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Top 40 Names That Mean Patience For Your Baby

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Patience is a virtue, and it definitely comes in handy for parents of newborns!

But have you ever thought about giving your child a name meaning 'patience'? Studies have shown that children tend to display characteristics associated with their name - so it could be the greatest gift you ever give them.

Patience denotes strength, calmness, and the ability to handle life’s challenges with grace. These are incredibly admirable qualities, but in today’s world of instant gratification, 24-hour entertainment and constant distractions, it's hard for anyone to master the art!

Parents will need to strive to instil patience, peace and calm in the next generation of children, and where better to start than with a name?

Here are some beautiful, unique baby names denoting 'patience' that we think you'll love.

A boy patiently looking at the sunflower

Boys' Names Meaning 'Patience'

Here is our selection of 15 of the top boy names that mean 'patience'. These names are less common than most, and carry a lovely significance with them for your sweet-natured baby boy!

1.Alden - A traditional English name, Alden means 'patient friend' and 'wise one'.

2.Axel  - Axel is a strong Greek name meaning 'father of peace'.

3.Benjiro - A sweet Japanese moniker, Benjiro translates as 'enjoy peace'.

4.Dante - Dante is a powerful Italian name that signifies endurance.

5.Dainin - Of Indian origins, Dainin means 'of great endurance'.

6.Dheerash - Dheerash is Hindi and translates as 'Lord of Tolerance'.

7.Dillan - Dillan is a lovely Gaelic name denoting loyalty, calmness and faith.

8.Ethan - Of Hebrew origins, Ethan means 'strong and enduring'.

9.Frederick - Frederick is a traditional European name for a boy, meaning 'peaceful ruler'.

10.Gabriel - A Hebrew name, Gabriel translates as 'God's strength'.

11.Garvey - Wonderfully unusual, Garvey is a Gaelic name denoting 'rough peace'.

12.Hilm - A Muslim name, Hilm symbolises calmness, patience and intelligence.

13.Oliver - Derived from 'olive tree',  'Oliver' denotes peace and prosperity.

14.Sabri - Sabri is Arabic and translates as 'patient one'.

15.Wilfred - Is a common boy's name meaning 'he who wants peace' (Old English).

Girls' Names Meaning 'Patience'

Take a look at these 15 of the best girl names that mean 'patience' which could make the perfect name for your patient little girl.

16.Amity - Amity has Latin origins and it means 'friendship and harmony'.

17.Anah - Anah is a lovely Muslim name meaning 'perseverance and patience'.

18.Chessa - A Slavic name, Chessa translates as 'one who is at peace'.

19.Evania -  (Greek) Totally unique, Evania means 'peaceful'.

20.Frida - Frida, or Frieda translates as 'peaceful ruler' (German origin).

21.Lana - Lana is a lovely Hawaiian name meaning 'calm as still waters'.

22.Lulu - Originally a Swahili name, Lulu denotes patience and calm.

23.Marsha - (Sanskrit) Marsha means patience and strength.

24.Olive - Like Oliver, Olive is symbolic of peace, and it's super sweet.

25.Patience - (Latin origins) You might have guessed what this one means!

26.Rena - Rena is a short form of 'Irene' - derived from the Greek word for 'peace'.

27.Sabirah - Sabirah is an Arabic name that translates to 'of great patience'.

28.Selima - Of Arabic origins, Selima means 'peace'.

29.Sisu - Sisu is a beautiful Finnish name denoting endurance.

30.Winnifred/ Winnie - Winnie is old English and signifies 'joy and peace'.

Gender Neutral Baby Names Meaning 'Patience'

This list of 10 original unisex names signifying 'patience' might contain the ideal baby name for your little boy or girl. If you don't want to decide on a boy's or girl's name as yet, these could be the ones for you.

31.Amity - Perfect for a girl or boy, Amity means 'friendship and harmony' (Latin origin).

32.Dove - Dove (Old English) is a traditional symbol of peace and patience.

33.Eir - In Norse mythology, Eir is the goddess of protection, patience and mercy.

34.Jonah - Jonah is a unisex Hebrew moniker meaning 'Dove'.

35.Miran - Lovely for a boy or girl, Miran translates as 'world peace' (Slavic).

36.Miro - Matching Miran in origin and meaning, Miro is also a type of tree.

37.Noah - Popular in boys, but equally lovely for a girl, Noah's origins are biblical.

38.Pax - Pax translates directly as 'peace' (Latin).

39.Peale - Old English, Peale refers to a bell-ringer with a steady and patient temperament.

40.Shiloh - Popularised by Brangelina, Shiloh is actually a biblical place meaning 'peace'.

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