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Top 100 Colombian Names For Your Baby

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With so many options available on the internet, choosing the right name might seem to be a hard task.

Traditional names from Colombia have become widely popular in Hispanic America. You can choose a common Hispanic name or a name inspired by famous Colombian people.

Most Colombians speak Spanish, so they have a large Hispanic population. There is an interesting backstory of names in Colombia. They have names coming from different origins like Greek, Italian, Hebrew, Portuguese, Latin, German, and Spanish. Most Colombian names follow the Spanish naming convention, and these naming customs are similar to Hispanic America. Mostly Hispanic American countries have two given names. In Colombia, there is a personal name followed by the father's paternal family name and then the mother's paternal family name. People may have two personal names, although the second name is not necessarily gender-specific. Most names ending in -a are Colombian girls names.  Here we have a curated list of such Hispanic first names.

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Common Colombian Girl Names

Having a girl is a blessing, but it's not easy to choose a name for that little human. If you want to give your girl a pretty name, here are the most popular Colombian names for you to pick.

1. Adella (German origin), meaning "noble."

2. Alicia (German origin), meaning "noble nature." This name is associated with Alicia Augello Cook, who is an American singer-songwriter.

3. Bárbara (Greek origin), meaning "strange or foreign." This name is associated with Bárbara Lennie Holguín, who is a famous actress.

4. Bianca (Italian origin), meaning "white."

5. Camila (Italian origin), meaning "perfect." This name is associated with Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao, who is a Cuban-American singer and songwriter.

6. Daniela (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is my judge." This name is associated with Daniela Sofia Korn Ruah, who is a Portuguese-American actress

7. Dulce (Latin origin) meaning "someone sweet by nature."

8. Emilia (Latin origin) meaning "rival or emulate or excel." This name is associated with Emilia Isobel Euphemia Rose Clarke, who is an English actress.

9. Francesca (Latin origin) meaning "free".

10. Francisca (Latin origin), meaning "free one". This name is associated with American singer Francisca Valenzuela. One of the common Colombian names.

11. Gabriela (Hebrew origin), meaning "able-bodied one of God."

12. Iluminada (Italian origin) meaning "Illuminated."

13. Isabella (Hebrew origin), meaning "consecrated or pledged to God." This name is linked with Isabella Gomez, a Colombian-American actress,

14. Jessica (Hebrew origin), meaning "behold."

15. Julia (Latin origin), meaning "youthful, downy." This name is linked with Julia Butters, an American child actress.

16. Karla (German origin), meaning "free woman or warrior."

17. Laila (Hebrew origin), meaning "night, dark." One of the common South American names.

18. Luciana (Roman origin), meaning "gracious light."

19. Luz (Portuguese origin)), meaning "light."

20. María (Latin origin) meaning "rebellion". This name is associated with Maria Elizabeth Sheldon Bamford, who is an American stand-up comedian. The most common girl name in Columbia.

21. Mercedes (Latin origin), meaning "wages, reward." One of the fitting Latina girl names.

22. Mia (Latin origin), meaning "mine or bitter."

23. Natália (Latin origin), meaning "Christmas Day." This name is linked with Natália Lage Vianna Soares, who is a Brazilian actress.

24. Paola (Italian origin), meaning "humble" or "small."

25. Raquel (Portuguese origin), meaning "Ewe."

26. Rocío (Andalusian origin), meaning "dew."

27. Rosa (Latin origin), meaning "a flower." This name is associated with Rosario Isabel Dawson, who is an American actress.

28. Tatiana (Greek origin), meaning "a person who takes care of the home". This makes up for a cool Latina girl's name.

29. Valentina (Latin origin) meaning "strong or healthy". One of the top traditional Colombian names.

30. Victoria (Latin origin) meaning "victory."

31. Xiomara (German origin) meaning "battle-ready."

32. Yesenia (Arabic origin) meaning "Palm Tree." A great Latina name.

33. Zara (Hebrew origin), meaning "blooming flower; God remembers." This name is linked with Zara Maria Larsson, who is a Swedish singer and songwriter.

Unique Colombian Boy Names

Small baby boy playing and learning

If you are looking for a way to honor your Colombian roots, we have got you covered. Below we have mentioned popular names for boys with meaning.

34. Aaron (Hebrew origin), meaning "high mountain or bearer of martyrs". This name is linked with Aaron Charles Carter, who is an American rapper.

35. Alroy (Gaelic origin), meaning "King."

36. Andres (Italian origin) meaning "manly." This is the most common name in Columbia among boys.

37. Baltasar (Arabic origin), meaning "Baal protect the king."

38. Benedicto (Latin origin), meaning "blessed." This name is linked with Benicio Monserrate Rafael del Toro Sánchez, who is a Puerto Rican actor and producer.

39. Bernardino (German origin), meaning "brave." One of the unique Latino baby names.

40. Canda (Latin origin) meaning "clarity". This makes up for one of the cute Latino names.

41. Cisco (Italian origin) meaning "Frenchman."

42. Chico (Portuguese origin)meaning "boy."

43. Dario (Greek origin), meaning "possessing goodness." This name is associated with Darío Yazbek Bernal, who is a Mexican actor.

44. Daza (Greek origin), meaning 'sorghum'.

45. Donatello (Italian origin), meaning "gift."

46. Elonzo (German origin), meaning "ready for battle."

47. Enrique (Portuguese origin) meaning "Home Ruler." This name is linked with Enrique Miguel Iglesias Presley, who is a Portuguese singer.

48. Fabian (Italian origin), meaning "noble."

49. Fargo (American origin) meaning "from the fenced pasture".

50. Fernando (Portuguese origin) meaning "daring." This name is linked with Fernando José Torres Sanz, who is a former professional footballer

51. Gabrio (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is my strength."

52. Herculano (Greek origin), meaning "glory of Hera."

53. Jacobo (Italian origin), meaning "supplanter." This name is associated with Juan Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán, who was a Guatemalan military officer and politician who served as the 25th President of Guatemala.

54. Kieman (Irish origin), meaning "Son of a lord."

55. Lando (Latin origin), meaning "famous land."

56. Lorenzo (Latin origin) meaning "from Laurentum or laurelled." This name is linked with Lorenzo Fernando Lamas, who is an American actor.

57. Macario (Italian origin), meaning "happy."

58. Marcos (Portuguese origin), meaning "of mars."

59. Matias (Hebrew origin), meaning "gift of Yahweh." This name is linked with Louis Matias Karl Padin Varela, who is a Swedish actor. One of the best Hispanic baby girl names.

60. Maximo (Italian origin), meaning "The greatest."

61. Nacio (Italian origin) meaning "fire, light."

62. Orlondo (Italian origin), meaning "from glorious land." This name is associated with Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Copeland Bloom, who is an English actor.

63. Quito (Latin origin), meaning "fifth."

64. Rafael (Hebrew origin), meaning "he has healed." This name is associated with Rafael "Rafa" Nadal Parera, who is a professional tennis player

65. Rico (Italian origin) meaning "Home Ruler."

66. Salvatore (Italian origin), meaning "savior."

67. Sergio (Italian origin), meaning "guardian." This name is linked with Sergio Ramos García, who is a professional footballer.

68. Teodoro (Spanish origin), meaning "divine gift."

69. Vicente (Latin origin) meaning "conquering." This name is associated with José Vicente Gómez Umpiérrez, who is a Spanish professional footballer

70. Wilfredo (English origin), meaning "desiring peace".

71. Zacarias (Portuguese origin), meaning "Jehovah has remembered." This name is linked with Marcela Zacarías Valle, who is a Mexican professional tennis player.

Popular Hispanic Names

Little boy having good time in a dry grass field

Picking a unique name is a bit challenging as most of the names seem taken. Here we are presenting you with some common Hispanic baby names which you might want to consider for your child.

72. Abigail (F) (Hebrew origin) meaning "The fathers rejoice".

73. Antonia (F) (Roman origin) meaning "priceless". This name is associated with Antonia Clarke, who is an English actress and singer.

74. Arturo (M) (Italian origin), meaning "bear."

75. Benjamin (M) (Hebrew origin), meaning "Son of my right hand." This name is linked with Benjamin Mendy, who is a French professional footballer

76. Christian (M) (English origin), meaning "follower Of Christ."

77. Constanza (F) (Latin origin) meaning "constant."

78. David (M) (Hebrew origin), meaning "beloved." This name is linked with David Lawrence Schwimmer, who is an American actor, director, and producer.

79. Diego (M) (Hebrew origin), meaning "supplanter."

80. Emma (F) (German origin), meaning "whole, universal."

81. Ivan (M) (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is gracious." This name is associated with Ivan Rakitić, who is a Croatian professional footballer.

82. Joshua (M) (Hebrew origin), meaning "YHWH (God) is salvation."

83. Kimberly (M) (English origin), meaning "From the meadow of the royal fortress." This name is linked with Kimberly Lynne Bacon, who is an American wrestler.

84. Michelle (F) (Hebrew origin), meaning "Who is like God?" This name is associated with Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, who is an American attorney and author who was the First Lady of the United States from 2009 to 2017.

85. Ramiro (M), meaning "Supreme Judge." This name is linked with José Ramiro Funes Mori, who is an Argentine professional footballer

Common Hispanic Names

Hispanic names are a form of Latin American names that share a common culture and traditional ground. We present to you some of the Hispanic names for your baby:

86. Antonella (F) (Italian origin), meaning "daughter of Anthony."

87. Carolina (F) (Latin origin), meaning "free man or freeholder."

88. Colombo (M) (Italian origin), meaning "dove."

89. Eberardo (M) (Italian origin), meaning "Strong as the wild boar."

90. Elisabeth (F) (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is my abundance."

91. Gilberto (M) (German origin), meaning "pledge or hostage." This name is associated with Gilberto Aparecido da Silva, who is a Brazilian former professional footballer.

92. Pablo (M) (Spanish origin), meaning "small or humble."

93. Ruben (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "behold; a son".

94. Santos (M) (Italian origin) meaning "saint". This is a traditional Hispanic inspired name for a baby boy

95. Salome (F) (Hebrew origin), meaning "peace."

96. Salvadore (M) (Latin origin) meaning "savior".

97. Sofía (F) (Greek origin), meaning "wisdom." This name is associated with Colombian-American actress Sofía Margarita.

98. Teresa (F) (Greek origin) meaning "to harvest".

99. Tiago (M) (Latin origin) meaning "may God protect."

100. Vanesa (F) meaning "butterfly".

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