100 Egyptian Last Names With History And Meanings

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amazing last names that are egyptian

Egyptian names carry the legacy of their ancient legends and unique culture.

Egyptian surnames are related to their faith, history, and pack a lot of meaning. Every surname gives us an insight into the world of Egypt.

There is an interesting theory about how last names in Egyptian times work. The last name is generally taken to carry forward the paternal lineage. Some are taken from the father and grandfather's name and then, they are combined with the baby's name.

The most common religion adopted by Egyptians is Islam. Hence, mostly last names are in the Arabic language derived from Islam and refer to the practices, chapels, and saints of Islam. The surname is based on geographical locations too.

Egyptian last names can reveal a lot about their family lineage. Just by looking at surname, we can link the ancestors. The seeds of the dynasty lie in the surname. Here, we will explore all the common, popular, ancient, and pharaonic names of Egypt.

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Common Egyptian Last Names

The most common names of Egypt are generally taken from the local public residing there. These common names are adopted in an Arabic form. Despite being common, they are worn by people with a lot of pride:

1. Abdallah (Arabic origin) meaning "the servant of Allah".

2. Ahmad (Arabic origin) meaning "the praised one".

3. Ali (Arabic origin) meaning "champion." Islami's fourth Caliph had the same name.

4. Amin (Arabic origin) meaning "truthful" or "trustworthy". Al is used as a prefix with this name.

5. Ayad (Persian origin) meaning "the hands with power". It signifies the power to achieve things in life.

6. Badawi (Arabic origin) meaning "desert-dweller". This is the name of Bedouin tribesmen. The ethnic Arab tribe which dwells in the desert.

7. Darwish (Arabic origin) meaning "roaming", "exploring," or "wandering". It takes these different meanings from different cultures – Arab, Persian, Hebrew.

8. Gamal (Arabic origin) meaning "beauty". It is an Egyptian name for the original Arabic name "Jamla".

9. Habib (Arabic origin) meaning "beloved" or 'friend". It is used for a respectable person.

10. Hassan (Arabic origin) meaning "handsome", "manly", strong".

11. Hatem (Arabic origin) meaning "decisive" or "determined". Another word for the name is Hatim.

12. Hussein (Arabic origin) meaning "handsome" or "beautiful". It was the name of Prophet Mohammed's grandson.

13. Ibrahim (Arabic origin) meaning "the father of all" or "the exalted father". Originated from Prophet Ibrahim.

14. Kader (Arabic origin) meaning "powerful" or ambitious". It refers to someone "capable".

15. Kamel (Arabic origin) meaning "perfect" or "complete". Similar words "Kamil"(male) and "Kamila"(female).

16. Khalifa (Arabic origin) meaning "successor" or "steward". It refers to the leader of a Caliphate.

17. Khalil (Arabic origin) meaning "friend". The most common last name in Egpyt.

18. Mohammed (Arabic origin) meaning "praise-worthiness" or "laudability". This was the name of Islam's last prophet.

19. Mormon (English origin) meaning "more good".

20. Moussa (Arabic origin)meaning "son". It is the Muslim version of "Moses".

21. Mustaf (Arabic origin) meaning "the chosen one" or "the appointed one". It is one of many names of Prophet Muhammed.

22. Nabil (Arabic origin) meaning "noble". Also spelled "Nabeel". Nasser Nabeel is a Qatari football player.

23. Omar (Hebrew origin) meaning "long life". It comes from "Umr," which means "life".

24. Osman (Arabic origin) meaning "devoted servant of God".

25. Ramadan (Arabic origin) meaning the holy month of Islamic People.

26. Sadek (Arabic origin) meaning"truthful" or "honest".

27. Sallom (Arabic origin) meaning "source of peace and reconciliation" or "straightness" or "corruption and defect".

28. Sultan (Arabic origin) meaning "the ruler". It is the Arabic title used for Kings and Rulers.

29. Youssef (Hebrew origin) meaning "god increases".

30. Zakaria (Hebrew origin) meaning "to remember". Derived from the Hebrew word "YAHWEH".

Most Popular Egyptian Surnames

There are many popular Egyptian surnames adopted by star celebrities and popular personalities. These names impart a strong impact on the local public residing there. So let's discover all these popular last names.

31. Abbas (Arabic origin) meaning "lion" or "austere".

32. Abdo (Arabic origin) meaning God's slave.

33. Adel (Arabic origin) meaning "one who is fair and equal".

34. Ally (Arabic origin) meaning "exalted".

35. Al-Ameen (Arabic origin) meaning "trustworthy" or "truthful".

36. Ashraf (Arabic origin) meaning "most honorable one".

37. Badr (Arabic origin) meaning "full moon". Popularly used by poets to describe the beauty of the moon.

38. Bakir (Arabic origin) meaning "early" or "dawn".

39. Fahmy (Egyptian origin) meaning "my understanding". The surname is linked to popular Egyptian journalist Mohammed Fahmy.

40. Fouad (Arabic origin) meaning "heart". The name is linked to the popular ancient Egyptian king.

41. Hamed (Arabic/ Persian origin) meaning "praiser".

42. Hafez (Arabic origin) meaning "guardian", "custodian".

43. Ismail (Hebrew origin) meaning"god hear us".

44. Magdy (Arabic origin) meaning"most honorable" and "most giving".

45. Maher (Arabic/Irish origin) meaning "skilful" or "talented".

46. Mansour (Arabic origin) meaning "the one who is victorious". It is derived from "Nasr," which means "victory".

47. Mohammed (Arabic origin) meaning "praise-worthiness" or "laudability". This was the name of Islam's last prophet.

48. Mohsen (Arabic origin) meaning "beneficent".

49. Nasr (Arabic origin) meaning "triumph" or "victory".

50. Osama (Arabic origin) meaning "lion".

51. Saad (Arabic origin) meaning "fortune' or "good luck".

52. Salem (Arabic origin) meaning "unharmed" or "safe".

53. Said (Arabic origin) meaning "happy" or "lucky". Sa'id was Prophet Mohammed's companion.

54. Yehia (Arabic origin), meaning "God is gracious."

55. Zaki (Arabic origin) meaning "intelligent".

Unique Last Names In Egypt

meanings and history of egyptian last names

There may be several Egyptian last names that are unheard of.  These belong to people who have arrived in Egypt from various other places. Or they are the last remaining heirs of their long lost family. Still, such surnames are a symbol of pride for many Egyptians.

56. Abaza (Russian/ Turkish origin) means "kings". It refers to members of ethnic groups of Caucasus.

57. Abdelfattah (Arabic origin) meaning "servant of the conqueror". This name is a transcription for Abd-al-Fattah.

58. Abdelkader (Arabic origin) meaning "servant of the powerful". It is derived from Abd-al-Qadir.

59. Botros (Arabic origin) meaning "stone".

60. Dawood (Hebrew origin) meaning "beloved" or "uncle". Popular English name David is derived from it.

61. El Shamy (Arabic origin) meaning "from Levantine". The people having this name is said to come from the Levantine region.

62. El Sherif (Arabic origin) meaning "honor". This name relates to an ancient family from Saudi Arabia, which was related to "Mohamed PBUH".

63. Essa (Arabic origin), meaning "salvation." It is the Arabic name of Lord Jesus.

64. Fadel (Arabic origin) meaning "grace" or "generosity". The name is popularly linked to the grandson of 4th Caliph Ali.

65. Fakhri (Arabic origin) meaning "honorary".

66. Fouda (Arabic origin) meaning "heart".

67. Hakim (Arabic origin) meaning "wise". One of the names of Allah.

68. Issa (Arabic origin), meaning "protection."

69. Khamis (Arabic origin) meaning "Thursday".

70. Mabrouk (Arabic origin) meaning "blessed".

71. Nader (Arabic origin) meaning "rare".

72. Shafiq (Arabic origin) meaning "compassionate".

73. Waheed (Arabic origin) meaning"unique" or "one".

74. Younes (Hebrew origin) meaning "dove". Originates from "Yonah"(Hebrew).

75. Zaghloul (Arabic origin) meaning"young dove". Other forms "Zaghlool" or Zaghlul".

Ancient Egyptian Names

The surname carries the history of names within itself. These ancient names are not only heritage but also a foundation of culture. The ancient family surname is decided based on their paternal lineage. Here is a list of all ancient surnames that give you a glimpse of the Egyptian culture:

76. Adio meaning "righteous".

77. Adom meaning "receives help from God". According to the Bible, it was the main source i.e. the earth from which God designed humans.

78. Akhom meaning "eagle".

79. Akil meaning "intelligent".

80. Amenemhat meaning "AMUN is in front". The surname belongs to the 12th dynasty of ancient Egypt, whose reign is considered as the golden age of the Middle Kingdom of Egypt.

81. Anum meaning "born fifth".

82. Baketmut meaning "handmade of MUT".

83. Badru meaning "born during the full moon".

84. Beketaten meaning "handmade of ATEN".

85. Chisisi meaning "secret".

86. Darwish meaning "saint". It is derived from a Sufi Muslim member of Pahlavi driyosh who believed in Muslim religious works.

87. Hamidi meaning "praised."

88. Hanbal meaning "pristine".

89. Kamuzu meaning "medical".

90. Khaldun meaning "immortal". Ibn- Khaldun is the root of this surname who was a famous historian as well as a sociologist. He penetrated Islam and worked for society remarkably.

91.   Msrah meaning 'born sixth".

92. Manu meaning "born second". He was a great personality who was ultimately recognized as the Chaldean god of fate.

93. Nizam meaning "disciplined".

94. Nuru meaning "born during the day".

Pharaonic Last Names

Names from Egypt have their roots in the ancient mighty Pharaoh's names. Pharaohs were the kings of Egypt. These names might have died, but the legacy and surnames still have a great impact on people. Here we present all the Pharaonic last name:

95. Akhenaten meaning "beneficial to Egyptian Sun God, Aton". The son of Amenhotep III, he is known for his monotheistic beliefs and for moving the capital of Egypt from Thebes to Amarna

96. Khufu meaning "God" . He was the 2nd Egyptian Pharaoh of the 4th dynasty. The popular Great Pyramid of Giza was built during his Tenure.

97. Meryaten meaning 'the strong bull" or "the beloved of Aten". She was a royal Egyptian woman and a daughter of Pharaoh Akhenaten.

98. Ramses, meaning "the sun god." It is linked to great Pharaoh Ramses II. He is seen as, historically, one of the most celebrated Pharaoh of Egpyt.

99. Thutmose meaning 'born of Thoth". The name is linked to popular Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose I, he was popular for expanding the ancient Egyptian kingdom.

100. Tutankhamun meaning "image of the life of Amon." He was the last Pharaoh from his family; he is still popular due to the very reason that his Tomb consists o valuable treasures.

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