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Top 60 Unisex Latin Names For Your Baby

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There is something about Latin names that makes them sound so exotic.

As a new parent, picking out baby names is one of the many great things to look forward to upon the arrival of your baby. There is a long list of ancient names to help you come up with the ideal name for your child.

Compiling a list of baby names can be a daunting task for new parents. For parents who don’t want to know if they are having a baby boy or a girl until birth, then picking names which are unisex in nature is your best option. Whatever your name choice is, a unisex name is non-discriminatory of gender.

A unisex name for your child saves you the stress of compiling a list of potential names for your baby which you then can't use. If you and your partner do not want to know the sex of your child until the birth, this will mean two different lists for boy and girl names. However, a list of unisex names or nonbinary names cuts down on the time needed to pick a name for your baby. The beautiful thing about unisex names is that they are androgynous names, and they still maintain their deep meaning either when given to a male or female child.

As a new parent, you want a baby name that is a true representation of everything you want and wishes for your child.  The perfect baby name reminds you of your most treasured moments or the situation surrounding your child's birth. Without any further delay, let us find out what the top 60 Latin unisex names are for your child.

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Popular Latin Unisex Names

Beautiful baby girl with big blue eyes in a pink knitted hat

Latin names are the roots of many romance languages like Spanish, French, and Italian. The origin of the Latin language is rooted deep in the ancient Roman empire. Good unisex names are perfect for any child, either a boy or a girl, and are inspiring. You can give your child a unisex name even before they are born. Here are some Latin unisex names that are popular around the world.

1.  Adamaris (Latin origin) which means “noble of the sea”.

2.  Adrian (Latin origin) meaning "person from Hadria", a place in Northern Italy.

3.  Alex (Greek origin) meaning “warrior” or “man's defender”.

4.  Amadeus (Latin origin) meaning “love of God”.

5.  Andy (English origin) and the name is the diminutive of Andrew which means “manly” or “brave”.

6.  Angel (Greek origin) meaning “divine messenger”.

7.  Arden (Greek origin) meaning “great forest” or “a place of great solitude”.

8.  Brais (Italian origin) meaning “vigour” or “liveliness”.

9.  Cadence (Greek origin) meaning “rhythm".

10.  Camille (French origin) meaning “perfect”

11.  Carmen (Spanish origin) meaning “garden”.

12.  Cruz (Spanish origin) meaning “cross”.

13.  Dani (English origin) meaning “God is my judge”.

14.  Dominique (Latin origin) meaning “of the Lord”.

15.  Eider (Basque origin) meaning “beautiful”.

16.  Francis (French origin) meaning “free man” or “Frenchman”.

17.  Gael (Spanish origin) meaning “the light”.

18.  Gemini (Greek origin) meaning “twin”.

19.  Guadalupe (Spanish origin) which means "valley of the wolf”.

20.  Hadrian (Latin origin) meaning “dark-haired”.

21.  Helladius (Latin origin) meaning “of Greece”.

22.  Jarl (Scandinavian origin) meaning “chieftain”.

23.  Jay (Latin origin) meaning “a bird”.

24.  Julian (Latin origin) meaning “youthful”.

25.  Juno (Latin origin) meaning “youth” and this is the name of the Roman goddess who was the queen of Gods.

26.  Jupiter (Latin origin) meaning “father Zeus”.

27.  Marinel (Latin origin) which means “of the sea”

28.  Meris (Latin origin) and has the same meaning as the above.

29.  Milan (Slavic origin) meaning “gracious”.

30.  Montana (Latin origin) meaning “mountain”.

Unique Latin Unisex Names

Happy baby newly awake in his crib and with his bunny doll.

There are certain Latin names that stand out from all others. They are even more unique because they are unisex names. These names are beautiful and hold deep meaning as well. Any of these lovely names will make your baby stand out instantly.  A Latin unisex name is fitting for any baby who wants a name with a rich history. Some of these names are derived from ancient Roman names. Below is a list of unique unisex baby names for your baby.

31.  Abril (Spanish origin) meaning “April”.

32.  Ace (Latin origin) meaning “one” or “expert”.

33.  Adrienne (French origin) meaning “from the city Hadria”.

34.  Amalle (German origin) meaning “work”.

35.  Celest (Latin origin) meaning “heavenly”.

36.  Clayre (French origin) meaning “bright” or “clear”.

37.  Cristen (Latin origin) meaning “follower of Christ”.

38.  Diara (Latin origin) meaning “gift”.

39.  Fran (Latine origin) meaning “from France”.

40.  Jermaine (German origin) meaning “brother”.

41.  Jules (French origin) meaning “downy” or “youthful”.

42.  Juy (Latin origin) and is similar to the name July.

43.  Lawren (French origin) meaning “bright” or “man from Laurentum”.

44.  Lupin (Latin origin) meaning “wolf”.

45.  Milja (Latin origin) meaning “rival”.

46.  Nety (Latin origin) which means “priceless one”.

47.  Nonnie (Greek origin) which means “shining light” or “sun ray”.

48.  Nox (Latin origin) meaning “night”.

49.  Ocie (Latin origin) the meaning of the name is not quite known, but it makes an interesting Latin name nonetheless.

50.  Orien (Greek origin) meaning “the Orient”.

51.  Pacey (Norman origin), this is a name that migrated to Englan in the 12th century.

52.  Quincy (French origin) meaning “estate of the Fifth son”.

53.  Renn (French origin) and is another variation of the name Rene meaning “rebirth”.

54.  Santiago (Spanish origin) derived from a Hebrew word and is used to refer to Saint James.

55.  Sergio (Italian origin) meaning “servant”.

56.  Shayla (Gaelic origin) meaning from the fairy palace”.

57.  Starr (Latin origin) meaning “star”.

58.  Taurean (Latin origin)meaning “bull-like”.

59.  Terrance (Roman origin) the meaning of the name is not quite known, yet it is still one of the unique Latin baby names.

60.  Tonna (German origin) meaning “thunder".

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