109 Top Colombian Last Names With Meanings

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Originally Published on Nov 30, 2020
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There are so many Colombian last names, most of them Spanish in origin which you can choose from for your characters or even use yourself. These lists are such to help you prune out the perfect names for all your characters, or for your baby.

Some of these are names by very famous people such as presidents and pop stars, and others are names that are very commonplace amongst the people of the country, and its diaspora community.

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Popular Colombian Last Names

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There are many common Colombian last names. These names are so commonplace that it's probable you know someone who has it. When choosing names, popularity might be a strength. It provides a certain level of base comfort to the character that bears the name. Below is a list of surnames that are common in Colombia, along with their meanings.

1. Alvarez (Old German) means “son of Alvaro” and is most search and used surname in Columbia.

2. Arias (Spanish origin) means “farmer” and also be used as a first name.

3. Castillo (Spanish origin) means “castle”, is a popular last names in Latin America.

4. Diaz (Spanish origin) means “son of Diego”, as name is very popular in the families of Colombia.

5. Florez (Spanish origin) means "a derivative of ‘Froila’ which means master”.

6. Garcia (Spanish and Portuguese origin) means “rule of the spear”, a common last names.

7. Giraldo (Old German origin) means “rule of the spear”, and is the oldest surnames.

8. Gomez (Spanish and Visigothic origin) means “man”.

9. Gonzalez (Spanish and Visigothic origin) means “son of Gonzalo”.

10. Gutierrez (Spanish origin) means “son of Gutierre”.

11. Hernandez (Spanish origin) means “son of Hernan”.

12. Herrera (Spanish origin) means “ironsmith”, is among the popular surnames in Colombia.

13. Jimenez (Iberian and Spanish origin) means “son of Jimeno".

14. Lopez (Spanish origin) means “son of Lope”. Lope is a word that means wolf.

15. Marin (Spanish origin) means “of the sea”, the surname is very unique in Colombia.

16. Martinez (Spanish origin) means “son of Martín”.

17. Mejia (Galician and Spanish origin) means “the Messiah”.

18. Moreno (Spanish and Portuguese origin) means “dark-haired”.

19. Mosquera (Spanish origin) means “one who lives in a place infested with flies”.

20. Muñoz (Spanish origin) means “son of Muño”.

21. Ortiz (Basque and Latin origin) means “son of Orti”.

22. Perez (Spanish origin)means “son of Pero”.

23. Quintero (Spanish and Galician origin) means “one who lives in a farmstead”.

24. Ramirez (Germanic origin) means "son of Ramiro". In Colombia, this last name is very popular.

25. Rivera (Spanish and Italian origin) means “riverbank”. One of the common family names in Colombia.

26. Rodriguez (Spanish origin) means “son of Rodrigo” and as a surname it brings out a different charm.

27. Rojas (Spanish origin) means “one who lives near red earth”. The surname is best for a family in Colombia.  

28. Romero (Spanish and Italian origin) this last name means “one on a religious pilgrimage from Rome/Jerusalem”.

29. Ruiz (Spanish origin) a last name that means “son of Roderick”.

30. Sanchez (Spanish origin) a last name that means “sacred”.

31. Suarez (Spanish origin) a last name means “son of the sugarman".

32. Torres (Spanish origin) means “Towers” and is a beautiful Spanish last names.

33. Valencia (Catalan and Spanish origin) means “valor” or “health”.

34. Vargas (Castilian origin) means “steep slope”.

Colombian Last Names From Famous People

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Many Colombian family names are common surnames that are popular, especially in the country, but also in the Colombian diaspora. These names are names held by popular Latin American popstars, revolutionaries, and writers. Below is a list of a collection of these names.

35. Acosta (Spanish and Portuguese origin) means “hermit by the seashore”.

36. Cardenas (Spanish origin) means “bluish purple”. Famously shared by the former minister, Mauricio Cárdenas Santamaría.

37. Cardona (Catalan origin) This is a habitational name for someone that lives in Cardino.

38. Castro (Iberian origin) means “fort” or “castle”. This was the name of a Cuban revolutionary and president, Fidel Castro.

39. Correa (Spanish origin) means “leather” or “leather belt”.

40. Cortes (Spanish and Portuguese origin) means “polite” or “courteous”.

41. Cruz ( Iberian origin) means “cross”.

42. Escobar (Spanish origin) means “broom”.

43. Garzon (Spanish origin) means “boy”. It is from the French word for a boy.

44. Guerrero (Spanish origin) means “warrior” or “fighter”.

45. Guzman (Spanish origin) means “good man”.

46. Jaramillo (Spanish origin) means “mustard farmer”.

47. Londoño (Spanish origin) means “from Londoño”.

48. Medina (Spanish origin) means “city”.

49. Mendoza (Spanish origin) means “cold mountain”.

50. Molina (Spanish origin) means “mill”.

51. Montoya (Basque and Spanish origin) means “valleys and hills”.

52. Morales (Spanish origin) means “by the Mulberry tree”.

53. Ortega (Spanish origin) means “nettle”. Variants include Ortega, Orreaga, etc.

54. Osorio (Spanish origin) means “wolf hunter” or “wolf keeper”. One of the coolest surnames in Colombia.

55. Ospina ( Ancient Spanish origin) means “one who lived near trees”.

56. Parra (Spanish and Catalan origin) means “pergola” or “grapevine”.

57. Peña (Spanish origin) means “rock” or “cliff”.

58. Ramos (Spanish and Portuguese origin) means “bouquets” or “branches”.

59. Restrepo (Spanish origin) means “sturdy tree”. It is a habitational name from the Asturies

60. Rincon (Old Spanish origin) means “corner” or “a secluded area”. It denotes secrecy.

61. Rios (Spanish and Portuguese origin) means “from the Rio river” that runs through Colombia.

62. Salazar (Spanish origin) means “old hall” or “an old shed”.

63. Sierra (Spanish origin) means “mountain range”. This name is normally born by families that live in the mountains.

64. Vasquez ( Galician and Spanish origin) means “son of Vasco” or “son of the crow".

65. Velasquez (Spanish origin) means “son of Velasco”.

66. Zapata (Spanish and Galician origin) means “the experienced shoemaker".

Rare Colombian Surnames

There are also some names that are more obscure or just much less common because of one reason or another. Here is a list of popular Colombian last names.

67. Acevedo (Spanish origin) means “an orchard of holly wood” or “a groove of holly woods”.

68. Agudelon (Galician origin) means “peak”. This refers to a family that normally lived at a very high elevation or in the mountains.

69. Arango (Spanish origin) means “of the valley”.

70. Avila (Spanish origin) means “desired” or “he who is awaited”

71. Beltran (Spanish and  Germanic origin) means “bright raven”. This is a name associated with healers.

72. Bernal (Spanish and German origin) means “brave bear”. This is one of the least common names in Columbia

73. Calderon (Spanish origin) means “basin”. Another very obscure name in Columbia.

74. Cano (Spanish and Portuguese origin) means “white or gray-haired”.

75. Carvajal (Spanish origin) means “one who lives near an oak orchard”.

76. Castañeda (Spanish origin) means “chestnut forest”.

77. Castaño (Spanish and Galician origin) means “chestnut tree”, among the popular Spanish last names.

78. Contreras (Spanish origin) means “from within close proximity”.

79. Cordoba (Spanish origin) means “a new place” or “a new situation”.

80. Delgado (Spanish and Portuguese origin) means “skinny” or “slim”.

81. Fernandez (Spanish origin) means “son of Fernandez”.

82. Gil (Spanish and Catalan origin) means “bright promise” or “joy”.

83. Hoyos (Spanish origin) means “pit” or “hole”.    

84. Hurtado (Spanish origin) means “to conceal” or “to hide” or “illegitimate”.

85. Leon (Spanish origin) means “lion”. on.

86. Lozano (Italian and Swiss origin) means “handsome".

87. Mendez (Spanish origin) means “son of Mendel”, among the popular Spanish last names.

88. Meneses ( Portuguese origin) means “battlement”.

89. Meza (Spanish origin) means “plateau” or “he who lives near a plateau or on a plateau”.

90. Miranda (Latin origin)means "one who is worthy of admiration" and the surname is inspired by the last names of Latin America.

91. Monsalve (Spanish origin)means “son of Gonzalo”, as a surname will best suit your child.

92. Mora (Spanish and Portuguese origin) means “blackberry”.

93. Murillo (Spanish origin) means “wall”.

94. Orozco (Basque  origin) means “traveler”.

95. Pacheco (Spanish and Portuguese origin) means “noble one”.

96. Padilla (Spanish origin) means, “bedpan” or “shallow dish”. This given last name brings out the charm of the family.

97. Patiño (Hispanic origin) means “one who waddles”.

98. Perdomo (Spanish origin)means “good man” or “wise man”.

99. Pineda (Spanish and  Catalan origin) means “pine forest” or “pine grove”. This name could also refer to a pine farmer.

100. Reyes (Spanish origin) means “royal” or “king”.

101. Rueda (Spanish origin) means “wood that arches to form a bow".

102. Sepulveda (Spanish origin)means “to bury".

103. Silva (Spanish and Portuguese origin) means “woodland” or “forest”. It is a Portuguese name so it's more common in Brazil than in Columbia.

104. Solano (Spanish origin)means “unhidden” or “directly exposed to the sun”.

105. Soto (Spanish origin) means “forest” or “grove”.

106. Vanegas (Visigothic origin) means “son of Egas”. The name Egas means “the edge of a sword”.

107. Vega (Spanish origin) means “one who lives in the meadow".

108. Velez (Spanish origin) means crow. It is derived from the name Velasco.

109. Vergara (Basque origin) means “garden in the mountains”.

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