100 Best Lebanese Names For Boys And Girls

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Lebanese people mostly have Arabic, French or Aramaic names.

Lebanon's population mainly consists of different sects of Muslims and various sects of Christians. Hence, the dominance of Arabic names among them is very much natural.

Since the 15th century, most people of all faiths that are currently living in Lebanon speak the Arabic language, or, more specifically, the Lebanese Arabic. Though, Aramaic language still lives on there.

Typical Lebanese first names are made of a personal name, followed by their father's unique name and family name or grandfather's personal name.

As can be evident that Lebanese culture is hugely influenced by the Arabic language, so the dominance of Arabic names as Lebanese baby names also persists. So, we've made a list of all the best Lebanese baby names for girls and boys for your benefit.

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Best Lebanese Male Names

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A fact about Lebanese baby names is that names from the Holy Quran are favorites for Lebanese people. The second favorite comes from Biblical names and then lastly names inspired by locations. Here's the list of some of the best Lebanese boy names for you to name your baby boy.

1. Aahad (Arabic origin), meaning "unity, harmony".

2. Aatazaz (Arabic origin), meaning "servant of the mighty or someone important".

3. Abdel (Arabic origin), meaning "servant of Allah or God".

4. Amal (Arabic origin), meaning "expectation, hope". The use of Amal as one of girl baby names is slowly rising.

5. Amir (Arabic origin), meaning "a prince or a born leader who is born to give orders".

6. Anas (Arabic origin), meaning "a friendly person". Anas was one of the Prophet's companions.

7. Assi (Finnish origin), meaning "a fair and beautiful god or goddess". Assi El Hallani is a renowned Lebanese singer. Assi Rahbani is also a Lebanese composer, producer, and musician. He, along with his brother, was part of the 'Rahbani Brothers'.

8. Aybak (Arabic origin), meaning "messenger or slave". This name also refers to 'Qutb-Ud-Din Aibak'.

9. Ayman (Arabic origin), meaning "a blessed individual and right-headed person". Ayman Baalbaki is a Lebanese painter. He is famous for his large scale expressionist portrayals of fighters.

10. Baqil (Arabic origin), meaning "a handsome and young bloke".

11. Barjees (Arabic origin), meaning "a star of the sixth sky or Jupiter".

12. Battah (Arabic origin), meaning "dance".

13. Charbel (Aramaic origin), meaning "narration of the story of God". Charbel Iskandar is a Lebanese TV and voice actor. He's mainly known for his work in 'Game of Death' and 'Cheri bil Taqseet'. Saint Charbel Makhlouf was a Maronite Monk and priest of the 19th century. He is famous among Lebanese Christians as the 'Miracle Monk of Lebanon'.

14. Daiam (Arabic origin), meaning "permanent or everlasting".

15. Eessa (Arabic origin), meaning "devoted to God". Eessa is considered the Lebanese variation of Jesus.

16. Elias (Hebrew origin), meaning "the Lord is my God". Elias Sarkis was the president of Lebanon from 1976 to 1982, and Elias Khoury is a prominent Lebanese intellectual and novelist. It's one of the more common Lebanese names among Lebanese Christian names.

17. Elie (Hebrew origin), meaning "someone who deeply loves God and shares light". Elie Saab is a famous Lebanese fashion designer who was the first Arab to be accepted to the fashion industry's governing body.

18. Farez (Arabic origin), meaning "the one who is eloquent".

19. Farghan (Arabic origin), meaning "a wave of music, wide open".

20. Ferjal (Arabic origin), meaning "a rich and prosperous boy".

21. Ferman (Arabic origin), meaning "someone who commands respect or is superior".

22. Ghafran (Arabic origin), meaning "absolution or salvation". Ghafran is an attributive name of the prophet Muhammad.

23. Ghasharab (Arabic origin), meaning "a powerful and strong person". Ghasharab is not very popular among Lebanese baby boy names.

24. Ghasif (Arabic origin), meaning "someone who leads a comfortable life and is happy and cheerful".

25. Ghawer (Arabic origin), meaning "deliberation, consideration or depth".

26. Hassim (Arabic origin), meaning "someone who lives life with ardor, zeal, and enthusiasm".

27. Hamees (Arabic origin), meaning "someone who is courageous, brave and bold".

28. Hani (Arabic origin), meaning "someone who is of a delightful behavior".

29. Idrees (Arabic origin), meaning "one who teaches or instructs".

30. Ihtishaam (Arabic origin), meaning "someone with a magnificent or splendid personality".

31. Ijaaz (Arabic origin), meaning "astonishment, miracle or magnanimity".

32. Ijtiba (Arabic origin), meaning "someone who is elected, chosen or approved".

33. Ikhlaaq (Arabic origin), meaning "someone with moral virtues and good demeanor".

34. Imad (Arabic origin), meaning "support or pillar". Imad Feghaly is a Lebanese film and voice actor. Mainly known for his work in 'The Elephant King' and 'Al Mashhad Al Akhir'.

35. Immad (Arabic origin), meaning "pillar" or "support".

36. Imman (Arabic origin), meaning "protection, refuge or shelter".

37. Ishaaq (Arabic origin), making "pious or true believer". One of the names of the prophet.

38. Iskandar (Greek origin), meaning "defender of defender". Iskandar Safa is a French businessman of Lebanese origin. He, along with his brother, are the owners of Privinvest Holding, a major international naval construction group.

39. Jasar (Arabic origin), meaning "someone who is bold, brave and courageous".

40. Jean (French origin), meaning "the Lord is gracious". Jean Kahwaji is a former commander of Lebanese armed forces. Jean is one of the few baby boy names among French Lebanese names.

41. Kashir (Arabic origin), meaning "a humorous person".

42. Liman (Arabic origin) is a Lebanon term for "shining, bright and lustrous".

43. Maheer (Arabic origin), meaning "a bold, brave and courageous person".

44. Maier (Arabic origin), meaning "shining and bright".

45. Maroun (Arabic origin), meaning "someone who has a Saint's name". Maroun Bagdadi was a renowned Lebanese film director. He was mainly known for vivid portrayals of Lebanon's civil war. Maroun Abboud was a Lebanese Christian writer and poet.

46. Masab (Arabic origin), this was the name of Prophet Muhammad's friend.

47. Mubariz (Arabic origin) is a Lebanese term for "police or soldier".

48. Mubashir (Arabic origin), meant "the one who brings good news".

49. Muhib (Arabic origin), meaning "someone noble and lovable".

50. Qateel (Arabic origin), meaning "someone who can sacrifice everything for the welfare of the almighty".

Best Lebanese Female Names

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The fact about Lebanese women is that they don't change their name after marriage. If she chooses to, she can take her husband's family name, but that's entirely up to her. Below is the incredible list of some of the best Lebanese girls' names for your baby girls.

51. Abila (Arabic origin), meaning "healthy and beautiful".

52. Abroud (Arabic origin), meaning "a beautiful and fair girl".

53. Adeline (French origin), meaning "nobility or noble".

54. Aleyna (Arabic origin), meaning "awakening".

55. Badah (Arabic origin), meaning "the one who is broad-minded".

56. Bariqa (Arabic origin), meaning "shining or fast, lightning". This is one of the lovely Muslim names.

57. Bazif (Arabic origin), meaning "to be proud".

58. Bukhdan (Arabic origin), meaning "something that is smooth, sleek and tender". Bukhdan is not much of a common Lebanese baby name among Lebanese baby Muslim names.

59. Cyla (Arabic origin), meaning "from the primitive times".

60. Dasia (Arabic origin) is a Lebanese term for "excellence, daisy flower".

61. Delkash (Arabic origin), meaning "charm, attraction, and fascination".

62. Dina (Arabic origin), meaning "a valley that is filled with beautiful flowers". Dina Azar is a Lebanese beauty queen who won the Miss Lebanon title in 1995.

63. Ferazia (Arabic origin), meaning "elevated, high, lofty or tall".

64. Ferwa (Arabic origin), meaning "desire, passion, fondness or longing".

65. Foziah (Arabic origin), meaning "someone who is successful and victorious".

66. Ghashmira (Arabic origin), meaning "generosity, liberty, munificence".

67. Ghumra (Arabic origin), this baby girl name is the Lebanese term for "yellow or saffron color".

68. Guita (Arabic origin), meaning "universe or world". It's also a kind of a song.

69. Halifa (Arabic origin), meaning "the ones who always stay together or friends".

70. Hamia (Arabic origin), meaning "a person with a sense of honor".

71. Hareem (Arabic origin), meaning "the walls of the house of Kaaba".

72. Horiya (Arabic origin), meaning "a black-eyed heavenly nymph or an angel".

73. Ieisha (Arabic origin), meaning "she who lives or alive".

74. Iffaa (Arabic origin), meaning "the one who keeps her faith alive".

75. Injila (Arabic origin), meaning "glittering, shining, brilliant and glistening".

76. Iqala (Arabic origin), meaning "a person who is modest and humble".

77. Iraj (Arabic origin), meaning "blossom or flower".

78. Kiswar (Arabic origin), meaning "country, nation or realm".

79. Lena (French origin), meaning "a torch", or Hindi for "a devoted and tender woman".

80. Leyla (Arabic origin), meaning "someone who is born at night". Leyla Hakim was a Lebanese actress, mostly known for her roles in 'Bahiya & Mahmoud' and 'The Valley of Tears'. Leyla is one of the more popular Lebanese names and also popular among Middle Eastern girl names.

81. Limees (Arabic origin), meaning "something that's delicate, tender and soft to touch".

82. Majida (Arabic origin), meaning "respected, eternal, glorious, powerful". Majida El Roumi is a Lebanese soprano singer and a UN Goodwill Ambassador. Majida is one of the common girl names among Lebanese baby Muslim names.

83. Mazia (Arabic origin), meaning "supple and soft".

84. Merjan (Arabic origin), this girl name is the Lebanese term for "pearl or diamond".

85. Nigarish (Arabic origin), meaning "the one who's always on the mind, fantasy or vision".

86. Nuralain (Arabic origin), meaning "light, brightness, radiance or bringer of happiness".

87. Parniyan (Arabic origin), meaning "a dress made of soft silk or soft silk in general".

88. Qabita (Arabic origin), this girl name is the name of an ancient Egyptian woman.

89. Qailah (Arabic origin), meaning "the one who speaks, speaker". It's also one of the names of a Sahabaiyyah.

90. Qamra (Arabic origin), this baby girl name is a Lebanese term for "moon".

91. Rafqa (Arabic origin), meaning "wide". Rafqa Pietra Choboq Ar-Rayès, was a renowned Lebanese Maronite nun. She was also known as 'Saint Rafka' or 'Saint Rebecca'.

92. Sahiqa (Arabic origin), it's the Lebanese term for "rain". A great name for girls.

93. Sareena (Arabic origin), meaning "beautiful as a princess or princess".

94. Sehrish (Arabic origin), meaning "a person with an enchanting and fascinating personality".

95. Shanifa (Arabic origin), meaning "the one who is faithful, loyal and true to themselves and others".

96. Sobia (Arabic origin), meaning "a well-dressed person".

97. Tazeen (Arabic origin), meaning "adornment, decoration or makeup".

98. Udaysah (Arabic origin), this was the name of the narrator of Hadith and also Ahban al-Ghifariyah's daughter.

99. Vardah (Arabic origin), this baby girl's name is an Arabic word for "rose".

100. Zaina (Arabic origin), meaning "someone who is exceptionally beautiful". A great name for a baby girl.

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