120 Haitian Last Names With Meanings And History

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Feb 16, 2024 By Georgia Stone
Originally Published on Oct 13, 2020
Silhouette of a young boy by the sea in Haiti.

You need to put a lot of thought into choosing a name, especially when you are choosing last names for fictional characters.

You want the name to represent the personality of the character. As such, it is vital to look into the history and the meaning of names, before you go ahead and select one.

If you are looking for Haitian last names for your character, you have come to the right place. We have put together a list of 100 unique, popular, and ancient Haitian last names.

Haitian last names come with a lot of history. For example, after the French government ended slavery in Haiti, the freed citizens had to get their last names registered.

So as to avoid assigning these citizens French names, they were given a permutation of their first name as their last name. So someone called Rose Marie, would have her last name as Marie-Rose. This is the reason why some people from Haiti have two last names.

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Popular Haitian Last Names

Here are the most popular Haitian surnames you can choose for your character.

The official Haitian flag.

1. Andre – (Greek origin) Derived from the name Andreas, meaning strong and manly.

2. Augustin – (English origin) The Haitian name is used for a descendant of Augustine which means majestic.

3. Baptiste – (Spanish origin) This name has derived from the personal name Bautista. It is also known to be the Spanish form of the word baptist.

4. Bernard - (French origin) A form of the name Beornh(e)ard, meaning brave warrior.

5. Francois – (French origin) Means Frenchman.

6. Gabriel - (English, French origin) This name is taken from the celestial hierarchy, Angel Gabriel, meaning God is my strength.

7. Georges – (French origin) This last name is used by descendants of George, meaning farmer.

8. Germaine - (French origin) This Haitian name is used for descendants of Germain, meaning spear or people.

9. Jean - (French origin) Derived from the name of an ancestor, meaning the son of John.

10. Jean-Baptiste - (Latin origin) The name is derived from two names. John, from the Hebrew name Jochanaan, meaning God is gracious and the Spanish form of the word baptist.

11. Jacques - (French origin) Considered a variant of John or James, meaning the supplanter.

12. Jeune – (French-Latin origin) This popular Haitian name means the young.

13. Joseph - (English, German, French, Jewish origin) From the Hebrew Hebrew Yosef which means may God add another son.

14. Julien – (English origin) Derived from the name Julian which means downy-bearded or youthful.

15. Laurent – (French origin) Meaning laurel or a symbol of victory. It also means someone from Lorraine, a medieval European kingdom.

16. Louis – (French origin) From the name Lewis, meaning ‘renowned or famous in battle’.

17. Michel - (English, French origin) Derived from the name Michael from Hebrew, meaning ‘Who is God?’

18. Nicolas – (Greek origin) This is a very common Haitian surname, meaning victorious people or army.

19. Noel - (French origin) Noel means Christmas Day or Dies Natalis. The name is commonly given to those born on Christmas day.

20. Paul – (Latin origin) Meaning a descendant of Paul or one who came from Paul. Also means little, small.

21. Pierre - (French origin) French derivation for the name Peter, meaning rock.

22. Petit – (Anglo-French origin) Meaning little or the short or small man.

23. Simon – (English origin) Meaning gracious hearing.

24. Thomas – (Hebrew origin) In early days this name was not popular due to its link with ‘Doubting Thomas. Thomas means a twin.

25. Victor – (Anglo-Latin origin) This is one of the common names which means conqueror.

Unique Haitian Surnames

Take a look at some of the most unique surnames from Haiti.

26. Antoine – (Latin origin) This Haitian last name is a shortened form of the name Antonius, which means well-beloved or inestimable.

27. Barthelemy – (Hebrew origin) Meaning son of him who suspends the waters.

28. Benjamin – (English origin) Meaning son of my right hand.

29. Benoit – (French origin) French form of the name Benedict meaning blessed.

30. Blanc – (French origin) Meaning white haired man.

31. Calixte – (Greek, Latin origin) The name in Greek means most beautiful or lovely. In Latin, the name means chalice.

32. Daniel – (Hebrew origin) Meaning God is my Judge, from dán meaning a judge, and El meaning God.

33. David – (Hebrew origin) Derived from the name Dawidh, meaning beloved one. Some take David to mean paternal uncle.

34. Denis – (French origin) This name is the French form of the name Dionysius. Derived from the patron saint of France.

35. Dor – (Hebrew origin) This unique Haitian name means generation.

36. Felix – (Latin origin) Meaning fruitful, lucky or fortunate.

37. Fortune – (Anglo, French, Latin origin) The name Fortune in French and Fortuna in Latin means luck or chance.

38. Guerrier - (Latin origin) This Haitian last name means a warrior or a soldier.

39. Guillaume – (French origin) From the name William, which is of old Germanic origin.

40. Innocent – (Anglo, Latin origin) Derived from the Latin name Innocentius, meaning harmless. This name has been assumed by several Popes.

41. Isaac - (Hebrew origin) Meaning laughter or he laugheth.

42. Lubin - (Polish, Russian origin) Meaning a person who lived where lupine was grown for fertilizer.

43. Mondesir - (French origin) Meaning my desire. This name is derived from mon meaning my and desir meaning desire.

44. Nelson - (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish origin) This name is used to denote the son of Nel or Neil, meaning champion.

45. Philippe – (Greek origin) This unique Haitian name means lover of horses.

46. Raphael – (Hebrew, English origin) – A form of the name Ralph, meaning healed by God.

47. Raymond – (Teutonic origin) Meaning godlike or mighty protection.

48. Solomon – (English origin) The surname Solomon means peaceful.

49. Toussaint - (French origin) The name means all saints. This name to those born on the festival of saints.

50. Vincent – (Anglo, French, Latin origin) Derived from the Latin name Vincentius, meaning to conquer.

Old Haitian Last Names

Here are some ancient Haitian last names that are full of history.

An old church in Haiti seashore.

51. Abraham - (Hebrew origin) Meaning father of a multitude.

52. Alfred – (English origin) Meaning Elf-counsel.

53. Bonhomme – (French origin) Meaning good man.

54. Desrosiers – (French origin) Meaning of the roses.

55. Edmond – (English origin) Meaning blessed protector.

56. Elie – (French origin) Derived from Eliyahu meaning Jehovah is God.

57. Emmanuel – (Hebrew origin) Meaning God is with us.

58. Ferdinand – (Teutonic origin) Meaning world-daring or life-daring.

59. Fleury – (French origin) Meaning someone who came from a place where flowers grew.

60. Gedeon – (Hebrew origin) Meaning feller of trees, destroyer, mighty warrior.

61. Israel – (Hebrew origin) Meaning contender of God or prince with God.

62. Jasmin – (Persian origin) Variant of Yasmin, meaning 'jasmim', the fragrant flower.

63. Justin – (English origin) Meaning the just.

64. Leger – (French origin) From the word "légère", meaning mild or weightless.

65. Leon – (Latin, Greek origin) Meaning lion.

66. Lundy – (English origin) Meaning someone from Lundy, an island in Devonshire.

67. Mede – (Anglo-Saxon origin) Meaning what is mowed or cut down.

68. Napoleon – (Italian origin) Meaning lion of the forest.

69. Olivier - (Latin origin) Derived from Oliva, meaning an Olive branch.

70. Pascal – (French origin) Meaning Easter.

71. Robert – (English origin) Meaning bright fame.

72. Romain – (Anglo, French, Latin origin) Meaning Roman.

73. Seraphin – (Hebrew origin) Derived fro sĕrāphīm, meaning burning ones.

74. Theodore – (Anglo, French origin) Meaning divine gift.

75. Vital - (Latin origin) From the word vita meaning life.

Common Haitian Names Ending With -US

Below are some -US ending Haitian surnames you must take a look at.

76. Adelus – (German origin) Meaning noble kind or of the noble sort.

77. Exantus – (French origin) Meaning gift of God.

78. Darius – (French origin) It is the Persian form of Darayavahush, meaning possessor.

79. Dormeus – (Latin origin) Derived from Adoremus, meaning we adore.

80. Fidelus – (Latin origin) Meaning always faithful.

81. Romulus - (Latin origin) Meaning citizen of Rome.

82. Simeus – (Hebrew origin) Meaning heard.

Haitian Last Names Beginning With MA

Below are some Haitian last names that end with the letters MA.

83. Magloire - (French origin) From the personal name Maglorius. The name means God's glory.

84. Maitre - (French origin) This is an occupational name meaning the head of a trade guild.

85. Marcelin – (French origin) A double derivative of the name Marcus or Mark that was borne by early saints.

86. Marc – (French, Catalan origin) From the pre-Christian baptismal name "Marcus", from the word "mar", meaning to gleam.

87. Marcellin - (Spanish origin) This is a habitational name from Marcelín, which is a village in Galicia, Spain.

88. Marius - (Spanish origin) Meaning son of sea or the God of War, Mars.

89. Mars – (English origin) This name means the dweller at the Meres or Mar(r)s.

90. Marseille - (French origin) Meaning someone from the village of Marseille.

91. Martial – (French) A form of the name Martialis, derived from the name of the Roman god Mars.

92. Martin - (French, English origin) Derived from Martinus, meaning belonging to Mars or the god of war.

93. Masse - (French origin) Derived from the name Mace, the French nurse-name of Matthew.

94. Massillon – (French) First found in Guyenne, Massillons were an illustrious family in ancient times.

95. Mathias - (Greek origin) A form of the Greek names Matthaios/Mattatia, Mathias means a gift of Yahweh.

96. Mathieu - (French origin) Derived from the Hebrew name, Mattathiah, and means the gift of Jehovah.

97. Mathurin - (French origin) It was the borne by a saint who spread the gospel in the district of Sens.

98. Maurice - (Anglo-French-Latin-Greek origin) It was a nickname for a Moor, or someone with a dark complexion.

99. Maxi – (German, Latin origin) Derived from the Latin word maximus. The name means Maxi means greatest.

100. Maxime - (English, French origin) The translation for Maximus, meaning the greatest.

More Prevalent Haitian Surnames

We have even more surnames that you will find in Haiti listed here!

101. Alexandre - (Greek origin) Meaning defender of men.

102. Alexis - (Greek origin) This name, meaning defender, is most prevalent in Haiti.

103. Auguste - (Latin origin) Meaning to increase.

104. Bien Aime - (French origin) This surname traditionally meant someone who lived in Gascony, but it is now most commonly found in Haiti.

105. Cadet - (French origin) Meaning captain or chief.

106. Charles - (French origin) Meaning man.

107. Chery - (French  origin) Meaning darling.

108. Desir - (French origin) This surname is developed from the personal name Desir. This name is found more in Haiti than in any other country.

109. Edouard - (French origin) Meaning wealthy guardian.

110. Eugene - (Greek origin) Meaning noble or well born. Whilst it is best known as a given name, it is in the top 150 surnames in Haiti.

111. Etienne - (French origin) Meaning crown or garland.

112. Fils Aime - (French origin) This surname is derived from a nickname for a favorite son. It is now one of the most commonly found surnames in Haiti.

113. Jean Francois - (French origin) This surname, with Jean meaning son of John and Francois meaning Frenchman, is more prevalent in Haiti than anywhere else in the world.

114. Jules - (Anglo-Saxon origin) A name that, despite its Anglo Saxon origin is now most prevalent in Hawaii, it means son of Joel.

115. Laguerre - (French origin) Meaning valiant soldier.

116. Louissant - (French origin) Meaning Saint Louis.

117. Moise - (French origin) Derived from the name Moses.

118. Pierre Louis - (French origin) Pierre meaning rock and Louis meaning renowned or famous in battle.

119. Saint - (French origin) Meaning holy person. This name is derived from the nickname of a holy man

120. Sanon - (French origin) It is believed that this name is derived from the French name Sinon, it is now most prevalent in Haiti.

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