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Top 100 Welsh Boy Names For Your Baby

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There are many attractive and beautiful names from Wales.

Welsh boys' names can have their origin in historical events. On the other hand, these boy names can also be influenced by modern trends.

For most of the Welsh names, their roots can be traced back to Wales. However, there are some names that have come from other countries included in this list as they have become very popular in Wales today. Welsh names are a perfect fit for those who are looking for a meaningful name for their baby boy. According to research, Zayde is one of the rarest Welsh names. Only three babies were named Zayde in the entire year in 2017. On the other hand, Oliver and Harry are the most common names.

It is important to note that, while there is some English influence in the Welsh names of baby boys, Welsh is a language of its own. For example, "boy" in English translates indirectly into one of the following in Welsh language: bachgen, gwas, hogyn, mab.

It is not an easy decision to choose a name for your baby. Every parent wants the perfect name. If you are fascinated by the Welsh culture and wish to choose a Welsh name for your baby boy, then there are plenty of options. But once you like a name, make sure you know the exact pronunciation and meaning. Choose the best name for your darling baby boy with the help of this list. And, if you want more naming inspiration for your baby, take a look at these welsh girl names, Celtic boys' names or these Scottish baby names.

Now, what are some of these Welsh names? Let us take a look:

Most Popular Welsh Baby Boy Names

Twins rest on the seafront

Popular and common Welsh names are not only used by native Welsh people, but by many others as well all around the world.

1. Aberthol: The name means "sacrifice".

2. Adain: The name means "someone who has wings".

3. Berth: A person who is "beautiful or attractive".

4.  Bevan: It means “son of Evan”, this is an extremely popular Welsh baby boy name.

5. Cain: This name originated in the Bible. It means, “clear waters”.

6. Daniel: The name refers to the “God of judgment”.

7. Emyr: The name means “a ruler” in the Welsh language.

8. Floyd: This name signifies the color “gray”.

9. Gavin: This attractive Welsh name means “battle hawk”.

10. Howell: This baby boy name means, “famous”.

11. Iwan: This Welsh name connotes “a gift of god”.

12. Jeston: This name means "someone who is morally right and impartial".

13. Kai: It’s a short Welsh name for your boy, meaning “fire”.

14. Lestyn: This name hails from a Latin word, meaning “righteous”.

15. Lewis: This popular Welsh boy name originates from Louis, a French name.

16. Lew: The name refers to the animal “lion”.

17. Madawc: It refers to someone who is “fortunate”.

18. Osian: Derived from a poet called Oisin from the Irish legend.

19. Owen: A simple Welsh baby boy name meaning “young warrior”.

20. Padrig: This name signifies someone who does noble deeds.

Rare Welsh Baby Names For Your Beloved Boy

Little baby in rabbit costume sitting on bed at home

Every parent wants the perfect name for their baby boy. But a name which is unique and interesting too, can be difficult to find. Here are some  less common Welsh baby names that you may be interested in.

21. Bryce: This is a gender-neutral name and it means “ambitious, alert”.

22. Dafydd:  This name means, "the beloved". A modified version of David.

23. Dilwyn: It’s similar sounding to Dylan. Welsh meaning is “shady place”.

24. Folant: This name means "a person who has innumerable strength".

25. Neifion: This baby boy name means "supreme God of the seas".

26. Newlyn: This name means "a person who lives near the pool".

27.  Rhys: It means “enthusiastic, stream”. Rhys ap Gruffydd was ruler of South Wales.

28. Taliesin: This Welsh name refers to someone who is handsome.

29.  Teagan: This is a gender neutral name meaning “attractive or beautiful”.

30. Tristan: Named after one of the Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table. This name means “bold”.

31.  Vaughan: The one-syllable name means “short”.

32. Vychan: The name means "something petite".

33.  Yale: The name connotes “uplands or heights”.

Traditional Welsh Baby Boy Names

Choose from traditional Welsh boys' names. Pave the path for a beautiful destiny for him.

34.  Aeron: Named after a river called Aberaeron.

35. Alan: Alan was a famous Welsh Saint.

36. Alun: It’s a name of a river in Flintshire.

37.  Alwyn: The name translates to “blessed”. A name unique to Wales.

38.  Arthur: A Celtic name that needs no introduction.

39.  Arwyn: Ideal name for your “fair” and “handsome” baby boy.

40. Baglan: The place named after a Saint born in Port Talbot in Wales.

41.  Barri: Barri in Welsh means “summit”.

42.  Bryn: This popular name means “hill” in Welsh.

43. Cai: A very popular name from the stories of King Arthur.

44. Cecil: This is an adaptation of the Ancient Welsh name Seisyll.

45.  Ceri: This translates to “to love”.

46. Cybi: Welsh Saint, founder of Caergybi.

47. Cynog: Cynog was an ancient Celtic Saint.

48.  Darren: An adaptation of the Welsh word “tarren” meaning “burnt land”.

49. Derfel: A Saint of early Wales, Derfel is the perfect Welsh boy name.

50.  Elis: The Welsh variant of the Greek name Elias.

51.  Eurion: An ideal name for your Golden boy. Literally means “gold”.

52.  Gareth: This baby name means “civilized” in ancient Welsh.

53.  Hywel: A tribute to the founder of Welsh Laws: Hywel Dda.

54.  Jac: The Welsh form of Jack.

55.  Lloyd: Derived from the ancient Welsh for “gray”.

56.  Marc: A uniquely Welsh variant of the English name Mark.

57.  Medwyn: A very prominent Welsh Saint.

58.  Morgan: Originally a Welsh name, this baby name is now popular across globe as.

59.  Owain: In Welsh this baby name means “well born”.

60.  Pawl: This is the Welsh adaptation of the English name Paul.

61.  Rhain: This baby name is Welsh for a "spear or a lance".

62.  Selwyn: A beautiful baby name meaning “friend” in old English.

63.  Tomos: The Welsh variant of Thomas.

64.  Wyn: Short for Gwyn, this is a wonderful baby boy name.

Welsh Boys' Names From Mythology

These Welsh boys names are inspired from heroes, gods and goddesses from Welsh Mythology.

65.  Angharad: A baby name from a collection of mythical Welsh tales called Mabinogion, meaning“more love”.

66. Arawn: In Welsh myth Arawn was the God of the Underworld.

67.  Bedivere: A companion of King Arthur, a character in the Arthurian Legends.

68.  Beli: An ancient Welsh Deity who is credited with establishing several prominent Welsh royal lines.

69.  Dylan: Dylan was the God of the Sea in Welsh mythology.

70.  Geraint: One of the Knights of Arthur’s round table.

71. Gwydion: This baby name means “born of trees”. In Welsh legends, Gwydion was a famous magician.

72.  Llyr: Another wonderful baby name for a boy, Llyr was the God of the Sea.

73.  Math: A very powerful magician and the Lord of Northern Wales.

74.  Owain: This exotic Welsh baby name is another Round Table Knight name. It means "someone with a good lineage".

75.  Peredur: This baby name in Welsh means “hard spears”.

76.  Urien: The Welsh baby name means "someone whose birth is privileged".

77.  Uther: Derived from the Welsh word Uthr meaning “terrible”. King Arthur’s dad was called Uther.

Welsh Baby Boy Names Which Connote “Love”

Express your love for your child with boys' names that signify something loving.

78. Carwyn: This sweet sounding name means “love”.

79. Ceri: This short and cute baby boy name signifies “to love”.

80. Dai: This Welsh name means “to shine”.

81. Pryderi: The name Pryderi in Welsh means “care”.

Nature Inspired Welsh Boy Names

These nature inspired Welsh boy names will surely fill your heart with joy.

82. Afon: This short boy name means “river”.

83. Aled: The name Aled is the name of a Welsh river.

84. Glaw: This name refers to “rain” in Welsh.

85. Haul: A radiant name for your baby boy signifying “sun”.

86. Talfryn: A powerful baby boy name meaning “high hill”.

87. Taren: This name in Welsh means “thunder”.

88. Yale: A short but exotic baby boy name meaning “fertile upland”.

Welsh Baby Names Meaning Powerful And Strong

If you prefer to have a strong name for your boy, then here are some Welsh baby boy names you will love.

89.  Aneirin: This name means “noble” in Welsh.

90.  Cadell: Cadell means “battle”.

91.  Cadfael: This name has a royal touch to it. It means “battle prince”.

92. Emyr: This impressive name means “kind” in Welsh.

93. Eurig: A derivative of Eurion, this also means “gold” in Welsh.

94. Griffri: It means “strong lord”.

95.  Idris: The name means “lord”, it was reserved for the nobility.

96. Ifor: It means “bow warrior”, name given to the best archers.

97. Ioerworth: The name means “handsome lord”.

98.  Llewelyn: This name signifies “lion” in Welsh.

99. Trahaearn: Ideal name for a strong boy. It means “like iron”.

100. Tudor: A name fit for a king meaning ruler of the people.

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Welsh boy names then why not take a look at these cute French Boy names and Welsh baby names or for something different take a look at these Cornish boys' names.

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