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Top 100 Lithuanian Names For Your Baby That You'll Love

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Some parents have a name picked out before their child is even born, whereas others wait until the baby is here, but it's fair to say that finding the perfect name for your upcoming arrival can be incredibly exciting but also a little intimidating.

If you still are still undecided, you certainly aren't alone, but our list of the top 100 Lithuanian names might help you in your choice. All of the names in this list originate from Lithuania, a European country steeped in history and culture with the Lithuanian language being one of the oldest and most pure derivations of the Indo-Europeans.

In Lithuania, baby girl names usually have an –a or –e suffix whereas names typically end in as, is, us, ar, and ys to indicate that they are male. Interestingly, in ancient times the Lithuanians, like many other peoples, had no last names, only single names that usually consisted of two stems and may have had a noble or majestic meaning such as Visvaldas meaning 'ruling everything' and formed from vis (everything) and valdas (ruling).

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Popular Lithuanian Boy Names

Including some of the most common Lithuanian names, these popular options also offer a lovely twist on some well-known English names if you are looking for something a little different.

1.Alexandras - meaning 'defender of mankind'.

2. Anatolijus- meaning ‘from the east’.

3. Arne - The short form of Arnolda, this name is also favoured in many other countries and even appears as an English surname.  It means 'eagle'.

4. Benas - derived from Ben and meaning ‘son of a south hand’.

5. Darius - originating from Old Persian and meaning ‘protector and upholder of good’.

6. Dominykas - a Lithuanian boy's name that is a variation of Dominic.

7. Elvinas - the Lithuanian form of the German name Elwin.

8. Eolas - meaning 'knowledge'.

9. Filip - a variation of the name Philip. It is also a popular Polish, Romanian and Slovakian name.

10. Galeti - An old Lithuanian name meaning ‘one who is able’.

11. Jokūbas - a masculine Lithuanian name connected to both the names Jacob and James.

12. Jonas - the most common boy's name in Lithuania, it is derived from the Hebrew Yohanan.

13. Jurgis -  originating from the name George, this Lithuanian name refers to a gorgeous person.

14. Konstantinas - is a  philosophical Lithuanian name that means ‘constant’.

15. Krystupas - meaning ‘follower of Christ’, this is a great choice is you want a name related to faith.

16. Liudvikas - means ‘famous warrior' which is ideal if you want a Lithuanian name with a medieval vibe.

17. Lukas - the most popular boy's name in Lithuania, originating from the Greek name Loukas.

18. Markas - The Lithuanian form of Marcus.

19. Nerija - derived from the ancient Greek word 'nero', this name means 'water'.

20. Paulinus - meaning ‘little one’.

21. Ramunas - this name comes from Lithuanian word ramus, meaning ‘calm.’

22. Sigis - the short form of Sigismundus, this name has German origins and means 'victory'.

23. Simas - a shortened version of Simonas and related to the name Simon.

24. Tomas - meaning twin, it is a historical and popular Lithuanian name just like its Western European equivalent Thomas.

25. Waldemar - from a German word meaning ‘power’.

Popular Lithuanian Girl Names

These popular Lithuanian monikers for baby girls have origins from across the globe and vary from short and sweet to strong, long-standing names based on ancient nobility.

26. Adelyte - of German origin meaning ‘of good humour.’

27. Aldona - the name of a 14th-century Polish queen who was also a princess of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

28. Austėja - from the ancient bee goddess from Lithuania's Baltic myth. Meaning 'to weave' in Lithuanian.

29. Beata - this name appears in several cultures and languages and means 'blessed'.

30. Danutė - a classic Lithuanian female name that has been used at least since the fourteenth century. It is also found in the Polish form Danuta.

31. Dovile - meaning 'hope giver'.

32. Elena - popular in many other languages including German, Italian and Spanish, Elena is a form of the name Helen.

33. Elzė - the short form of Elżbieta, which is the Lithuanian equivalent to Elizabeth.

34. Emilija - a Latin name originating from a Roman word meaning 'work'.

35. Gabija - is the spirit of the fire in Lithuanian mythology.

36. Greta - derived from the name Margareta, which is formed from the Greek word for 'pearl'.

37. Ieva -  comes from the Hebrew word chava, which means ‘life’. As a fancy variation of the name Eve, it has biblical connotations as the first woman in the bible.

38. Janina - originally a Polish name, but now common in Lithuania. Sometimes associated with Jane but certainly a unique and pretty variation.

39. Justina - the feminine form of Lithuanian name Justinas, and stemming from the Latin name Iustina, this was the name of several early saints and martyrs.

40. Kamilė - a variant of the French Camille, this name can also be used for a baby boy and is said to mean 'sacrifice'.

41. Kristina - a popular female name in many other languages including Swedish, Norweigan and German, and an English variant of Christina.

42. Laima - meaning 'goddess of fortune'.

43. Leja -  from the Hebrew lā'āh which means to weary or tire, and a variation of the name Leah.

44. Marija - a variation of the name Maria, this name means 'bitter' or 'of the sea'.

45. Martyna - of Latin origin, this name in Lithuanian means 'warrior'.

46. Miglė - pronounced ME glay, this name comes from the Lithuanian word for 'mist'.

47. Svajonė - meaning 'dream'.

48. Urte - meaning 'handy with a sword'.

49. Vaiva - with a Baltic origin,  this well-liked Lithuanian name means ‘giving life.’

50. Viktorija - meaning 'triumphant'.


Traditional Baby Names

The use of Christian names in the Lithuanian language is longstanding with early examples of biblical baby names occurring in the 11th century.

51. Antanas (m) - Equivalent to the name Anthony.

52. Dovydas (m)- The Lithuanian form of David which means beloved and is of Biblical Hebrew origin.

53. Elijah (m) - of Hebrew origin and meaning ‘Yahweh is God', it is a biblical name for a baby boy.

54. Daiva (f) -  a revered Lithuanian saint, this name means ‘destiny.’

55. Gediminas (m) - Lithuanian in origin, it was the name of the Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1315 until his death.

56. Irena (f) - derived from Irene.

57. Jogaila (m) - meaning 'a strong rider'.

58. Malone (m) - meaning ‘Grace from God.

59. Matis (m) - originating from Matthew and meaning 'gift of God'.

60. Mindaugas (m) - a Lithuanian ruler during the 13th century, this is quite a well-known boy's name.

61. Nojus (m) - originates from the Hebrew name Noah.

62. Ona (f) - a form of the Greek name Hanna meaning ‘favour, grace’.

63. Regina (f) - one of the traditional Lithuanian saint names. If you think it sounds regal then you are correct as the name means ‘queen’.

64. Terese (f) - A popular name, it is the Lithuanian version of Teresa, is originally Greek and means 'reaper'.

65. Vytautas (m) - composed of two parts: vyti (chase) and tauta (the people). In turn, the full name means 'people who speak'.

Names Inspired By Nature

Aerial view of ox bow river

If you love the outdoors, then a Lithuanian name that is nature-inspired may bring you a breath of fresh air as they are special with a whimsical quality.

66. Aidas (m) -  meaning 'echo'.

67. Audra (f) - meaning 'storm' is a form of Audrey and is pronounced 'AW-druh'.

68. Aušra (f) - meaning 'dawn'.

69. Aušrinė (f) - a feminine deity of the Morning Star (Venus) in Lithuanian mythology, Aušrinė is beautifully celestial.

70. Azuolas (m) - a popular name in Lithuania meaning 'oak'.

71. Biruta (f) - with Latvian roots, this name means 'snow' which is perfect for a winter baby.

72. Eglė (f) - is a popular female name in Lithuania meaning 'spruce'.

73. Fabius (m) - meaning 'bean'. Historically, it was a Roman family name, indicating that they grew and sold the crop.

74. Gelynas (m) - meaning ‘flower garden’, it is a Lithuanian boy's name that differs from the other, more masculine names on this list.

75. Leonas (m) - meaning 'lion', is considered a royal and masculine Lithuanian moniker.

76. Lina (f) - the feminine form of Linas, coming directly from the Lithuanian word for 'flax'.

77. Rasa (f) - meaning 'dew'.

78. Rozalija (f) - derived from the Latin name Rosalia, this Lithuanian name means ‘rose.’

79. Rytas (m) - meaning ‘morning.’

80. Saulė (f) - meaning 'Sun', is a solar goddess in Lithuanian and Latvian mythology.

81. Smilte (f) - meaning ‘sandwort’ in the Lithuanian language,  it refers to flowering plants and is a variation of the English name, Smile.

82. Tavas (m) - has roots in Hebrew and means 'peacock'.

83. Ugne (f) - a Lithuanian girl's name for girls that meaning ‘fire.’

84. Vandeny (m) -means 'the ocean'

85. Vėjas (m) - meaning 'wind'.

Famous People

Lithuania's history and culture have been formed by its wonderful people. If you are looking for a name that is is related to this, then maybe the name of one of Lithuania's famous people, past or present, will be what you are looking for.

86. Alma (f) - after Alma Adamkienė, the Lithuanian-American philologist and philanthropist and former First Lady.

87. Andrius (m) - Andrius Mamontovas is a Lithuanian rock musician and founding member of the band Foje.

88. Arūnas (m) - after film director and producer Arūnas Matelis. Derived from the Lithuanian word aras meaning 'eagle'.

89. Arvydas (m) - after the legendary Lithuanian basketballer Arvydas Sabonis.

90. Dalia (f) - Dalia Grybauskaitė was the first female Lithuanian president.

91. Jurgis (m) - after Jurgis Mačiūnas who was Lithuanian-American artist and founding member of Fluxus; an international community of creatives.

92. Linas (m) - part of the duo Linas and Simona which were the Lithuanian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004.

93. Mikalojus (m) - After the  Lithuanian painter, composer and writer Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis.

94. Oskaras (m) - after Oskaras Koršunovas, a famous Lithuanian theatre director.

95. Rūta (f) - after Rūta Meilutytė who is a retired Lithuanian swimmer and Olympic gold medalist.

96. Simonas (m) - Simonas Daukantas was a Lithuanian scientist and historian.

97. Vincas (m) - after Vincas Grybas who was one of the influential early monumental Lithuanian sculptors.

98. Violeta (f) - after the world-famous Lithuanian opera singer Violeta Urmana.

99. Žemaitė (f) - born in 1845 as Julija Beniuševičiūtė, Žemaitė is the most famous and well-recognised Lithuanian realism writer.

100. Žydrūnas (m) - Žydrūnas Savickas is one of the world's greatest strongmen and the only modern competitor to have won every major strongman competition.  

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