Top 100 Forgotten Girl Names That Deserve A Comeback

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Names usually don't survive the onslaught of time.

However, those that don't survive the through time often make brilliant comebacks in the future. A few female names often go dead for centuries and then surprisingly make a comeback after a couple of generations.

Names, which were once hugely popular in the sixteenth or seventeenth century, went out of fashion by the end of their respective centuries. However, these names survived the perils of time and started becoming more and more common by the end of the twentieth century. Naming your child can be a hassle, so why not dive into a bit of nostalgia and bring out the best. Here we will look at the top 100 forgotten girl names that deserve to make a comeback in these modern times.

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Popular Names Of The 1700s

Enlisted below is a list of girl names of the eighteenth century that have gone out of fashion.

1. Abigail (Biblical origin) meaning "my father is joy". Abigail is one of the most uncommon female names.

2. Ada (English origin) means "noble". This is a beautiful name for a daughter.

3. Arabella (English origin) meaning "yielding to power".

4. Berenice (Ancient Greek origin) meaning "bringing victory".

5. Briar (English origin) means "thorny plant".

6. Chloe (Latin origin) meaning "green shoot". The name refers to new plant growth. This can be a classic name for a baby girl.

7. Claudia (German origin) means " lame or crippled". This can be one of the cutest baby girl names.

8. Elsie (English origin) meaning "my God is an oath".

9. Evadne (Greek origin) meaning "good". According to Greek mythology, Evadne was the wife of Capaneus.

10. Faith (English origin) meaning "to trust".

11. Felicity (English origin) means "happiness". Felicity Smoak is a famous character of the DC Universe, making appearances in 'The Arrow', 'The Atom', and 'The Flash'.

12. Frances (French origin) meaning "Frenchwoman". Nicknames like these can be classic, beautiful and can garner popularity.

13. Grace (English origin) means "by virtue". Grace is one of the cutest girl names. Classic girl names like these are old and forgotten.

14. Hannah (Hebrew origin) meaning "by favor". She was the wife of Elkanah in the Old Testament.

15. Joan (Old French origin) meaning "gracious". Joan of Arc was a peasant girl who rose as a leader for the French army. She also defeated the British at the 'Battle of Orleans' in the 15th century.

16. Joy (English origin) defines joyous nature. Joy is a popular name for baby girl.

17. Kamala (Sanskrit origin) meaning "lotus or light red".

18. Leah (Hebrew origin) meaning "weary". Classic girls names like Leah are perfect baby girl names.

19. Lydia (German origin) depicts someone who is from the place 'Lydia'.

20. Mercy (English origin) meaning "wages or rewards".

21. Omelia (Ancient American origin) meaning "self-sufficient".

22. Orinda (Hebrew origin) means "pine trees".

23. Patience (Latin origin) meaning "to suffer".

24. Renata (Italian origin) meaning born again". Renata is an uncommon and elegant baby name.

25. Saudamini (Sanskrit origin) meaning "lightning".

26. Selene (Ancient Greek origin) meaning "moon". She was also the Goddess of Moon.

27. Skylar (English origin) meaning scholar. Skylar Grey is a famous singer.

28. Temperance (Archaic English origin) meaning "moderation". Classical girls names like these are old and forgotten.

29. Tracy (French origin) meaning " the domain of Thracians". Such baby girl names are quite old fashioned.

30. Veronica (Roman origin) meaning "true image". 'Betty and Veronica' is a famous comic series.

Popular Names Of The 1800s

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The nineteenth-century saw the rise of quite a few common as well as uncommon names. We have provided a list of some of the best-forgotten names of that era.

31. Alice (Italian origin), meaning "noble". 'Alice in Chains' is a world-famous rock band.

32. Amelia (Polish origin) meaning "work". Amelia Earhart was a famous Aviator. She was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean.

33. Anna (Hebrew origin) meaning "grace". 'Anna Karenina' is a famous novel written by 'Leo Tolstoy'.

34. Catherine (English origin) means "each of the two". Catherine Mansfield was a famous writer, with this being an elegant name.

35. Cecile (Dutch origin) meaning "blind".

36. Charlotte (French origin) means "warrior".

37. Elizabeth (Biblical origin) meaning "my God is an oath". Queen Elizabeth II is the queen of the United Kingdom.

38. Ellen (English origin) meaning "torch".

39. Hughette (French origin)meaning "bright in mind and spirit". Uncommon baby names like these should make a comeback.

40. Irene (Italian origin) meaning "peace". Irene Adler is a character who appeared in Sherlock Holmes.

41. Isabelle (Swedish origin) meaning "my god as an oath". Isabella (Bella) Swan was a protagonist in the 'Twilight' series.

42. Kadambini (Sanskrit origin) meaning "array of clouds". Kadambini Ganguly was the first Indian female official graduate in 1883.

43. Louise (French origin) means "famous battle".

44. Lucia (Ancient Roman origin) meaning "light". Baby girl names like Lucia can be trendy.

45. Madeleine (German origin) meaning "of Magdala". Forgotten baby names like Madeleine should be made popular.

46. Mary (Biblical origin) meaning "rebelliousness". Names for girls like Mary are old now.

47. Molly (English origin) meaning "sea of bitterness". Molly Weasley was a famous character in the 'Harry Potter' series.

48. Nicollette (American origin) meaning "victorious".

49. Nora (Irish origin) meaning "honor". Baby names for girls like Nora are now forgotten.

50. Odette (French origin) means "wealth". Baby girl names like Odette deserve a comeback.

51. Rachel (Hebrew origin) meaning "ewe". Rachel Green was a character in the famous TV show 'Friends'.

52. Rose (French origin) meaning "famous types". Rose was the female protagonist in the iconic movie 'Titanic'.

53. Rosette (French origin) meaning "pleasant little laugh". Forgotten baby names like these can be a nice name for a little girl.

54. Sophia (Greek origin) meaning "wisdom". This can also be a nickname for a baby girl.

55. Susan (English origin) meaning "lily". Baby girl names like Susan is a classic.

56. Therese (French origin) meaning "to gather". This is an excellent example of a baby name for girls.

57. Vera (Russian origin) meaning "faith". This is a good baby name for a little girl.

58. Victoria (Roman Mythology origin) means "victory".

59. Virginie (French origin) meaning "maid".

60. Yolanthe (French origin) meaning "strong". This is also a very uncommon name.

Popular Names Of The 1900s

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Many names which were hugely popular in the twentieth century have now gone out of fashion, barring a few. If you want to name your child with a touch of nostalgia, then this list is perfect for you.

61. Alma (Dutch origin) meaning "nourishing". Alma is a forgotten baby girls name.

62. Amy (English origin) means "beloved". 'Amy Farah Fowler' was a famous character in the popular TV series 'The Big Bang Theory'.

63. Betty (English origin) meaning "my God is an oath". Baby girl names like these are fancy.

64. Christine (French origin) means " a Christian". Girl names like these are cool.

65. Cora (Greek Mythology origin) meaning "maiden". Girl baby names like Cora are perfect for girls of this era.

66. Daisy (Old English origin) meaning "day eye", referring to a white flower. Daisy is also a popular flower character in the children's cartoon 'Oswald'.

67. Della (English origin) meaning "noble". Della is one of the protagonists in O.Henry's famous short story 'The Gift of the Magi'.

68. Dora (Late Greek origin) meaning "gift". 'Dora the Explorer' is a famous cartoon for children.

69. Effie (Ancient Greek origin) meaning "to use words of good omen". This is a classic name for a little girl.

70. Estella (Latin origin) meaning "bright star". Estella Havisham' was one of the lead characters in Charles Dickens's iconic novel 'The Great Expectations'.

71. Ester (Hebrew origin) meaning "star". Girl baby names or girl names like Ester are cool.

72. Eula (Italian origin) meaning "sweetly-speaking". Names for girls like these can be trendy.

73. Eunice (Biblical Latin origin) meaning "good victory". Eunice is an uncommon baby girl name.

74. Fannie (French origin) meaning "Frenchwoman".

75. Flora (Roman Mythology origin) meaning "flower". Flora was the wife of the West Wind (Zephyr), and she also was the Roman Goddess of Flowers and Spring.

76. Freida (Norwegian origin) meaning "peace". Freida's variant is Frigga, which is the name of the mother of Thor, the Viking God of Thunder.

77. Genevieve (French origin) means "family".

78. Goldie (English origin) refers to someone having golden or blonde hair.

79. Hattie (English origin) meaning "a home ruler".

80. Henrietta (English origin) meaning "enclosure".

81. Hilda (Swedish origin) meaning "battle". Classic names for girls like Hilda are fancy.

82. Inda (Estonian origin) meaning "zeal or enthusiasm".

83. Jean (Biblical origin) meaning "gracious". Jean Grey is a very powerful character of the Marvel Comic series.

84. Jennie (Swedish origin) meaning "the fair one".

85. Kamini (Sanskrit origin) meaning "desirable". Kamini is also a fragrant white flower that is native to India.

86. Katie (Croatian origin) meaning "each of the two". Katie Bell was a character of the 'Harry Potter' series and played the role of a chaser of the Gryffindor quidditch team.

87. Leona (Ancient Greek origin) meaning " a lion".

88. Lola (Spanish origin) meaning "sorrows''. Lola Bunny is a famous character of the Disney character and is an old fashioned name.

89. Loretta (English origin) meaning "laurel". This is an elegant name for a baby girl.

90. Lucy (Ancient Roman origin) meaning "light". 'Lucy' is a famous Hollywood movie starring Scarlet Johansen in the titular role.

91. Mable (Late Roman origin) meaning "lovable". Mable is a very uncommon name.

92. Matilda (Slovak origin) meaning "strength in battle". Matilda is a name of a species of spider which is native to Australia.

93. Nancy (English origin) meaning "chaste". 'Nancy Drew' is a fictional character and the protagonist of the 'Nancy Drew Mystery Series'.

94. Naomi (Hebrew origin) meaning "pleasantness". Naomi Osaka is a professional tennis player and is currently ranked at No. 3.

95. Nettie (Dutch origin) meaning "grace".

96. Olive (French origin) refers to an olive tree. Olive Osmond is a famous singer.

97. Stella (Greek origin) meaning "pillar". Names for girls like Stella are uncommon.

98. Violet (Latin origin) refers to purple flowers. Famous multi-musician and singer of bands 'Nirvana', 'Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl has named his daughter Violet.

99. Wilma (German origin) meaning "will, desire and helm".

100. Yvette (Dutch origin) meaning "yew". Yvette is an uncommon baby girl name.

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