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Lebanon is a small sovereign state bordered by Syria, Israel, and the Mediterranean Sea.

Due to its location being the gateway to the European and the Arabic world, Lebanese culture is a wonderful mixture of varied influences. These influences are reflected in the surnames of Lebanese origin.

Although primarily most of the Lebanese family names' origin is Arabic, some of the last names have other sources from where they originate. Many European and American citizens with Lebanon ancestry still have surnames that are Lebanese in origin. Without any further ado, we present this list of the most common and popular Lebanese last names.

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Popular Two Word Lebanese Last Names

In the Arabic language, the world 'El' and 'Al' are definite articles that translate into 'the' in English. Staying true to their Arabic culture, many Lebanese last names have these definite articles added to them as prefixes. Here is a list of such last names.

1. Al Ashqar (Arabic origin) meaning " the fair-complexioned people".

2. Al Asmar (Arabic origin) meaning "the dark-skinned person".

3. Al-Khatib (Arabic origin) meaning "the preacher".

4. Al Moussawi (Arabic origin) is a transnational Arabic surname that is meant to indicate a direct ancestry to the Prophet Mohammed.

5. Al Qazi (Arabic origin) meaning "the judge". For last names, many Lebanese people have this as their surname.

6. El-Din (Arabic origin) "the faith".

7. El Haddad (Aramaic origin) meaning "the blacksmith".

8. El-Hajj (Arabic origin) meaning "one who makes the pilgrimage".

9. El Halaby (Arabic origin) meaning "the one from Aleppo". Apart from being a Lebanese surname, this one of the more common last names in Syria.

10. El Hassan (Arabic origin) meaning "the handsome person".

11. El Helou (Arabic origin) meaning "the pretty and handsome one".

12. El Khoury (Levantine Arabic origin) meaning " the high priest". This is one of the most common Lebanese last names.

13. El Masry (Arabic origin) meaning "the Egyptian".

14. El Sayed (Arabic origin) meaning "the master".

15. El Shami (Arabic origin) meaning "the one from the Levantine region".

Popular Lebanese Last Names

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Scroll down and take a look at some of the most prevalent Lebanese last names.

16. Abbas (Arabic origin) meaning "lion".

17. Aboud (Arabic origin) meaning "devout worshipper".

18. Ahmed (Arabic origin) meaning "richly praised". Last names like these are widespread amongst the Lebanese people.

19. Ali (Arabic origin) meaning "champion" or "exalted one".

20. Aoun (Arabic origin) meaning "help".

21. Assaf (Persian origin) meaning "pure".

22. Awad (Arabic origin) meaning "kindness".

23. Ayoub (Arabic/Hebrew origin) meaning "messenger of God'. This is one of the few Arabic last names used by both Arab Christians and Arab Muslims.

24. Azar (Persian origin) meaning "fire".

25. Dahir (Arabic origin) meaning "mountain top".

26. Darwish (Arabic origin) meaning "a roaming Sufi". For the last names of Lebanese people, this is unique.

27. Diab (Arabic origin) meaning "pack of wolves".

28. Eisa (Arabic origin) meaning "God is salvation"; derived from the name Jesus.

29. Farhat (Arabic/Persian origin) meaning "happiness" or "splendor". A popular Lebanese and Arabic last name.

30. Habib (Arabic origin) meaning "beloved".

31. Haidar (Arabic origin) meaning "lion".

32. Hamoud (Arabic origin) meaning "one who is praiseworthy".

33. Hamza (Arabic origin) meaning "steadfast".

34. Hanna (Arabic/Biblical origin) refers to the apostle John. A popular Arab surname for Christians in Lebanon.

35. Harb (Arabic origin) meaning "war".

36. Hashem (Arabic origin) meaning "crusher".

37. Ibrahim (Arabic/Biblical origin) meaning "friend of God"; Ibrahim is the Arabian derivation of the Biblical name Abraham.

38. Ismail (Arabic/Hebrew origin) meaning "to be heard by God". Although used for first names, names like Ismail can also serve as the last name.

39. Jaber (Arabic origin) meaning "comforter".

40. Kanaan (Arabic origin) meaning "beauty". Lebanese last names like these are widespread in the country.

41. Karam (Arabic origin) meaning "generosity".

42. Khaleel (Arabic origin) meaning "friend".

43. Mansour (Arabic origin) meaning "he who is victorious".

44. Mousa (Arabic/Biblical origin) meaning "son".

45. Murad (Arabic origin) meaning "willed for or desired".

46. Nader (Arabic origin) meaning "rare".

47. Nehme (Arabic origin) meaning "graceful blessing". This is a very prominent Lebanese surname.

48. Osman (Arabic origin) meaning "wise and intuitive".

49. Qasim (Arabic origin) meaning "one who distributes".

50. Rizk (Arabic origin) meaning "livelihood". Beautiful last names like this are widespread in Lebanon.

51. Saad (Arabic origin) meaning "prosperity".

52. Salama (Arabic origin) meaning "peace".

53. Saleh (Arabic origin) meaning "pious".

54. Saliba (Arabic origin) meaning "crucifix". In Arab countries like Lebanon, this is a common family last name for Christians.

55. Shaheen (Persian origin) meaning "majestic".

56. Suleiman (Arabic origin) meaning "man of peace". This is the Arabic derivation of the name Solomon.

57. Wahbi (Arabic origin) meaning "gift".

58. Yassin (Arabic origin) refers to a chapter in The Quran.

59. Younus (Arabic/Biblical origin) refers to the Biblical Prophet Jonah.

60. Yousef (Aramaic origin) meaning "God increases". Apart from being a popular Lebanese last name, Yousef is also widespread amongst Egyptian last names.

Lebanese Last Names Of Famous Personalities

Shakira famous songwriter

Lebanon has produced many famous and popular Lebanese stars and personalities. Many of these personalities have unique Lebanese origin last names. Take a look at them below.

61. Abouchdid is a rare Lebanese surname. Lebanese physician Edma Abouchdid is associated with this surname.

62. Acra (Egyptian origin) meaning "fortress". Reem Acra is a famous Lebanese fashion designer.

63. Ajram (Arabic origin) meaning "strong". Nancy Ajram is a Lebanese singer with international repute.

64. Alama (Arabic origin) meaning "emblem". The Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama is associated with this family name.

65. Antar (Arabic origin) meaning "chivalrous hero". Roda Antar is a Lebanese footballing hero and former National Team captain.

66. Ayach (Arabic origin) meaning "one who gives life". The 'Pop Star' of the middle east, Lebanese singer Rami Ayach has this family name.

67. Baghdadi (Arabic origin) meaning "from Baghdad". Maroun Baghdadi was a Lebanese film director associated with this Lebanese surname.

68. Bassil (Greek origin) meaning "royal". Gebran Bassil is a Lebanese politician who shares this surname.

69. Bazaza (Urdu origin) meaning "clothiers"; Lebanese fashion designer Hussein Bazaza has this surname.

70. Chakra (Indian origin) meaning "energy centers of the body"; this surname is associated with Lebanese designer Georges Chakra.

71. Chaya (Indian origin) meaning "shadow". In Lebanese origin surnames, Maxime Chaya is the first Lebanese to climb Mt. Everest.

72. Chidiac is one of the unique Lebanese last names, with former Lebanese minister May Chidiac having this surname.

73. Daher (Arabic origin) meaning "clear". Sami Daher is a Lebanese film actor with this last name.

74. Debbas is a surname of Lebanese origin. Ralph Debbas is an automotive executive and entrepreneur from Lebanon.

75. Deeb (Arabic origin) meaning "wolf". Grace Deeb is a Lebanese singer who began her career at a very young age.

76. Doueiri is another one of the unique Lebanese last names; Lebanese cinematographer and film director Ziad Doueiri has this last name.

77. Elachi (Indian origin) meaning "cardamom". Lebanese-American astronomer Charles Elachi has this surname.

78. Feghali is one of the more common Arabic last names in the middle-east. Lebanese actor Imad Feghaly has this surname.

79. Gibran (Arabic origin) meaning "to repair". Lebanese writer Khalil Gibran is linked with this surname.

80. Hayek (Arabic origin) meaning "weaver". Salma Hayek, a Mexican actress of Lebanese descent, is associated with this name.

81. Hillal (Arabic origin) meaning "half-moon". This family last name is linked with Lebanese TV presenter Annabella Hillal.

82. Hourani (Arabi origin) meaning "from Houran". Dominique Hourani is a Lebanese actress and recording artist with this family last name.

83. Iskandar (Greek origin) meaning "defender of man". Charbel Iskander is a Lebanese actor with this family name.

84. Karim (Arabic origin) meaning "generous and noble". Mona Karim, a Lebanese actress with this family last name.

85. Kassar is one of the rarer Arabic surnames. In the case of Lebanese family last names, film producer Mario Kassar has this name.

86. Khabbaz (Arabic origin) meaning "baker". For Lebanese origin surnames, actor Georges Khabbaz is a good example.

87. Khalife (Arabic origin) meaning "successor". Marcel Khalife is a Lebanese composer with this family name.

88. Labaki (Arabic origin) is a prevalent Lebanese family surname with film director Nadine Labaki sharing this last name.

89. Maalouf (Arabic origin) meaning "exempted". Toni Maalouf is a Lebanese actor associated with this name.

90. Mabsout (Arabic origin) meaning "happy person". Mahmoud Mabsout was a Lebanese actor with this last name.

91. Macdissi (Arabic origin) is a term used to refer to someone from Jerusalem. In Lebanese origin family names, Peter Macdissi is a Lebanese actor who has also worked in Hollywood.

92. Matar (Arabic origin) is a surname associated with Lebanese poet and painter Joseph Matar.

93. Mikati is a unique Lebanese family name that can be associated with the Lebanese voice actor Omar Mikati.

94. Mubarak (Arabic origin) meaning "to receive blessings". Patrick Mubarak, a Lebanese actor, has this family name.

95. Nanoua is an uncommon Lebanese family name. Ismail Nanoua is a Lebanese actor who has this family name.

96. Njeim (Arabic origin) meaning "little star" is a Lebanese family surname; Nadine Nassib Njeim is a Lebanese actress and model.

97. Nohra (Aramaic origin) meaning "fire". Lebanese actress Samara Nohra has this family name.

98. Noory (Arabic origin) meaning "my light". Famous Lebanese origin radio host George Noory has this as his family name.

99. Raad (Arabic origin) meaning "leader". This last name is linked with Ouday Raad, a Lebanese actor.

100. Rahbani (Arabic origin) meaning "divine". The Rahbani brothers are a Lebanese musical duo with this name.

101. Saab (Arabic origin) meaning "morning". Elie Saab is a world-renowned Lebanese fashion designer.

102. Taha (Arabic origin) meaning "pure and mystic". Jamal Taha is the Lebanese National Team coach with this surname.

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