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Top 59 Breton Names For Your Breizh Baby

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The search for a baby name is an exciting time; looking at ancient dialects or languages can be a great source of inspiration to name your child.

Many Breton names are related to Irish or English but have a slightly different spelling or pronunciation, so they can be an original twist on a classic name. This article gives you a comprehensive list of female Breton names and male Breton names, as well as their meaning.

Breton (or "brezonegh" to its native speakers) is a language spoken in Brittany (or "Breizh" in Breton), a region in the North West of France. Breton belongs to the Celtic language family, so it is related to Irish, Cornish and Welsh. The word "Breton" refers to the language but also the people from Brittany, and can be used as a name itself!

The roots of the Breton civilisation are ancient; it is estimated to have appeared around the ninth century AD. It is not recognised as an official language of France, but it is an important part of the country's heritage and still celebrated in Brittany. Nowadays, only about 200,000 people speak Breton fluently and most of them live in Brittany. However, the language is seeing a resurgence in popularity as more children are learning it in bilingual schools - all the more reason to give your child a Breton name!

If you are on the search for more Celtic name ideas, take a look at this list of Irish names for boys. If you haven't found the perfect name there, try this collection of original Basque names, another dialect which is spoken in the south of France and Northern Spain. 

breton landscape view of building in brittany

Breton Names Inspired by Nature

Brittany is full of beautiful seaside landscapes; these male and female Breton names are perfect for an outdoorsy baby.

1.Ael (male) or Aela for a girl, which means "rock" or "rampart". It is pronounced Aelle.

2.Alan (male) or Alana for a girl is also a Scottish and English name which is thought to mean "little rock".

3.Argant, Argantael (male), which means "silver" in Breton.

4.Bleuenn (female) which means "white flower".

5.Bran or Branoc (male) which means "raven".

6.Corentin, or Karouant/Karouantin (male) in Breton, which may come from the Welsh for hurricane, "corwynt".

7.Elouan (male) a gorgeous boy's name which comes from the Breton word for "light". It is pronounced Elwan.

8.Ewen, Ewan (male) which means "of the yew tree". The spelling with an "a" is popular in England and Scotland.

9.Iouen (male) which means "lion".

10.Jenovefa (female) which comes from the Old French word for "juniper tree".

11.Kirus (male) which means "sun". It is pronounced Kayrus.

12.Oanez (male) the Breton form of Agnes which comes from the word for "lamb".

13.Pierrick (male) the Breton form of Peter, which means "rock" or "stone".

14.Rozenn (male) which means "rose".

15.Samzun (male), the Breton form of Sampson which means "sun child" or "little sun".

16.Solenn (female), which means "sunshine".

17.Tanet (neutral), which means "fire". It is pronounced Tahnet.

Breton Names That Are Character Traits

Veer away from Prudence, Constance and Honour with these variants of names that are also values and character traits.

18.Annaeg (female), which means "grace" or "favour".

19.Bernez (male), which means "brave as a bear".

20.Enora (female), which means "honour".

21.Guénolé (male) which means "valour". It is pronounced Gaynowlay.

22.Katell or Katarin (female), a variant of Catherine which means "pure".

23.Maden (neutral), which means "good". It is pronounced Mahden.

24.Maiwenn (female), which means "the one who raises".  It is pronounced Maywen.

25.Paol (male), the Breton form of Paul, which comes from the word for "small" or "humble".

Religious And Mythical Breton Names

Celtic mythology is fascinating; here are some beautiful Breton boy names and Breton girls names which are taken from these amazing stories.

26.Abran (male), which means "father of multitude". Pronounced Abrahnne.

27.Armel (male) or Armelle for a girl, it comes from Arz which means "bear" and Mael which means "prince". The Breton form is Arzhel.

28.Briac (male) or Briaca for a girl, which means "the one with force and light". It is pronounced Breeac or Breeaca.

29.Gwen or Gwenaëlle (female), which means "white". In the Breton civilisation, white is the colour of holiness. Gwendal is a male variant which means "white brow". Gwenneg is another variant with a diminutive. Gwenlowen and Gwenlaouen are variants with a suffix which means "joyful" or "happy".

30.Judoc (male), which comes from the Breton "iud" which means "lord".

31.Judicael, Judikael or Yezekael in Breton (male), which means "generous lord".

32.Louen (male) or Loana for a girl, which means "good light". It is pronounced Loowen or Lowana.

33.Malo (male) is formed of the Breton words "mach" and "lou" and means "bright pledge". Saint Malo is a famous Welsh saint, who gave his name to a beautiful port in Brittany.

34.Mari (female) is the Breton, Welsh and Scandinavian form of Marie, most often associated with the Virgin Mary but also to French queen Marie Antoinette.

35.Meriadoc or Meriadec (male), it is of Welsh origin and means "head of the sea" or "sea lord". It is pronounced Merreeahdoc.

36.Mikael (male) is the Breton or Scandinavian form of Michael, which means "who is like God" in Hebrew.

37.Neven, Nominoe or Nevenou (male), which may come from "nimed" meaning "sacred" or "venerated".

38.Nolwenn (female) comes from the Welsh language and means "shining" or "holy". Nolwenn Leroy is a very popular French singer from Brittany.

39.Ronan (male), which means "promising oath".

40.Tifenn (female), which means "manifestation of God". It is pronounced Tihffen.

41.Yann, Yanick (male) or Yanna for a girl, is the Breton form of the English John, which means "God is gracious".

Breton Names Inspired By Royalty

Many Breton names are old fashioned and their meaning comes from concepts like rank and royalty, which are not so common today. Nonetheless, they make gorgeous baby names.

42.Aodren (male) or Aodrena for a girl, which means "of high birth".

43.Azelice (female), which means "who is noble".  It is pronounced Ahzeleece.

44.Cadec (male) or more modernly Kado are derived from the Brittonic word for "battle".

45.Derrien (male), which means "wealthy" in Breton.

46.Maël (male) or Maëlys, Mailys for a girl, which means "prince" or "lord". It is pronounced Mail or Maileess.

47.Maugan (male), which means "well born boy". It is pronounced Morganne.

48.Morman, Morvan or Morwan (male), a Breton chief who became the first Breton king after the death of Charlemagne in 814 AD. It may come from the Breton words "mor" which means "sea" and "uuan" which means "assault".

49.Ronec, Ronhel or Roehnael (male), which means "from royal lineage".

50.Soizic or Soazig (female), the Breton version of the French Françoise with a diminutive to mean "little Françoise". Françoise means "French" or "from France". It is pronounced Swazik.

Warrior Breton Names

Like in most ancient civilisations, some Breton names have their root in war stories and legends. Their powerful meaning is perfect for a little warrior.

51.Alouarn (male), which means "the one with an iron brow". It is pronounced Alooahrne.

52.Budoc, Budog (male), which means "victory" in Breton.

53.Emilion (male), which means "rival".

54.Erwan or Erwann (male), which means "archer".

55.Gwilherm (male), the Breton form of the Germanic Wilhelm, meaning "will helmet".

56.Menguy (male), which comes from "maen" which means "powerful" and "ki", the Breton word for "hound".

57.Tanguy or Tangi (male), which comes from the Breton "tan" (fire) and "ki" (hound) to form "hound of fire".  It is pronounced Tanghee.

58.Youenn (male), which means "little archer". It is pronounced Yooenne.

59.Yuna (female), which means "the archer". It is pronounced Yoona.

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