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Top 100 Sanskrit Names With Meanings

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Sanskrit is a classical language that has its roots in South Asia.

The language Sanskrit was previously extensively used in Hindu and Buddhists mythology texts like the Vedas or Puranas. However, in recent times, the language is spoken mainly in India, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Sanskrit names comprise a majority of names in most South Asian countries. Almost all Hindu names have been derived from this language. As the language is ancient, some of Hindu names are also ancient. We have made a comprehensive list of some of the best names of boys, girls and some unisex names.

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Sanskrit Names For Boys

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The majority of Hindu boy names are derived from the Sanskrit language. Let's take a look at some of the best.

1.Abhay meaning "without fear or fearless".

2. Achintya means "something which is beyond comprehensible". Vedas reveal Lord Shiva was also known as Achintya.

3. Adhrit meaning "who doesn't require support of others". This name refers to Lord Vishnu.

4. Akhil meaning "sun, king, whole". Akhil is a common name in India.

5. Alok meaning "someone who transcends the worlds". This name is a direct reference to Lord Shiva.

6. Ananth meaning "one which is endless". Ananth is another name of Lord Vishnu.

7. Aniket meaning "Lord of homelessness and lord of the world". This is another name of Lord Shiva.

8. Ashutosh meaning "someone who is constantly happy and content". This is another name for Lord Shiva.

9. Bhairav meaning "someone who is formidable in nature and has vanquished all his fears". 'Bhairav and Kaal-Bhairav' are different avatars of Lord Shiva.

10. Bharat refers to the brother of Lord Ram. It is assumed that Bharat, the Hindi word for India, is taken from this name.

11. Chiranjeev means "immortal". Lord Shiva is known by this name.

12. Darshan meaning "Vision". Darshan is also the name of a God in Hindu mythology.

13. Deepak meaning "a lamp shining brightly".

14. Gaurav meaning "honorable, respectful and pride". Sanskrit baby boy names like Gaurav are famous in India.

15. Garud meaning "bird king". This falcon bird from mythology is the carrier of Lord Vishnu.

16. Girish meaning "lord of mountains and the lord of speech". This refers to Lord Shiva.

17. Gopal meaning "the cowherd or the protector of cows". This is also another name of Lord Krishna who is an Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

18. Govind meaning "one who protects and guards cows". Govinda refers to Lord Vishnu.

19. Gyanendra meaning "knowledgeable". 'Gyan' means "knowledge", so someone who possesses knowledge is known as 'Gyanendra'.

20. Hemang means "having a shimmery body". This name refers to Lord Vishnu.

21. Kaushal meaning "clever".  Sanskrit baby boy names like these are found in abundance in Hindu culture.

22. Lokesh means "the king of the world". Lokesh Rahul is a famous Indian cricketer.

23. Madanah means "the God of love". 'Madan' or 'Madanah' is often referred to for the Lord Shiva.

24. Madhav means "the husband of Goddess Mahalakshmi". 'Madhav' means Lord Vishnu.

25. Madhusudan means "the one who has killed the demon Madhu". This name refers to Lord Vishnu. Michael Madhusudan Dutta was a famous Bengali poet.

26. Mahadeva meaning "the great divine, the lord who is above everyone else". 'Mahadev' is the other name of Lord Shiva.

27. Manik means "jewel". Baby boy names like Manik can also be used as nicknames.

28. Nilakanth meaning "blue throat". The Puranas state that during the 'Battle of the Gods and Demons, when poison was spilled all across the worlds, Lord Shiva drank the poison and stored it in his throat which then turned blue, thereby earning the name 'Nilkanth'.

29. Paarth means "king of the Earth". Paarth is another name of Arjun, one of the Pandavas of the epic 'Mahabharata'.

30. Paarthiv means "son of Earth or the Prince of Earth". Lord Vishnu is often referred to as 'Paarthiv'.

31. Param meaning "supreme being" which refers to Lord Shiva. This is cool Sanskrit baby boy name.

32. Pashupati meaning "the Lord of all living beings and animals". Lord Shiva is called 'Pashupati'.

33. Prathamesh refers to Lord Ganesha. This is an ancient baby boy name.

34. Rajeev meaning "blue colored Lotus". 'Rajeev' is a very common baby boy name in India.

35. Rudra refers to the God of Storms and the most fearsome form of Lord Shiva.

36. Sarvajit means "someone who has conquered all". This can be a lovely name for your baby.

37. Shambhu meaning "the source of happiness and the abode of Lord Shiva". Shambhu is another name of Lord Shiva.

38. Trilokpati meaning "the master of the three words". It refers to Lord Shiva.

39. Vinay meaning "good manners and humble". Vinay is an ancient Sanskrit baby boy name.

40. Virendra meaning "warrior or warrior King". Sanskrit baby boy names like these are very popular.

Sanskrit Names For Girls

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Enlisted below are some of the best Sanskrit girl names.

41. Aahana meaning "immortal and morning glory". Sanskrit baby names like these are very trendy.

42. Aarti meaning "hymns sung in honor of God with lamps in hand". In Hindu tradition Gods and Goddess are worshipped in this procedure.

43. Ananya meaning "graceful, gracious and inexhaustible". Ananya is a popular Sanskrit baby name in the Hindu culture.

44. Aparna refers to the Goddess Parvati. Aparna Sen is a famous Bengali actress and filmmaker.

45. Bhavya meaning "splendid or grand". This is another name for Goddess Parvati.

46. Chaitra meaning "the beginning". Chaitra refers to the first month of the Indian calendar.

47. Diya meaning "lamp". Diya is an ancient Sanskrit name. Baby names like Diya are common in India

48. Esha meaning "pure". Esha refers to the Goddess Parvati.

49. Ila means "the Earth". Ila is a popular name in India.

50. Ira refers to the Goddess of Learning, Saraswati. Ira is a famous and popular name in India.

51. Ishwari meaning "powerful or a Goddess".

52. Garima meaning "warmth, strength and prowess".

53. Gauri refers to Goddess Durga or Goddess Parvati.

54. Hema refers to Goddess Laxmi the Hindu Goddess of Wealth.  Hema is a cool Sanskrit baby name.

55. Hima means "snow". Hima Das is an Indian gymnast who represented the nation in the Olympics.

56. Indira refers to Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth. Indira Gandhi was a famous Indian Prime Minister.

57. Indrani refers to the wife of Lord Indra. Lord Indra was the King of the Hindu Gods.

58. Janaki meaning "daughter of Janak". Janaki refers to Sita, wife of Lord Ram and daughter of King Janak.

59. Jaya meaning "victory". Previously the Hindu epic 'Mahabharata' was known as 'Jaya'.

60. Jyoti means "flame". Jyoti can be a nice baby girl name.

61. Lalita means "a beautiful woman".

62. Lata means "a creeper vine". Lata Mangeshkar is a famous singer from India. Lata is a very common name in the Hindu culture.

63. Madhavi meaning "Earth". Madhavi is also the other name of Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth.

64. Medha meaning "wit or intelligence".

65. Myra meaning "gift of the God". Myra is an ancient Sanskrit name.

66. Neeta meaning "good behavior and within the rules". Nita Ambani is a famous businesswoman in India.

67. Parnika meaning " a small leaf". This is also another name for Goddess Parvati.

68. Priya meaning "beloved and full of kindness". Priya is an ancient and also a very common name in the Hindu culture.

69. Priyanka means "everyone's favorite and a beautiful love". Priyanka Chopra is a famous Bollywood and Hollywood actress.

70. Radha refers to the lover of Lord Krishna. The love tale of Lord Krishna and Radha is very famous in the Hindu tradition.

71. Rashmi meaning "ray of light, moonlight, sunlight". Rashmi is a popular name in India.

72. Saral means "simple, sincere, honest".

73. Seema meaning "wave, symbol, which is previous, border". Seema is a popular name in India.

74. Shaila meaning "living in the mountain".

75. Shravani refers to the fifth month of the Indian calendar.

76. Shreya meaning "prosperity and auspicious". Shreya Ghoshal is a famous singer in India.

77. Swara refers to Goddess Saraswati. Saraswati is the Goddess of Learning. Swara Bhaskar is an Indian actress.

78. Tara meaning "star, the hill where the kings meet". Tara also refers to Goddess Kali, the Goddess of destruction who is an Avatar of Parvati the wife of Lord Shiva.

79. Uma refers to Goddess Durga, the vanquished of all evil. Goddess Durga and Uma are different avatars of Goddess Parvati, the Goddess of Energy.

80. Urvashi means "fairy or nymphs". The Puranas recount tales of how Urvashi's would descend on Earth and distract the sadhus and hermits from their deep meditations.

Sanskrit Unisex Names

Sanskrit despite being an ancient language is extremely diverse and as a result, there are a lot of unisex names. Here are some of the best.

81. Aadi meaning "the beginning". Adi or Aadi is an ancient and popular name in India.

82. Agan meaning "beautiful, handsome, intelligent and pearl".

83. Agni means "fire or flames". Agni also refers to the Hindu God of Fire.

84. Charu meaning "divinely good looking". This name is a reference to Lord Ram.

85. Deva means "divine beings or celestial spirits".

86. Gahana meaning "deep, impassable and a precious object".

87. Girisha meaning "the Goddess of mountain". This name refers to Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva.

88. Gopi meaning "protector of cows". Gopis were shepherd girls who were love interests of Lord Krishna.

89. Himadri meaning "peak of a snowy mountain". It is often referred to as the Himalayas.

90. Jaspreet meaning "who sings praises to the Lord".

91. Kalika meaning "loud or a bud of a flower".

92. Kamal meaning " Lotus".

93. Kinjal means "banks of a river".

94. Kiran means "ray of light". Kiran is one of the most common and popular names in Hindu culture.

95. Lakshya means "determination or aim".

96. Narang means "orange". It also refers to the Hindu Arora clan.

97. Purya meaning " a person is fulfilled or deserves to be fulfilled". This is a common name in ancient Hindu traditions.

98. Riddhi means "successful to grow, prosperity to profit".

99. Saumya means "soft, faithful, mild and beautiful". Saumya is an ancient name. Saumya is an extensively used name for both boys and girls.

100. Visala means "celestial, extensive, wide and important"

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