Sheppie is derived from "shepherd". As Border Collie dogs are herding animals, naming your female Border Collie dog Sheppie could be ideal.

Cute Border Collies Names

Border Collies are really cute and love being with people.

Border Collies are adorable and are therefore deserving of a cute name.

6. Bunny (English origin) meaning "cute".

7. Charlie (English origin) meaning "warrior", inspired by Charlie Chaplin a famous actor. This  can make a lovely name for your male Border Collie dog.

8. Cooper (English origin) means "barrel maker".

9. Dash (English origin) means "fast". For dogs who love running and dashes away.

10. Fiona (Scottish origin) meaning "white or fair". Popular female Border Collie names involve Fiona.

11. Gordon (Scottish origin) meaning "spacious fort".

12. Iain (Scottish origin) means "gracious".

13. Kayla (English origin) meaning "each of two" is a famous female dog name.

14. Malcolm (Scottish origin) meaning "disciple of St. Columba". Malcolm is a popular male Border Collie dog name.

15. Rocky (English origin) means "someone who is tough". Sylvester Stallone played the role of a boxer in the movie 'Rocky'.

16. Rosemary (English origin) meaning "dew of the sea". Rose, Mary, or Rosemary can be lovely female Border Collie names.

17. Steel (English origin) meaning "hard". Comic hero 'Superman' is termed as 'Man of Steel'.

18. Stuart (English origin) meaning "house guard" and dogs are the best guards of our houses.

19. Thor (Norse origin) named in reference to the "God of thunder". Thor will be a unique pet name.

20. Victor (English origin) meaning "conqueror".

Gender Neutral Border Collie Names

Border Collie dogs are adorable and extremely intelligent.

Unisex names are not only a popular and growing trend for baby names, but also for pets. See some of our favorite unisex dog names below.

21. Bolt (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "of a manor farm".

22. Chaser (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "hunt". Names like these are attractive and cute.

23. Coal (English origin) meaning "warmth".  A good name for a pet that is a warm ball of sunshine.

24. Dice (Middle English origin) meaning "luck". Dogs are fond of jumping and rolling. 'Dice' would be a perfect fit.

25. Dove (American origin) meaning "bird of peace".

26. Gunner (Scandinavian origin) meaning "warrior".

27. Haiku (Japanese origin) meaning "starting verse". Be it a four-lined poem or Border Collie names, 'Haiku' is perfect.

28. Miner (Celtic origin) meaning "excavator". Dogs like digging the ground, just like a miner.

29. Onyx (English origin) means "black gemstone". It is a unique name for a dog. Onyx is also a popular Pokémon.

30. Panda (Nepalese origin) meaning "eater of bamboo". A mix of black and white and you want to cuddle them.

31. Pearl is derived from  "white and precious shells'. A lovely name for your precious Border Collie doggo.

32. Puffer (German origin) meaning "push". Names like these are unique and different.

33. Sapphire (English origin) meaning "blue". Similar to Sapphire, your pet dog is a gem and deserves equally brilliant names.

34. Snowy (English origin) meaning "frozen rain". Snowy is also the name of the dog in the cartoon 'Tintin'.

35. Vroom (Dutch origin) meaning "pious".  

Funny Border Collies Names

Here are some funny dog names that may suit your Border Collie.

36. Cutie (English origin) meaning "charmingly attractive". The perfect name for your adorable pup.

37. Lasagne (Latin origin) meaning "a pot or a container". Like a fresh Lasagne, a doggo will greatly improve your  day.

38. Pizza (Latin origin) meaning "to pound or stamp something". Everyone's favorite go-to food this can be a funny and a unique name for your dog.

39. Salt (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "selte or a salt-pit".  If your Border Collie is mostly white, why not name him Salt?

40. Taco (Dutch origin) meaning "people". A great name for a Border Collie who loves snacks.

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